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William deBuys: Making America Great Again in a New Wild West

The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall

Various Contributors: ‘Little Difference If You Die Here or There’

Hundreds of Hondurans Set Out for US Border

Leslie D. Gregory: Sowing division, reaping lives

It’s textbook Institutional Racism. Did Trump say out loud, “I’m going to gut the original environmental law of the US and it will affect everyone’s health negatively but the health of black and brown people the most?” Of course not. But that is exactly what is afoot with his intention to roll back major portions of Read more…

Jonah Raskin: Négritude in The Last Black Man in San Francisco

A look at the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Bill Fletcher: The danger of the “ethno-nationalist” state

One of the most common features of right-wing populist and fascist movements is the demand for ethnic and/or racial purity

Tiffany Mitchell Patterson: What everyone should know about Reconstruction

What few history and social studies classes explore is how these changes to the Constitution made it possible for African American men to use their newfound political power to gain representation

Andrew Moss: Immigration and the Prison Industrial Complex

The Prison Industrial Complex can help pinpoint major areas where corporate interests and government overlap. These include detention, surveillance, consulting services, and border wall construction

Rebecca Centeno: We Can’t Obtain Immigration Justice in a World of Borders and Nations

The criminalization of migrants ensures that capitalism thrives. When you have 11 million people with no legal status, you create a labor pool that is vulnerable, cheap and exploitable

Laura Carlsen: As Honduras Collapses, Its People are Forced to Flee

What really motivates so many people to leave, when their chances of making it to relatives and new lives in the United States are so low? When the cost of the journey—in all senses—is so high?

Maurice Mitchell: From denialism to eco-fascism

The right’s new climate change blame game

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