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Marcus Hill: Food & Solidarity

Leveling Up the Fight Against Hunger

Raj Patel: Food sovereignty is key to a just future

Peasants, small-scale farmers and landless workers organised themselves and developed the idea that communities should have direct control over ending hunger where they live

Vandana Shiva: Kerala wake-up call on growth and development

The images of floods and mudslides in Kerala, known as “God’s own country”, should be a wake-up call — we should ask ourselves if we are on a sustainable development path

Vandana Shiva: FSSAI’s labelling rules promote unhealthy food

FSSAI equates bad fats which are unfit for eating with good fats necessary for health

Patty Lovera: Our Food System Come From the Farm Bill

Janine Jackson: After House Republicans passed their Farm Bill, reportedly the first time the critical measure—involving everything from nutrition assistance to crop subsidies—has passed either chamber with only single-party support, Donald Trump tweeted, “Farm Bill just passed in the House. So happy to see work requirements included. Big win for the farmers!” Among other things, Read more…

Ibrahim Saleh: Water Wars

Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Needed To Keep Iraq’s Water Flowing

Irit Tamir: The Human Suffering Behind Our Food

Oxfam’s new campaign seeks to spotlight the unequal and unjust global food system, and highlight the role and responsibilities of supermarkets

George Monbiot: Butchery of the Planet

Defending the living world and its people requires a shift from meat to a plant-based diet

Sharon Lerner: Toxic Drinking Water Top Campaign Issue

Messmer, Morgan, and Horton have decided to put issues of water contamination front and center in their campaigns. In November, we’ll see whether their strategy paid off

Sharon Kelly: Fifteen Years of Pipeline Spills

5,475 days, 527 pipeline spills: that’s the math presented in a new report from environmental groups Greenpeace USA and the Waterkeeper Alliance examining pipelines

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