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Chuck Collins: Fair Tax Solutions for Cities Facing Covid-19 Budget Crises

Local policymakers are facing pressure to make painful spending cuts. Instead, they should raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy

Serge Halimi: What systemic really means

Here is the core of the system: ‘white privilege’ means the power of money

Sarah Anderson: Shrink Wall Street to Guarantee Good Jobs

A new House proposal would ensure that all Americans in hard-hit areas could have a job. A tax on Wall Street windfalls would pay for it

John Logan: Facebook and Its Big Tech Cronies Are Upgrading Their Anti-Union Tools

If workers continue to organize, it’s possible that Big Tech’s big brother surveillance tools may not be sufficient to quell these collective voices of protest

Andrea Germanos: ‘Historic Victory for Working People’

Seattle City Council Passes Progressive Tax on Big Business to Fund Relief

Sam Pizzigati: Social Distancing for Mega-Million Fun and Profit

Stocks are soaring, auctioneers are hammering, and the awesomely affluent are feeling no pain

Sonali Kolhatkar: The Merits of Medicare for All Have Been Proven by This Pandemic

The horror of the coronavirus pandemic proves that progressives have been justified in demanding a single-payer health care system

Momtaza Mehri: Anti-racism requires so much more than ‘checking your privilege’

Self-reflection is welcome. But until we undo the structures that hold up anti-blackness across the world, injustice will persist

Jack Rasmus: Why 3rd Quarter US Economic ‘Rebound’ Will Falter

The US is currently experiencing what might be called a ‘triple crisis’. A health crisis that shows little sign of abating. A deep economic crisis that is still in its early phases. And a ripening political crisis

Prabir Purkayastha: The World Can Show How Pharma Monopolies Aren’t the Only Way to Fight COVID-19

After his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, Trump is trying to improve his waning electoral chances by reserving all of Gilead’s stock of remdesivir

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