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Richard Hooker: “Profit Over People”

UPS Workers Say Company Not Prioritizing Safety as Workers Test Positive

Rachel M. Cohen: To Develop Vaccine, Pharma and Government Will Have to Break Old Patterns

One of the major lessons of the H1N1 shortage is to under-promise and over-deliver

Sharon Lerner: Big Pharma Prepares to Profit From the Coronavirus

During the current crisis, pharmaceutical makers may have even more leeway than usual because of language industry lobbyists inserted into an $8.3 billion coronavirus spending package, passed last week, to maximize their profits from the pandemic

Sharon Lerner: Gilead Sciences Backs Off Monopoly Claim for Promising Coronavirus Drug

“Gilead is notorious for price gouging. Gilead holds the key to bringing down and ending both HIV and hep C epidemics, and in both cases, prices have played a real factor in our inability to stop both epidemics. And that’s terrifying.”

Sarah Anderson: Why CEO pay belongs at the center of the coronavirus bailout debate

he fact that so many Americans are facing dire circumstances now is a direct result of the exploitation economy and we should take this opportunity to change it

Walden Bello: Coronavirus and the Death of ‘Connectivity’

The Great Recession could have killed globalization, but China emerged as the champion of a new global “connectivity.” With the coronavirus, that phase is finished

Matt Smith: Inside Amazon During the COVID-19 Crisis

Putting Profits Before Workers’ Safety

Sharon Lerner: “Rare Disease” Status Potentially Limitis Affordability

“It’s absurd that this would happen in the middle of an epidemic when everything is in short supply.”

Lee Fang: Banks Pressure Health Care Firms to Raise Prices for Coronavirus

the largest voices in the health care industry stand to gain from billions of dollars in emergency spending on the pandemic, as do the bankers and investors who invest in health care companies

Dean Baker: Can Coronavirus Force Policy Types to Think Clearly About Intellectual Property?

Those folks who support longer and stronger patent and related protections are anti-globalizers, trying to lock down technology. They are welcome to hold that position, but they are liars if they call themselves “globalizers.”

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