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Thomas Klikauer: Inside Amazon

Many workers in Amazon’s warehouse do not last long because of stress, workload, the fact that management is constantly on their backs, the evaluation process is horrid, they are written up or fired, jobs are physically abusive, etc

Nandita Bose: Amazon’s Surveillance Can Boost Output and Possibly Limit Unions: Study

Amazon uses such tools as navigation software, item scanners, wristbands, thermal cameras, security cameras and recorded footage to surveil its workforce in warehouses and stores

Martha Rosenberg: Pharma Tries to Cash in on Covid Shutdowns With Its Best-Selling Drug

In April, TV ad expenditures for the top 10 prescription drugs increased to $183 million from $156 million in March

Chuck Collins: It Is Time for a One-Time Pandemic Wealth Tax on Billionaires’ Windfall Gains

The 500 or so U.S. billionaires should make an extra contribution to the public health and economic needs of a country in crisis

Bernie Sanders: Letter from Bernie on the “Danger of Socialism”

But already existing socialism for the rich as the problem

John Buell: The Triumph of Monopoly Capitalism is Hurting American Workers’ Life Expectancy

Monopoly power and concentrated wealth do immense harm to the bottom third of the wealth spectrum

Prabir Purkayastha: The World Can Show How Pharma Monopolies Aren’t the Only Way to Fight COVID-19

After making America sick again, Trump is trying to compensate for his administration’s failure by buying Gilead’s production for the next three months for the U.S., leaving nothing for the rest of the world

Richard D. Wolff: Why Government Mostly Helps People Who Need It the Least—Even During a Crisis

The government mostly does what its constituents with money and power make it do

Dean Baker: Financing Drug Development: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

If we want to have serious policy discussions, and not just protect existing patterns of inequality, government-granted patent and copyright monopolies have to be on the table

F. Douglas Stephenson: Is Big Pharma more Interested in Profiteering than Protecting us from Coronavirus?

Forty years of private corporatist Big Pharma and oligarch control of our economy has left the public totally exposed and ill-prepared to face the public health crisis of COVID-19

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