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Jeff Cohen: The Biggest Threat to Free Speech No One Is Talking About

In the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” Jeff Cohen plumbs a range of topics, including the myriad failures of our political press and the Blue Wave election that wasn’t quite, as well as the future of the progressive movement. No matter how many congressional seats it ends up flipping, he contends, the Democratic Party is Read more…

Rebecca Nathanson: Activists Face Life Imprisonment in the U.K.

Arising from this trial are two debates: that of criminalizing nonviolent protest and that of the legality, and ethics, of deportation charter flights

Branko Marcetic: The Contradictions of the #Resistance

Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than shuttering Mueller’s investigation could ever be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure

Marjorie Cohn: Fierce Critic of Mueller Probe Now Has Power to Sabotage the Investigation

The day after the midterm elections, Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Whitaker, who has criticized the Mueller probe in the past, could fire Robert Mueller or defang his investigation. Although Sessions was faithfully carrying out Trump’s draconian agenda on civil rights, immigration and Read more…

AFP: Florida Restores Vote to 1.5 million ex-Prisoners

Before the amendment passed, more than one in every five African Americans in Florida (21 percent) was unable to vote

Joe Emersberger: Free Speech Depends on Who’s Talking

Julian Assange has been without any means to directly communicate with the public—in other words, to defend himself from relentless attacks and ridicule in Western media

Nick Pinto: Can ICE Legally Force Immigrants to Cheer for Donald Trump?

The government’s argument that there is no constitutional bar to prevent ICE from selectively deporting people based on their speech has extreme and troubling implications

Jill Richardson: Trump’s Gender “Science” is Reductive, Mean and Wrong

Trump’s move — if he makes it — will serve to erase the civil rights of 1.4 million transgender Americans. An already vulnerable population will needlessly suffer more

Frederick Knight: Georgia black voter suppression still flourishes

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp has been sued for suppressing minority votes after an AP investigation revealed that his office has not approved 53,000 voter registrations – most of them filed by African-Americans

Sarah Aziza: Khashoggi’s Murder Is About Repression of Free Speech

Jamal Khashoggi believed the right to free speech was a necessity — both as a human right and a key to a better future for his country

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