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David Bacon: Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans?

For Mexican workers, farmers, and the poor, the pandemic and the new treaty replacing NAFTA are a devastating one-two punch

John Logan: Facebook and Its Big Tech Cronies Are Upgrading Their Anti-Union Tools

If workers continue to organize, it’s possible that Big Tech’s big brother surveillance tools may not be sufficient to quell these collective voices of protest

Prabir Purkayastha: The World Can Show How Pharma Monopolies Aren’t the Only Way to Fight COVID-19

After his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, Trump is trying to improve his waning electoral chances by reserving all of Gilead’s stock of remdesivir

Tina Gerhardt: Will Big Oil Pay a Price for its Lies?

A new D.C. lawsuit targets the world’s four largest oil companies (BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell) for misleading consumers about climate change

Richard D. Wolff: Could U.S. Capitalism Turn Nationalist?

Will we see a transition to a post-capitalist global system of quite differently organized enterprises, political institutions (including nation-states), and movements of productive resources and products across its geography?

Thom Hartmann: COVID Masks: The Latest Faux Conservative Outrage

They don’t care about you; they just want the economy opened back up to make money

David Swanson: Hey Congress, Move the Money

Moving money from militarism to other investments can be economically beneficial, and certainly all necessary steps to assist people in the transition would cost a small fraction of the money involved.

Sam Pizzigati: Still More Reason to Defund Our CEOs

Their relentless rush to hit the pay jackpot is fueling the calamities that confront us

Tamara Pearson: US drinks beer, produces cars, military tech at expense of Mexican lives

United States-owned company Constellation Brands is defying local orders and forcing Mexican workers to continue producing its Corona and Modelo beers for export to US consumers

Gin Armstrong: Corporate Backers of the Blue

How Corporations Bankroll U.S. Police Foundations

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