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Vijay Prashad: The Dangerous Incompetence of Narendra Modi and Jair Bolsonaro

Alarming news about the COVID-19 disease comes from Brazil and India, where the infection numbers are high, and the death count grows steadily

Puja Bhattacharjee: Under the over in a time of cyclone and corona

Despite Cyclone Amphan, no income due to the lockdown and Covid fears, Sabita Sardar preferred to evade hostile cops and poor shelter facilities, and returned to her home under Kolkata’s Gariahat flyover

Arundhati Roy: Indian Muslims facing ‘genocidal climate’ amid pandemic

Interview on the government’s “disastrous” response

Badri Raina: Two Democracy’s

Some Fundamental Differences Between the genius of the “Oldest” and “Largest” Democracies

Arundhati Roy: A Racist Culture

There is nothing more liberating, more exhilarating than striving for justice, for dignity and respect—for everybody

Badri Raina: The Illusion of a New Politics in Jammu and Kashmir

The goal of furthering an illusory politics in the state is sought to be realised in two ways: by floating a congenial group at the top and encouraging a stir among panchayats

Badri Raina: Solicitor General Tushar Mehta Should Be in Politics, Not in Court

A law officer who chooses to fold forth as a politician lauding the executive will be closed to constitutional fact and imperative, and more disastrously, the needs of the people

J.P. Linstroth: Arundhati Roy on India’s Fateful COVID Crisis

Thousands of migrants are still making the long trek home to their rural villages, while hundreds of them are dying along the way from exhaustion, heat fatigue, thirst, starvation, and road accidents

Yadul Krishna: Combating Covid Through Peoples’ Collectives

The Indian state of Kerala has gained successful control over the pandemic with its people-centric policies and the role of participatory governance

Juan Cole: Climate-Driven Monster Cyclone, Coronavirus hits Thousands in India,Bangladesh

Oceans have been heated by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, which trap the heat of the sun’s rays and prevent them from radiating back out into outer space

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