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Giri Sreenivas: It’s time to take back your data

To safeguard our privacy, we need a decentralised internet where personal data is no longer stored on massive servers owned by a handful of corporations

Maria Ressa: How Facebook Aids Authoritarians

Interview on Duterte’s deadly “war on drugs,” his affinity for Donald Trump, and his weaponization of social media

Jeff Cohen: The Biggest Threat to Free Speech No One Is Talking About

In the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” Jeff Cohen plumbs a range of topics, including the myriad failures of our political press and the Blue Wave election that wasn’t quite, as well as the future of the progressive movement. No matter how many congressional seats it ends up flipping, he contends, the Democratic Party is Read more…

Rashad Robinson: Color of Change

Facebook Retaliated Against Protests by Pushing Anti-Semitic, Anti-Black Narratives

Faisal Khan: The Weaponization of Social Media

The technologies and social media platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook) that once promised to enhance democracy are now increasingly being used to undermine it

Mark Kernan: The Dystopian Future of Facebook

Big Tech’s social media universe is, as one reformed “choice architect” put it, “an attention seeking gravitational wormhole” that sucks you into their profit seeking universe

Glen Ford: Facebook is Not Your Friend

“Facebook is indispensable to maintaining the global corporate monopoly on truth — as is Google.”

Ralph Nader: The Root of the Internet’s Disrepute: Online Advertising

In all the mounting media coverage of problems with the Internet, such as invasion of privacy, vulnerability to hacking, political manipulation, and user addiction, there is one constant: online advertising

Katrina Brooker: Tim Berners-Lee’s plan to upend the World Wide Web

With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google

Mathew Ingram: YouTube’s life as an engine for right-wing radicalization

For many casual YouTube users, the Google-owned video service is a harmless way to waste time, listen to music, or maybe even learn how to install a new appliance. But if you dig below the surface, as the non-profit research institute Data & Society does in a new report, you quickly start to see odd Read more…

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