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Lawrence Wilkerson: On Iran, Trump Following Iraq War Playbook

Trump is following a similar path on Iran — with the main difference being that the outcome now could “be significantly worse”

Kamran Matin: Why is Turkey targeting Afrin?

What do Erdogan, Iran and Russian have to gain from a bloody war on Afrin’s restive Kurdish population?

Juan Cole: Trump Admin Commits to Forever War

Some 60% of career diplomats have fled the State Department in the past year, as Tillerson seems intent on destroying the institution he leads

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s escalating threats to Iran

Trump and his generals have convinced themselves they just need to kick the Iranian regime and it will collapse

Adam Johnson: Coverage of Iran Protests

When it comes to covering protests in other countries, it seems any vague picture of brown people protesting can stand in for those actually on the streets expressing their grievances. Since the outbreak of protests across Iran three weeks ago, several major outlets have used pictures of demonstrations  in the United States, France, or United Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Siding with Iran over Trump

This week it looked much more as if Iran and the powerful European states, aside from Russia, which is already in the Iranian corner, were presenting a common front against the US in defence of the nuclear deal

Shahram Akbarzadeh: How Iran’s Bread Riots turned anti-Systemic

Throughout 2017, Iran witnessed a string of protests focusing on economic grievances: unemployment, lack of opportunities, nepotism and corruption

Serge Halimi: Fabricating a War on Iran

Secretary of State Colin Powell brandished a vial he claimed contained anthrax at the UN Security Council on 5 February 2003, and showed satellite photos of secret sites where chemical weapons were supposed to be manufactured. He later admitted the story was fabricated, but not before it had served as a PR launch pad for Read more…

Juan Cole: Iran’s Khamenei: Trump Unbalanced

Over twenty Iranian protesters were killed in the past few weeks and hundreds or perhaps thousands were arrested

Louis Proyect: Iran’s water crisis & the recent protests

Iran has long-standing revolutionary traditions that will acquit the country well as the state lurches unsteadily into an approaching storm that will pose very sharp class contradictions

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