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James Vincent: Social media is ripping apart society

Former Facebook executive says: ‘No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth.’

Sarah van Gelder: Northwest Communities Stopping Big Oil Projects

Communities throughout the Northwest, often led by Native American tribes, have been stopping one project after another.

Jonathan Cook: US Jerusalem move & Israel’s far right

Trump’s recognition this week of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, overturning seven decades of US policy in the region and effectively ending hopes of a two-state solution, has provoked dire warnings. But the focus by commentators on Palestinian reactions, rather than the effect on the Israeli public and leadership, might have underestimated the longer-term fallout from Read more…

Paul Buchheit: America Has Taken Nearly 70% of World’s Wealth

The super-rich are pillaging the world and making everyone less safe in the process

Juan Cole: Exodus of Climate Scientists to France

This is only the beginning if GOP guts grad education

Mike Ludwig: ”Cheated and Lied to”

How Insurers and Manufacturers Mask the Truth About High Drug Prices

Paul Street: The Burning Earth Bears Witness

There’s no bigger story than the environmental crisis that lay behind this year’s California fires and the extremity of this year’s hurricane season – and so much else almost too terrible to mention

Henry A. Giroux: A Language of Liberation

Confronted with the rise of an authoritarian society affecting all institutions and individuals, there is a need for resistance based on radical transformation, says Henry A. Giroux in this interview about The Public in Peril. This resistance is embodied in mass action and a vision to achieve the hope of a life beyond capitalism. Mark Karlin: What Read more…

Norman Solomon: Battle for Democratic Party

After the Unity Reform Commission

Andrew J. Bacevich: Still Waiting

A Harvey Weinstein Moment for America’s Wars?

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