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Steve Ellner: Trump’s Second Thoughts on Juan Guaido are Not Enough

After the president’s change of heart on Venezuela, and the waning of Juan Guaidó and his party, the entire Washington political establishment have a lot of explaining to do

Luis Salas: Venezuela’s Economy Under Siege

A polemical economist reflects on the government’s policies in the face of harsh sanctions, including its general tendency toward dollarization.

Ken Livingstone: The UK is trying to meddle in Latin America once more

A look at British complicity in Trump’s regime change agenda

Lucas Koerner: WOLA: Media’s ‘Left’ Source for Pro-Coup Propaganda in Venezuela

The US blockade is a naked expression of imperial might, which WOLA and other Western propaganda amplifiers hide behind empty rhetoric about “democracy” and “human rights.”

John Pilger: The CIA Coup Against ‘The Most Loyal Ally’ Is History’s Warning In 2020

In Donald Trump’s current provocations of China, the US bases in Australia are described as the “tip of the spear”

Mehdi Hasan: The “Coup” Attempt in Venezuela Seems Ridiculous

We do not know whether Trump and Co. were involved in the Goudreau-inspired attempted attack on Maduro. What we do know, though, is that they continue to try and starve and bully Venezuela into submission

Michael Doliner: The Venezuela Kerfuffle and the Secret Team

This incident casts light on the apparently inevitable Keystone Cops flavor of CIA operations

Steve Ellner: On The Latest Failed Attempt To Topple Nicolas Maduro

To understand the workings of this latest botched Venezuelan regime-change scheme by a 60-man sea-borne assault group from Colombia, it’s necessary to take into account the fragmentation among Venezuelan opposition extremists

Leonardo Flores: Trump’s Narcoterrorism Indictment of Maduro Already Backfires

The indictments are another brick in the foundation for a pretext for either a direct U.S. military invasion or a proxy war

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Evo Morales: An Indian out of place

The dramatic events in Bolivia in recent months have followed an imperial script that Latin Americans are becoming more and more familiar with, and which consists in paving the way for the replacing of a democratic government deemed hostile to the interests of the United States

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