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Trevor Ngwane: The Urban Crisis Is A Crisis of Capitalist Democracy

And the Struggle to Remove Its Chains

Erica Emdon: Numsa strike against sexual harassment

A ‘powerful moment in labour history’

Patrick Bond: Lonmin’s murder, by money

Autopsy reveals the British-South African corpse’s poisoning by microfinance, ‘development finance’ and corporate finance

Patrick Bond: Does Lonmin’s inclement death resolve – or reload – the Marikana massacre?

An obituary for the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’

Patrick Bond: Budgeting for black-out in South Africa

The African country with by far the most advanced infrastructure and largest energy supply increasingly appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, in its economic, ecological and electricity systems

Patrick Bond: South Africa Searches for a 
Financial Parachute

An open, frank public discussion about the IMF’s regrettable history and current agenda is sorely needed

Patrick Bond: Jim Yong Kim’s mixed messages to the World Bank, and the world

Johannesburg – World Bank president Jim Kim is an ex-leftist who claims that in the mid-1990s he wanted to shut down the Bank. At the time, it was an entirely valid, realistic goal of the 50 Years is Enough! Campaign and especially the World Bank Bonds Boycott. Kim’s co-edited Dying for Growth (2000) book-length analysis Read more…

Patrick Bond: South Africa searches for a financial parachute

Now that a $170 billion foreign debt cliff looms

Patrick Bond: Mining conflicts multiply, as critics of ‘extractivism’ gather in Johannesburg

These sorts of Western+BRICS modes of super-exploitation exemplify the mineral, oil and gas looting underway across Africa

Patrick Bond: South Africans peer down Trump’s world economic $#!thole

South Africa has just witnessed two major economic events which spoke volumes about the prospects for global and local capitalism

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