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Allegra Harpootlian: The Antiwar Movement No One Can See

Will It Put a Crimp in the War on Terror?

Marjorie Cohn: Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone

The New York Times is reporting that on June 20, President Trump ordered military strikes against Iran to retaliate for its shootdown of a U.S. drone, but then pulled back and didn’t launch them. Officials told the Times that Trump had approved attacks on Iranian radar and missile batteries. Trump tweeted, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 Read more…

Juan Cole: Trump cites “Proportionality” in Iran pullback

Though he has often violated it

Robert Koehler: War begets war . . . And nothing else

The U.S. government, I fear, contains a terrible void where it ought to have sanity

Bernie Sanders: We must stop the US from going to war with Iran

Trump campaigned on getting the US out of ‘endless wars’ – but his administration is taking us down a path that makes war more and more likely

Richard Falk: Acting Beyond the State

Toward a cosmopolitan awakening?

Medea Benjamin: U.S. Sanctions

Economic Sabotage That Is Deadly, Illegal, and Ineffective

Robert Fisk: Trump’s ‘evidence’ of Iran’s role is dodgy

In the real world, there should be a military alliance between the US and Iran. But as its withdrawal from the nuclear deal showed last year, Washington no longer moves through any known orbit

Vijay Prashad: Peace is a word that the West has taken from the Afghans

This article was produced by Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute. —Eds. It’s difficult to explain the nature of the Afghanistan peace talks. There is no single table with the combatants arrayed on either side. Talks are not even taking place in the same city, since there are at least two sets of Read more…

Vijay Prashad: U.S. Rushes to Blame Iran

The World Pushes for Diplomacy

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