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Adam Johnson: Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

When a venture that’s supposedly meant to curb “foreign influence” is bankrolled by a number of foreign countries, one would think that would be worth noting

Ali Abunimah: Why did Facebook ban ad for “Killing Gaza”?

The ban lasted for almost three days before the ad was restored without explanation

Jaron Lanier: Something That’s Gone Very Wrong

Interview on Silicon Valley’s politics and what went wrong with the internet

Robby Sherwin: Facebook: This Is Where I Leave You

The challenge for us all is to go out and actually re-become the humans we once were and stop waiting for others to tell us who they think we should be

Justin Anderson: Who Will Take on Tech and Media Monopolies?

After decades of regulatory neglect, Big Tech is finally coming under the microscope

Zeynep Tufekci: Facebook Doesn’t Sell Your Data. It Sells You

Interview on how company’s profit really works

Chris Spannos: Can the Internet be saved?

New decentralised ‘Web 3.0’ technologies are emerging which aim to overturn the disempowerment that the vast majority of people face around the world

Steven Rosenfeld: Zuckerberg Makes a 180 on Privacy—Is It for Real?

Civil liberties and human rights groups want Big Data to sign security pledge to protect user privacy

Matt Taibbi: Can We Be Saved From Facebook?

2 billion individually crafted echo chambers, a kind of precision-targeted mass church of self, of impatience with others, of not giving a shit

Richard Stallman: A radical proposal to keep your personal data safe

The surveillance imposed on us today is worse than in the Soviet Union. We need laws to stop this data being collected in the first place

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