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Bhairavi Desai: “Dire Crisis of Poverty”

NYC Taxi Drivers Launch Hunger Strike to Demand Relief from Medallion Debt

Brett Wilkins: Taking Aim at Predatory Equity Firms

Warren Leads Bill to ‘Stop Wall Street Looting’

Julia Conley: John Deere Threatens to Take Away Striking Workers’ Health Coverage

“Workers must be allowed to keep their healthcare during the strike”,

Phil Jones: When wage becomes wager: the dark side of microwork sites

Microwork sites are modern-day digital sweatshops reintroducing piece rate that regularly steal wages while employers remain hidden behind opaque interfaces

Luke Savage: Bernie Sanders Is Showing the Democrats How to Take on Joe Manchin

For months, Bernie Sanders has been making a case for the multitrillion-dollar reform bill he’s spearheaded in the Senate. Now, he’s taken that case to Joe Manchin’s home turf in West Virginia

Julia Conley: Richie Neal Turned Paid Family Leave Into Insurance Giveaway

“Passing a poorly designed paid leave proposal is a dangerous political game for Democrats”

Kenny Stancil: Manchin Sparks Fury With Demands for Work Requirement

“Who besides a cartoon villain would ever think this is a good idea?”

David J. Elpern: Dermatology’s Academic Medical-Industrial Complex

Another Marker of a Wider Problem

William rivers Pitt: It’s Joe Manchin vs. the World, and Manchin Is Winning

For the time being and the foreseeable future, Manchin and his corporate sponsors hold the top cards. Unless something spectacular happens, there are no good ways out of this. The Joker was right: Everything burns

Hamilton Nolan: The Strike Wave Is a Big Flashing Sign That We Need More New Union Organizing

If you want more strikes, make more union members

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