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Nima Elbagir: Yemen on Brink of Famine After U.S. Cuts Aid While Fueling War

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is deepening amid the pandemic and cuts to international aid from the United States and its allies, leaving millions of Yemenis facing famine after years of a brutal U.S.-backed, Saudi-led bombing campaign that has devastated the country

Patrick Cockburn: America’s War on Terror is the True Cause of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

What we are really seeing in those pathetic half-swamped rubber boats bobbing up and down in the Channel are the thin end of the wedge of a vast exodus of people brought about by military intervention by the US and its allies

Dave Lindorff: Trump Disses Troops but Correctly Labels 2 of America’s Costliest Wars Unjustified or ‘Stupid’

They deserve to be honored for doing their duty or for going beyond the call of duty for what they at least thought was right, and Trump should be tossed out of the White House and his role as Commander in Chief for mocking them and dishonoring them.

David Vine: Costs of War

After 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Wars Displaced at Least 37 Million People Around the World

John Feffer: Trump and the Troops

The alternative to Trump is not the glorification of military service. It’s promoting the kind of service that gets fewer people killed

Thomas Knapp: Trump Regime vs. the ICC: the Wrong Side of “Sovereignty”

If Trump and Pompeo don’t want US military personnel to do the time, they should stop sending US military personnel abroad to do the crimes.

Mary Wareham: Interview with Mary Wareham, Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Interview on lethal autonomous weapons and Wareham’s new HRW report, “Stopping Killer Robots,” an incisive survey of country positions and policies regarding lethal autonomous weapons

Juan Cole: With US AWOL, NATO Allies rattle sabers

Turkish Ruling Party says Greece is now a Rogue State

Mike Phipps: Some reflections on Occupied Iraq

The continued Occupation and denial of Iraq’s sovereignty remains a crime

Michael T. Klare: Robot Generals

Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans — Or Worse?

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