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Tom Athanasiou: Global Inequality in a Time of Climate Emergency

Our world’s richest have a great deal of money. They also have the power to decide whether our civilization sinks or swims. So what can we do?

Rajan Menon: America’s Suicide Epidemic

It’s Hitting Trump’s Base Hard

Jake Johnson: 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989

Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion

Sam Pizzigati: Empathy, Not Just Housing, Has Become Too Pricey

What else can we expect when only the rich get to feel secure?

Sam Pizzigati: Postmodern Art in a Post-Equality World

With art an ever more important ‘asset class’ for our ever richer super rich, top-name artists are caring more about inventory than posterity

Vince Taylor: Why Billionaires Have No Right to Their Wealth

Hundreds of commentators have warned that extreme concentration of wealth threatens democracy and social stability. Not a day goes by without a new article with details on the unprecedented growth in income inequality and its dire consequences.  Something is missing, though. No one is proposing measures that would take away wealth from the 600 or Read more…

Dean Baker: Trump’s Trade War With China Is Waged to Make the Rich Richer

This is yet another policy the U.S. government is pursuing that will increase inequality

Sarah Anderson: How Wall Street Drives Gender and Racial Inequality

If the minimum wage had kept up with Wall Street bonuses, it would be worth $33 today, instead of just $7.25

Sam Pizzigati: Do You Really Care about the Threads You Wear?

If you like looking good, you ought to fear what rising levels of inequality are doing to America’s apparel future

Ellen Bravo: Remaking 9 to 5?

What Today’s Working Women Want to See

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