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Pete Dolack: The bait and switch of public-private partnerships

The ruthless logic of capitalism is that a commodity goes to those who can pay the most, regardless of whether it is something essential to human life

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s America and the New World Order

C.J. POLYCHRONIOU: The president-elect’s cabinet is being filled by financial and corporate bigwigs and military leaders. Such selections hardly reconcile with Trump’s pre-election promises to “drain the swamp,” so what should we expect from this megalomaniac and phony populist insofar as the future of the Washington establishment is concerned? NOAM CHOMSKY: In this respect—note the Read more…

Sharon Lerner: Poison Fruit

Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using a Pesticide Linked to Autism and ADHD

Russell Mokhiber: Bank of America The Washington Post and the Wall Between News and Advertising

Since 2010, The Washington Post has sponsored something called Washington Post Live. The Post calls it a “live journalism platform.” About once a month, Post Live holds an event and invites “top level government and business leaders, emerging voices and newsmakers” to discuss “the most pressing national and global issues of the day.” The Post Read more…

T.J. Coles: Trump and Brexit Will Bring More Globlization, Not Less

both Brexit and the Trump “victories” were financed and led by the elite: Brexit was bankrolled by hedge fund billionaires who wanted to free themselves from the regulatory shackles of Europe. Trump’s economic advisers include billionaires from Goldman Sachs and other financial institution

toni gilpin: Trump Carrier, and Corporate Welfare

In town halls and statehouses across the country, Democratic and Republican officials are doling out $80 billion worth of incentives to businesses every year. The federal government kicks in billions more.

Kim Haddow: Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes

The efforts to flout voter-approved laws are part of ongoing conservative and corporate-backed strategies to keep wages low

George Monbiot: Celebrity isn’t just harmless fun – it’s the smiling face of the corporate machine

The more distant and impersonal corporations become, the more they rely on other people’s faces to connect them to their customers

Noam Chomsky: Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Poor

Interview on some of the problems facing the United States today, and whether the American Dream is “dead” — if it ever existed in the first place

Rachel Holmes: We let technology into our lives. And now it’s starting to control us

Internet giants are accessing vast amounts of personal data and using it to shape our behaviour. It’s reminiscent of East Germany under the Stasi

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