Category: Class

Paul Street: Race v. Class?

Responding to Ta-Nehesi Coates

Steven Rosenfeld: America’s Racial Wealth Divide

“The future existence of the middle-class hinges on whether we reverse the trends of growing racial economic inequality.”

Thomas Frank: Liberal Elite Doesn’t Care About Inequality

Bill Clinton accomplished a Republican agenda and Obama allowed the Tea Party to steal the economic populist moment

Josh Hoxie: Help for the Rich, Not You

Big money will pull out all the stops to sell you a tax plan that exclusively benefits the wealthy. Don’t buy it

John Feffer: The President Is a Ponzi Scheme

Here and abroad, Trump’s wealthy backers understand that his populist rhetoric is a masquerade

Stephanie Basile: Anti-Capitalist Antifa

When we come together as workers, we are taking power from those who own it

Daniel Costa: Ending DACA lowers wages

Ending DACA will destroy the educational and employment prospects of 800,000 young immigrants who did nothing wrong, while at the same time hurting the wages and labor standards of American workers

Mike Elk: Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr

Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well

Bernie Sanders: Labor Day Reminder

We Can Win Fights That Seem Impossible

Michael Wood: What Happened to Veterans for Standing Rock?

The struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline- the valuation of elite property over the lives of oppressed classes – is ongoing

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