Category: War and Peace

Justin Podur: The Afghans Are Coming

“Afghan Shia Militias” have become to Syria what “African Mercenaries” were to Libya

Peter Van Buren: Whistleblowers, Moral Injury, and Endless War

Was Chelsea Manning Motivated By Moral Injury?

David Vine: Forty-Five Blows Against Democracy

How U.S. Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats, and Military Regimes

Robert Fisk: When military wars end, medical ones begin

Tissue samples from the three-week 2008-2009 Israeli-Hamas Gaza war shows remnants of heavy metals in the wounds of Palestinians which can lead to cancers

Bruce Cumings: A Murderous History of Korea

We have arrived at this point because of an inveterate unwillingness on the part of Americans to look history in the face and a laser-like focus on that same history by the leaders of North Korea

Vijay Prashad: Trump Expanding War

While the media continues its frenzy over Comey’s firing and the “Russia connection”, Trump is readying his “global war against Islamic Fascism” to be fought “without restraint”

Tom Engelhardt: Mosul on My Mind

What It Really Means to Be on a “Flattening” Planet

Patrick Cockburn: Trump & Saudi Arabia

Trump and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the most dangerous men in the world – and they’re meeting next week

Robert Fisk: Can Syria ever be repaired?

After its titanic civil war, can Syria remain a united state? And if it does – if Syria can be put back together again – how do you repair its people? These are not idle words when, across the border, the people of Lebanon have again been marking the mournful anniversary of the start of their Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s decision to arm Kurdish fighters

The US is choosing to support its Kurdish ally in Syria, in defiance of Turkey, whose aim is to prevent the establishment of a quasi-independent Kurdish state there

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