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Mike Hixenbaugh: Laws Restricting Lessons on Racism Are Making It Hard for Teachers To Discuss the Massacre in Buffalo

In Texas, a teacher told her students she was required by law to provide them with multiple perspectives on the racist conspiracy theory that allegedly motivated the deadly attack in Buffalo

Mitchell Jones: Communities come together after fascist attack in Buffalo, NY

The fascist murderer in Buffalo was not a “lone gunman.” He was the product of the vile white supremacist ideology

Ted Glick: Buffalo!

The shooting rampage in Buffalo, NY by the young racist/fascist that killed 10 Black people has filled me with mixed emotions

Noam Chomsky: The Supreme Court Is Wielding Illegitimate Authority in the US

Please Help ZNet           Source: Truthout Photo by Matt Gush/Shuttterstock   Former president Jimmy Carter deemed the U.S. as having become “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision to strike down limits on campaign contributions, and the wielding of illegitimate authority within our Read more…

Asa Winstanley: UK admits activists “forced” Elbit to sell factory

A British government prosecutor admitted in court this week that Palestine Action campaigners “forced the closure” of a factory owned by an Israeli weapons firm earlier this year

Alicia Garza: “The Shooter Wrote a Manifesto, and My Name Was Included In It”

White nationalist violence is escalating — and the leadership of this country refuses to do anything significant about it

India Walton: Now Is the Time for Reparations

Please Help ZNet           Source: Democracy Now! In one of this year’s deadliest mass shootings, a white supremacist opened fire Saturday on a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 and wounding three others. Eleven of the victims are Black. The 18-year-old suspect posted racist ideology Read more…

Nan Levinson: Ukraine

An Antiwar Dilemma

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: American Racism and the Buffalo Shooting

The gunman seems motivated by a vision of history, pushed by the right, in which American racism never existed and Black people are undeserving takers

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: We Can’t Talk About the Racist Massacre in Buffalo Without Talking About Capitalism

We are not being honest about the horrific racist violence that took place in Buffalo this weekend and the racial inequality throughout the U.S. if we ignore how capitalism brought us here

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