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Rashida Tlaib: Trump Will Lead More Violent Attacks; He Must Be Held to Account

“I hope that there’s an awakening in the Senate, but I’ve been waiting for that awakening to happen for quite a while”

Meaghan Ellis: Capitol riot participant threatened to kill his own children if they turned him in

“I don’t really know him anymore.”

Paul Street: On “True Democracy”

The great majority of Americans opposed the Trump tax cut of December 2017. So what? It went through anyway.

Bill Blum: Here’s the key flaw in a First Amendment defense for Trump’s incitement

The First Amendment cannot be invoked to save Trump from an abuse of power so egregious and deadly. To do so would be to turn the amendment on its head.

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Assault on the Capitol

24 Questions and Answers

Rashida Tlaib: Remove Members of Congress Who Incited Riot and Demand Real Change From Biden

Interview on impeaching Trump and using the 14th amendment against others responsible for attack on the Capitol

Eric Foner: The Capitol Riot Reveals the Dangers From the Enemy Within

But the belief that America previously had a well-functioning democracy is an illusion

Noam Chomsky: Coup Attempt Hit Closer to Centers of Power Than Hitler’s 1923 Putsch

Whether Trump will survive the error of judgment that turned major power centers against him is unclear. He may well do so

Christopher Brauchli: Cruzification

One of the joys in running for and being in the United States Senate is that you can make a complete ass of yourself repeatedly without anyone noticing

Marjorie Cohn: Yes, Trump Can Be Convicted by the Senate After January 20

Trump must be held accountable for inciting insurrection by whipping up a racist and dangerous mob with lies about a stolen election. He must be prevented from endangering society by ever serving in public office again

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