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Patrick Cockburn: Preventing terror

British Libyans and Libyan exiles who had their passports returned to fight Gaddafi were always unlikely to return as model citizens

Robert Fisk: The true meaning of Islam

We must look to the past, not Isis, for the true meaning of Islam

Jeremy Corbyn: Terrorism and foreign policy

Jeremy Corbyn speech on terrorism and foreign policy

Juan Cole: Terror and Geopolitics

Manchester 2017 and 1996

Tariq Ali: A Vicious Cycle

Manchester bombing is likely blowback from ongoing war on terror

William Boardman: In Afghanistan: America’s Longest War Will Never Be Won

The U.S., in the person of General Nicholson, chose to use the weapon with the media-friendly nickname “mother of all bombs,” which of course it isn’t at all, though it does serve very well as a good, shiny-object distraction for the media.

Patrick Cockburn: End the wars which allow extremism to grow

The only feasible way to eliminate organisations capable of carrying out these attacks is to end the seven wars – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and north east Nigeria – that cross-infect each other

Mehdi Hasan: Trump, 9/11, and Saudi Arabia

Does Donald Trump have even an ounce of shame?

Juan Cole: ISIL Hijacked French Election

The biggest de facto backer of Le Pen’s hateful, far right nationalism is ISIL

Vijay Prashad: World’s Biggest Terrorist Organization

When America bombs, it’s rational; when other countries do it, we cry terrorism

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