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Max Elbaum: GOP Embraces Trump and His Steal Elections Strategy

The Trump-provoked, Confederate-flag-waving assault on the Capitol Jan. 6 didn’t split the GOP. Rather, it revealed that from bottom to top the Republican Party has become even more Trumpified than it was while Trump was President

Margaret Flowers: Small Acts Can Become A Power No Government Can Suppress

Examples of the tremendous power people have to force changes and create support networks in their communities when they organize together

Lee Fang: Drug Lobby Asks Biden to Punish Foreign Countries Pushing for Low-Cost Vaccines

Big Pharma is fighting for tight control over Covid-19 vaccine production, limiting availability worldwide while reaping billions

Robert Koehler: Taking War Personally

“For Washington, it seems that whatever the problem is, the answer is bombing.”

Mike Ludwig: House Rejects Cori Bush’s Amendment on Voting Rights for Incarcerated People

“We will not stop fighting until we dismantle white supremacy in all of its forms”

Sam Levin: Rodney King: 30 Years After Brutal Beating, LAPD ‘Still Corrupt and Violent’

Advocates who lived through the riots are now fighting to defund the police and dismantle unions that thwart accountability

Gary Leupp: Biden Acts with Impunity (to Send Iran a Message, by Attacking Iraqis in Syria)

On 2/25 Biden attacked three countries simultaneously to remind them that the U.S. “does not distinguish” between its Muslim foes but conflates Persians with Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, terrorists and anti-terrorist militia

John P. Geyman: The Private Health Insurance Industry: Should It Be Eliminated?

Over recent decades, its performance has been increasingly profit-driven to the point of now becoming unaffordable for patients, their families, employers and taxpayers

Caleb Granger: Houston demonstration demands, “Fix our broken pipes, no more airstrikes!”

Texans need relief from the pandemic and from the damage caused by Winter Storm Uri now. End U.S. imperial warfare and use the resources to help suffering people

Brian Young: Right to Work Defeated in Montana and Colorado

However, a Right to Work bill continues forward in New Hampshire

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