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Antonio Roman-Alcalá: Agroecology is Advancing Around the Globe

With its strong focus on social change for small farmers, agroecology is going mainstream worldwide, but the American food movement has yet to catch up

Ted Glick: Wind and Solar 94, Gas 2

In the first quarter of 2018, according to FERC, approximately 2% of the new electrical generation capacity (power plants) came from natural gas, while 94% of it came from wind and solar

Vandana Shiva: A victory for ‘seed freedom’

Seeds are the repository of centuries of biological and cultural evolution

Finnian Murtagh: Why we need a fossil free London

Fossil fuels underpin a breadth of injustices in London. They also offer an opportunity to unite our struggles

Juan Cole: Three Countries show how Near a 100% Green Grid is

The aspiration for a 100% green electricity grid is no longer a dream. It is regularly being achieved in the real world for weeks or months on end. This development is absolutely crucial, since burning fossil fuels at the rate we are burning them is rapidly changing the climate in ways that seriously harm our Read more…

Arnold R. Isaacs: Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid

On Immigration and Terrorism, the Trump Administration Misleads About Its Own Misleading Data

Ted Glick: Helping in Puerto Rico

Extreme weather events hurts low-income people the most

Baher Kamal: The Polar Vultures

Corporations flock to melting Arctic for oil and trade routes

Michael T. Klare: The Strategy of Maximal Extraction

How Donald Trump Plans to Enlist Fossil Fuels in the Struggle for Global Dominance

Vandana Shiva: Seed Freedom and the Future of Farming

In an era of climate change, rejuvenating and regenerating the soil through ecological processes has become a survival imperative for the human species

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