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Ranjana Padhi: Indian women rise up against Modi’s Farm Bills

Women are turning the tide against the patriarchal oppression and agrarian distress that have often kept them from organizing actively in farmers’ resistance

Vijay Prashad: The Kisan [Farmers’] Commune in India

“These are portraits of human beings with names, struggles, and aspirations, a way of life. These are portraits of a class. These are portraits of a historic protest.”

Badri Raina: Uttar Pradesh 2022: What May Be The Shape of Things to Come?

How far the politics of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath may meet the scale of the BJP’s alienation from the bulk of the populace given the migrant crisis and the cruel collapse of empathy during the second phase remains a question

Badri Raina: Ramdev Baba: Icon of ‘New India’

Does the Baba use a mask? No. Has he taken a vaccine shot? No. Has the virus made any difference to his well-being? A resounding no. What more is needed to disprove the hollow claims of allopathy?

Badri Raina: Taking Hindutva to Lakshadwee

A Mischievous Project Bound to Fail and Cost the Nation

Raj Patel: Why Aren’t We Talking about Farmers in India?

Protesters have declared that they will remain either until Modi repeals his agricultural reforms or until he loses his 2024 reelection bid

Badri Raina: Pinarayi Vijayan’s New Cabinet

The Left Repeats Its Old Mistakes

Badri Raina: In New India, Can the Prime Minister Never Be Criticised?

With FIRs being registered against those who put up a poster critical of Narendra Modi, it appears the citizen does not have the fundamental right to express an unfavourable opinion of the government and the prime minister

Badri Raina: The ‘Nationalists’ must consult the Nation in Finding a Way Forward

Close to four hundred districts in India now have a positivity rate of twenty percent or more

Vijay Prashad: Why One State in India Is Showing Promising Signs of Democracy

Hunger can’t be eradicated by devotion. Only social action can eradicate hunger and hopelessness

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