Category: Civil Liberties

Jonathan Cook: Israel is silencing the last voices trying to stop abuses against Palestinians

It has been a week of appalling abuses committed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank – little different from the other 2,670 weeks endured by Palestinians since the occupation began in 1967

Benjamin Barber: Fighting voter purges across the South

Despite research documenting the serious problems they present for voting rights, aggressive purges of the voting rolls continue to be proposed in advance of the 2020 elections

Danica Jorden: Who’s Running DHS? Right Now, Nobody

“I put in a very good man who’s highly respected, and he’s acting right now. We’ll see where that goes. As you know, I like acting. It gives you great flexibility.” U.S. President Donald Trump speaking to reporters at the White House on Friday, November 1, 2019, when asked if Chad Wolf would be the Read more…

Amy Goodman: Pushed Out, Attacked & Criminalized

San Francisco’s Unhoused People Speak Out Amid Housing Crisis

Tiago Miller: Spain’s dangerous step towards authoritarianism

The jailing of nine Catalan pro-independence leaders for a total of 100 years sparked six consecutive days of mass demonstrations, road blocks and riots, transforming the region into the epicentre of a debate on political and civil rights

Chandler Davis: Speaking up in Ann Arbor

Making a case for the urgency of defending academic freedom

Dorothee Benz: ‘The Law Is Only Ever a Part of What Creates a Just and Free Society’

Interview on LGBTQ rights

Joe Emersberger: Blumenthal Arrest Exposes Hypocrisy of Media and ‘Human Rights’ NGOs

Here’s an idea for media outlets and NGOs concerned about the appeal of Russian public relations efforts: start doing your jobs by holding your own authoritarian politicians and politicized police forces to account

Ryan Devereaux: Occupy ICE Activist and DACA Recipient Deported for Tweeting

Salazar remembers three phrases sticking out: Your DACA’s expired. You’re in this country illegally. You’re under arrest.

Ben Norton: ‘This charge is 100% false’

Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal arrested months after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence

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