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Sam Pizzigati: Walmart’s Amazing $237-Million Man

American taxpayers are subsidizing the windfalls that go to execs at low-wage employers like Walmart. Here’s a promising idea that could help reverse the subsidizing

Olivia Paschal: Vulnerable Southern communities

Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate or significantly decrease federal funding for a number of programs that are crucial for rural communities throughout the South

Paul Street: Nauseating Nothingness

It’s Not Gonna Be Okay: the Nauseating Nothingness of Neoliberal Capitalist and Professional Class Politics

Ellen Bravo: Paid Family Leave and Paid Sick Leave

Today we bring you a conversation with Ellen Bravo, co-director of Family Values @ Work, a network of coalitions in 24 states fighting for paid sick days and paid family medical leave insurance. Sarah Jaffe: Donald Trump’s budget, if we can call it a budget, has some provisions that they are saying look like paid Read more…

Binta Baxter: Blueprint for a Banana Republic-Style Dictatorship

A combination of spending cuts that will escalate domestic poverty while simultaneously increasing investments in militarism

Lane Windham: Working Class Feminism

Young women are leading the most exciting and dynamic aspects of the 21st-century progressive movement, and they’ve been at this for a while now

Frederick Nagel: It is Deep State Time Again

Whenever there are obvious conflicts within the ruling class, the concept of a Deep State is brought out to explain why our government seems to be coming apart at the seams

James Gray Pope: The Right to Strike

According to an International Monetary Fund study of twenty advanced economies, union decline accounted for about half of the increase in net income inequality from 1980 to 2012

Ben Dangl: Expanding Global War on Backs of the American Poor

Let us begin by rejecting Trump’s budget and saying no more war on the backs of the poor

Jeff Schuhrke: “More Sweatshops than Starbucks”

“The culture of fear is on purpose”

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