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Sam Pizzigati: Making Millions Misleading Cancer Patients

Cancer is also helping some Americans become exceedingly rich. And these Americans will do most anything to keep their windfalls coming, even prey on the fragile psyches of the families cancer strikes

Laura Flanders: Amazon Gives to End Homelessness? That’s Rich

This isn’t charity, it’s feudalism

Martha Rosenberg: Getting Dangerous, Expensive Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet

A look at medical conflicts of interest

Alexandra Shimo: Nestlé extracts millions of litres, residents have no drinking water

Just 90 minutes from Toronto, residents of a First Nations community try to improve the water situation as the beverage company extracts from their land

David Streitfeld: Amazon’s Antitrust Antagonist Has a Breakthrough Idea

With a single scholarly article, Lina Khan, 29, has reframed decades of monopoly law

Bob Lord: The Arithmetic of the CEO-Worker Pay Divide

Sometimes percentages alone don’t do justice to the injustice of corporate compensation

John Miller: Pay No Attention to the Inequality Behind the Curtain

Corporate critics cry foul when SEC releases CEO pay data

Dean Baker: Corporations, Media Trumpet “Horrors” of Higher Wages

It’s clear that many in the media are terrified by the prospect that as the labor market gets tighter, workers might get a larger share of the pie

Branko Marcetic: Biggest Corporations Stealing From Their Own Workers

An eye-opening new report has documented billions of dollars of corporate theft from workers. The government is turning a blind eye

Winnie Wong: It’s Time to Crack Down on Vulture Capitalists

The Toys “R” Us bankruptcy—along with massive job losses stemming from predatory Wall Street deals at Sears, Kmart, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, and Claire’s—should be a wake-up call

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