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Atilio Boron: Macrismo Reloaded

The Tasks We Have Ahead

Dario Farcy: Where is Santiago Maldonado?

Disappearance of Argentine Activist Sparks Movement for Political Justice

Juan Cruz Ferre: How to Fight a Giant

Militant Labor Organizers Catch PepsiCo Off Guard

Danica Jorden: Mother’s Day

Over half a million Argentinians came together in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires on 10 May 2017, which is Mother’s Day in much of Latin America. Wearing white kerchiefs around their necks, they held them aloft and in unison cried “Presente”, representing the 30,000 missing loved ones who could not be there. The Read more…

Ni Una Menos Collective: Femicide Is A Collective Pact Among Sexist Men

We must denounce a judicial system that rushes to criminalize us for abortion, for protesting and defending ourselves, and is disinterested in enacting strategies to safeguard and protect us

Danica Jorden: A Letter from Lucía’s Brother

Let her close her eyes and rest in peace. Two men brought the limp body of a 16 year old girl to the doors of an addiction clinic in Mar del Plata, Argentina. They said she had overdosed on drugs. But doctors found that she had been sexually tortured, with the final act of impaling Read more…

Elisabeth Jay Friedman: #NiUnaMenos: Not One Woman Less, Not One More Death

Recent protests against femicide in Argentina reveal the deep roots and spreading branches of feminist activism in Latin America

Carlos Aznárez: Women Launch a National Strike Against the Criminous Patriarchy

If we don’t act, if we don’t listen to this red alert that the women of our society and of all of Latin America are giving, we will become, by omission, accomplice to every attack they suffer

Adam Fabry: Argentina’s New Order

Newly elected Argentine president Mauricio Macri has inaugurated harsh austerity measures and quashed dissent

Mark Weisbrot: The political economy of Argentina’s settlement with the vulture funds

After 15 years of court battles, injunctions, smear campaigns, lobbying and other interventions, the vulture funds have finally won a tentative agreement with the new Argentine government. Vulture funds — the name preceded this particular dispute — are so called because they buy up defaulted debt for a very small fraction of its face value, Read more…

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