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Cecilia Rikap: What would a state-owned Amazon look like? Ask Argentina

Correo Compras promises to benefit workers, consumers and sellers, and could even use big data for the public good

Kristina Hille: Co-ops Can Lay a Path to Just Economies Amid the COVID Crisis

Cooperatives have been central to confronting the twin economic and health crises

Mark Weisbrot: Lives Depend on Argentina’s Debt Talks

Creditors should accept the reality that unsustainable debt burdens only lead to worse crises up the road. At this crucial moment in the global pandemic and recession, many lives may depend on this understanding

Lucía Cholakian Herrera: In Argentina, the Next Generation Finds Its Voice

Ofelia Fernández is the youngest lawmaker in Latin America. Despite online hate, she’s leading the youth movement for the political rights of women.

Bree Busk: The popular assemblies at the heart of the Chilean uprising

Chile has a long history of radical neighborhood organizing — a tradition that is now put at the service of drafting a new constitution for a country in turmoil

Julia Soul: Teachers and Public Workers in Argentina Strike and Picket

The popular response was immediate. Thirty thousand people marched in Chubut; the teachers’ national union and the teamsters provincial union went on one-day strike September 5 to condemn the attacks.

Jonathan Franklin: ‘We are subjugated by the rich. It’s time for that to end’

Chile’s worst unrest in decades has transformed into a nationwide uprising for change. Here seven protesters explain what they’re fighting for

Pepe Escobar: South America, Again, Leads Fight Against Neoliberalism

The presidential election in Argentina pitted the people against neoliberalism and the people won. What happens next will have a tremendous impact all over Latin America and serve as a blueprint for assorted Global South struggles

Martín Mosquera: The Day After Macri’s Downfall

Argentina’s recent elections have set the country’s right on the path to defeat. But that won’t immediately put the working class back in the driver’s seat — much greater mobilization is needed for that

Salvador Allende: Allende’s Last Speech

Salvador Allende died 46 years ago in a US-backed coup. Here’s his final address, broadcast over the radio while he was barricaded in the presidential palace

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