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Nick Turse: A Wide World of Winless War

Globe-Trotting U.S. Special Ops Forces Already Deployed to 137 Nations in 2017

Henry A. Giroux: Manufactured illiteracy and miseducation

A deep-rooted crisis in education, and a long cultural and political decline, is what got us here. There’s hope

Norman Solomon: Is ‘Russiagate’ Collapsing as a Political Strategy?

Democrats in Congress and other party leaders are starting to face an emerging reality: The “winning issue” of Russia is a losing issue

Yves Engler: Election Interference Hypocrisy

Perhaps it is time for a broader discussion about election meddling

Sam Pizzigati: Make Things Or Make CEOs Rich

Making breakthroughs for consumers is hard, companies have found. But making fortunes for CEOs is easy

Bill Fletcher: The Future of the Labour Movement

Trump, Right-Wing Populism, and the Future of the Labour Movement

Chris Baker Evens: One family’s bold stand

The Gerhart family are one of a number of private property owners across the state who object to their land being confiscated using eminent domain laws and used to further global climate destabilization

Juan Cole: Oil is a Worthless Commodity

Saudi’s Crown Prince Knows It

Victoria Law: ‘We are humans, not animals’

Women in California’s largest immigrant prison hold hunger strike

Walden Bello: Contagion: how the crisis spread

Were there commonalities between the financial crisis that happened in the US, and the one that hit Europe? If so, what were they? One common factor in the US and Europe was unregulated, undisciplined finance capital. First, European banks, including German banks, bought huge amounts of toxic subprime securities and as a result they saw their balance sheets Read more…

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