Category: Racism

Dan Freeman-Maloy: Israel’s Antisemitism Ruse

When Racists Claim Victimhood

Ramzy Baroud: Islamophobia and Europe’s demographic shifts

It is time for European countries to understand that their demographics are fundamentally changing and that such changes can, in fact, be beneficial to their national health

M Adams: The Future of the Movement for Black Lives

Urban rebellions blossomed into mass mobilization upon George Floyd’s death. Now what?

Aviva Chomsky: Migration Is Not the Crisis

What Washington Could Really Do in Central America

Ibram X. Kendi: There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory

Pundits and politicians have created their own definition for the term, and then set about attacking it

Joni Hess: Why do Black women in the US have more C-sections than white women?

Black women in the US have the highest risk of dying in childbirth. Dangerous and unnecessary caesareans have a lot to do with this. What’s going on?

Chris Walker: Facing Threats Over Critical Race Theory, Educators Across US Are Quitting

“Culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism and discrimination as CRT to try to make it toxic”

Paul Street: Imagine a Nation Like This

Imagine a country so clueless that its population ranks “illegal immigration” as a more serious concern than the biggest issue of our or any time – the climate catastrophe

Ramzy Baroud: Kneeling against Racism

Solidarity in EURO 2020 Should Not be ‘Controversial’ 

Julie Hollar: How Not to Cover Critical Race Theory

“When we start dictating what can be taught, what can be said, and what is unsayable, we are well, well down the road towards an authoritarian regime.”

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