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Patrick Cockburn: Isis facing near total defeat

But it has been beaten and come back before

Patrick Cockburn: Underground in Raqqa

The KRG may survive its present isolation but the risk is growing that the Kurdish quasi-states will go the same way as the caliphate

Patrick Cockburn: Stepping up atrocities

The weaker Isis becomes the more it will want to show that it is still in business

Vijay Prashad: Towards war’s end in Syria

News comes daily of the Syrian Army’s advance through one village after another towards the besieged eastern city of Deir ez-Zor

Patrick Cockburn: al-Qaeda strengthens in Syria

The West’s focus on the fall of so-called Islamic State is playing directly into the hands of its old enemies,

Robert Fisk: The Syrian war is ending

While we’re all waiting for Trump to start World War Three, we’ve not spotted that the military map of the Middle East has substantially, bloodily changed

Phyllis Bennis: US Bombs Evacuation Route

The problem with the U.S. analysis is that ‘it’s based on the idea that the only way to deal with ISIS fighters is to kill them’

Robert Fisk: From Protest to War

Instead of serious political advice, the West, especially the US and their proxy Arab allies in the Gulf, then poured weapons into Syria – enough arms to destroy Syria but not enough to overthrow the regime

Pete Dolack: Economic democracy in Rojava

The basic units of Rojava’s organization are councils and commissions. These constitute the building blocks of Rojava’s system of “democratic confederalism”

David Swanson: Purposeless Death in Syria

Nothing is going to quickly bring peace and prosperity to Syria. But continuing to do what we know makes matters worse has to end. We have to give peace a chance

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