Category: War and Peace

David Vine: Do You Want a New Cold War?

The AUKUS Alliance Takes the World to the Brink

Abby Martin: What Are the Prospects for Peace?

The need for critical media literacy and mass organizing has never been more urgent

Paul Edwards: Good Americans

What real difference is there between “USA, we’re Number One!” and “Deutschland Uber Alles”?

Peter Maass: Colin Powell Was a Nice Man Who Helped Destroy Iraq

As secretary of state in 2003, Powell lied at the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction

Daniel Ellsberg: To Avoid Armageddon, Don’t Modernize Missiles—Eliminate Them

Land-based nuclear weapons are world-ending accident waiting to happen, and completely superfluous to a reliable deterrent

Medea Benjamin: How Feminists Can Support Afghan Women Living Under the Taliban

When the United States pulled out of Afghanistan, it froze billions of dollars in Afghan assets, grinding many of the country’s most essential operations to a halt and spreading misery. The US government must release those funds

Ruth Igielnik: Majorities of U.S. veterans, public say wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting

Please Help ZNet         Source: Pew Research Nearly 18 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan and 16 years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, majorities of U.S. military veterans say those wars were not worth fighting, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of veterans. A parallel survey Read more…

Nicholas Stender: U.S. pushes China tensions to the brink with new moves on Taiwan secession

War only benefits Wall Street and the weapons manufacturers who cash in on death and destruction. The working class should resist the drive to war and the propaganda offensive launched by the corporate media

Kathy Kelly: Abandoning Yemen?

Grassroots activists committed to ending human rights abuses must uphold solidarity with civil society groups defending human rights in Yemen and Afghanistan

Daniel Ellsberg: Milley, China and the Danger of Nuclear War

Gen. Milley’s call to China may have prevented a near catastrophe, as happened in 1983 when the Soviet Union believed Reagan had gone mad and planned a first strike

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