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Achal Prabhala: Stop Exporting Indian-Made Vaccines to Rich Nations

More than a dozen civil society groups in India have written an open urging Johnson & Johnson to cancel export of Indian-made COVID-19 vaccine doses to rich countries and instead focus on distributing them in the Global South

Badri Raina: Education, Illusion and Reality: A New Ideological Foundation Stone to Firm up an Election

By all accounts, the campaign for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections threatens to be no-holds-barred

Badri Raina: Not Just a Farmers’ Stir But a Democratic Pushback Against Uncaring Rule

That the historic Muzaffarnagar mahapanchayat was not just a farmer-related one any more was apparent from the diversity of attendance it drew and from the content of the speeches made at the happening

Badri Raina: The Questionable Patriotism of Indian Industry

They Do Not Invest in Jammu and Kashmir

Badri Raina: Hindus Are the Majority. And Yet the Future of the Constitution Has Become Cause for Concern

The Gujarat deputy CM Nitin Patel has cautioned that if Hindus were to be reduced to a minority, or if India’s Muslim population were just to increase, democracy in India would disappear

Badri Raina: India’s Political Opposition Must Trust the People

That support for Narendra Modi as the best choice for the next prime minister has plummeted is a telling affirmation of the people’s alertness to the objective status of the Union and of their stakes within it

Badri Raina: Mixed Messages from a PM and President

Are We to Remember or Transcend the Past?

Badri Raina: The Familiar Stench of the Forced Loyalty Slogan, the Demands for Segregation

It is also apparent that a concerted and barely concealed plan seems afoot to demand that Muslims be kept segregated from the ‘true Indians’, namely, Hindu Indians

Badri Raina: Tokyo and a Crematorium in the Capital: Two Faces of a United Reality

In the middle of this, democracy performs at break-neck speed

Badri Raina: Between Drone and Pegasus, the Latter’s Flight May Be the More Fatal to India

It is strange that the Modi government, which denies targeting the individuals named, does not feel impelled to find out who it is that may be attacking democratic opinion critical of the establishment

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