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Badri Raina: Some Cacti Are Blooming in the Dreary Desert Sands of Indian Unreason

I trust the soul of the nation to find tongue again, and, in simple but decisive syllables, say no to hate and bigotry, and yes to love and camaraderie

Badri Raina: Is It a Crime To Peacefully Protest Against the Government’s Policies?

With several eminent activists and academics named in the Delhi Police’s supplementary chargesheet, it is best to be told in black and white who may speak and who may not

Badri Raina: We All Know That India Is a Democracy. So No Questions, Please.

After all, only that is dropped from parliamentary agenda which is inconsequential, like asking questions.

Badri Raina: What the Indian National Congress Could Learn From the CPI(M)

Badri Raina recollects events from 1989, when he was invited to speak to CPI(M) politburo members after criticising the party for supporting China’s assault on protesters at Tiananmen Square

Prabir Purkayastha: Facebook’s Business Model Thrives on the Virality of Hate

The problem of hate news is built into the genes of big digital monopolies like Facebook. We need to break up these monopolies and regulate them as the new public utilities of the digital age

Badri Raina: Kashmir Mainstream Parties Remain Principled in Their Allegiance To the Republic

Though the Centre has attempted to equate them with the separatists, the region’s mainstream political leaders remain committed to the honourable politics of regaining lost constitutional guarantees

Badri Raina: For the Congress To Find Credence Again, Its Democratic Renewal Is Imperative

The party must recall that it was from such open and fiercely articulated internal debates that the Nehruvian line found its primacy

Badri Raina: Towards Theocracy: the ignominious collapse of Secular Democracy in India

The constitution of India is there, like many other artifacts in the archives, but, like the human appendix, it may now be vestigial

Badri Raina: The Desecration in Agra Could Not Have Pleased Lord Ram in Ayodhya

Seventy years into our republican existence, this act rather rubbishes the political-Hindutva assertion that a cohesive culture inspires India’s national identity

Badri Raina: ‘Vande Mataram’: My Shock Recognition About Claims to the Matrubhoomi

It is tragic that an abiding fact that the soil of the country is inextricably made up of Semitic Indians amounts to so little in the minds of those who blare their proprietorship of India as a civilisation

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