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Jeremy Brecher: Workers vs. the Coronavirus Depression

This summer has seen two significant national strike actions–for Black Lives and for safe reopening of schools. These are hardly conventional strikes–indeed, they represent historically unprecedented forms of protest

Max Elbaum: Socialist Strategy and the Biden Debate

The left forces whose strategy translates into sending the first message have much better prospects to grow their ranks and expand their influence, power and coalition relationships

William rivers Pitt: Another Day of COVID, Another Failed Stimulus, Another Thousand Deaths

With an election looming just 47 tiny days away, fury at vicious Republican intransigence has begun to give way to something close to horrified awe

Thom Hartmann: Trump’s Destruction of America Started With Reagan

If America is to recover from this hellscape that right-wing billionaires and their bought-off politicians have inflicted on us, it’s going to require a massive, nationwide awakening and a nonstop multiyear effort.

John Cavanagh: Trump trade wars have led to lost US jobs and factories

Trump is making false claims about his record in struggling states like Ohio and Michigan. The jobs haven’t come back. They’ve been offshored to China

Jesse Jackson: Myths and Lies About Poverty in America

The recent decision to block action on a second rescue package is a decision to increase the number of Americans in poverty, the number of children who go hungry

Various Contributors: A 10-Point Pledge to Social, Racial and Economic Justice

We will move forward together and we will accept nothing but freedom. We will not take one step back, and we will bring a new day to our beloved country

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Quite Capable of an “October Surprise”

It’s anything but a sure thing. Election tampering is a huge industry. Massive campaign funding in the last days can have a major effect, as seems to have happened in 2016

Noam Chomsky: There’s Reason for Hope

The Black Lives Matter movement is the biggest social movement in American history with support beyond anything that’s ever been registered in the past. It’s not alone. It’s a sign of substantial changes in popular consciousness

Indigo Olivier: Meet the Students Trying to Organize the First Campus-Wide Undergraduate Union

Inside the groundbreaking student organizing drive at Kenyon College

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