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Sasha Abramsky: Ever-Growing Millions of Americans Face Eviction and Hunger. Will Congress Act?

The last nine months have peeled back the veneer on a society so vastly unequal that it no longer has either the ability or the will to do right by those at the bottom of the economic pyramid

Michael Hiltzik: The Colossal Problem of Publicly Funded Vaccines in Private Hands

As Pfizer and Moderna prepare to roll out their COVID 19 vaccines, the problems associated with publicly funded vaccines in the hands of private companies are already on the horizon, as the drug industry seeks to control global efforts for a cure

Ed Yong: Dead Before Christmas

As U.S. Passes 250K COVID Deaths, Healthcare Workers Brace for Holiday Surge

William rivers Pitt: Real Economic Recovery Can’t Happen Until COVID Is Under Control, Biden Says

If COVID has taught us anything at all, it is that workers are the much ballyhooed “economy” our leaders spend so much time talking about

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: A Biden Administration Can Raise Wages and Give Workers More Power — If It Wants To

Joe Biden says, “I’m a union guy.” Even without Democratic control of the Senate, now’s his chance to prove it

Peter Montague: Why Did So Many White People Vote for “Burn It Down” Trumpism?

“The true path to defeating Trumpism forever lies within the blue-collar, working-class poor of this country.”  

Juan Cole: With 250,000 Dead, why is the US Virus Response so Particularly Bad?

Is it the Trump-Monster or capitalist Plutocracy?

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Georgia’s Senate Runoff Will Determine Whether the Minimum Wage Increases

“Dollar stores feed more Americans than Whole Foods Market, and what we’ve learned is that they’re not just a symptom of poverty, they are a cause of it.”

McKenna Schueler: The $15 Minimum Wage Won in Florida, But Biden Didn’t. Here’s Why.

Activists say the key was actually talking about working-class issues

William rivers Pitt: Mitch McConnell Is Sacrificing the Entire Economy to Impede Biden Administration

When this COVID spike reaches its apex, the country will almost certainly be forced into another full shutdown. If McConnell and the Senate do not pass a robust aid package, the economic cost will be unimaginable

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