Category: Civil Liberties

Savannah Crabtree: Anti-abortion ‘gag rule’ proposal

The domestic gag rule proposal is just the latest move by the Trump administration to undermine women’s health care

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard: ‘It Is Crucial That People Stand Up for What They Believe In’

It’s clear that there is an effort around the country to try, through legal means—although we would consider illegal means—to curtail people’s fundamental First Amendment rights to gather together in the streets, to be able to speak out in unified action

Nora Barrows-friedman: South Carolina forces universities to violate free speech rights

South Carolina passed a law this week codifying a discredited definition of anti-Semitism that conflates criticism of Israel and Zionism with anti-Jewish bigotry. “The law will inevitably violate students’ First Amendment rights if enforced to restrict or punish campus speech critical of Israel,” Dima Khalidi, director of the civil rights group Palestine Legal, told The Read more…

Ariel Dorfman: Human Zoos in the Age of Trump

Humans as “Animals,” Then and Now

Laura Flanders: Jeff Sessions Sets Back The Clock

POTUS may bait him publicly via tweet, but in private, at the DOJ, Sessions is a man on a mission to roll back civil rights, and that’s just what he’s doing.

Danielle Corcione: Demonstrators Occupy ICE Building in Philadelphia Amid Police Brutality

All over the United States, groups of socialists, anarchists, communists, and other leftists are camping outside ICE offices to prevent agents and their detainees from entering and exiting the buildings

Andrea Pitzer: Detaining Kids Without Trial

Has the Trump administration set up concentration camps in Texas for migrants?

Ryan Devereaux: Dismantling Protections for Immigrant Kids

The Trump administration hopes to channel anger over its decision to separate families into a radical restructuring of the systems in place to protect immigrant children, all with an eye toward prolonged and mass detention

Juan Cole: Warning to U.S.

Erdogan has used same techniques as Trump to de-Democratize Turkey

Sam Levin: Standing Rock activists face years in jail

The extraordinary Native American resistance effort may have faded from the headlines but the US government continues to prosecute activists, who say it is destroying lives

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