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Lucas Koerner: Washington Escalates Venezuela Sanctions into Full-Fledged Embargo

The latest measures amount to a total trade embargo impacting both US and foreign entities

Roger Harris: Justifying Regime Change in Venezuela

UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s report on Venezuela echoes the US government’s talking points, which are designed to terminate the two-decade-old Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

Kevin Zeese: Uniting To Protect Venezuela And Stop The US War Machine

The attack on the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC was part of a coordinated strategy of attacking Venezuelan embassies in other countries including Chile and Argentina

Marjorie Cohn: Trump’s “Troika of Tyranny” Meddles in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua

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Pat Fry: Venezuela Up Close

It was 7 AM April 30th in Caracas when I awoke to hear gun shots outside my hotel. Our group, seven US citizens and one Canadian, had been in here since April 27 attending a housing conference and looked forward to the next day’s May Day celebration

Marjorie Cohn: US Illegally Evicts Protectors From Venezuelan Embassy

On May 16, law enforcement agents broke into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., and arrested the four remaining members of the Embassy Protection Collective. “We denounce these arrests, as the people inside were there with our permission, and we consider it a violation of the Vienna Conventions,” Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Ron said. For 36 days, Read more…

Vijay Prashad: The Plot to Kill Venezuela

And who is caught between an economy reliant on oil revenues and a sanctions regime designed to create suffering? The people caught in the squeeze of factors beyond their control

Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Sanctions Have Devastated Venezuela

More than 40,000 people have died in Venezuela since 2017 as a result of U.S. sanctions, according to a new report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Ricardo Vaz: Venezuelan Military Putsch Defeated

Opposition protesters clashed with security forces while government supporters swiftly mobilized to defend the presidential palace

Lucas Koerner: Venezuelans Hold Rival Marches for Workers’ Day

Pompeo Threatens ‘Military Action’

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