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Ted Glick: The Purpose of Power

A review of Alicia Garza’s 2020 book, The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart,

Jon Schwarz: Forget $15 an Hour — the Minimum Wage Should Be $24

The minimum wage once went up hand in hand with the productivity of the U.S. economy. It should again

Madeleine Johnsson: If We Want to Renew Democracy, We Need to Tax the Ultra-Wealthy

After the tech sector, Wall Street is the second-highest source of wealth for American billionaires

John Feffer: The Talented Mr. Bin Salman

The Saudi prince, like the Patricia Highsmith character, is a confidence man, serial killer, and all-around psychopath. The United States should stop enabling him

Robin D.G. Kelley: Why Cornel West’s Tenure Fight Matters

When Harvard’s administrators tell Professor West that they cannot bring him up for tenure because it’s “too risky” and he’s “too controversial,” they completely undermine the point of tenure: to protect his freedom to speak truth to power

Ralph Nader: Reporters’ Alert: Launching a New Website

From time to time we will use Reporter’s Alert to present suggestions for important reporting on topics that are either not covered or not covered thoroughly

Jessica Corbett: Call for Rapid Phaseout of Fracking in Pennsylvania

“Pennsylvania’s children should not be used as laboratory rats,” said biologist Sandra Steingraber, who called fracking “an uncontrolled human experiment” that involves “toxic exposures.”

Ari Paul: Fear and Celebration of Substack Are Both Misplaced

Corporate media certainly need disruption. But it has to happen at scale, not with a few writers here and there on an open microphone

John Logan: Amazon Is Paying Consultants Nearly $10,000 a Day to Obstruct Union Drive

Expensive and aggressive corporate anti-union campaigns, such as Amazon’s at Bessemer, are, in the words of Marty Levitt, built on deceit and run by bullies

Jason Pramas: As Labor Secretary, Will Marty Walsh Represent all Workers?

Or just unionized construction workers… and the corporations that fund the Democrats

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