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Maya McCoy: Physicians Have Duty to Confront Exploitative Industry That Employs Them

Ultimately, it is crucial for the care of patients and the movement toward health justice that physicians align as workers and witnesses

Josh Mound: The US Tax Code Should Not Allow Billionaires to Exist

We need to attack the wealth and power of the rich — and that means massively increasing taxes on them

Thomas Klikauer: Corporate Capitalism Works … For Some

To win against the Covid-19 virus, the world needs a well-functioning public health system

Steven Keehner: Shoplifting Is Big News; Stealing Millions From Workers Is Not

While basic arithmetic would indicate that $4.5 million is greater than $950, media have demonstrated that the question isn’t how much is being stolen, but who it is being stolen from

John Buell: This time, it is the Students and the Unions that Need a Bailout for a Healthy Economy

An economy heavily leveraged and primarily dependent on stock buybacks and other financial manipulations is a luxury our society can no longer tolerate

Luis Feliz León: Billionaires Can Have the Cosmos—We Only Want the Earth

It’s up to workers to jump-start a mass movement to save life itself. If we leave it up to the oil barons and space cowboys, they will chase the last dollar till they annihilate us all

Sharon Zhang: Sanders Confirms Inclusion of Provisions of PRO Act in Reconciliation Bill

On top of creating civil penalties for companies engaging in union-busting, the labor legislation also proposes outlawing tactics that companies commonly use to delay unionization

Maureen Dowd: The Ascension of Bernie Sanders

The senator is willing to break a few eggs, over easy, to get Democrats back on track to their working-class roots. He sees this moment as a chance to “address concerns progressives have had for decades.”

Chuck Collins: Billionaire Pandemic Wealth Gain Could Pay For Biden’s American Families Plan

U.S. billionaires have reaped $1.8 trillion in wealth gains since March 2020

Sarah Ruiz-Grossman: People Working for Minimum Wage Can’t Afford Rent Anywhere In U.S.

At local minimum wage rates, a worker would have to put in 79 hours a week, nearly two full-time jobs, to afford a modest one-bedroom rental, a report finds

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