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Hatem Abudayyeh: Marc Lamont Hill must be reinstated

Marc Lamont Hill is a principled friend and comrade to Palestinians across the world, and must be immediately reinstated as a commentator at CNN. Palestinians and Black people in the US demand nothing less

Jonathan Cook: No criticism of Israel is allowed

CNN’s firing of Marc Lamont Hill and outrage at Airbnb and the Quakers reveal a complete intolerance of criticism

Mohammed Samaana: In Both Irelands, Movement to Stand against Settler Occupation of West Bank

Ireland is best positioned to show Europe the way in standing firm against injustice and oppression

Maha Nassar: ‘From The River To The Sea’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Rather than just lecture Palestinians and their supporters about how certain phrases make them feel, supporters of Israel should get more curious about what Palestinians themselves want

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s new war of attrition on Jerusalem’s Palestinians

Israel has never hidden its ambition to seize control of East Jerusalem, Palestinian territory it occupied in 1967 and then annexed, as a way of preventing a viable Palestinian state from emerging.

Gershon Baskin: Encountering Peace: Lost love of the homeland

Netanyahu is tearing Israel apart and it is time for Israel to pull itself away from the divisiveness that he has fostered

Ramzy Baroud: Netanyahu’s Predicament

The Era of Easy Wars is over

Alex Kane: “It’s Killing the Student Movement”

Canary Mission’s Blacklist of Pro-Palestine Activists Is Taking a Toll

Nora Barrows-friedman: Canadian student federation backs boycott

In another big blow to Israel’s efforts to thwart the growing boycott campaign, the largest student organization in Canada voted on Monday to support Palestinian rights

Hadar Eid: Questions and Answers from Gaza

Nothing can really force Israel to abide by international law except people of conscience and international civil society

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