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Bruce Lerro: Why Hasn’t Socialism Captivated Working Class?

Nationalism, Religion and Sports Have Captivated the Working Class. Why Hasn’t Socialism?

Juan Cole: On How Everything Sam Harris Says about Islam is Wrong

If we take Europe over the past 20 years, separatist, right wing and leftist terrorist groups have carried out more actual terrorist operations than have Muslim or other religious groups in most years (2015 was a tragic exception)

Claire Provost: Trump Administration’s Warped View of Religious Freedom Abroad

Religious freedom arguments are increasingly being used to challenge anti-discrimination policies and access to services

Juan Cole: Hating Muslims in the Age of Trump

The New Islamophobia Looks Like the Old McCarthyism

Bill Berkowitz: Sanctifying Discrimination

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “Religious Liberty Task Force”

Cora Fernandez Anderson: In Argentina, Feminists Versus the Catholic Church

Argentina’s Lower House will vote on a bill to legalize abortion on June 13 after a congressional debate opened in March for the first time in the country’s history. Why is it happening now, and why has it taken so long?

Juan Cole: Ultimate Hypocrisy

Saudi Crown Prince touts Religious Tolerance in NYC

James Carroll: God Wills It!

The War on Terror as the Launching of an American Crusade

Ramzy Baroud: Whitewashing: The Media’s Two Narratives on Terrorism

Following each attack of this nature, Muslims in the US mobilize to fend off accusations concerning their faith, their values and their allegiance to the country in which they live

Badri Raina: Hadiya mustn’t be in the dock

It is time to say that India’s democracy will never be truly credible until the republic adopts a provision akin to the American First Amendment

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