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Patrick Bond: Wallerstein expanded the South African independent left’s horizons

In establishing a strategic approach to these big-picture problems, which we continue to face in South Africa, no one I know embraced scale-politics better, with more seriousness and historical reach, and with such a long-range, compassionate future viewpoint, than Immanuel Wallerstein

Pavan Kulkarni: Teachers mount campaign to roll back school opening in South Africa

The Educators Union of South Africa (EUSA) alleges that money meant for PPEs for students and teachers is being looted through corrupt tenders given at exaggerated prices by the department of basic education and that they are being sent back to schools in an unsafe manner

Writers' Community Action Network: Cape Town Together: organizing in a city of islands

An emerging movement of self-organized, decentralized community action networks responds to the local realities of COVID-19 in Cape Town, South Africa

Patrick Bond: Should South Africa Follow the Law of the Jungle – or the Doctrine of Odious Debt?

How would a foreign loan help, given that the Reserve Bank could easily boost state finances by direct bond purchases – as indeed already occurred on a small scale in late March when the private sector failed to buy Treasury bills at auction?

C-19 People’s Coalition: A Program of Action in the time of Covid-19

A call for social solidarity

Patrick Bond: Covid-19’s attacks on the down-and-out in ultra-unequal South Africa

Lacking linkages to the necessary street-heat that should accompany all the new policy demands, most pro-poor advocacy has been directed at meekly persuading a Presidency, Treasury and Reserve Bank to reverse course

Carilee Osborne: A Green New Deal for South African workers?

COSATU, South Africa’s largest trade union federation, has a plan to simultaneously tackle climate change and unemployment

Carilee Osborne: A Green New Deal for South African workers?

“Both environmental and economic denialism are dangerous and should not be entertained. We think we can and must tackle climate change and unemployment simultaneously. All it requires is creativity, political will, planning and resources.”

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Elected by Donors’

The University of Cape Town Fails Palestine, Embraces Israel

Richard Falk: Contra Israeli Apartheid

What the South African precedent tells us is that what seemed impossible until it happened, became possible all of a sudden because sufficient pressure had been brought to bear over time by robust resistance within and militant solidarity efforts without

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