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    Reflections on the Not-so Public Broadcasting System

    the news and commentary one finds on PBS is in rich tune with the narrow capitalist parameters of acceptable coverage and debate that typify the more fully and explicitly for-profit and commercialized corporate media

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    Danny Schechter, 1942-2015

    Schechter infused almost all his work—whether it was for alternative or mainstream media—with his advocacy of human rights. In 1971, Schechter joined the Boston rock station WBCN-FM, where he found a following as “Danny Schechter, the News Dissector.” This Memorial was compiled from a number of emails to Z.

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    Our Dilemma, Your Dilemma

    Since “Our Dilemma” appeared in the March issue, things have improved and we can take more time with our decision. Meanwhile, we would like to assure you that we have never asked ourselves, “Why Bother?”

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    About Z

    Information on Z's mission, submission guidelines, contacts, and subscription rates for 2014

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    Our Dilemma

    Z needs your help and advice




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