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Adam Ziemkowski: How Seattle Voted to Tax the Rich

We are channeling the energy that won a tax on the rich into a bold campaign for affordable housing and rent control, and knocking on thousands of doors in neighborhoods around the city

Laura Finley: A Feminist Perspective on Trumpcare

Although the American Health Care Act (AHCA) of 2017 is rife with problems, one of the most disturbing is its shocking gender bias. But why should we be shocked that the AHCA, or “Trumpcare,” privileges males, as it was crafted by a group of privileged males

Erica Smiley: Confronting white supremacy to build shared bargaining power

The operators of global capital use a system of white supremacy and structural racism to keep working people disorganized and isolated from each other so that they do not collectively

Michael Arria: Union Busters

As media focuses on Russia collusion, Trump Is quietly stacking the Labor Board with union busters

Jessica Glenza: A Deadly Business

Big tobacco still sees big profits in America’s poor

Lawrence Wittner: How Much Is a Boss Worth?

An awful lot of Americans are skeptical about the value of their nation’s corporate executives

Vincent Emanuele: A Lifetime with Labor

Originally published in Class, Race and Corporate Power (July 2017) as part of a special issue on “US Labor and Social Justice,” edited by Kim Scipes. A UNION FAMILY My history with organized labor is a personal history that truly spans the length of my life (32 years). My great grandfathers, both European immigrants—Italian on my father’s Read more…

Danny Dorling: The Equality Effect

The evidence shows that greater equality benefits everyone, rich and poor

Barry Eidlin: Labor’s Legitimacy Crisis

Unions are under unprecedented attack under Trump. But labor can rebuild itself — if it chooses to

Jake Johnson: Trump Tax Agenda

Trump’s tax proposals “would result in an increase in taxes for nearly 1 in 5 American households” while cutting taxes drastically for the wealthiest Americans

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