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Immanuel Wallerstein: Trump’s World Policy: The Two Hotspots

Mexico was arguably the principal subject of his entire campaign, first for the Republican nomination and then for the presidential election

Vijay Prashad: What, Exactly, Is Going on in Syria?

The world’s media is lost in the twists and turns of factions and evolving geopolitics

Hawzhin Azeez: Women’s cooperatives: A glimpse into Rojava’s economic model

Zahra Shexo bends over her sewing machine and meticulously, but expertly allows the course material to run through her fingers and under the pointed needle of the machine. The sound of over a dozen women’s laughter and conversation intermixes with the repetitive mechanical sounds of the sewing machines in the large room. The sewing room Read more…

Robert Fisk: Donald Trump’s presidency-by-tweet will be bad for Muslims, but great for Isis

A bad day for Muslims, I’d call it. The only mention they got in the inaugural tweet was pure Hollywood, and very dangerous. “Radical Islamic terrorism we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth”. Shorn of its Biblical reference – the face of the earth comes from Genesis, does it not? – it Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey faces long and difficult fight against Isis in Syria

The Turkish army is suffering unexpectedly serious losses in men and equipment as it engages in its first real battle against Isis fighters holding al-Bab

William Boardman: U.S. Criminal Hypocrisy At Work in Syria and Yemen

On December 13, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, offered yet another stark exercise in imperial deceit

Patrick Cockburn: Syria peace talks begin in Kazakhstan with Russia taking center stage

Some key parties in the Syrian conflict are not represented in Astana – but Russia’s involvement shows it has been successful in fighting its way to the top table using military muscle

Yasser Munif: Syria and the Left

Behind the humanitarian disaster of the Syrian civil war is a political crisis the Left urgently needs to understand

Raghav Kaushik: Syria And The Antiwar Movement

While everyone agrees that Syria is a humanitarian disaster, there has been a complete fracturing of the left when it comes to analyzing the conflict. Unfortunately, the debates have been unusually vicious and sectarian making rational discussion difficult. The specifics of Syria account for only a part of the viciousness of the debate. At heart Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Why the rise of Donald Trump and Isis have more in common than you might think

Inequality has increased everywhere with politically momentous consequences

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