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John Feffer: The Spread of Global Hate

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter helped right-wing populists take power. Can they now help rein them in?

Bennett Cyphers: Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers

Please Help ZNet             Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation Photo by 360b/Shutterstock Today, Google launched an “origin trial” of Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka FLoC), its experimental new technology for targeting ads. A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their Read more…

Tony Roberts: Repressive governments play whack-a-mole with Africans’ digital rights

A new report on digital rights in ten African countries reveals how states are waging a brutal online war against their own citizens

Sam Pizzigati: The Unintentional Honesty of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

His farewell as CEO recognizes the reality his enormous personal wealth so contemptuously mocks

Belinda Barnet: Google’s ‘experiment’ hiding Australian news just shows its inordinate power

By just tinkering with that power, by conducting little ‘experiments’, it can make or break news businesses

John Nichols: Trump’s Trying to Take the Internet Down With Him

A sore-loser president is promoting a last-minute assault on the underpinnings of discourse on the web

Julia Rone: The discreet charm of social media and the choices we don’t have

The curious co-existence on Netflix of ‘Emily in Paris’ and ‘The Social Dilemma’ reveals the choices that are not available to us

Prabir Purkayastha: Why Google is Facing Serious Accusations of Monopoly Practices

The global anti-monopoly actions show that what we are witnessing is a tectonic shift in the way big tech companies and their owners are being viewed

Mathew Ingram: Can we make Facebook and Google “democratic utilities?”

Is there another path we could take that might allow us to harness the benefits of these huge services, while also blunting their negative effects?

Greenpeace: Facebook Suspends Accounts Associated with Event Targeting Coastal GasLink Pipeline

Hundreds of individual accounts linked to Indigenous, environmental, and social justice organizations were suspended from Facebook because they were co-hosts of an online Facebook event targeting the Coastal GasLink pipeline majority funder.

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