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Yves Engler: Canada doesn’t deserve African support for Security Council bid

African countries should not fall for Justin Trudeau’s friendly rhetoric. Until Canada begins to act like a friend, rather than a neocolonial power, it doesn’t deserve Africa’s votes for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council

Ryan Hayes: Ontario Early Childhood Educators Unionize during Pandemic

“People prioritized getting on the calls because they were concerned about their work and livelihoods.”

Dudley Paul: Teachers’ unions and COVID-19: time to step up

It’s really encouraging to see educators continue to push this collective responsibility in the midst of COVID-19

Danica Jorden: This is Eishia: Teen Liquor Store Theft and Indigenous Poverty in Winnipeg

The poverty rate of indigenous children in Manitoba is 62%, rising to 76% for children living on reservations. There are 63 First Nations communities in Manitoba

Linda McQuaig: The public lab that could have helped fight COVID-19 pandemic

Hated by its corporate competitors, Connaught was unique among pharmaceutical companies in that its focus was on human need, not profit

Nick Martin: The Wet’suwet’en Take Another Anti-Pipeline Struggle Mainstream

Protests have brought rail travel in Canada to a standstill and introduced the fight against Coastal GasLink to the broader public

Carol Linnitt: Links between ‘man camps,’ violence against Indigenous women

A formal request for judicial review submitted with the B.C. Supreme Court argues B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office extended permit for Coastal GasLink pipeline without considering the findings of the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Justin Podur: Blockades expand

After the RCMP raided and dismantled the Wet’suwet’en roadblocks, rail, port and transportation blockades have spread across Canada in solidarity

Sam Gindin: Realizing ‘Just Transitions’

The Struggle for Plant Conversion at GM Oshawa

Jeff Schuhrke: Hundreds of Canadian Workers Are Blockading an Oil Refinery Right Now

The Canadian union Unifor is currently blockading an oil refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s an important example of what democratic, militant, and solidarity-based unionism can look like

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