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Ralph Nader: The Root of the Internet’s Disrepute: Online Advertising

In all the mounting media coverage of problems with the Internet, such as invasion of privacy, vulnerability to hacking, political manipulation, and user addiction, there is one constant: online advertising

Katrina Brooker: Tim Berners-Lee’s plan to upend the World Wide Web

With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google

Mathew Ingram: YouTube’s life as an engine for right-wing radicalization

For many casual YouTube users, the Google-owned video service is a harmless way to waste time, listen to music, or maybe even learn how to install a new appliance. But if you dig below the surface, as the non-profit research institute Data & Society does in a new report, you quickly start to see odd Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Should We Worry About Silicon Valley Regulating Speech?

Debate on how the left should consider free speech issues in the context of online platforms

Evan Malmgren: DSA-Backed Candidate Julia Salazar Challenging Silicon Valley

This state Senate candidate articulates an agenda that could help us catch up with technological changes in society

Glenn Greenwald: How Twitter Degrades Discourse and Encourages Distortions

The most the discourse-degrading feature of Twitter is how it makes deliberate distortions uniquely easy and effective

Adam Johnson: Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

When a venture that’s supposedly meant to curb “foreign influence” is bankrolled by a number of foreign countries, one would think that would be worth noting

Ali Abunimah: Why did Facebook ban ad for “Killing Gaza”?

The ban lasted for almost three days before the ad was restored without explanation

Jaron Lanier: Something That’s Gone Very Wrong

Interview on Silicon Valley’s politics and what went wrong with the internet

Robby Sherwin: Facebook: This Is Where I Leave You

The challenge for us all is to go out and actually re-become the humans we once were and stop waiting for others to tell us who they think we should be

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