Category: Corporations

Mike Ludwig: ”Cheated and Lied to”

How Insurers and Manufacturers Mask the Truth About High Drug Prices

Julian Vigo: Opioid and Heroin Addiction in the US

The Perfect Storm of Greed and Medical Malpractice

Ryan Singel: Congress Will Pay Price for FCC

The move would mean the FCC would have almost no oversight authority over broadband providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T

Tiffaney Meredith: Help the Women of Walmart Today

The sad truth is that Walmart doesn’t listen to workers like me. They chew us up and spit us out, and never treat the work we do for them with respect. But they do listen to their customers

Jeremy Lent: Forget AI, Corporations Taking Over

Humanity is already facing an existential threat from an artificial intelligence we created hundreds of years ago. It’s called the Corporation

Danny Westneat: City Hall, brought to you by Amazon

A review of some of the bids to woo Amazon’s HQ2 to other cities and states shows it’s not all about the money. In some cases democracy itself is a bargaining chip

Rajan Menon: Twenty-First-Century American Populism

Or Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Isn’t

Jonathan Cook: From open internet to the dark ages

The vast majority of people will use the services they are provided with, and be oblivious to what is no longer available

Yael Grauer: Trackers Found In Popular Android Apps

Data is the oil in the machinery here, and I think they’re just trying to find different ways to extract it

Noam Chomsky: Education and Economics

Take the very nature of corporations. They’re based on what’s called “limit liability,” meaning if you’re a partner in a corporation and the corporation carries out mass murder, the participants aren’t guilty of it. So corporate mass slaughter is a huge phenomenon

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