Category: Resources

Michael T. Klare: Lithium, Cobalt, and Rare Earths

The Post-Petroleum Resource Race and What to Make of It

Tara Lohan: California Identifies 600 Communities at Risk of Water-System Failures

A new report puts into focus for the first time the scope of the state’s drinking-water problems and what it will take to fix them

Lisa Schulte Moore: Climate-friendly farming strategies

These techniques will improve the land and generate income for farmers

Mark Bittman: The True Costs of Our Cheap Food and the American Diet

Growing food, or growing crops in order to sell them and make money became more important than growing crops to feed people

Jim Hightower: Don’t Let Wall Street Get Rich Off of Our Water

Let’s begin to force a public discussion about this crucial question of environmental and existential ethics

Sustainability Times: Fossil fuels cause several million deaths each year

In 2018 alone more than 8 million people died from fossil fuel-related pollution, according to new research

Joe Uehlein: Earth Day, Labor, and Me

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day provides us an opportunity to reflect on the “long, strange trip” shared by the environmental movement and the labor movement over four decades

Colin Todhunter: Gates Unhinged: Dystopian Vision for Agrifood Must Not Succeed

We are currently seeing an acceleration of the corporate consolidation of the entire global agrifood chain

Juan Cole: Greening Earth and creating Jobs

Biden to slash Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Extend Wind, Solar Credits

George Monbiot: Sea Change

At last people are waking up to the fishing industry’s devastating impacts

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