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Lee Fang: Lipinski Raked in Dollars While Delaying Safety Standards

As the race has tightened, Chicago megadonors have jumped in on Lipinski’s side, funneling $750,000 to boost his campaign through the big-money group No Labels

Vandana Shiva: Two futures of health, two paradigms of science

The same chemical industry that brings us toxics in agriculture also controls “modern medicine” based on pharmaceuticals

Julianne Tveten: A tremendous business opportunity

First silicon valley sold you social media. now it’s trying to sell you the antidote

Kate Aronoff: Wall Street deregulation bill a “stab in the heart”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a gathering of progressive lawmakers Friday that seeing her colleagues vote to advance a Wall Street deregulation bill this week was a “stab in the heart”

Michael Hudson: Trump’s Travesty of Protectionism

These demands make so little economic sense that they should be viewed as an exercise in what academia used to call power politics

Mary Bottari: Behind Janus

The Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME is poised to decimate public-sector unions—and it’s been made possible by a network of right-wing billionaires, think tanks and corporations

Zaid Jilani: A Win-Win in Georgia

Delta Cuts Ties With NRA and Could Lose Its Stupid Tax Subsidy as a Result

Juan Cole: Europe’s big Plans for Iran Trade

This concerted European economic surge toward Iran has outraged and angered National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster as well as the Israeli, Saudi and UAE governments

Thor Benson: Controlling Workers Is More Dystopian Than You Think

If we don’t want to live and work under the constant supervision of a far-away boss, now is the time to speak up and push back

Shaun King: The NCAA Says Student-Athletes Are Unpaid Prison Labor

What the NCAA did in response to the lawsuit is as vile as anything going on in sports right now

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