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Josh Schoolar: Working for the revolution in Rojava

Interview on the political and military upheaval taking place in Rojava and northern Syria from the perspective of someone who not only witnessed the struggle but was an active participant

Rod Driver: The War Crimes of Obama, Cameron and Hillary Clinton

Libya, Syria and Yemen

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s worst crime must not be forgotten – ensuring the ethnic cleansing of Kurdish allies in Syria

Eyewitness testimony lays bare the atrocities committed in territory occupied by Turkey

Abdullah Öcalan: Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds

For over two decades, Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has been held in the Turkish prison on İmralı Island. In this op-ed for Jacobin, he calls for a “democratic nation project” able to unite citizens of different ethnic backgrounds and cultural traditions.

Dilar Dirik: Unbowed

Turkey is bent on extinguishing a beacon of women’s liberation in northern Syria. But the women of Rojava are not giving up

Hawzhin Azeez: Police abolition and other revolutionary lessons from Rojava

Democratic confederalism, the ideological framework organizing society in Rojava, outlines the features of a post-revolutionary justice system

Anya Briy: Rojava: statelessness in a time of pandemic

Lack of international recognition as a state has disastrous consequences on an area already suffering from war and displacement

Conn Hallinan: Turkey’s Failed Gamble in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s latest gamble in Syria’s civil war appears to have come up snake eyes

Mehmet Ozalp: Turkey and Russia lock horns in Syria as fear of outright war escalates

As the nine-year Syrian civil war enters its final turn, Turkey and Russia, long-time allies in Syria, are on the brink of war over the Syrian province of Idlib

Juan Cole: Turkey mobilizes for war with Syria and Russia

Nearly 3 Dozen Turkish Troops Killed

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