Category: Racism

Nicolas Lalaguna: When did rape become entertainment?

Destroying gender inequality once and for all, is an essential precondition for both race and class equality to be achieved

Jonathan Cook: Palestinians mark 70 years of Israeli injustice

‘A place I do not recognise’

David Bacon: Salinas farm workers march to oppose immigration raids

Protesting immigration enforcement is part of defending farm laborers generally, both union and non-union

Alvaro Huerta: I Am Not Your “Wetback”

It’s long overdue for Chicanas/os and Mexicans to unite and reject all racist rhetoric, actions and policies by American leaders and millions of its citizens against our people

Susan Roberts: Uses for the Poor

What is most notable about this new ‘warehousing’ of the poor is just how reminiscent of early capitalism it is

Taru Taylor: The Subversion of the Fourth Amendment

From “Probable Cause” to “Reasonable Suspicion”

Morgan Humphrey: Gun Violence, Police Militarization and Drug Prohibition Violence

Thanks to centuries of racism and slavery, in conjunction with decades of racist drug war rhetoric, people of color are deemed criminals first, people second

Heather Ann Thompson: Shining Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons

The number killed across the state’s prisons has quadrupled from 2015 to 2017

Eric Mann: The 1968 Struggle Against Columbia University

How a Black United Front in Harlem, the Students’ Afro American Society, and Students for a Democratic Society took on the Columbia University Ruling Class, Mayor John Lindsay, the New York Times, the NYPD—and won

Alice Speri: Detained, Then Violated

1,224 Complaints Reveal a Staggering Pattern of Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention. Half of Those Accused Worked for ICE

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