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Robert Fisk: Biden Says He ‘Doesn’t Have Enough Information’ on Iran to Have a View

How Odd, He Negotiated the Nuclear Deal

Mike Ferner: Love in a Dangerous Time

If we can expand our consciousness and compassion, we can begin to comprehend our government’s behavior in the world and come out of this pandemic demanding to be better members of the human family

David Swanson: A Department of Actual Defense in a Time of Coronavirus

A Department of Actual Defense would train pro-environment workers, disaster-relief workers, and suicide-prevention workers in the tasks of protecting the environment, relieving disasters, and preventing suicide

Richard Eskow: Iran Sanctions Are Biological Warfare Against Civilians

This is not an economic policy. It is the collective punishment of civilians. It is an act of biological warfare against children, the elderly, and people of all ages

Steve Ellner: Why The Mainstream Media Suggests Lifting Sanctions Against Iran While Not Saying Anything About Venezuela 

No other country in the world is being subjected to the type of regime change strategy that the Trump administration is applying to Venezuela

Kathy Kelly: Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws: A Humanitarian Message

One way to help others survive is to insist that the United States lift sanctions against Iran and instead support acts of practical care

Sean Reynolds: A Difficult Peace

The idea that a U.S.-driven regime change, either through sanctions or through war, might somehow democratize Iran is popular in the U.S., but it’s a prospect for which few Iranians would ever want to vote

Kevin Martin: Social distancing? Peace and social justice demand more coming together, not more distancing

Let’s get all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis

Vijay Prashad: Trump Sends Gunnboats to Venezuela While World Partners to Fight Pandemic

The indictment against Venezuelan officials is bizarre. There is no footprint for it in any DEA document that is available

Juan Cole: Threatening Iran

Mired in Incompetence on Covid-19 at Home, Trump Tests Wagging the Dog

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