Category: Internet

Sam Biddle: Make Mark Zuckerberg Testify

Zuckerberg should publicly testify under oath before Congress on his company’s capabilities to influence the political process, be it Russian meddling or anything else

Kali Holloway: The Alt-Right Isn’t Going Anywhere

A Reddit group is helping to infuse the extremist movement with constant new life

John Lanchester: You Are the Product

As Facebook has grown, its users’ reliance on it has also grown

John Michael Colón: Beta Testing Fascism

How Online Culture Wars Created the Alt-Right

David Dayen: Google’s New Ad Blocker

What’s really going on

Sam Biddle: The Real Roots of Ransomware Outbreak

Militarism and Greed

Conor Friedersdorf: The Destructiveness of Call-Out Culture on Campus

Reflections from undergraduates of the social media era

Manipadma Jena: Trolling of Women Journalists Threatens Free Press

Female journalists, bloggers and other media actors are disproportionally experi­encing gender related threats, harassment and intimidation on the Internet

Phoebe Braithwaite: What is Facebook doing to our mental health?

Lazy and unconcerned, or buckling under the strains of late capitalism? A manifesto for the selfie generation asks whether we can break our addiction to social media

Jonathan Taplin: Massive Monopolies of Google, Facebook and Amazon

Interview on how Google, Facebook, and Amazon destroy privacy, produce Inequality and undermine democracy

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