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Peter Goodman: “Davos Man”

How Billionaires Devour the World & Fuel Global Inequality, Prolonging the Pandemic

Candice Bernd: Nursing Unions Say For-Profit Health Care Is Driving Omicron Staffing Crisis

“We need our employers and our elected officials at the federal state and local levels to give us protections based on science, not just what’s good for business.”

Olivia Alperstein: Taxing the World’s Richest Would Raise US $2.52 Trillion a Year

A new analysis by the Fight Inequality Alliance, Institute for Policy Studies, Oxfam, and Patriotic Millionaires found a shocking rise in global wealth among the world’s richest people despite deepening inequality during the pandemic

Joyce Chediac: Hospital greed caused nurse shortage, not COVID-19

The country’s largest nurse labor union maintains that hospitals are deliberately understaffing units and forcing nurses to work long hours to increase profits

Maanvi Singh: California Could Become the First US State to Offer Universal Health Care

The bills to create and fund universal healthcare face opposition from powerful lobbies for doctors and insurance companies

Jake Johnson: Meat Industry Price Gouging

The Congressional Progressive Caucus on Tuesday joined family farm advocates in applauding President Joe Biden’s new executive action plan targeting “price gouging”

Jeremy Menchik: I’m resigning from Moderna vaccine trials

Confessions of a ‘human guinea pig’

Kenny Stancil: Pentagon Projected to Hand $407 Billion to Private Military Contractors

“There are over 700 lobbyists representing for-profit military contractors in D.C., and this redistribution of wealth is why they’re there.”

Sharon Zhang: Warren Slams Grocers for Raising Prices While Raking In Profits

As the company hailed its grocery workers as “heroes,” it cut hazard pay early in the pandemic while pursuing over $1 billion in stock buybacks in 2020

Phil Jones: Microworkers “Disempowered to a Degree Previously Unseen in Capitalist History”

“Microworkers” are the anonymous digital contract workers whose labor powers the tech giants’ artificial intelligence systems

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