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Pepe Escobar: Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, a woman of honor, confronts Senate of scoundrels

Non-stop back room deals are in progress as we speak. The only certainty ahead is the assassination of democratic and constitutional rights and the smashing of social programs

Glenn Greenwald: The Olympics May Be Over, But the Anger, Disillusionment Among Brazilians Remains High

The Olympics have wrapped up in Rio, leaving Brazilians with a massive debt from the Games and an ongoing financial crisis. For more on the current situation, we speak with Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and co-founder of The Intercept. He has recently helped launch a new Intercept bureau in Brazil. AMY GOODMAN: This is Read more…

Joao Pedro Stedile: “Lula’s candidacy is not enough, we have to present a new project that can overcome neo-developmentalism, which has already been exhausted”

To talk to Joao Pedro Stédile is to talk to one the the most lucid leaders of the Brazilian left, who does not surrender despite the complexities of the current scenario after the neoliberal coup. Founder and leader of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) for the past 3 decades, he is one of the many Read more…

Azadeh Shahshahani: An International Tribunal Declares the Impeachment of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff an Illegitimate Coup

The grounds for it are baseless, and many of the legislators pushing it are themselves under indictment for serious crimes

Joris Leverink: Fabricating illusions of people power in post-coup Turkey

Nationalist sentiment, mass rallies and divisive politics have dangerously polarized Turkish society in the weeks since the failed coup attempt

Richard Falk: The Sky Above Turkey

[Prefatory Note: An earlier version was published by Middle East Eye on August 10, 2016. It seems so important at this time for the sake of the future of Turkey that the West look at the country and its political circumstances in a far more balanced way than how the situation has been portrayed since the Read more…

Richard Falk: Human rights and the failed coup in Turkey

It is quite possible that present tendencies toward a more inclusive democracy will continue, and at the same time, denials of human rights are almost certain to persist, and justify scrutiny and vigilance

Richard Falk: Aftermath of Political Ruptures: Iran, Egypt, Turkey

Comparing these political ruptures is instructive with respect to grasping what works and what fails when it comes to transformative politics that are variously engineered from below, from above, from without

Glenn Greenwald: Bernie Sanders Denounces Brazil’s Impeachment as Undemocratic, Calls for New Elections

Sanders’ statement is strong and unequivocal. Perhaps most significant is his call for the U.S. Government to “demand that this dispute be settled with democratic elections”

Joao Pedro Stedile: We have to present a new project that can overcome neo-developmentalism

The crisis opens up a new time of change

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