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Glenn Greenwald: Is Disclosure of Podesta’s Emails a Step Too Far? A Conversation With Naomi Klein

This sort of indiscriminate dump is precisely what Snowden was trying to protect us from

Art Martin: The Matrix Around the Next Bend: Facebook, Augmented Reality and the Podification of the Populace

This summer, in the radiating heat of a New Orleans July, I had a vision of a possible future, the future continuing down society’s current path of corporate-orchestrated, convenience-addicted consumerism. We can now see the outlines of the path from where we are now, in 2016, to something not too far from the society in Read more…

Kali Holloway: The One Psychological Characteristic That Online Trolls Tend to Share

Science points to a certain vile tendency

Pepe Escobar: Playing Algorithm’n Blues

In the end, it’s the Goddess of the Market that rules it all – prizing efficiency, growth and endless cash flow

Pierre Rimbert: No such thing as free data

How do the world’s suppliers of online data — anybody using a smartphone — get to share in the wealth they generate?

Sam Biddle: Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO

The suddenly vast scale of Pokemon Go adoption is matched by the game’s aggressive use of personal information

Alfie Bown: Google’s lemmings: Pokémon go where Silicon Valley says

An analysis of Ingress and Pokémon Go reveals important truths about corporate control and the ability of our mobile phones to organize our desires

Noam Chomsky: On Social Media

Does the internet help to form new social associations?

Bruce Schneier: I spy with my little algorithm

Surveillance has become the business model of the internet

Marta Figlerowicz: The Gatekeepers Aren’t Gone

Viral content seems democratic. But it’s still mostly controlled by big media companies

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