Category: Internet

Glenn Greenwald: Should We Worry About Silicon Valley Regulating Speech?

Debate on how the left should consider free speech issues in the context of online platforms

Evan Malmgren: DSA-Backed Candidate Julia Salazar Challenging Silicon Valley

This state Senate candidate articulates an agenda that could help us catch up with technological changes in society

Glenn Greenwald: How Twitter Degrades Discourse and Encourages Distortions

The most the discourse-degrading feature of Twitter is how it makes deliberate distortions uniquely easy and effective

Adam Johnson: Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

When a venture that’s supposedly meant to curb “foreign influence” is bankrolled by a number of foreign countries, one would think that would be worth noting

Ali Abunimah: Why did Facebook ban ad for “Killing Gaza”?

The ban lasted for almost three days before the ad was restored without explanation

Jaron Lanier: Something That’s Gone Very Wrong

Interview on Silicon Valley’s politics and what went wrong with the internet

Robby Sherwin: Facebook: This Is Where I Leave You

The challenge for us all is to go out and actually re-become the humans we once were and stop waiting for others to tell us who they think we should be

Justin Anderson: Who Will Take on Tech and Media Monopolies?

After decades of regulatory neglect, Big Tech is finally coming under the microscope

Zeynep Tufekci: Facebook Doesn’t Sell Your Data. It Sells You

Interview on how company’s profit really works

Chris Spannos: Can the Internet be saved?

New decentralised ‘Web 3.0’ technologies are emerging which aim to overturn the disempowerment that the vast majority of people face around the world

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