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Jonathan Cook: Trump enjoys bipartisan support for plan to eradicate Palestinian cause

The US seeks to engineer a suitable regional environment before it begins implementing the ‘deal of the century’

Ramzy Baroud: Kushner as a Colonial Administrator

Let’s Talk About the ‘Israeli Model’

Rafi Ellenson: Anti-occupation coalition grows stronger in the face of Israeli military violence

I know the sting of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and otherness, so I must work to ensure that no one else ever feels it

Philip Weiss: Bernie Sanders and Palestine

Bernie Sanders links Hitler’s murder of his family to his fight against occupation of Palestinians

Gershon Baskin: Terrorists and freedom fighters

The gaps between Israeli political positions and Palestinian positions have become deeper and deeper in recent years

Ramzy Baroud: Facing the Facts: Israel Cannot Escape ICC Jurisdiction

Israel’s judicial system is untrustworthy and the ICC has the legal right and moral duty to carry out the will of the international community and hold to account those responsible for war crimes anywhere, including Israel

Jonathan Cook: A second Israeli election proves Netanyahu’s grip on power is slipping

Netanyahu was forced to dissolve the 120-member parliament to block his chief rival, Benny Gantz, from getting a chance to assemble an alternative governing coalition

Jonathan Adler: A century later, Trump’s deal for Palestine is no better than Britain’s

The British left Palestine in 1948 with their tail between their legs, having laid the groundwork for 100 years of conflict. With people like Trump and Kushner leading the way, we should expect nothing better for our own century

Alex Kane: God, Gas, and Cash

How Texas Fell in Love With Israel — and Then Trampled on the Constitution

Gershon Baskin: Money can’t buy you love – or your independence

The Palestinian resistance to the Trump plan is reasonable, understandable and even admirable, and if we were in their place we would strive to do the same

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