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Juan Cole: As Wind, Solar, surge, Renewables to be Globe’s largest Source of Electricity by 2025

The International Energy Agency just issued a report concluding that wind and solar are growing rapidly, unlike beleaguered fossil fuels, and that in only five years they will be generating a third of the world’s electricity, overtaking coal

Christine MacDonald: Exxon Spends Millions on Facebook To Keep the Fossil Fuel Industry Alive

Aided by a right-wing political consulting firm, the company is rallying supporters to fight for oil and gas interests at every level of government

Steve Horn: After Dakota Access CEO gave $10M, Trump pushed secret pipeline permits

“It wouldn’t be the first time he’s given Trump cash shortly before getting lucky with his pipelines”

Nadja Popovich, Livia Albeck-Ripka And Kendra Pierre-Louis: The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List

After three years in office, the Trump administration has dismantled most of the major climate and environmental policies the president promised to undo.

Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life

When we wage war on the biodiversity of our forests, our farms, and in our guts, we wage war on ourselves

Nakiya Wakes: What the Flint Water Crisis Meant for My Family

Take it from me: You don’t want to go through what we did. Every community deserves water, life, and dignity.

Phillip O’Sullivan: Build small, think big

The role of community energy groups in disrupting the energy status quo

Robert Pollin: It’s Time to Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

The best way to defeat the fossil fuel companies is to bring the companies under public scrutiny and control, which should create a clear path for a relatively painless death over the next 20 years or so

George Monbiot: Sold Out

The government intends to use a US trade deal to bypass democracy, override Parliament and rip down our public protections

Richard Falk: The Right to Food During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Time of Bio-Ethical-Ecological Crisis

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