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Sonali Kolhatkar: Global Elites in Davos Pretend to Care About Inequality

Billionaires and the politicians who enable their wealth gathered for several days at a luxury resort to offer their puzzled concerns about why they keep getting richer at everyone else’s expense

Kshama Sawant: How to defeat the billionaire class

The union drives in major corporations like Amazon and Starbucks are the most crucial thing right now

Robert Raymond: A shorter workweek may increase worker productivity — but that’s not why we need one

With the average worker in the United States clocking 47 hours a week, Americans are among the most overworked populations in the world

Robert P. Alvarez: Cancel Student Loan Debt. Bail Out Regular People

Even writing off every penny of student debt would cost less than Trump’s tax giveaways for corporations and the rich

Marisa Endicott: Can One Bay Area Housing Complex Radically Change Affordable Housing?

“What we want is to be a model for the nation”

Kenny Stancil: Campaign Launches ‘Summer of Action’ to Protect Medicare From Stealth Privatization

Medicare “is under threat today from the constant efforts of private insurance companies and for-profit investors who want to privatize it and turn it into yet another shameful opportunity to make money”

Shamira Ibrahim: Redefining the Working Class

When big business grabs for the levers of power, screeds on personal responsibility always come to the forefront

Kenny Stancil: Poor People’s Campaign Marches in Memphis Ahead of DC Gathering

“It’s been 54 years since the sanitation worker’s march,” said Bishop William J. Barber II, “and right here in Memphis they still don’t have union rights.”

John Ross: The U.S. Unilateral Sanctions Against Russia Will Produce a Global Food Disaster

The world food crisis cannot be solved without both Ukraine’s exports and Russia’s exports of food and fertilizer

Nina Turner: Democrats Must Decide If They Are “Party of the Corporatists or Party of the People”

The corporate wing of the Democratic Party seeks to consolidate the existing leadership’s power while shutting down champions of progressive policies like Medicare for All

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