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Robert Fisk: Iraq’s hangmen are back and this time they’re becoming more efficient

Sunnis have been the principal victims of the largely Shia hangmen now carrying out the ‘democratically elected’ Iraqi government’s executions

Ann Jones: How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home

Making America Pain-Free for Plutocrats and Big Pharma, But Not Vets

Vijay Prashad: There’s Only One Way for the Catastrophes in Syria to End, and It’s Not Through Violence

Ross and the warfare liberals ignore the ugliness on the ground. For them, Syria is a chessboard

Ramzy Baroud: Punishing the Messenger: Israel’s War on NGOs Takes a Worrying Turn

With little or no accountability, Israel will continue with its fight targeting NGOs, threatening activists and restricting the work of anyone that dares to be critical

John Pilger: Provoking nuclear war by media

What is most remarkable about the war propaganda now in floodtide is its patent absurdity and familiarity

Ramzy Baroud: The Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East

Everyone seems to have a theory on how to obliterate ISIS, or ‘Daesh’. However, two points are rarely raised: one, concerning the origins of the group and the second, on whether there are genuine intentions to defeat it, in the first place. We must boldly address the first to unravel the enigma behind the rise Read more…

Andrew Cockburn: “This is Our War & It is Shameful”

Interview on the U.S. Role in the War in Yemen

Juan Cole: The Idea of Peace in the Qur’an

In contemporary debates on the roots of Muslim radicalism and the character of the religion, it is important to go back to the Muslim scripture or Qur’an (sometimes spelled Koran). Like the Bible, the Qur’an has verses about war as well as peace, but those on peace have been insufficiently appreciated. The Qur’an is believed Read more…

Robert Fisk: Turkey’s hit list of enemies is growing as Erdogan prepares to buddy up with Putin in Syria

Whoever he wants to blame for the Gaziantep bombing, Erdogan must realise that these now regular atrocities are a direct result of his personal decision to involve himself in the Syrian war

Juan Cole: Saudis bomb Sanaa during “Million-Person march”

The Houthi Ansarullah Movement that controls most of north and west Yemen staged what was by all accounts an enormous demonstration in the capital of Sanaa on Saturday. It may have been the single largest demonstration in the country’s history. While it was unlikely actually to have involved a million people, it did probably tens Read more…

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