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Chuck Collins: Inequality Reaching Staggering New Levels

Jeff Bezos recently became the richest person on earth. Bezos, head of the online retail behemoth Amazon, saw his wealth jump by $10 billion in just the past month to now more than $90 billion. That’s a stunning leap. But what’s truly stunning is that Bezos and the next two wealthiest Americans, Bill Gates and Read more…

Dean Baker: #RichPeopleNeedTaxCuts

The Republican Tax Plan

Badri Raina: No More a Sack of Potatoes

A conspiracy seems afoot To prove Moody’s wrong; Why else would a million farmers’ Capital streets throng?   They no longer seem fragmented, Gullible, superstitious, But bunched up as a nasty class, Armed with awareness.   They think, having cast a vote, They have a right to know Why their oppression increases The more food Read more…

Patrick Bond: Economic meltdown looms in Zimbabwe

The palace coup, Mugabe’s demise and ‘nightmare’ versus ‘national unity’ scenarios

Dave Kamper: Iowans Stick to the Union

Iowa’s Republican legislative majorities assumed that an aggressive anti-union law would persuade public employees to abandon their unions. Instead they created a backlash

Bill Raden: The Right’s War on Workers

A Supreme Court case that could topple the power of California’s unions has been a perfect storm gathering for 40 years

Mark Evans: Classism Questions

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted – via the What About Classism? website – by a group of students from the University of South Alabama, in the United States. They told me that they are taking a module titled Power, Privilege and Oppression and said that they would like to ask me some Read more…

Steven Tufts: Unions and the Gig-Economy

The Case of AirBnB

Rupert Neate: Wealthier than poorest half of US

Trump tax change proposals will exacerbate disparities

Jack Rasmus: Who Pays?

The Trump-US House $4.6 Trillion Tax Cut

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