Category: Civil Liberties

Adri Nieuwhof: Israel treats prisoners worse than apartheid

The situation of the Palestinian prisoners reminds the older generation in South Africa of their past

Alex Emmons: Senators Blast Trump Praise for Duterte

Donald Trump’s praise for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s murderous anti-drug campaign drew condemnation from leading foreign policy voices in both parties

Frederick Nagel: It is Deep State Time Again

Whenever there are obvious conflicts within the ruling class, the concept of a Deep State is brought out to explain why our government seems to be coming apart at the seams

David Cole: More Dangerous Than Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has quietly continued the radical remaking of the Justice Department he began when he took the job

Sue Sturgis: Racial and partisan gerrymandering

  Date on which the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a lower court ruling that the congressional districts drawn by North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature in 2011 involved unconstitutional racial gerrymanders meant to dilute the power of black voters: 5/22/2017 Of the stricken map’s 13 congressional districts, number that were controlled by Republicans: 10 According to elections Read more…

Medea Benjamin: Why Were Saudi Streets So Quiet?

Trump’s Saudi trip wasn’t protest-free because people love him, but because protest is punishable by death

John Pilger: Cleared But Far From Free

Journalists are increasingly targeted as enemies of the state

John Pilger: Getting Assange: the untold story

Julian Assange has been vindicated because the Swedish case against him was corrupt. The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, obstructed justice and should be prosecuted. Her obsession with Assange not only embarrassed her colleagues and the judiciary but exposed the Swedish state’s collusion with the United States in its crimes of war and “rendition”.     Had Read more…

WhoWhatWhy Staff: The Chelsea Manning Saga

The Manning leak has had a profound effect on people’s perspective of the Iraq and Afghan wars

Glenn Greenwald: Chelsea Manning Is a Free Woman

It is rare, especially lately, to find inspiration in any political stories. But the last decade of Chelsea Manning’s life, and the potential it now holds for the future, is one of those cases

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