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Sam Pizzigati: Have Researchers Just Hit an Inequality Trifecta?

Three new sets of stats help us understand why America’s 400 richest have never been richer

Sam Pizzigati: The Key to Distributing Wealth More Equitably

We only build — and sustain — more equal societies when we confront the economic dynamics that generate inequality in the first place

Phil Jones: The California workers’ rights bill is a start

Stronger rights for Uber and Amazon workers are essential. But we must also address the economic context that makes insecure work a reality

Sarah Anderson: We’ve Waited Too Long for Corporations to Fix the CEO Pay Problem

A decade after bonus-chasing executives like Angelo Mozilo crashed the economy, we need tax incentives to push companies to narrow the gaps between CEO and worker pay

Andrew Whalen: Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Taxes, Compared

For Warren, a wealth tax is primarily a path to revenue, while Sanders emphasizes reducing the economic power of billionaires as a class

Sam Pizzigati: Exploring Limits on Wealth

Egalitarians worldwide are advancing the ‘most blasphemous idea’ in our contemporary political discourse

Jessica Corbett: ‘A Just Society’

Ocasio-Cortez Unveils Legislative Package to Tackle American Poverty and Inequality

Peter Gowan: Labour Wants to Free Us From the Market

The Labour Party announced that in the next election, it will fight for Universal Basic Services, making public services free at the point of use and universally accessible

Thomas Kaplan: Bernie Sanders Proposes a Wealth Tax

‘I Don’t Think That Billionaires Should Exist’

Sean Crawford: Strike Against General Motors Is Front in a Much Larger Class War

We can’t just focus on one industry, one nation, or one job classification. We need to unify with our fellow workers across borders in a collective effort to win back what’s ours, the fruits of our labor

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