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Danny Sjursen: Trump’s National Defense Strategy

Something for Everyone (in the Military-Industrial Complex)

Kevin Zeese: War Preparations Against Venezuela As Election Nears

Since we published “Regime Change Fails: Is a Military Coup or Invasion Next,” we received more information showing steps toward preparing for a potential military attack on Venezuela. Stopping this war needs to become a top priority for the peace movement. Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) published a newsletter that reported “troubling news of an Read more…

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca: Disguising Imperialism

How Textbooks Get the Cold War Wrong and Dupe Students

Elliott Gabriel: Washington’s New Colonial War

Critics contend that Operation Pacific Eagle Philippines is aimed at strengthening Washington’s grip on the long-subjugated people of the Philippines, defeating a half-century leftist insurgency

Immanuel Wallerstein: Fluidity Everywhere

A look around the globe will readily confirm the inability of the United States to get its way

Stephanie Savell: The Wars No One Notices

Talking to a Demobilized Country

Robert Koehler: War and poverty: a compromise with hell

In America, the horrors of poverty go on and on. The solution for some — especially those in positions of power — is simply to close their eyes to it

Gareth Porter: Can South Korea’s Leader End Trump’s North Korea Crisis?

The United States’ South Korean ally regards beginning negotiations with North Korea as a high priority—higher than resuming the military exercises that have riled North Korea for decades

Robert Fisk: Acknowledging the facts of history

While Poland has decided to outlaw any claims that their countrymen participated in the extermination of the Jews, Israel continues to ignore the Armenian genocide

Reese Erlich: U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria

In reality, the United States seeks to remove President Bashar al Assad, or failing that, dismember Syria into zones controlled by outside powers

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