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Badri Raina: Hanuman as a Dalit

The Right’s Latest Ingenious Caste Game

Badri Raina: Now we know why Kashmir is in turmoil

More things are wrought by prayer than by politics, especially of the pernicious democratic variety

Badri Raina: In Praise of Ajit Doval, Super Sleuth and Political Strategist

The Doval doctrine now has a political dimension and the nation had better be grateful for it

Raya Sarkar: ‘Movement missing voices of Dalit, Adivasi women’

Interview on her list, the ascension of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court and accusations about the Indian newsroom

Badri Raina: The #MeToo Movement Is a Step Towards Gender Equality

The movement, much like a genie, is now squarely out of the bottle and slated to drive other progressive movements across the polity, as well as cumulatively oblige the State to yield space to more assertively democratic forms of social life, coterminous with more responsive State initiatives, willy-nilly

Badri Raina: Some Puzzling Aspects of the Sabarimala Controversy

What is it about menstruating women that obliges those who oversee the daily ablutions of the deity to keep them out of sight?

Badri Raina: The Media Tamasha

What Would Gandhi Have Thought of This Festival of Hypocrisy?

P. Sainath: Kerala’s women farmers rise above the flood

Their determination outstrips the devastation. Savaged by the August floods, facing a looming drought, the women of Kudumbashree’s pathbreaking group farms are rebuilding, using solidarity as a strategy

Badri Raina: The Plight of Mohan Bhagwat’s Lonesome Lion

Might one conclude that the lonely Hindu lion is, after all, the Brahmin, and may be a smattering of some adjacent high castes? Importantly, who is to be held responsible for the loneliness of this lion?

Badri Raina: Will the RSS Answer First?

It has been clear in recent days that the RSS is seeking to enhance its political footprint. To this purpose it has been staging meetings and conferences to which people from outside the sphere of the Sangh have been invited, including some who have never seen eye to eye with its ideological agenda. Although it Read more…

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