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Noam Chomsky: Undermining Our Prospects for Survival

The first 100 days are considered to be a benchmark for presidential performance. This is part of the legacy of FDR, who managed to reshape the US government’s role in the economy within the first 100 days of his administration. However, the fact of the matter is that usually, a first-time president doesn’t have the Read more…

Sarah Lazare: Deaths of Despair

A pair of pioneering Princeton researchers makes sense of a growing epidemic

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Falsity of False Consciousness

We should pursue social transformation realistically without blaming others for not supporting us by arguing that they are making errors of judgment

Juan Cole: It’s Class Warfare

The GOP crusade against Health Care

Patrick Dixon: Discovering a Diverse Working Class in Trump Country

We have an opportunity to harness the abilities of rural activists and poultry workers and build connections among immigrant rights, food safety, and environmental organizations

John Baker: Equality

The idea of equality is at the centre of the issues that have defined ‘progressive’ or ‘left’ politics in the last three centuries, and arguably throughout human history

Sarah Lazare: Big Strike Brewing Against Trump

The workers vow to withhold labor on May 1 to protest the Trump administration’s “relentless attacks”

Jesse Jackson: Trump’s ‘March massacre’ budget is ruthless

They won’t get everything they want, but what they get will leave America more unequal, more vulnerable, with greater poverty and despair from Chicago’s inner cities to Appalachia’s rural hollows

Ai-Jen Poo: Neil Gorsuch and Casualties of the Court

When dominant voices in our legislature and the Administration are determined to dehumanize and discriminate, we must protect and enhance the role of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of fairness

Right To The City: Renter Nation

Building off the momentum and power of 2016, we’re excited to announce the 2017 Renter Nation Series: Strategies and Solutions to defend against displacement and build rebel cities for the people and planet

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