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Rachel Evans: Revolutionary Rojava

A polyethnic, feminist and anti-capitalist experiment

Ayşe Gökkan, Gülcihan Şimşek, Mahir Kurtay, and Anya Briy: We will take back our gains

Interview with the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in North Kurdistan

Conn Hallinan: The Syrian Chess Board

So the devil is still very much at work in a war that has lasted more than seven years, claimed up to 500,000 lives, displaced millions of people, destabilized an already fragile Middle East, and is far from over

Juan Cole: Bad Things about to happen in Syria?

The looming Idlib campaign will likely replicate the vast destruction and loss of life of the Mosul campaign, where it was the US that gave air support to the Iraqi army.

Robert Fisk: Are we about to see the final battle of Syria?

Thanks to Donald Trump, it’s all over for the ‘rebels’ of Syria because they have been betrayed by the Americans – surely and finally by Trump himself in those secret discussions with Vladimir Putin

Patrick Cockburn: Kurdish women protest after being told to wear the hijab

Campaign trying ‘to force women to stay in their homes and not to take part in public life as Kurdish women have traditionally been able to do’

Tarek R. Dika: Syria and the Politics of International Law

Moral posturing by the United States and its allies fall on deaf ears in the Middle East

Chris Slee: The Kurdish movement for radical change

The female fighters of the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) are part of a movement aimed at radical change in Syria and the broader Middle East

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: A time of chaos

The war in Syria is part of a much broader geopolitical game, whose future looks very uncertain

Patrick Cockburn: We should be skeptical

None of the arguments currently being used in Britain and the US to smear those skeptical of the governmental and media consensus are new

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