Category: Civil Liberties

Todd Miller: No Need to Build The Donald’s Wall, It’s Built

Trump’s America Already Exists on the Border

Sonali Kolhatkar: Detained Undocumented Mothers Launch Hunger Strike, Vow to Leave ‘Alive or Dead’

Dozens of undocumented women being held with their children at the Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania are on a hunger strike

John Feffer: The Globalization of Trump

Looking for a place to escape from President Trump? You’re running out of options

Sarah Lazare: Milwaukee’s War on Black People

Sheriff David Clarke is declaring war on the black youth his city has failed

Judith Coburn: America’s Criminal Injustice System

The Annals of a Private Eye

Bakari Kitwana: Arresting Development

What all of these activists have in common is that they are first-time offenders facing serious charges—and they have all been on the frontlines of direct-action protests in their own communities

Alice Speri: Facebook Removes Potential Evidence of Police Brutality Too Readily, Activists Say

At the request of law enforcement, Facebook deleted Gaines’ account, as well her account on Instagram, which it also owns, during her confrontation with authorities

Sam Badger: How the War on Terror Fuels Trump

The bipartisan consensus of endless wars and attacks on civil liberties laid the groundwork for Trump’s toxic agenda

Brian Bean: Another Police Murder in Chicago

The Chicago police have killed another unarmed Black teenager–video footage of the murder shows how the cops view the rest of us

Sam Biddle: Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO

The suddenly vast scale of Pokemon Go adoption is matched by the game’s aggressive use of personal information

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