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Nathaniel Manderson: Evangelicals, science and the vaccine

Too many of my fellow evangelicals see science as the mortal enemy of faith. It doesn’t have to be that way

Badri Raina: Changing Faith: Why Are Political Conversions Legal But Religious Ones Suspect?

Those who make objections to such private choices should come clean and acknowledge that their pleas are political rather than religious, or that religion is suffused with politics – however we deny that premise

Nikos Raptis: Turks and Greeks: the Human Case (Part 1 of 2)

This extremely potent instrument of Religion is used by the Trumps of the world for their personal benefit

James A. Haught: Fundamentalist Intolerance

Across America, right-wing politicians pass “religious freedom” laws that have a single purpose: to let narrow-minded believers discriminate against gays

Badri Raina: All In the Name of the Prophets

Would Prophet Mohammed have approved of the beheading of a journalist for the preservation of his honor?

Juan Cole: Is it an accident that Iran and the US, two Theocracies, are Coronavirus Basket Cases?

One clue to why the two countries are doing so badly with regard to basic public health strategy may lie in the importance of religion to both of these societies

Stephanie Kirchgaessner: ‘It instilled such problems’: ex-member of Amy Coney Barrett’s faith group speaks out

Former insiders and religious scholars say scrutiny of Barrett’s connection to People of Praise is entirely legitimate

Amy Littlefield: Pence’s Handling of COVID Is Straight Out of the Christian Right Playbook

Pence didn’t need Trump to show him how to pursue an agenda through deception. In this case, the goal is power, and it appears Pence will apply all of the tricks in his playbook in order to hold on to it

Stephanie Mencimer: It’s Not Anti-Catholic to Ask Amy Coney Barrett About Her Religious Group “People of Praise”

Before the TV show appeared, women leaders were referred to as “handmaids.”

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in America

Or How to Legislate Evil and Punish the Poor

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