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Patrick Cockburn: Kurdish women protest after being told to wear the hijab

Campaign trying ‘to force women to stay in their homes and not to take part in public life as Kurdish women have traditionally been able to do’

Chris Slee: The Kurdish movement for radical change

The female fighters of the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) are part of a movement aimed at radical change in Syria and the broader Middle East

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: A time of chaos

The war in Syria is part of a much broader geopolitical game, whose future looks very uncertain

Patrick Cockburn: We should be skeptical

None of the arguments currently being used in Britain and the US to smear those skeptical of the governmental and media consensus are new

Richard Falk: Attacking Syria

[Prefatory Note: This post is an assessment of the recent Syrian missile attack by the armed forces of the U.S., UK, and France from a variety of perspectives. It is a modified and expanded version of a text earlier published in The Wire  (Delhi) and Il Manifesto(Rome). I intend to write two further posts suggested Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Robert Fisk’s Douma report rips away excuses for air strike on Syria

All of us have a moral responsibility to stop simply believing what our governments and their propagandists in the corporate media tell us

Scott Lucas: UK Journalist Given Access to Douma to Deny Chemical Attacks

A British journalist has been escorted to the town to give a pro-regime account denying that the attacks ever occurred

Robert Fisk: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma

One doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack

Jeremy Corbyn: Diplomacy, not bombing, the way to end Syria’s agony

More legally questionable and reckless military interventions are not what British people want from their government

Robert Mackey: Russia Has “Irrefutable Evidence” U.K. Staged Chemical Attack

Russian officials said on Friday that their government can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held enclave in Syria last week was a hoax staged by British spies. The defense and foreign ministry officials declined, however, to say what the evidence was, or expose it to public Read more…

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