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Vijay Prashad: The Perils of Humanitarian Wars

The limits of the ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine

John Feffer: Syria as Metaphor

Disharmonious pluralism has become the new global standard. Other countries – Turkey, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the EU, even the United States – gaze upon the Syrian example and tremble

Patrick Cockburn: Government has no strategy, no plan and only ‘phantom’ allies in Syria, scathing Commons report reveals

As ceasefire sits on the brink of collapse, MPs’ report paints a damning picture of Britain’s bombing campaign

Ramzy Baroud: Honoring Aylan Kurdi by Ending the War in Syria

The best way to honor these children is by understanding that the future of Syria’s children cannot be determined according to the whims of American and Russian politicians

Patrick Cockburn: The US and Russia have less influence in Syria than they think

Despite 10 months of negotiations between the US and Russia, the two biggest players in the Syrian conflict, the ceasefire is close to unravelling

Vijay Prashad: US and Russia Agree to Cessation of Hostilities in Syria

As Syrian opposition groups retreat from the demand that President Assad step down, a ceasefire agreement becomes more feasible

Patrick Cockburn: Syria ceasefire holds during first day – but balance lies with armed opposition groups

The terms of the fragile truce negotiated between the US and Russia are abided by all sides, but there are still parties who would like to see it fail

Patrick Cockburn: Isis fighter reveals group’s plan to spread even after defeat in Iraq and Syria

The world powers underestimate its resilience because they do not understand the attractiveness of Isis and its ideology to those who find the status quo unacceptable

Juan Cole: Iran and Hizbullah Welcome Kerry-Lavrov Syria Ceasefire

Hizbullah, the national guard for South Lebanon, announced Saturday that it supports the agreement on a truce in Syria

Patrick Cockburn: Syrian Kurds vow to fight to the death to stop Turkey ‘invading’ their territory

Officials fear growing co-operation between the Syrian and Turkish governments in opposition to Kurdish separatism

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