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Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalist Nations Bailed Out Banks While Skimping on Vaccinating Humanity

More than 2.6 billion COVID-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide, but many countries have yet to see a single shot amid mounting infections

Thomas Klikauer: Notes From the Precariat

Less than ten years ago, a new word entered the world of work. By now, it has risen to stratospheric popularity with 400,000 Google hits, articles, books, lecturers and educational videos: the precariat

Julie Hollar: Pushing Consumers to Amazon Is Baked In to NYT’s Business Model

It’s not an Amazon ad—it’s a message from the Times, encouraging readers to sign up for alerts telling them the best ways to spend their money on Amazon‘s biggest marketing day of the year

Alex Henderson: Here’s how Big Pharma ‘can create perverse incentives’ for drug approval

The process for approving and regulating drugs can be much different in other countries from what it is in the U.S.

Sharon Zhang: CEO Pay Has Risen to Unprecedented Levels During Pandemic

While the CEOs were reaping ever-larger pay packages from the pandemic, the workers who buttress their companies weren’t paid nearly as much

Rod Driver: Shock Therapy: How Austerity and Privatization Destroy Nations

Politicians from rich countries have tried to forcefully ‘persuade’ other countries to use an extreme economic system with few public services and very little regulation of big companies

Walden Bello: Osama’s Ghost: The Economics of Overextension

Twenty years of military quagmire of the Middle East has contributed to the fraying of the U.S. economy even as China has rapidly become the new center of global capital accumulation

Brett Wilkins: Report Details Fossil Fuel Industry’s Deceptive ‘Net Zero’ Strategy

“Emissions are nothing more than a math equation in these plans; they can be added one place and subtracted from another place.”

Thomas Klikauer: The Good-Doing Elite

When it speaks, the good-doing elite speaks the deceptive language of making the world a better place, of changing the world, of improving people’s lives, etc.

Pat Mooney: The 2021 Corporate Bamboozle On World Food Systems

Mega-corporations are all set to walk away with the keys to global governance of food and agriculture at the UN Food Systems Summit later this year

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