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Amy Eva Alberts Warren: Why are Certain Christians Democratic and Others Authoritarian?

When we treat children as we would wish to be treated early in life — at any point in life — i.e. with patience, respect and love — they will grow to be embrace the same democratic attitudes toward others

Sister Karen M. Donahue: I’m Outraged By Trump’s Church Photo-Op

As a Catholic sister, I think Trump should read his Bible, not pose with it

Lee Fang: Inside the Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing to Reelect Trump

The unprecedented campaign would mobilize what they call “dormant evangelical and conservative Catholic voters,” with a focus on appealing to religious affiliation as a way to compensate for Trump’s relative lack of support among nonwhite voters

Joyce Dalsheim: Why do some religious groups defy public health orders?

Culture and collective memory can be just as influential as science, medicine and government

James A. Haught: Megachurch Mess

The big spectacle houses of worship – supposedly representing a triumph of religion – especially constitute a cesspool

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton: A Call to Catholics: Let Us End Our Complicity in War

All Catholics should refuse to kill and should refuse cooperation with United States wars

Timothy Egan: Why People Hate Religion

The charlatans and phonies preen and punish, while those of real faith do Christ’s work among refugees

Juan Cole: Arab Youth say Religion too Important in Public Life

A just-released survey of youth (aged 18-24) in 16 Arab countries has found that 66% of them say there is too much religion in public life

John Feffer: The Global Rise of the Christian Right

Islamic extremism gets all the press, but Trump is just one of a growing number of Christian extremists in positions of political power

Bruce Lerro: Why Hasn’t Socialism Captivated Working Class?

Nationalism, Religion and Sports Have Captivated the Working Class. Why Hasn’t Socialism?

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