Category: Civil Liberties

Sharon Lerner: Many Immigrant Doctors Want to Fight Coronavirus in U.S.

Visa Rules Make That Illegal

Ramzy Baroud: A Palestinian guide to surviving a quarantine

On faith, humour and ‘Dutch Candy’

David Daley: More Democracy or Less? Elections in a Pandemic

The GOP’s decade-long war on voting rights is making it harder to hold fair elections as COVID-19 spreads

Iida Käyhkö: Policing the pandemic: “security” for whom?

The human tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic must not be permitted to become a pretext for the expansion of state powers that brutalize vulnerable communities

Marjorie Cohn: DOJ Seeks to Exploit Coronavirus Emergency to Detain People Indefinitely

Throughout U.S. history, presidents have exploited national emergencies to exceed their constitutional powers

John Feffer: The Politics of the Coronavirus

For the far right, the pandemic is a chance to enact border controls and erode the rule of law. It could also expose their utter incompetence

Jonathan Cook: Our leaders are terrified. Not of the virus – of us

There is a kind of tragic karma to the fact that so many major countries – meaning major economies – are today run by the very men least equipped ideologically, emotionally and spiritually to deal with the virus

Mike Davis: Solidarity Is an Essential Vaccine

Solidarity is an essential vaccine

John Buell: Disaster Capitalism and the Real Culprit in the Italian Covid-19 Catastrophe

The Coronavirus pandemic will provide another opportunity for neoliberal elites to impose more of their right wing agenda on a citizenry scared and confused by this mysterious and dangerous disease

Naomi Klein: Coronavirus Is the Perfect Disaster for ‘Disaster Capitalism’

Interview on how governments and the global elite will exploit a pandemic

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