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Sam Pizzigati: The Rain on Our Yes-We-Now-Have-a-Vaccine! Parade

What could be better than a drug that can stop Covid? A society that doesn’t let some make billions off a drug millions can’t access

Alleen Brown: Biden Treasury Pick Could Defund the Fossil Fuel Industry, Climate Organizers Say

The push is part of a wider vision of what climate-conscious national leadership could look like — and a demand for action

Michael Hiltzik: The Colossal Problem of Publicly Funded Vaccines in Private Hands

As Pfizer and Moderna prepare to roll out their COVID 19 vaccines, the problems associated with publicly funded vaccines in the hands of private companies are already on the horizon, as the drug industry seeks to control global efforts for a cure

Waleed Shahid: Biden Taps Pharma & Fossil Fuel Allies for Top Jobs

Progressives Demand “Corporate-Free Cabinet”

Rod Driver: Why Do The US and Britain Commit War Crimes

Rich countries want poor countries to allow global corporations to extract and process these resources, and to take them overseas, without too much interference from national governments

Paulina Siegień: Amazon’s Men in Black

Not so long ago, Amazon was looking for new recruits with experience in intelligence work whose job description, among other things, included “to track risks arising from trade unions.”

Jonathan Cook: Why is the world going to hell? Netflix’s The Social Dilemma tells only half the story

They understand the “existential threat” posed by Facebook and Google without extrapolating to the identical existential threats posed by Amazon, Exxon, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and thousands more giant, soulless corporations

Dean Baker: CEO’s Maximize CEO Pay, Not Shareholder Returns

There is considerable evidence that CEOs do not earn their $20 million pay, in the sense of providing $20 million in additional returns to shareholders, compared to the next schmuck down the line.

Nelson Lichtenstein: Uber and Lyft Try to Strong-Arm California

We need an equally radical rededication to the concept of jobs with rights, and the rewards, monetary and moral, that are their just compensation

Ralph Nader: Why Do Americans Give Away So Much Control to Corporations?

It starts with us being indoctrinated into being powerless

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