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Liberation Staff: Richland, Washington protesters demand ‘No kids in cages’

On Feb. 27 more than 50 protesters gathered in Richland, Washington to demand that Pres. Joe Biden close the ICE concentration camps, release the detained children and abolish ICE.

Ron Kim: Asian American Communities Organize Against Rise in Hate Crimes

More Policing Is Not the Answer

Benjamin Barber: Overhauling U.S. Policing

“The Whole System Needs to Be Indicted”

Elisha Brown: Addressing Black maternal mortality in the South

In 2018, the maternal mortality rate for Black mothers in the United States was 37.3 per 100,000 live births, compared to 14.9 per 100,000 live births for white mothers

Dave Lindorff: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Now in His 40th Year as an Incarcerated Prisoner, Has Covid-19

Given the current pandemic medical crisis facing the US and the world, the US and all 50 states should immediately order the release of all older prisoners over the age of 50

Ilyasah Shabazz: “We Want the Truth Uncovered”

Malcolm X’s Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz Backs New Probe into Assassination

Sonali Kolhatkar: Black Lives Still Don’t Matter in America

A welcome change in national leadership in the U.S. means little for the scourge of racism infecting the nation—unless words are matched by action.

Lee Saunders: To Honor Black History, Fund Our Front-Line Heroes

Over the last year, some 1.3 million public service jobs, many of them held by African Americans — including nurses, teachers, EMTs and sanitation workers — have evaporated because of holes the pandemic blew open in state and local budgets

Eve Ottenberg: American Gulag

The U.S. tops any other country in the world for its number of prisoners – over 2,300,000. China, by contrast, has roughly 200,000 prisoners

Jesse Jackson: Our Fundamental Right to Vote Is Under Attack

In state after state, Republicans want to suppress voting because they know they are a minority party. It took decades to overcome the Jim Crow laws imposed at the end of Reconstruction. We can’t wait decades this time

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