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Lee Fang: Civil Rights Groups, Funded by Telecoms, Back Donald Trump’s Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

It’s not the first time civil rights group have engaged in lobbying debates seemingly unrelated to their core missions, but in favor of their corporate donors

Jessica González: FCC Under Trump: Net Neutrality & Internet Freedom Face New Attack

President Donald Trump’s newly appointed chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, has begun to attack net neutrality rules and other consumer protections

Hannes Grassegger: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Did a similar tool help propel Donald Trump to victory?

Rachel Holmes: We let technology into our lives. And now it’s starting to control us

Internet giants are accessing vast amounts of personal data and using it to shape our behaviour. It’s reminiscent of East Germany under the Stasi

Erica Chenoweth: Why social media isn’t the revolutionary tool it appears to be

The technology provides activists with ways to organise like never before, but it also makes them much easier to track, fuels misinformation and copycat revolutions that are doomed to fail

Emilio Ferrara: How Twitter bots affected the US presidential campaign

Social media is acquiring increasing importance in shaping political beliefs and influencing people’s online and offline behavior

Larry Greenemeier: The Internet Is Growing Faster Than the Ability to Defend It

Consumers will likely start paying more attention when they realize that someone could spy on them by hacking into their home’s Web cameras

Glenn Greenwald: Is Disclosure of Podesta’s Emails a Step Too Far? A Conversation With Naomi Klein

This sort of indiscriminate dump is precisely what Snowden was trying to protect us from

Art Martin: The Matrix Around the Next Bend: Facebook, Augmented Reality and the Podification of the Populace

This summer, in the radiating heat of a New Orleans July, I had a vision of a possible future, the future continuing down society’s current path of corporate-orchestrated, convenience-addicted consumerism. We can now see the outlines of the path from where we are now, in 2016, to something not too far from the society in Read more…

Kali Holloway: The One Psychological Characteristic That Online Trolls Tend to Share

Science points to a certain vile tendency

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