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Cal Winslow: The End of the Era: Nineteen Nineteen

The workers’ mood had shifted steadily to the left in the strike wave of the decade just ending, resulting in the growth of class consciousness and little interest in cooperation with employers

Michael T. Klare: Insignia, Badges, and Medals for a Climate-Wracked Era

The U.S. Military on a Planet From Hell

Dean Baker: Trump Raising Taxes on Middle-Class Consumers With Trade War

Usually, presidents don’t want to be boasting about raising taxes on the middle class in an election year, but apparently Trump feels differently

Lee Fang: U.S. Lobbyists Prepare for Brexit

U.S. Lobbyists Prepare to Seize “Historic Opportunity” in Tory-Led Brexit to Shred Consumer Safeguards, Raise Drug Prices

Naomi Klein: The Case for a Green New Deal

Interview on the case for a Green New Deal that tackles the causes and impacts of climate change while confronting racial and economic inequality

Elizabeth Oram: Dollar Meals and Diabetes

Logan County is ground zero for another battle—the struggle to survive in a region with the highest rates of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in the country

Jack Rasmus: On Those Questionable Jobs Numbers….Again!

It’s a statistical manipulation–based on a series of complex assumptions and even more complex mathematical formula adjustments of the raw jobs data–that gets reported monthly as the job numbers

Eric Levitz: Jobs, Jobs Everywhere, But Most of Them Kind of Suck

Gallup asked 6,600 U.S. workers what they saw as the defining characteristics of a “good” job, then used their answers to construct a “job-quality index.” As measured by the index only 40 percent of Americans currently have “good” jobs

Elizabeth King: Green New Deal Supporters Are Showing Up for Workers

As concepts like a just transition and the ideals encapsulated in the Green New Deal gain traction among progressives, labor union and climate organizers are coordinating around their shared goals

Julie Hollar: Media Turn Support for Public Schools Into Opposition to Children of Color

It’s a classic charter (and voucher) argument that manages to paint the policy as having only the best interests of the poor at heart, even as it promotes inequality by offering access to a few lifeboats rather than repairing the ship

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