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Sujatha Fernandes: Trump’s Cold War Towards Cuba

The State Department announced a tightening of the US economic embargo against Cuba, which hurts average Cubans and reverts to failed Cold War policies

Mark Weisbrot: Doubling Down on Sanctions for Venezuela

This is not “democracy promotion,” it is regime change, by any means necessary

Mark Weisbrot: US Sanctions on Venezuela

Venezuela’s recession is making it difficult for the country to meet its debt payments, but US sanctions are making a difficult task almost impossible

Yves Engler: Regime change in Venezuela

Dismissing criticism of Ottawa’s regime change efforts in Venezuela by claiming Canada has been a benevolent international actor is wholly unconvincing

Yves Engler: Canada tries to oust Maduro

Alongside Washington and Venezuela’s elite, the Trudeau government is seeking to oust President Nicolás Maduro

Justin Podur: Media Not Telling Truth About Venezuela

A right-wing insurgency, with the United States’ backing, threatens a fragile democracy

J. F. Conway: Venezuela: Target of Economic Warfare

One reason Maduro is so despised by the opposition is that he refuses to follow the neoliberal economic prescription of austerity, privatization, deregulation, etc.

Eva Golinger: Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil

There is a long history of Washington meddling in the affairs of Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot: Convicted of Corruption on Flimsy Evidence

Lula da Silva and his Workers’ Party are an affront to the country’s traditional elite—which is itself mired in corruption—so they want to destroy him by any means necessary

Shamus Cooke: Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution

A “red tide” can rejuvenate the revolutionary forces across the hemisphere and easily drown out the recent victories of various counter-revolutions

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