Category: Religion

James A. Haught: Megachurch Mess

The big spectacle houses of worship – supposedly representing a triumph of religion – especially constitute a cesspool

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton: A Call to Catholics: Let Us End Our Complicity in War

All Catholics should refuse to kill and should refuse cooperation with United States wars

Timothy Egan: Why People Hate Religion

The charlatans and phonies preen and punish, while those of real faith do Christ’s work among refugees

Juan Cole: Arab Youth say Religion too Important in Public Life

A just-released survey of youth (aged 18-24) in 16 Arab countries has found that 66% of them say there is too much religion in public life

John Feffer: The Global Rise of the Christian Right

Islamic extremism gets all the press, but Trump is just one of a growing number of Christian extremists in positions of political power

Bruce Lerro: Why Hasn’t Socialism Captivated Working Class?

Nationalism, Religion and Sports Have Captivated the Working Class. Why Hasn’t Socialism?

Juan Cole: On How Everything Sam Harris Says about Islam is Wrong

If we take Europe over the past 20 years, separatist, right wing and leftist terrorist groups have carried out more actual terrorist operations than have Muslim or other religious groups in most years (2015 was a tragic exception)

Claire Provost: Trump Administration’s Warped View of Religious Freedom Abroad

Religious freedom arguments are increasingly being used to challenge anti-discrimination policies and access to services

Juan Cole: Hating Muslims in the Age of Trump

The New Islamophobia Looks Like the Old McCarthyism

Bill Berkowitz: Sanctifying Discrimination

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “Religious Liberty Task Force”

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