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Badri Raina: Hadiya mustn’t be in the dock

It is time to say that India’s democracy will never be truly credible until the republic adopts a provision akin to the American First Amendment

Conn Hallinan: Rolling Snake Eyes in the Indo-Pacific

The exercise elevates the possibility of a confrontation between China, the U.S. and India, but also between India and Pakistan

Badri Raina: No More a Sack of Potatoes

A conspiracy seems afoot To prove Moody’s wrong; Why else would a million farmers’ Capital streets throng?   They no longer seem fragmented, Gullible, superstitious, But bunched up as a nasty class, Armed with awareness.   They think, having cast a vote, They have a right to know Why their oppression increases The more food Read more…

V.K. Ramachandran: The Tripura model

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Tripura embarked on a unique path to peace, one that was not dependent solely on security measures but involved investment in human development

Louis Mendee: Climate change driving suicides

The real human costs of climate change for the global south

Badri Raina: Happy Diwali

Pyare Ram Ji, as you return to the Saryu, You might consider the following few Facts: not far from where you are, A little girl of five died silently of hunger Because she only had a Ration Card, But no Aadhar. Just so that you know Why she could not say happy Diwali to you. Read more…

Badri Raina: Only sound and fury

Those who object to court ban on bursting crackers make a poor case

Vijay Prashad: Writing While Socialist

Our movements are born out of older movements, older uprisings that produce our confidence, and our movements in turn birth new and, we hope, broader revolts against the present order

Badri Raina: Bapu, 2017

Remember the scavengers Among whom you lived, Sharing their burden of human Waste? Seventy years after Your passing to a nationalist Bullet, they enter our Smart city sewer up to the Gullet, then without fear, They die from poisonous Gas because our powers-that-be, Busy as they are cleaning up The country, cannot afford to Buy Read more…

Badri Raina: Gauri Lankesh, State, and Civil Society

Has Gauri Lankesh, in her martyrdom propelled India to rethink and rebuild democracy?

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