Category: Racism

Juan Cole: On How Everything Sam Harris Says about Islam is Wrong

If we take Europe over the past 20 years, separatist, right wing and leftist terrorist groups have carried out more actual terrorist operations than have Muslim or other religious groups in most years (2015 was a tragic exception)

Briahna Gray: Calling Out Racist Voters Is Satisfying, But Comes at a Cost

The question of how politicians should characterize Trump supporters is a different matter altogether. Some Trump voters are certainly racist. But is it worth the strategic risk for politicians to call them out?

Rashad Robinson: Color of Change

Facebook Retaliated Against Protests by Pushing Anti-Semitic, Anti-Black Narratives

Robert Jensen: Thanksgiving? No, thanks

Instead, we should atone for the genocide that was incited — and condoned — by the very men we idolize as our ‘heroic’ founding fathers

Reed Richardson: Who, Us?

Corporate Media Ignore Their Role in Trump’s Refugee ‘Invasion’ Panic

Patrick Cockburn: The midterm results are challenging racism

Many of the decisions made during the midterms were more vital in their effect on people’s lives than the choice of elected representative in Congress

European Alternatives: Building walls

Fear and securitization in the European Union

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield: Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Circulating local dollars can’t create wealth when there’s not enough to begin with

Desmond Meade: “Love Prevails”

Floridians Celebrate Massive Restoration of Voting Rights to People with Felonies

John Feffer: Trump’s Only Election Strategy Was Racism

Republicans can only win by racial gerrymandering and voter suppression. And Trump can only win by using fear and racism.

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