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Noam Chomsky: Discussing America’s role in the Syrian civil war:

Please Help ZNet           This interview with world-renowned scholar and leading dissident Noam Chomsky has two goals. The primary goal is to understand America’s role in one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century, the Syrian civil war. While there has been a lot of commentary on the Syrian civil Read more…

Farrah Hassen: 11 Years of War in Syria

What started as an anti-authoritarian uprising became a brutal international proxy war. However many years pass, the solution remains the same

Meredith Tax: Turkey Helps ISIS Attack Rojava

The Kurdish people have sacrificed 13,000 lives in the fight against ISIS. Progressives should support their effort to build a secure base for direct democracy, feminism, and pluralism

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Prestigious Weaponry Expert Censored

Their agenda is clear in trying to poison the debate about Syria and defame dedicated scientists like Postol whose research casts important light on the deceptions underlying U.S. policy

Ramazan Mendanlioglu: Rojava’s everyday democracy

Drawing on first-hand experience in Rojava, Ramazan Mendanlioglu explores how radical decentralisation and self-administration look in practice

Gilbert Achcar: Their anti-imperialism and ours

The logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a recipe for empty cynicism

Patrick Cockburn: In Syria, the war of hunger is taking over from the war of guns

“Sanctions and other measures that are meant to penalise repressive rulers usually wind up hurting ordinary people the most”

Marwan Kabalan: Is it still possible to prevent the collapse of Syria?

Syrian intellectuals and activists from across political and intellectual spheres are busy searching for a way out of the disastrous situation their country has reached after ten years of violent conflict

Gary Leupp: Biden Acts with Impunity (to Send Iran a Message, by Attacking Iraqis in Syria)

On 2/25 Biden attacked three countries simultaneously to remind them that the U.S. “does not distinguish” between its Muslim foes but conflates Persians with Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, terrorists and anti-terrorist militia

Stephen Zunes: If Biden Wants to Protect Troops, He Should Bring Them Home — Not Bomb Syria

From Lebanon to Somalia, other hostile countries filled with competing armed groups, the major purpose of maintaining a U.S. troop presence appears to have evolved into simply protecting themselves from attack

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