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George Monbiot: Shell not a savior, but a planetary death machine

Don’t buy the greenwash. Shell’s initiatives, which have won over many conservation groups, are dwarfed by its investment in oil and gas

Sean Keller: Connecting the Dots: Insane Trade and Climate Chaos

If policymakers continue to drag their feet, the impetus for real change in the way we conduct global trade will have to come from peoples’ movements working together to make their voices heard

Michael Galant: The Time Has Come for a Global Minimum Wage

It’s the best way to stop the global race to the bottom that hurts workers everywhere, not just those in low-income countries

Matthew M. Heidtmann: The hidden agenda behind corporate-led reforms

Do not fall for the corporate class’s offer to self-regulate. It is only interested in silencing criticism and expanding its own power and influence

Pete Dolack: Look to U.S. executive suites, not Beijing, for why production is moved

Empty public rhetoric aside, Trump administration policy on trade, consistent with its all-out war on working people, is to elevate corporate power

Mel Gurtov: Why the Trade War with China is So Dangerous

The trade war is about a lot more than technological competition, soybeans, and even workers’ rights. It is the tip of the iceberg, just one reflection of a world order that, to the Chinese, is rapidly changing in China’s favor

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Age of Pardon or the Age of Aggression?

The anti-colonial struggles waged in Latin America (19th century) and then Africa and Asia (20th century) aimed to ensure historical justice, restore territories to their inhabitants and allow people to be the builders of their own future

Dave Zirin: LeBron James’s Partnership With Walmart Sparks Criticism

The basketball superstar is trying to fight food insecurity alongside a corporation that aggravates that very problem

Lee Fang: Funding Climate Change Denialism

The bankruptcy of one of the largest domestic coal producers in the country has revealed that the company maintains financial ties to many of the leading groups that have sowed doubt over the human causes of global warming

Kathryn Kranhold: You paid taxes. These corporations didn’t

About twice as many of the largest U.S. companies reported they didn’t owe taxes in 2018 compared with previous years, a partial result of the 2017 Trump tax law, according to a report

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