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Ali Abunimah: EU backs ICC after Netanyahu’s “anti-Semitism” smear

The EU’s position represents a break with allies such as the United States, Canada and Australia that have openly opposed the court investigating alleged war crimes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip

Jonathan Cook: Immunity passports: Does social solidarity only count when it gets us back to the pub?

The ethics of immunity passports, or vaccine apartheid, depends on a wider debate about what our societies mean – and what they obscure – when they discuss issues of trust, the public good and social solidarity

Ali Abunimah: EU backs ICC after Netanyahu’s “anti-Semitism” smear

After years-long delays and decades of waiting for justice, Palestinians are at last seeing their quest to hold Israel accountable and check its crimes bearing fruit

Scott Ritter: Continued Israeli airstrikes on Syria are testing Moscow’s patience

Jerusalem would do well not to poke the Russian bear

Romana Rubeo: ‘Engaging the World’

The ‘Fascinating Story’ of Hamas’s Political Evolution

Azad Essa: Palestine Is a ‘Taboo Issue Among Certain Circles in High Places’

Cornel West says he is being denied tenure at Harvard University because of his views on Israeli occupation. There is a long history of attempts to suppress or have outspoken critics of Israel fired from academic posts

Ramzy Baroud: Imagining Palestine: On Barghouti, Darwish, Kanafani and the Language of Exile

Millions of Palestinians continue to live in exile, generation after generation, painstakingly negotiating their individual and collective identities, neither able to return, nor feeling truly whole

Juan Cole: Is Harvard denying Tenure to Cornel West over his views on Palestine?

West is convinced that his views on the Palestine issue are the real reason for which Harvard will not give him a permanent job

Ari Paul: Guardian Columnist’s Firing Over Israel Joke Highlights Paper’s Rightward Drift

The Guardian has fired one of its columnists for its US edition, Nathan Robinson, because Robinson jokingly tweeted about US military aid to Israel

Gideon Levy: Jewish National Fund for Apartheid

If anyone still had any doubts about the nationalist and racist – yes, racist – character of Zionism, even in its modern dress, then along came the chairman of the JNF, Avraham Duvdevani, and removed the last of these doubts

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