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Jen Kirby: Brazil Escaped a January 6-Style Insurrection — For Now

Bolsonaro’s September 7 rally made clear the crisis of Brazilian democracy isn’t over

Thomas Klikauer: Germany’s Identitarian Movement

Germany’s semi-fascist Identitarian Movement, like all right-wing extremists and adjacent Neo-Nazis, rejects the democratic order of Germany fighting with public stunts and violent force against democracy

Then24: World leaders warn “fears of a coup” September 7 in Brazil

Former presidents, academics, and world leaders cautioned that on September 7, 2021 “an insurrection will endanger democracy in Brazil”

Andrew Fishman: Bolsonaro’s Pro-Coup Rally: September 7 Is Shaping Up to Be Brazil’s January 6

With his reelection prospects dimming, Bolsonaro’s supporters are ramping up their version of the pro-Trump rally that led to the Capitol riot

Matthew Rozsa: McCarthy was never defeated — Trump now leads the movement he created

McCarthy dreamed of a right-wing movement rooted in bigotry, demagoguery and false accusations. Well, here it is

John Feffer: Saving Democracy by Destroying It

America desperately needs a dose of its own medicine of democracy promotion

George Monbiot: How to Rule Forever

From silencing opponents to spying on citizens, the world’s authoritarians are refining a strategy for perpetual rule

John Feffer: Does the Future Belong to the Taliban?

Afghanistan is not the only place at risk of takeover by extremists

Nick Licata: Trumpite Multimillionaires Push White Ethnic Nationalism

Appealing to aggrieved white Americans and frightened wealthy Americans is a dynamite formula for blowing up our democracy’s institutions

Norman Solomon: Corporate Liberalism Is No Match for Trumpism

A vital challenge for progressives is to not only block Republican agendas but also to effectively campaign for policy changes that go far beyond the talking points of current Democratic leaders

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