Category: War and Peace

Mark Weisbrot: End US support for Saudi war in Yemen

If Congress turns against this war and blocks U.S. involvement, the Saudis will have to negotiate an end to the conflict

Harry Blain: U.S. Is Stockpiling Nuclear Arms

The U.S. is spending $1.2 trillion on weapons that invariably make the world a more dangerous place

Michael T. Klare: The Trump Doctrine

Making Nuclear Weapons Usable Again

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Civilians Combatants In Wars Against America

Most of the people joining armed groups across the Middle East and Africa are only fighting at all because U.S. and allied forces are “fighting them there,” in their countries, cities, villages and homes

David Swanson: Against Thanksgiving

If everyone showed enough grasp of reality to turn the day after Thanksgiving into a day of mass nonviolent action for survival, rather than a day of extreme materialism, I’d have no objection to Thanksgiving

Gareth Porter: First Strike?

It isn’t yet possible to know definitely whether the Trump administration intends to strike first against North Korea

Donald Johnson: The rules are different

At what point do we accept that if we take such pride in “Our Democracy”, we are personally responsible for its actions up to and including genocide?

Juan Cole: The Saudi-US war on Yemen

Killing 130 Children a Day & Other Bleak Statistics

Patrick Cockburn: The greatest dangers in Middle East

The sort of Neo-con and right-wing think tankers, who in 2003 were saying that a war with Iraq would be a doddle, are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran – and are stronger than ever

Pete Dolack: An Honest Conversation About Vietnam

More than four decades past the end of that imperialist adventure, having a serious discussion about it remains taboo.

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