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Rabbi Joseph Berman: Criminalizing Critics of Israel

Congress Considers Sweeping Bills to Fine & Jail Backers of BDS

Mustafa Barghouthi: Jerusalem Protests

The deadly Israeli crackdown on Palestinians protesting restrictions at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque is part of an effort to divide the holy site and undermine the Palestinian struggle for freedom

Various Contributors: Open Letter for Academic Freedom

Open Letter of California Scholar for Academic Freedom (Israel/Palestine)

John Feffer: Who’s a ‘Bad Jew’?

Progressive Jewish groups are rising to criticize the Israeli occupation and fight fundamentalism in both Israel and the West

Raji Sourani: Gaza on Verge of Collapse

Israel Sends 2.2M People “Back to Middle Ages” in Electricity Crisis

Glenn Greenwald: Criminally Outlawing Support for Boycott

The criminalization of political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the West. In France, activists have been arrested and prosecuted for wearing T-shirts advocating a boycott of Israel. The U.K. has enacted a series of measures designed to outlaw such activism. In the U.S., governors compete with Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s ever-more sadistic reprisals

Israel is prepared to use any means to crush the motivation of Palestinians to resist its brutal, five-decade occupation

John Pilger: Why Palestine Is Still the Issue

When the Palestinians rise again, as they will, they may not succeed at first — but they will eventually if we understand that they are us, and we are them

Mehdi Hasan: Washington Hawks & Iranian Exile Group

The Trump administration, the Saudis and the Israelis — who have “financed, trained and armed” the MEK in the past, according an NBC News investigation — are all bent on toppling Iran’s clerical rule

Jonathan Cook: Battle of the Empty Stomachs

Perhaps it was fitting that the most significant act of organized mass resistance by Palestinians to the occupation in many years was launched from behind bars.   In April of this year more than 1,500 political prisoners began an indefinite hunger strike against their increasingly degrading treatment by the Israeli authorities. Some called it a prison Read more…

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