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Yves Engler: Cars for Housing

Who could possibly be against doing something that would be both good for the environment and improve housing affordability in our biggest cities?

Laurel Albina: Contracted Hospital Workers Win Job Security

For the first time in 15 years, 4,000 subcontracted hospital housekeepers and dietary workers in British Columbia have job security

Yves Engler: Art and Propaganda

Would it surprise you to learn the Canadian military spends millions on art and history?

Ashifa Kassam: Cancel our pay rise and spend money elsewhere

Nearly 800 doctors and medical residents in the Canadian province of Quebec have signed a letter protesting against plans to raise their pay

Yves Engler: NDP’s anti-Palestinian history

The suppression of the Palestine Resolution should stir internationalist minded party members to finally confront the NDP’s anti-Palestinian legacy

Danica Jorden: Quebec’s Legacy of Racism Continues

A look at the medical airlift policy for Indigenous children in the far north

Yves Engler: NDP seeks to topple Venezuela’s government

Has it become NDP policy to support US-backed coups in Latin America?

Brandon Jordan: Canadian Activists Organize to Stop Pipeline

Residents blocked the road to stop construction of a terminal for a project that they view as a danger to their communities and the environment

Yves Engler: A Turning Point?

Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem may well mark the end of the spurious “peace process” and Abbas’ US–Canada–Saudi–Israel backed Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Rosenblum: Biggest $15 Win Yet

Mainstream politicians often claim that we have to elect progressives to office first, before workers can win big legislation. Ontario workers and students just proved otherwise

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