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Pat Elder: The US Military, Like Ancient Rome’s, Is Trying to Secure a Dying Empire

Recruiters are exceptionally charming while failing to honor clear boundaries. It is despicable public policy, and it’s time to end it

Les Leopold: How Runaway Inequality Helped to Elect Trump and How It Can Defeat Him

We are unlikely to win back Obama-to-Sanders-to-Trump voters until we rekindle the spirit of Occupy Wall Street and the Sanders campaign

Kshama Sawant: A Socialist Strategy to Defeat Trump

Trump can be defeated. But to do so we must base ourselves on bold struggle, unity in action, and the enormous social power of the American working class with it’s potential to shut down the capitalist system

Ha-Joon Chang: Exposing the Myths of Neoliberal Capitalism

In the last few decades, the rich have been increasingly protected from the market forces, while the poor have been more and more exposed to them

Kenrya Rankin: When It Comes to Racial Wealth Gap, Structural Racism Always Wins

“Individual choices are not sufficient to erase a century of accumulated wealth: structural racism trumps personal responsibility.”

Tom Engelhardt: Crimes of the Trump Era (a Preview)

The 25/8 News Cycle Is Already Rolling, But the Looting of America Hasn’t Really Begun

Pete Dolack: Wall Street bigger and badder than ever

Any form of democratic control of an economy would be impossible without banking and finance being reduced to a public utility, and thus serving to benefit communities rather than existing as a parasite

Jim Hightower: The 2017 State of the Plate: Sustaining the Push to a healthy, humane, and human-scale food system

The farm crisis has not gone away, though hundreds of thousands of farm families have

Sam Pizzigati: America’s Construction Carnage

As unions decline, construction workers are dying at alarming rates

David Harvey: Rebel Cities, Urban Resistance and Capitalism

Massive wealth and capital haven’t budged one bit, so far. We have to give it a huge push if we want to see something different in our society

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