Category: Racism

Zenobia Jeffries: The “Redneck Revolt”

The self-described anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-fascist group was founded in the summer of 2016 to challenge working-class White people to stand against White supremacy

Sue Sturgis: Injustice of proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Percent of the population within a mile of the ACP’s route through North Carolina that’s Native American: 13.2

Docs Not Cops: Defending migrants’ access to NHS

Racist policies rely on economic arguments to justify decisions, pretending that they aren’t ideological, but simply economic common sense

Roberto Rodriguez: Police Violence Persists

Though Most Media Have Stopped Paying Attention

Diane Lederman: Facing deportation

Adapting to life in Amherst church sanctuary

Jane Slaughter: Relieving Racial Resentment in Unions

What can unions do to create the understanding that leads to unity?

Sue Sturgis: Politics of racial division backfired

Margin by which Northam defeated Gillespie, who ran a racially charged campaign that focused on restricting immigration and defending Confederate statues: 54-45

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Creeping Annexation’

Why Israel Shelved the ‘Greater Jerusalem Law’

Gary Younge: My Harrowing Journey Through White America

The rise of the alt-right is no coincidence. For millions of Americans, race is all they have

Shahid Buttar: St. Louis Rises Up Again

Corporate Media Ignore Uprising

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