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Sarah Schiffling: How countries are using the global crisis to gain geopolitical power

As major world powers blame each other for their role in driving the current crisis, distributing a limited amount of food to meet global demand will be a defining issue of 2022

Jack Marley: Phasing out oil can offer a better life for many

Please Help ZNet             Source: The Conversation The EU could ban crude oil imports from Russia within six months if a new round of sanctions is approved. Excluding a handful of countries, refined Russian oil products like petrol and diesel could cease to flow into the EU by the end Read more…

Basav Sen: Get behind a transition to renewable energy

The EU is sneakily introducing a taxonomy labelling nuclear and gas energy as ‘sustainable’. Let’s be clear: they can neither serve the green transition, nor be intermediary solutions to our crisis.

Andrea Germanos: Despite Oceans ‘In Crisis,’ Global Treaty Talks Falter

The waters “are responsible for the future and fate of this blue planet, Earth,” said one campaigner

Raj Patel: Global South Faces Brunt of Soaring Food Prices Amid War in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to a “hurricane of hunger and a meltdown of the global food system” that would be especially devastating for the Global South

Johnathan Hettinger: Surging Wheat Prices and Fertilizer Shortages

How the War in Ukraine Could Impact U.S. Agriculture

Kate Aronoff: Oil Companies Are Making a Fortune From Soaring Prices

ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and other oil companies are paying negative taxes on huge profits

Amy Westervelt: The U.S. Government Doesn’t Control Domestic Oil Production. But It Should.

The oil and gas industry won’t increase production because it’s enjoying the profits from high prices

Svitlana Romanko: Defund Putin’s War Machine

Ukrainian Environmentalist Calls For Global Halt to Fossil Fuel Funding

Andrea Germanos: McKibben ‘Heat Pumps for Peace’ Plan Gains Traction With Biden

The climate author had called on the president to “immediately invoke the Defense Production Act” to ramp up U.S. manufacturing and export of cleaner energy to counter Putin

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