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William rivers Pitt: We Can’tJust Tell People to “Go Back to Work.” We Have to Improve Workplaces

After this past year, people want that work to be more than a dreary ordeal of basic survival. We can do that

Rod Driver: How the Rich Hide Their Wealth: Tax havens and Capital Flight

The power and wealth of the biggest banks and financial institutions is one of the most under-reported issues in society

Jake Johnson: Sanders Rejects Top Dems’ Push for a Big Tax Break for the Rich

“You can’t be on the side of the wealthy and the powerful if you’re going to really fight for working families.”

Helen Lewis: How Capitalism Drives Cancel Culture

Beware splashy corporate gestures when they leave existing power structures intact

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Judge Who Struck Down Eviction Moratorium Lives in Nearly $3 Million Home

Dabney Friedrich’s 6,900-square-foot house boasts cathedral ceilings and two kitchens

Jack Rasmus: Inflation Myths & the US Economic Rebound 2021

Republicans, conservatives, and business interests are using the fact of recent rising prices to attack legislative proposals to increase government spending

Jerry Goldberg: Eviction crisis looms as CDC moratorium hangs in the balance

It is time to raise and expand the fight for housing as a human right

Kenny Stancil: If You Want to Keep Workers, Pay Living Wages

“They will spend millions of dollars to take $300 a [week] away from you and your family, to force you to work for them for pennies.”

Jon Schwarz: The Business Class Has Been Fearmongering About Worker Shortages for Centuries

Our so-called staffing crisis hearkens back to the colonial era

Hamilton Nolan: Get Rid of No-Strike Clauses and Stop Begging

We don’t need to keep taking a dollar today and then eating shit for the next three years. Instead, let’s make the boss treat us nice every day

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