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Alicia Garza: Issues Ignored at the Debates

NERMEEN SHAIKH: Let’s go back to last night’s showdown in Las Vegas. This is debate moderator Chris Wallace. CHRIS WALLACE: What I’m asking you, sir, is: Do you want to see the court overturned? You’ve just said you want to see the court protect the Second Amendment. Do you want to see the court overturn Read more…

Solly Granatstein: Divided But Fighting Back: An Interview With Inequality Documentary Filmmakers

Class and race collide across this country, sparking a raging conflagration of disparity that burns largely unchecked

Rebecca Gordon: Learning to Claim Our Victories

Or Why Fighting for Justice Is Like Surfing

Jamelle Bouie: Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb

His calls for racial voter intimidation on Election Day could explode in all our faces

Buddy Bell: Policies of Exclusion Challenged Across the Board and Across the Border

On the morning of Oct. 8, a group of US veterans who were deported to Mexico, in some cases after having fought in U.S. wars, congregated in Plaza Ochoa, Nogales, Sonora

Vijay Prashad: Millions of Refugees Are Suffering from the Crisis of Having a Passport from ‘Nowhere’

Those who carry these passports from countries like Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia arrive at international borders only to discover they aren’t considered people

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Its’ Not Just Racism, but also Militarization at the Heart of Police Brutality

The Tulsa Police Department from 1990 to 2014 received over $700,000 in military equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 Program, and the Sherriff’s office another $817,681

Rev. Edward Pinkney: Convicted With No Evidence: a Very Dangerous Precedent!

We must continue to fight against this grave imbalance to ensure a humane, just future for people of color, for the homeless, for the poverty-stricken, for the weary and beaten populace of America

Sarah Aziza: Binational vigil at US-Mexico border protests US state violence

Hundreds of activists gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border for a demonstration of multilateral unity

Henry A. Giroux: Trump’s Return to the Good Old Days and the Specter of Mass Terror

The embrace of his overt sexism and racism by large numbers of his followers does not augur well for the future of American politics

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