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Khury Petersen-Smith: Trump Oversees Death and Destruction in Syria, Afghanistan, and More

Amnesty International released a major report about US-led massacres of more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa, Syria from June to October of 2017

Robert Mackey: Trump Gives Netanyahu Part of Syria

With a tweet posted on Thursday, Trump dismissed five decades of international consensus on the status of the Golan Heights, declaring that the United States would recognize Israel’s annexation of the region

Patrick Cockburn: A tidal wave of hypocrisy

Shamima Begum may not have known what she got herself into with Isis, but then neither did western governments

Charles Glass: “Tell Me How This Ends”

America’s muddled involvement with Syria

Internationalist Commune of Rojava: Stand with Rojava, oppose Turkey’s war

This weekend, Kurds and their allies are organizing two global days of action to stop the invasion of Rojava threatened by Turkey and Islamist mercenaries

John Feffer: Trump Punts on Syria

The forever war in the Middle East is far from over

Richard Falk: In Praise of the Syria Withdrawal

Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria that defied the bipartisan consensus that has shaped U.S. foreign policy since 1945 poses the biggest challenge to the Trump presidency, especially as it shook Israel’s confidence and coincides with woes of Wall Street

Kevin Zeese: We Can End The US War On Syria

The people of the United States must rise up to finish the job we started in 2013 — stop the war on Syria, a war that never should have occurred

Phyllis Bennis: The Bombings Will Continue

U.S. Military Role in Syria Is Not Actually Ending

Rachel Evans: Revolutionary Rojava

A polyethnic, feminist and anti-capitalist experiment

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