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Amandeep Sandhu: How India’s Farmers Launched a Movement Against Modi’s Farm Bills—and Won

Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers spent a year relentlessly protesting the Modi government’s push to corporatize Indian agriculture. Their fight offers a model for social movements worldwide

Arundhati Roy: A Fascist World is Breathing

Two years on, what’s changed and what hasn’t in the US, India, and globally in a world that often seems to be teetering on the brink

Badri Raina: Why Journalist Kamal Khan’s Passing Feels Like a Deep Personal Loss

Every word Khan chose for his reporting bespoke the fineness and subtlety of his learning, and his deep concern for the preservation of India’s diverse values

Badri Raina: What Does Modi Have In Common With The Monarch Who Caused The French Revolution?

Modi’s remark on farmers who died during protests clearly seems to indicate that he conflates his persona with the majesty of the state, in a throwback to Louis XIV

Vijay Prashad: Right-Wing Hate Speech Runs Rampant in India’s Elections

The upcoming elections in three Indian states will be a contest between the BJP’s polarizing, violent, Islamaphobic messages and efforts to create a more plural, more democratic India

Badri Raina: As 2022 Begins, Make No Mistake That an Epistemic Shift Is Underway

If the desired curtailment of constitutional democracy were to result from the democratic process itself, a populist endorsement would have been achieved for the transformation, and the nomenclature of fascist overthrow neatly averted

Badri Raina: If Modi Was the Star of Biden’s Democracy Summit, Why Are His Followers Wrecking His Image?

Narendra Modi has allocated to himself the world-historical burden of exporting India’s great democratic civilisational values to the floundering globe at large. But rogue functionaries of high status seem hell bent on getting in the way

Badri Raina: Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Differentiating Hinduism and Hindutva Was a Watershed Moment

Where the Congress leader may have erred is in characterising all those present in the Jaipur audience as Hindus

Dipa Sinha: India’s community health workers’ struggle for recognition

India’s ASHA and anganwadi workers are rallying under the slogan “Community health work is work!” to demand fair pay and treatment for the essential services they provide

Shiney Varghese: After a Year-Long Strike, Indian Farmers Score a Big Win

The country’s prime minister has agreed to roll back laws that threatened to corporatize agriculture, jeopardizing the food security of more than 800 million people and further enriching the ultra-rich

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