Category: Civil Liberties

Diana Moreno: Don’t Mourn—Organize for Reproductive Justice

Socialist feminists don’t want “choice”—we demand full abortion rights for all, without exception

Loretta J. Ross: We Need Racial Solidarity to Restore Abortion Rights

Fascism is definitely in our future unless we work together in these tumultuous times

Oren Schweitzer: Chileans Revolted Against Their Constitution. Americans Should Too

In recent years, Chileans have struggled to overturn their undemocratic political system and write a new constitution. Americans should take Chile’s lead and fight for a new constitution too

Sharon Zhang: “We Are Witnessing a Judicial Coup in Process”

The Supreme Court’s next session starting in October is shaping up to be equally severe

The Poor People's Campaign: 7 Steps Before the Midterms

We call on all poor and low-wealth people to march in mass assembly from here to the polls this November and to use your vote to make your voices heard

Austin Ahlman: “We Will Primary Everybody”

Democrats Don’t Have a Plan, but Abortion Rights Activists Do

Nolan Higdon: Defund the Democratic Party

More Republicans in Office will Not Save Abortion Rights, but History has Shown, Neither Will More Democrats

Michael Waldman: Originalism Run Amok at the Supreme Court

Originalism, as used by this Court, just provides cover for a right-wing polit­ical agenda. It is a threat to democracy

Robert Reich: The beginning of the end of regulation

The radical Supreme Court is giving the big business backers of the GOP exactly what they paid for

Brett Wilkins: Grave Warnings as Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case That Threatens ‘Future of Voting Rights’

“An extreme decision here could fundamentally alter the balance of power in setting election rules in the states and provide a path for great threats to elections.”

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