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Yves Engler: Entrenching colonialism in Africa

The recent seizure of phosphate from a Moroccan state company in South Africa and Panama is a blow to corporate Canada and a victory for national independence struggles

Richard Fidler: Major Decisions Face Québec Solidaire

Quebec’s broad party of the left, Québec solidaire (QS), will open a four-day congress on May 19 in Montréal – the 12th congress in its 11-year history. The delegates face a challenging agenda. It includes the final stage of adoption of the party’s detailed program, a process begun eight years ago; discussion of possible alliances Read more…

Yves Engler: Canadian colonial dreams

Can cute Canadian Caribbean dreams about enchanted islands come true? Or is reality more complicated and Canada a far less benign actor than we imagine ourselves to be?

George Lakey: Finding courage in anxious times

Courageous cultures are created by centering ourselves on our strengths, our achievements and encouraging members to take chances with the support of the group

Yves Engler: A blight upon the planet

Would the world be better off if the world’s largest gold miner ceased to exist?

Yves Engler: Influencing the news

We need media that sets out to challenge, rather than reinforce, the power imbalances in our world

Dimitri Lascaris: People’s Climate March

Discussion on the Leap Manifesto’s demand for a just transition to a green economy and the movement in Canada, the US and beyond

Bill McKibben: A disaster for the planet

With everyone staring at Trump, other world leaders are able to get away with almost anything. Don’t believe me? Look one country north, at Justin Trudeau.

Michael Lesher: What Canadians really think about Israel/Palestine

The results of a recent survey show that Canadians overwhelmingly believe boycotts and sanctions to be “reasonable” measures to secure Israel’s adherence to international law

David Swanson: Can Canada Get Out of the War Business?

If the peer pressure provided by Canada’s healthcare system is any guide, a Canada that had moved beyond war would not by itself end U.S. militarism, but it would create a debate over doing so

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