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  • Coles: Education, Jobs and Capitalism

    American capitalism has a hate-love relationship with the nation’s schools

  • Sidhu: School Vouchers: The Silver Bullet of America’s Education

    In instances where school vouchers have been partially adopted, the pedagogical results have been insignificant, if not shoddy

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    Chomsky: Education and Economics

    Take the very nature of corporations. They’re based on what’s called “limit liability,” meaning if you’re a partner in a corporation and the corporation carries out mass murder, the participants aren’t guilty of it. So corporate mass slaughter is a huge phenomenon

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    Barber: Resegregation

    Now the Trump administration wants to further expand the use of vouchers by creating a $20 billion school choice program. According to The Century Foundation, a think tank dedicated to reducing inequality, Trump’s plan would increase segregation in public schools

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    Street: Why Study History?

    U.S historians have no doubt been having a field day with Trump’s reported clueless comments on U.S. history earlier this year. The president’s moronic take on the nation’s past was front-page news in liberals’ and academics’ favorite newspaper, the New York Times

  • Bergstein: Because of Sex

    It is fair to say that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 brought the United States into the 20th Century. That comprehensive law made it illegal to engage in racial, gender, and national origin discrimination in public accommodations--like hotels and restaurants--and employment. Yet, the law says very little about what exactly constitutes discrimination

  • Friesen: Why The Guns-on-Campus Debate Matters

    As of August 1, 2016, a new law allows concealed handguns in college and university buildings. We’re about to find out what difference guns in the classroom make in the relationships of students, faculty and staff—and in the character of higher education.

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    Dolan: It’s Time to Get Cops Out of Schools

    There’s only one way to make sure no more young girls are body-slammed by uniformed officers

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    Winslow: Teachers Hold Walk-in Protests in 30 Cities

    The walk-in tactic was inspired by North Carolina teachers, who organized a series of these grassroots protests across the state in 2013 against education cuts. Other teacher unions soon picked up the idea

  • Essif: Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google

    If you were airdropped blindfolded into a strange town and given nothing but a bus ticket, to where would you ride that bus? You might be surprised to learn that there’s only one good answer, and that’s the public library

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