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Collective 20: Greenwashing Capitalism Won’t Heal the Planet

As we move along the road to a post-capitalist, post-carbon world, we must be mindful of the pitfalls, and we must not allow our work or ourselves to be hijacked, sabotaged or seduced by those who have only their own selfish, short-term interests at heart.

David Rovics: Diary of a Smoke Refugee

The fires here in Oregon have further exposed the deep divisions in this society, as have all the other previous or ongoing catastrophes, from the 2008 financial crisis to the current global pandemic

Tom Engelhardt: Fire and Fury Like the World Has Never Seen: 2020 Version

Four more years of Trump will consign us to a hell on Earth of a sort still only faintly imaginable today

John Buell: The Many Ugly Faces of Climate Science Denial

A politics of public good is especially important in reshaping visceral attitudes toward consumption and harsher forms of individualism

Samuel Moyn: Socialists Have Long Fought to Disempower the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has been a reactionary institution for most of its history. We need to take on its power and fight for real democracy in the United States

Lois Weiner: What Does a “Safe Return” to School Look Like? Ask Teacher Unions.

Powerful elites are willing to sacrifice the lives and futures of millions to feed their own profits. Teachers are fighting back

Dahr Jamail: Life in the US Has the Hallmarks of a “Low-Grade War Zone”

Are we going to accept that we have a government that is out to get us?

Jim Hightower: Beware Corporate COVID Propaganda

So middle-income workers get the boot, while the boss still has his job, gets more than $21 million in annual pay, and claims bragging rights for being an “ethical” corporate chieftain.

Jonathan Michels: North Carolina Nurses Seek Their First Union

In the wake of the takeover by the multinational corporation, nurses saw patient care standards and working conditions quickly deteriorate

Jack Rasmus: Ginsburg’s Death & Trump’s Emerging Legal Coup D’Etat

In 2020 the Supreme Court will be even more likely do the same–i.e. stop the vote count and ‘select’ Trump’– with a 6-3 vote. Except this time it will not even be a vote recount; it will be a first count of mail in ballot votes

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