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Human rights Watch: Iran: 1988 Mass Executions Evident Crimes Against Humanity

Senior Officials Implicated Should Be Investigated, Fairly Prosecuted

Trita Parsi: War Could Be on Horizon If Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Restored Soon

Will the U.S. and Iran revive the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration?

Richard Falk: The Problematics of Middle Eastern Diplomacy: The Case of Iran

It is way past time for the West to get over its distress about the outcome of the Iranian revolution that brought the popular movement headed by Ayatollah Khomeini to power in early 1979

Richard Falk: Will the Iran Nuclear Agreement be Restored?

Interview on the Vienna Talks that are seeking to restore the Iran Nuclear Agreement of 2015 reached during the Obama presidency

Marjorie Cohn: Veterans For Peace Urges US to Rejoin Iran Deal and Negotiate With North Korea

January 22 marked one year since the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which the U.S. has refused to sign, became a binding treaty

Juan Cole: As Climate Emergency Shakes Iran, Government Attacks, arrests Water Protesters at Isfahan

After two weeks of protests by thousands of farmers in the dry riverbed of the historic Zayandeh Rud river in Isfahan, the police have struck back

Juan Cole: Top 3 Ways Biden can restore Iran Nuclear Deal if he Really Wants To

Biden is risking conflagration in the Middle East that could spiral out of control at the drop of a hat

Mojtaba Sadegh, Ali Mirchi, Amir AghaKouchak, & Amir AghaKoucha: Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest

What the US and Iran can learn from each other

Medea Benjamin: America’s Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq – and Iran?

Let’s hope Biden has learned another history lesson: that the United States should stop invading and attacking other countries

Andrew J. Bacevich: “He Was a Disaster”

Ret. Col. Andrew Bacevich on Donald Rumsfeld’s Legacy as Architect of Iraq War

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