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Mark Weisbrot: Who is to Blame for Argentina’s Economic Crisis?

What are we to make of Argentina’s surprise election results on August 11, which jolted pollsters and analysts alike, and roiled the country’s financial markets?

Jack Rasmus: Argentina & the Next Global Financial Crisis

Argentina today is therefore likely a harbinger of things to come, i.e. the canary in the global economy coal mine, and the victim of a ‘made in the USA’ global slowdown driven by Trump trade and US monetary policies

Bree Busk: Chile’s feminists inspire a new era of social struggle

Feminism has a long history in Chile, but 2018 gave rise to a movement that was far more powerful than anyone could have expected

Vijay Prashad: Small Farmers in Argentina’s Crisis

Wildo would like to live in a world where he is not defined by the power of capital. That is the world he is fighting to build

Gabriela Garton: A Battlefield for Gender Equality

Argentina’s women’s soccer team is tired of being sidelined and mistreated. Now they are fighting back, and the Argentine Football Association is taking note

Daniel Gutman: The Voice of Argentina’s Slums, Under Threat

La Garganta Poderosa: Community-Managed Magazine is the Voice of Argentina’s Slums

Cora Fernandez Anderson: In Argentina, Feminists Versus the Catholic Church

Argentina’s Lower House will vote on a bill to legalize abortion on June 13 after a congressional debate opened in March for the first time in the country’s history. Why is it happening now, and why has it taken so long?

Sandra Hoyos: Will Argentina Legalize Abortion?

As Argentina debates a new law to legalize abortion, activists like Sandra Hoyos are rallying for a pro-choice future for the country

Michelle B. Switzer: Ciudad Futura: Reimagining the Left in Argentina

How a rising grassroots movement in Argentina’s third most populous city could reshape the country’s political landscape

Juan Cruz Ferre: Argentina’s New Austerity

Recent pension cuts backed by Argentine President Mauricio Macri have elicited vigorous popular protest

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