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David Bacon: Ending County Jails As Detention Centers

Family members of detainees, including Maria Lopez, Adrianna, and Hulissa Aguilar, called on ICE to release their loved ones after it was announced the center would close. Bay Area immigrant communities and immigrant rights activists felt they’d won an important victory July 10. At a news conference, Sheriff David Livingston, flanked by the Contra Costa Read more…

Richard Falk: Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and International Law

Violations of human rights and plain human decency continue to occur with disturbing frequency in many parts of the world, including many allegedly “democratic” countries such as the United States, Russia, and Israel

Zaid Jilani: People Might Be Getting the Swedish Elections All Wrong

What if the rise of the Sweden Democrats has less to do with exposure to immigration, and more to do with rising inequality, driven by austerity and financials shocks?

Shaun King: Black Police Group Supports Nike Deal with Kaepernick

Some police do stand up for Kaepernick — just not the ones that Donald Trump mentions when he sneers about the national anthem protests

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Encourage Dangerous Vigilantism

Some Americans call the cops on black people for frivolous reasons. Others appoint themselves judge, jury, and — sometimes — executioner

Adam Sanchez: Black Power During Reconstruction

In 1868, what had seemed impossible only a decade before — four million enslaved people wielding political power in the South — became a reality

Naomi Johnson: Now is the Time to Stand Up for Human Rights

Question your complacency, question your role in all of this, and acknowledge your racism. That’s my answer to the many folks who want to know what in the heck they can do

Crystal Mason: 5+ Years in Prison for Voting

We look at the shocking case of a Texas woman sentenced to five years in prison for illegally voting, who could now have even more time added to her sentence. Crystal Mason cast a provisional ballot in the 2016 presidential election despite having a past felony conviction for tax fraud that prevented her from voting. Read more…

Briahna Joy Gray: Beware the Race Reductionist

A hostage situation has emerged on the left. And progressive policies like Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, free public education, a Green New Deal, and even net neutrality, are the captives. The captors? Bad faith claims of bigotry. According to an increasingly popular narrative among the center-left, a dispiriting plurality of progressives are “class reductionists” Read more…

Juan Cole: Trump is becoming Dylann Roof

Washington is understandably consumed by the revelations about hush money and election interference, but the Nazification of US foreign policy should be front page news

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