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Badri Raina: The Curious Case of Riyaz Attari: Was He a Double Agent?

Several questions around Riyaz Attari’s association with the BJP remain unanswered

The Wire Staff: Noam Chomsky, Rajmohan Gandhi, 4 International Bodies Call for Umar Khalid’s Release

‘The only credible evidence that has been presented is that he was exercising his constitutional right to speak and to protest, a fundamental prerogative of citizenship in a free society.’

Badri Raina: Modi Vs His Critics

Or How the World’s Largest Democracy Scores Over Its Oldest One

Arundhati Roy: ‘India is becoming a Hindu fascist enterprise’

Please Help ZNet               Source: Al Jazeera English The bulldozing of Muslim homes is showing that India is “transitioning pretty brazenly into a criminal Hindu fascist enterprise”, says author Arundhati Roy

Badri Raina: An Alternate Justice System Shames India’s Constitutional Democracy

A celestial weapon, the bulldozer will deliver a truly ‘swacch’ Bharat

Badri Raina: Not all Things in Hindi are Kosher to the Sangh: Hindi as Language and as Ideology

It is clear why India’s top advocates of Hindi are so conspicuously running shy of acknowledging a novel in Hindi winning the International Booker

Basav Sen: India and Pakistan Are Baking, and Every Powerful Institution Is to Blame

Indians know they can’t rely on elites to save them from catastrophe. That’s exactly what could make a climate movement there so powerful

Arnau Quinquillà: Dare to Win: Lessons from the Indian Farmers Movement

Please Help ZNet           Source: TNI Photo by PradeepGaurs/Shutterstock   The Farmers Movement in India has inspired millions around the world who are fighting for justice, democracy and solidarity. The farmers held their ground in the face of threats, intimidation and relentless propoganda, and forced the Modi government to repeal the Read more…

Arundhati Roy: On Religious Nationalism, Dissent, and the Battle Between Myth and History

We are currently in that dangerous place where there is no set of facts or histories that we can agree upon, or even argue with

Amir Malik: Women in Punjab: Pushed to the Sidelines

Women’s involvement in the farmers’ movement gave hope to young women

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