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Kathy Kelly: Hungering for Nuclear Disarmament

In the state of Georgia’s Glynn County Detention Center, four activists await trial stemming from their nonviolent action, on April 4, 2018, at the Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay

Marjorie Cohn: North Korea Agreed to Denuclearize, but When Will the US?

A powerful economic incentive continues to drive the nuclear arms race. After the Singapore Summit, the stock values of all major defense contractors — including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and General Dynamics — declined. Given his allegiance to boosting corporate profits, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump is counterbalancing the effects of the Read more…

Juan Cole: Climate Terror Stalks us, and We Yawn– 3 Decades Later

The American (and world) public was informed about the dangers of global heating 30 years ago this week, on June 23, 1988, by climate scientist James Hansen. It turns out that Big Oil and other hydrocarbon industries were convinced of the dangers privately even before that, but hid their scientists’ findings from the public, causing Read more…

Michael T. Klare: Girding for Confrontation

The Pentagon’s Provocative Encirclement of China

Arun Gupta: Protesters blockade prison in Portland

Dozens of protesters under the banner of #OccupyICEPDX have been maintaining a round-the-clock vigil outside the prison. They are demanding an abolition of ICE

Ryan Devereaux: U.S. Has Taken More Than 3,700 Children From Their Parents

And Has No Plan for Returning Them

Chris Brooks: Solidarity Fund

How West Virginia Activists Organized a Solidarity Fund for the Uprising

Kalena Thomhave: West Virginia Teachers Rebuilding the Local Economy

How the American Federation of Teachers has taken the lead in reinvigorating the poorest county in the state

Juan Cole: It’s all about the Midterms

Trump took those Children Hostage to Stoke his Base

Thomas Knapp: Child Abductions

A Conversation It’s Hard to Believe We’re Even Having

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