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Ramzy Baroud: War Versus Peace: Israel Has Decided and So Should We

Israelis are divided on some issues that are particular to their social and economic makeup. But they are also resolutely unified around the issue that should concern us most: the continued subjugation of the Palestinian people

Omar Barghouti: Denied Entry

Critics are demanding answers after the Trump administration refused to allow prominent Palestinian human rights activist Omar Barghouti to enter the United States for a speaking tour, despite his valid U.S. visa

Diana Buttu: A Palestinian View Of Recent Israeli Elections

The BDS movement is picking up at an exponential rate

Phyllis Bennis: Trump’s Embrace of Netanyahu Will Haunt the Middle East for Years

The flurry of favors the president did for Bibi could constrain U.S. policy — and hurt people in the region — for years to come

Jonathan Cook: Annexation of West Bank

The question is increasingly not whether, but what kind of, annexation Netanyahu plans

Noam Chomsky: Confronting “Ultranationalist, Reactionary” Movements Across Globe

A talk and interview on the rise of fascism in the 20th century and the growing ultranationalist movements of today, from Brazil and the United States to Israel and Saudi Arabia and other topics

Robert Mackey: Israelis Vote for Never-Ending Military Rule of Palestinians

Voters in Israel delivered an overwhelming endorsement of the status quo by re-electing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Ramzy Baroud: The Unfinished Gaza War

What Netanyahu Hopes to Gain from Attacking Palestinian Prisoners

Richard Falk: Making Peace: Israel/Palestine

Interview on human rights in Occupied Palestine

Jonathan Cook: Netanyahu and Gantz are two sides of the same coin

Whether Netanyahu or Gantz wins, more legislation will be drafted to advance institutional discrimination against the Palestinian minority, and the abusive treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories will intensify

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