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Elise Swain: Joe Biden’s Silence on Ending the Drone Wars

With scant comments about U.S. assassination programs, there are indications that Biden would keep the drone wars around

Norman Solomon: Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Pentagon in Your Hands?

Biden’s pick for Secretary of Defense, Michèle Flourno,y should be understood as a scenario for the president-elect to stick his middle fingers in the eyes of Americans who are fed up with endless war and ongoing militarism

Evelyn Leopold: Biden Is Facing a Showdown on Iran Sanctions

Trump imposed a phantom “snapback” on Iran sanctions

Binoy Kampmark: The Yemen Civil War Arms Bonanza

Biden’s top foreign policy advisor, Tony Blinken, seems less concerned about who will be the target of the weapons in the UAE sale than any upset caused to that most unimpeachable of allies, Israel

Rod Driver: The War Crimes of Bush and Blair – Afghanistan and Iraq

For all practical purposes, Iraq has now been destroyed. It no longer exists as a single country and has disintegrated into regional power bases, with widespread ethnic cleansing in each region

Cassandra Stimpson: A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War

A Rising China Lifts All Boats (Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, and Surface Ships), Not to Speak of Fighter Planes, in the Military-Industrial Complex

Stephen Zunes: Most Dem Voters Are to the Left of Biden on Foreign Policy. Can He Be Moved?

Virtually every change in U.S. foreign policy over the last several decades came not from the initiative of enlightened Democratic leaders, but from pressure by opponents of war and supporters of human rights

Juan Cole: Trump Bruited Strike on Iran Civilian Nuclear Facilities

In a meeting with his senior advisers, Trump abruptly asked them if there were options for a US strike on Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment facilities

Vince Emanuele: Fuck Veteran’s Day

In my experience, while most veterans might not say so out loud, privately and in the company of fellow veterans, they’re more than willing to speak critically of the wars and do so regularly

Rod Driver: Why Do The US and Britain Commit War Crimes

Rich countries want poor countries to allow global corporations to extract and process these resources, and to take them overseas, without too much interference from national governments

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