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    U.S. vs. China: From Tariff War to Economic War

    Nextgen technology development is at the core of that restructuring and restoration of U.S. hegemony. Trump is just the appearance, the historic vehicle, behind the deeper global capitalist transformation in progress

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    Trade War for Real? Parts 2, 3

    How China will respond to more U.S. tariffs and technology transfer is the crux of any U.S.-China trade agreement—or trade war

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    Trump’s Phony Trade War

    Is the Trump phony trade war really about reducing the U.S. $375 billion annual trade deficit with China? Or about U.S. bankers wanting more access and ownership of operations in China?

  • China’s Silk Road

    OBOR is not the name of an ancient king or kingdom, but it does resonate with an ambition imperial in its scope. OBOR—One Belt, One Road—is China’s “new Silk Road” and is spinning a web of connectivity by sea and land across Central Asia and into Europe

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    China Is Confident: How Realistic?

    If we look at the geopolitical arena, China has counted on being able to insist that other states recognize and implement its “one China” policy. Considering what the global situation was 50 years ago, China has done exceptionally well in this regard.




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