Category: Racism

Lauren-Brooke Eisen: How Criminal Justice and Police Reform Fared in the Election

There was significant progress, but not across the board

Daniel Nichanian: ICE Suffered Blows in the South in Last Week’s Elections

Voters in populous Georgia and South Carolina counties elected sheriffs who ran on ending contracts with ICE

Jonathan Freedland: This is no conventional coup. Trump is paving the way for a ‘virtual Confederacy’

Race is the message behind his supporters’ legal shenanigans, and a keystone for a Trumpian government in exile

Rory Fanning: Far Right Militias Are Recruiting Vets. We Must Organize Against This Trend.

Challenging U.S. imperialism and combating white supremacy are part of the same struggle

Walden Bello: Why things will get much worse before they get better for the United States

 I hate to spell this out, but the current mood in the US approximates that of civil war, and it may just be a matter of time before one side, the Trump forces, translates that mood into something more threatening, more ugly

Riley Vetterkind: Cities propelled Biden to Wisconsin win as rural areas double down on Trump

Of the 59 counties that Trump won in 2016, Trump lost just two of them: Sauk County, northwest of Madison, and Door County, in northeastern Wisconsin.

Claudio Rivera, Stephanie Knezz Shawn Smith: Students Push to Remove Police. University President Doubles Down Instead

We know policing has negative health implications on young people, especially for Black people who are disproportionately affected

Carl Davidson: Post-Election Reckoning: New Hypotheses for the Road Ahead

The politics of this race do not make any sense unless one factors in racism and revanchism, the seeking of revenge

Jonathan Cook: The UK equalities commission’s Labour antisemitism report is the real ‘political interference’

Neither Jewish leadership groups such as the Board of Deputies nor the corporate media have an interest in highlighting the embarrassing fact that the commission’s findings exposed their campaign against Corbyn as misinformation

Serge Halimi: ‘No change for thirty years’

The familiar whiff of the ‘clash of civilisations’ is back

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