Category: Class

George Lakey: The world’s happiest people already have a Green New Deal

Green New Deal advocates in the United States should look to the Nordic countries for inspiration on how to overcome the 1 percent and address climate change

Sam Pizzigati: How Progressives Can Fix the Progressive Income Tax

Taxes on the wealthy should be linked not just to the top of the income ladder, but also to the bottom

Jack Rasmus: Trump Whacks the Middle Class

$4.5 Trillion Tax Cut for Them; $1.5 Trillion Tax Hike for the Rest

Rajan Menon: Money Talks, Big Time

1% Politics and the Scandals of A New Gilded Age

Ann Jones: The Man Who Saw Trump Coming A Century Ago

A Reader’s Guide for the Distraught

Sam Pizzigati: Should We Tax Capital Gains?

Senator Ron Wyden is digging imaginatively into the innards of taxing capital gains

Chuck Collins: A Cure for Excessive Wealth Disorder

Here’s a simple test to determine whether politicians are carrying water for the richest 0.1 percent

Jori Hamilton: Poor and marginalised people bear the brunt of climate change

Tackling environmental collapse is a matter of class, racial and gender justice

Jesse Jackson: Florida’s Poll Tax is a New Low

Republicans in the state legislator are moving to frustrate the will of citizens, adding a new burden to exclude voters, a new form of one of the most loathsome Jim Crow tactics — the poll tax

Dean Baker: The Importance of Kicking Up

The rich wrote the rules in ways that ensure that they get a disproportionate share of income. We have to attack these rules

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