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Immanuel Wallerstein: How to Fight a Class Struggle

In a structural crisis, the left needs to pursue a policy of seeking in the very short run both state power in order to minimize the pain for the lower 99 percent of the population and in the middle run to pursue a cultural transformation of everyone

Mark Bray: Is Trump’s National Emergency a Step Toward Fascism?

President Trump has now declared a national emergency to fund his long-sought border wall. It is no surprise that when a fascistic president like Trump starts throwing around the idea of a national emergency, media outlets like Esquire start asking whether “it might be time to start fireproofing the Reichstag,” a clear allusion to Hitler’s Read more…

Dean Baker: When Politicians Say “Free Trade,” They Mean Upward Redistribution

In Washington policy circles, being a supporter of free trade is pretty much comparable to saying you believe in evolution. All reasonable people say they accept the doctrine and agree that tariffs and other forms of protectionism are evil and dirty. While there are good arguments for free trade as an economic policy, in the Read more…

Steve Ellner: Taking A Look At The Anti-Maduro Narrative

A nation’s economic problems should not justify intervention of any sort

Jake Johnson: 3-Part Plan to Defeat Trump’s “Full-Fledged Attack on Democracy”

“This is an illegal, anti-democratic power grab rooted in racism. The only emergency at the border is the one created by Trump and the Republicans enabling his temper tantrum.”

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Moves the World Closer to “Doomsday”

It is incumbent upon all of us to resist the inexorable march toward nuclear winter

Robert Weissman: National Emergency Declaration Paves Way for Sweeping Authoritarianism

The real big issue is going to be whether people turn out in droves to protest this and say, “Not only do we not want a wall, but we don’t want the president declaring emergencies to get around the will of Congress.”

Saurav Sarkar: A Green New Deal for American Labor?

It’s not hard to see that a huge gap exists between current labor-environment collaboration and what it will take to win a massive, federally mandated good jobs program to combat climate change

John Feffer: The Psychology of the Wall

Wall are cropping up all over the world. But as with guns, the sense of safety and security that comes from a wall is almost entirely illusory

Natasha Lennard: Amazon Pullout Shows What Anti-Capitalist Organizing and Leftist Politicians Can Do

Checks on corporate hegemony and obscene inequality do not happen without pushing the Democratic Party to the left

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