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Vijay Prashad: We Are Grass. We Grow on Everything

Around 250 million people across India joined the general strike on 26 November, making it the largest strike in world history

The Wire Staff: Labour Unions’ Nationwide Strike: Near Total Shutdown in Bengal, Kerala

The strike, on the same day as farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest marches across north India, is also in solidarity with the farmers’ cause

Thomas Crowley: “This Is a Revolution, Sir”

Workers in India last week launched a general strike that brought out an estimated 250 million people, arguably the largest in human history. Now, they’re joining hands with farmers to protest Narendra Modi’s pro-corporate, far-right agenda

Badri Raina: The Siege of Indraprastha: The Food Providers of the Republic Come Calling

Up against a regime that seeks votes but disregards the voter, farmers have come prepared for the long haul to protect their interests.

Badri Raina: How AIMIM Has Emerged As the Principal Challenger of the BJP, Not ‘Secular’ Parties

Although launched from a dominantly Muslim base, the Owaisi-led AIMIM sees itself as a new political force that seeks to speak not just for Muslims but a conglomerate of India’s marginalised sections.

Badri Raina: Let the Elections To District Development Councils in Jammu & Kashmir Be Free and Fair

If a level playing field is not allowed and candidates of the Gupkar Alliance are suppressed, the exercise will have scant value

Badri Raina: If Indeed the Gupkar Alliance Is Irrelevant, Why Has the BJP Launched Into a Tirade?

Nothing would raise the stock of the BJP as much as to vanquish the Alliance in a freely conducted, constitutionally sanctioned democratic exercise

Badri Raina: Gupkar Alliance Makes a Consequential Decision: Finding Answers Through the Democratic Process

The District Development Council elections results will carry a telling political message to all those who have either vociferously supported the Centre’s life-changing moves in Jammu and Kashmir or argued against their people-disregarding high-handedness

Badri Raina: The New Land Ownership Laws May Unite Kashmiris Across All Territories

If the Big Landed Estate Abolition Act of 1950 became the concrete ground of the Jammu-based opposition to Sheikh Abdullah, the Centre’s new policy may unite groups in all the regions

Badri Raina: Sanitising the Polity: Making the Protester Invisible

What is a democracy in which roads and public spaces come to be given precedence over the common humanity who build them and put them to use?

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