Category: Civil Liberties

Daniel Ellsberg: ‘‘Trump is challenging the First Amendment on Assange’s case’’

Every administration from now on, in terms of its drone operations, wants as much secrecy and silence as can be achieved. They don’t want revelations like Julian’s

Billy Corriher: Southern legislatures take aim at direct democracy

Some Florida lawmakers now want to make it harder for citizens to put amendments on the ballot — part of a broader national trend aimed at discouraging direct democracy in the states

Mark Kernan: Big Tech and the Rise of Surveillance Capitalism

The capture & commodification of our data, the predatory construction of user profiles and surveillance is in the DNA of surveillance capitalism

Jim Kavanagh: Avoiding Assange

It’s important to understand that the US government in this case is asserting its prosecutorial authority over someone who is not an American and whose journalistic activity took place outside the United States

Nusrat Choudhury: Modern-Day COINTELPRO

Interview on FBI targeting of black activists

Allan Nairn: Indonesian General Plots to Arrest Critics If He Wins Presidency

According to minutes of a campaign strategy session obtained by Nairn, Prabowo has made plans to stage mass arrests of political opponents and his current allies

Richard Falk: Julian Assange: Criminal or Benefactor?

The Nuremberg Obligation in light of the material discussed above means that every person has the right and is subject to the duty to contribute to the exposure of violations of international criminal law in war/peace and human rights contexts

Charles Glass: Assange in Prison as Journalistic Collaborators Brandish Their Prizes

Assange waits to know whether he will ever be free again, while journalists who published his leaked documents continue working without fear of prosecution

Tariq Ali: Julian Assange Outside the Gate of Hell

Wikileaks and its founder expect and deserve the solidarity of all those of us who believe that citizens should not be treated like children

Trevor Timm: Assange’s indictment is Trump’s next step in war on press freedom

The case against the WikiLeaks founder is the justice department’s perfect vehicle to ultimately get what Trump wants

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