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Nadra Nittle: Burned out and priced out: L.A. teachers are struggling

A high cost-of-living, large class sizes and over-testing of students are just some of the reasons a new report indicates Los Angeles teachers are under stress

Robert Koehler: The military to American youth: You belong to me

Giving everyone equal financial opportunities may sound nice, but it can screw up the system

Barbara Ehrenreich: Barbara Ehrenreich, On Americans (Not) Getting By (Again)

Source: It’s with both sadness and pleasure that I post this evening’s Best of TomDispatch piece.  As I’m sure most of you know by now, thanks to a wave of coverage — ranging from a New York Times obituary to a moving piece by Deirdre English, the former editor-in-chief of Mother Jones magazine — Read more…

Manuel Bertoldi: A people’s analysis of a world on fire

As popular movements across the world have been warning, we are undergoing a crisis of the capitalist system globally

Don Fitz: Life Expectancy: The US and Cuba in the Time of Covid

Recent data shows that between 2019 and 2021, life expectancy (LE) in the US plunged almost three years while for Cuba it edged up 0.2 years

Ruth Santiago: Another Hurricane Makes Clear the Urgent Need for Rooftop Solar in Puerto Rico

As Hurricane Fiona brutally underlines the lessons from Hurricane María, activists, advocates, and community members continue to demand energy justice now

Karen Dolan: The data is in: Poverty is a political choice

Even as inflation remains high and COVID stubbornly persists, economic indicators show a potential for remarkable resiliency when the political will exists

Amelia Morris: Multilevel Marketing Companies Are Cashing In on the Crisis

Behind the growth of “cult-like” multilevel marketing lies the fact that our economy leaves growing numbers of people isolated, insecure, and vulnerable to promises of a quick way out

Robert Reich: The Truth Behind “Self-Made” Billionaires

In reality, the origins of many billionaires aren’t so humble. They’re more “riches-to-even-more-riches” stories, rooted in upper-middle class upbringings

Kate Pickett: Here we go again…

The past two years have proven anew that when the rich get richer it doesn’t ‘trickle down’. If it’s such a familiar pattern, why do we tolerate it?

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