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Murray Dobbin: Economics: the Science of Plunder

Inequality, flat incomes, work-life imbalance, and unsustainable debt can all to a large extent be traced to this deliberate government policy

Ben Sichel: Nova Scotia Teachers on the Verge of Strike

What has led teachers in a sleepy Canadian province to the brink of their first-ever strike?

Herman Rosenfeld: Unifor’s Focus on Investment Lets Down Canadian GM Workers

On September 5, GM of Canada was chosen as the strike target. This means any settlement made at GM will be applied as the basis for bargaining with the other two companies

Alain Savard: Keeping the Student Strike Alive

Quebec’s massive student strikes emerged from an organizing model that constantly trains new generations of activists

Yves Engler: Jewish groups’ reckless accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ sets us down a dangerous path

The primary public use of “anti-Semitism” today is to denigrate those defending a people facing the most aggressive ongoing European settler colonialism

Sonia Singh: Postal Workers Stare Down Canada Post

The union has kept two steps ahead—and with its multifaceted contract campaign, so far it’s out-maneuvering Canada Post

Danica Jorden: World Social Forum in Montreal: “Another world is once again being constructed without Africa”

At least 234 community organization leaders and representatives were denied visitor visas to attend

Pete Dolack: CETA’s specter of corporate dictatorship still haunts Canada, EU

CETA, like its cousins TTP and TTIP, would cement into place the right of multi-national corporations to dictate to governments without any democratic input

Janaya Khan: Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder responds to Pride action criticism

“Our action was in the tradition of resistance that is Pride. We didn’t halt progress; we made progress”

Sonia Singh: Workers Walk Out for $15 at Dozens of Quebec Nursing Homes

The 3,000 workers in 32 nursing and retirement homes for the elderly had three days of strikes under their belts

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