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Steve Early: In Bay Area Refinery Town: Berniecrats & Clintonites Clash Over Rent Control

In June, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wound up his presidential primary campaign by urging his supporters to run for office themselves. About 20,000 volunteered to do so–in this election cycle or future ones. And, since then, the Sanders-inspired organization known as Our Revolution (OR) has endorsed about 100 like-minded candidates across the country. They include Read more…

R. Burke: Book Review: People Get Ready

In their new book People Get Ready; the Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy, Robert McChesney and John Nichols contemplate a coming scenario which had been foreseen by Karl Marx in the Grundrisse, his posthumously published outline for Capital: “but to the degree that large industry develops, the creation of real wealth Read more…

Solly Granatstein: Divided But Fighting Back: An Interview With Inequality Documentary Filmmakers

Class and race collide across this country, sparking a raging conflagration of disparity that burns largely unchecked

Callum Cant: Students in the UK prepare for a new wave of rent strikes

Any movement tactic proposed today needs to suit a precarious student population that’s working more hours, carrying more debt and paying more for housing

Nicolas Lalaguna: I say evade, you say avoid; lets call the whole thing off

I was recently at a lunch where a young adult asked her family, if there was any problem with finding ways to legally avoid paying tax. The family, who were largely well educated, quickly reached a consensus that maximising one’s wealth by legal means was not only OK, but was to be expected. This left Read more…

David Madden: The Permanent Crisis of Housing

Under capitalism, housing is never secure for the working class

Tom Engelhardt: The Age of Decline, Apple Pie, and America’s Chosen Suicide Bomber

And Truly, This Is Not About Donald Trump…

Teesta Setalvad: Why Universities Are a Key Battleground for Human Rights in India

Caste discrimination is the ugly underbelly of India’s higher education system

Robert Kuttner: Hidden Injuries of Class, Race, and Culture

The decline of the white working class and the rise of the Tea Party and Donald Trump

Alice O’Connor: The Politics of Poverty

Poverty Is a Product of the Institutions We Have in Society

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