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Sam Pizzigati: Climate Change in a Deeply Unequal World

Either we become a far more equal world or we have no future

Lawrence Wittner: What’s Happened to the Big Wage Increases Promised by Republicans?

The U.S. Labor Department reported, between the second quarter of 2017 and the second quarter of 2018, the real wages of American workers actually declined

Saurav Sarkar: Virginians Show the Real Face of Poverty

Over 40 percent of Virginians struggle to get by — a problem made worse by voter suppression and military-first spending priorities

Zack Colman: 2 towns, 2 storms and America’s imperiled poor

Studies have shown that catastrophic storms trigger mental health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and worse health outcomes among low-income people

Dean Baker: Trump’s Tariffs a Tax on the US Middle Class

Donald Trump’s trade war with China will mean more money for shareholders and fewer US jobs in manufacturing. This is not a good story for the country’s workers

Sam Pizzigati: The ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Letting the Rich Get Richer

Our politics needs to face up to inequality’s deep-set impact on all of us as individuals

William Barber: North Carolina’s Two Storms

Florence & the Policies That Keep People in Poverty

Meagan Day: A Blueprint for Calling the Question

Politicians are paying attention to socialists these days. We should compel candidates to adopt pro-worker laws, pick fights with business, and talk openly about class conflict

Howard Sherman: Trump’s Economy Is on a Path to a Bust

It is normal for every capitalist economy after an economic recession to have toward the end of its expansion a large boom in profits and production, but also an increase in inequality, which will cause a lack of buying power, leading to a new bust

Dean Baker: Unions in the 21st Century

A Potent Weapon Against Inequality

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