Category: Racism

Robin D.G. Kelley: What Does Black Lives Matter Want?

To see how “A Vision for Black Lives” is also a vision for the country as a whole requires imagination. But it also requires seeing black people as fully human

Andrea Mammone: “Go home!”: Being Foreign in Post-Brexit Britain

After studying the history of European far-right and nationalist politics for about a decade, I find that I am now living it

Tim Wise: Trump, David Duke and the Bigotry That’s Risen From the Shadows

‘There Was a Market for White Resentment’

Todd Miller: No Need to Build The Donald’s Wall, It’s Built

Trump’s America Already Exists on the Border

Allie Yee: Refugees stand up to anti-immigrant sentiment in the South

(This is the second of a two-part report about refugees and the 2016 election. To read part one, “Refugees become a flash point in elections across the South,” click here.) For Ahmed Osman, coming to the U.S. was like coming to a new world. Originally from Somalia where civil war has displaced hundreds of thousands Read more…

Kevin B. Blackistone: The significance of Simone Manuel’s swim is clear if you know Jim Crow

With the passage of civil rights laws in the early ’60s, public pools in the South closed rather than integrate

Sue Sturgis: A strike at the heart of the prison-industrial complex

Date on which prisoners across the U.S. are planning to strike over being forced to work for little or no pay, describing the protest as a “call to action against slavery in America”: 9/9/2016 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that banned slavery but included a loophole allowing it “as a punishment for crime whereof the Read more…

Sarah Lazare: Milwaukee’s War on Black People

Sheriff David Clarke is declaring war on the black youth his city has failed

Judith Coburn: America’s Criminal Injustice System

The Annals of a Private Eye

Juan Cole: Trump and Extreme Vetting of Muslims

In an attempt at a foreign policy speech in Youngstown, Ohio, on Monday, Donald Trump attempted to get back to his fearmongering roots by focusing on the threat of ISIL, which he depicted as a hydra-headed menace with tentacles in a range of Western countries including the US. In fact, Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) is a Read more…

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