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Nick Turse: America’s War-Fighting Footprint in Africa

Secret U.S. Military Documents Reveal a Constellation of American Military Bases Across That Continent

Vijay Prashad: Historic Hunger Strike

The Western media should pay more attention to the Palestinian prisoner strike

Juan Cole: Is anything Trump does Constitutional?

Sanctuary Threat Quashed by Court

Noam Chomsky: The ‘Most Dangerous Organization in World History’

The Republican Party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand

Phillip Smith: Drug Reform Conference Envisions Alliance

Conference finds the roots of the problems in capitalism and deep-seated racism

Asad Haider: Identity Politics?

Interview on an ideology fracturing the left

Nina Sparling: Will Boycotts Change Anything?

As the political landscape veers to the right and traditional avenues for change disintegrate, boycotts as a key tactic in a market-driven strategy might prove not just useful, but essential

Noam Chomsky: Undermining Government

Interview on Nuclear proliferation, climate change and the Trump administration

Linda Hodges: The Immigration and Refugee Human Revenue Stream

If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from the problem…” Dr. Amos Wilson Long before Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement speech, in which he castigated and disparaged Mexican and Middle Eastern immigrants, the United States already had the disgraceful distinction of maintaining the largest immigration detention Read more…

Jaisal Noor: Empowering Local Chapters

Sanders’ Our Revolution will support progressives, including those outside the Democratic Party

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