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David Bacon: “Migration Is a Form of Fighting Back”

Looking at the Root Causes of Migration

Peter Dreier: The #MeToo Movement’s Roots in Women Workers’ Rights

An unsung shero of the early 20th century, Rose Schneiderman organized women to fight for laws to protect them from sexual harassment and assault in the workplace

Billy Corriher: State supreme courts thwart GOP plans

“We need independent courts to have an effective system of checks and balances”

Sam Husseini: The Most Strategic Midterm Race

Elder Challenges Hoyer

Belle Chesler: Anita, Christine, and Me

The Media’s Moving On, But I’m Not

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Smith and Carlos embodied African Americans’ Summer of Love and Reckoning

Fifty years ago this week, two proud Olympians raised their fists to call attention to social injustices. Their gesture made my heart swell with pride

Rachel M. Cohen: Democratic Consulting Firm Battling Nurses Union

The hospital industry has partnered with a major Democratic consulting firm in an unusual alliance against Massachusetts’s nurses and the bulk of its progressive infrastructure

Tina Vasquez: Abolish ICE: Beyond a Slogan

The slogan “Abolish ICE” means the removal of Attorney General Sessions, repeal of laws that criminalize migration, an end to all forms of detention, the defunding of Border Patrol, and a halt to ongoing immigration enforcement programs

Briahna Joy Gray: What Elizabeth Warren Still Doesn’t Get

On Monday morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released a video in response to President Donald Trump, who has persistently mocked her as “Pocahontas.” For years, Trump has derided Warren for identifying as a Native American faculty member at Harvard Law School, and in other contexts, despite presenting as white. The implication by Trump and other Read more…

Various Contributors: University of Michigan Professor Disciplined

University of Michigan Professor Disciplined after he rescinded an offer he had made to write a letter of recommendation for a student that would be used to support her application for a study-abroad program in Israel

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