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Phillip O’Sullivan: Build small, think big

The role of community energy groups in disrupting the energy status quo

Robert Pollin: It’s Time to Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

The best way to defeat the fossil fuel companies is to bring the companies under public scrutiny and control, which should create a clear path for a relatively painless death over the next 20 years or so

George Monbiot: Sold Out

The government intends to use a US trade deal to bypass democracy, override Parliament and rip down our public protections

Richard Falk: The Right to Food During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Time of Bio-Ethical-Ecological Crisis

Oliver Milman: Renewables Surpass Coal in US Energy Generation for First Time in 130 Years

‘We are seeing the end of coal,’ says analyst as energy source with biggest impact on climate crisis falls for sixth year in a row

Erik Molvar: Should federal public lands be prioritized for renewable energy development?

Solutions that sacrifice one aspect of our planet’s biosphere to assist another are unsustainable and irresponsible

Anthony Pahnke: Make a Resilient, Localized Food System Part of the Next Stimulus

From wasted food to the exploitation of farmworkers, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that this country’s food system must be changed

Hadas Thier: A Chance to Transform Energy Production

Now is the opportunity to move away from oil extraction and build a rational system of clean energy

Juan Cole: Lowest Solar bid in World History

Coal is typically estimated at 5 cents a kilowatt hour at the lowest, with natural gas these days a little less. Neither of them can compete with a solar cost of 1.35 cents a kilowatt hour

David Helvarg: How Did We Get From Earth Day To Trump?

Fifty years after the first Earth Day, the connection between the environment and human health has never been more obvious

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