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Elise Boyle Espinosa: Fighting with pens in Rojava’s “war of education”

Rojava’s revolutionary education system is built around a homegrown curriculum promoting gender equality, ecology and social and cultural inclusivity.

Hussein A. Amery: Climate, not conflict, drove many Syrian refugees to Lebanon

Many refugees told me that even if their home region became physically safe to return to, they would not go back. They feared they would be unable to eke out a living from the increasingly arid land

Robert Fisk: I talked to everybody I could in Syria. That’s how you find out the truth

I’ve spent months these past eight years in Syria’s amputated cities. They are a scar on all our lives – the Russians, the Syrians, the armed Islamists, the western powers that spent more time trying to destroy Syria than the Syrian regime

Debbie Bookchin: Eyewitnesses to the Rojava revolution: hevaltî and dignity

Interview on how the revolution has impacted everyday life in Rojava

Patrick Cockburn: Erdogan’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Kurds is Still Happening

Such atrocities are ethnic cleansing in action and are what Trump greenlit when he opened the door to the Turkish invasion of Syria

Jonathan Steele: The OPCW and Douma

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors

Daniel Brown: International solidarity: fighting at home for the revolution abroad

Campaigns against apartheid in both South Africa and Israel provide important lessons for the Rojava international solidarity movement against Turkey’s invasion

Edward Hunt: It’s Not Too Late for Rojava

The Kurds lost over 10,000 people in the war against the Islamic State and still manged to create one of the most promising democratic experiments in the Middle East. They deserve U.S. support

Dave Holmes: ‘The most progressive and democratic system in the history of the Middle East’

The Rojava Revolution represents the high-point of the Syrian Revolution and points the way forward for a new Syria — grassroots democracy, decentralisation and federalism; feminism; and ethnic and religious pluralism

Juan Cole: Syrian Kurds charge Turkey with Ethnic Cleansing

Turkey invaded after Trump gave them the green light and pulled US troops out of the Kurdish region where they had been embedded

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