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Norman Solomon: Warfare State at War with Trump

Interview on the Trump/Russia affair and plans to isolate and perhaps attack Iran

Robert Harvey: Stay the Course With Rouhani

The world cannot afford the breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal

Robert Fisk: Good news for Iran, bad news for Trump

The Saudis will be appalled that a (comparatively) reasonable Iranian has won a (comparatively) free election that almost none of the 50 dictators gathering to meet Trump in Riyadh would ever dare to hold

Patrick Cockburn: Trump & Saudi Arabia

Trump and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the most dangerous men in the world – and they’re meeting next week

Patrick Cockburn: Donald Trump will spark a war with Iran – which is great news for Isis

A confrontation will probably come in a year or two, when previous policies conceived under Obama have run their course. Trump may feel that he has to show how much tougher he is than his predecessor

Patrick Cockburn: Netanyahu’s hysterical rhetoric on Iran seeks to divert attention from West Bank settlement building

Talk of a ‘two-state solution’ remains nothing more than a convenient fig leaf for Israeli authorities

Phyllis Bennis: The Trump Administration Is Recklessly Escalating Tensions With Iran

There could be dire consequences

Patrick Cockburn: Donald Trump’s Twitter aggression towards Iran will deepen sectarian conflict in the Middle East

In pursuit of an anti-Iranian line, the Trump administration is making the same mistake as that made by Western governments after the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world

Vijay Prashad: The Trump Team Is Hell-Bent on Threatening World Security by Escalating Against Iran

Secretary of Defense James Mattis and his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn have a bizarre obsession with Iran

Rajan Menon: Will Trump Shred the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Or Is That the Least of Our Problems When It Comes to U.S.-Iranian Relations?

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