Category: Foreign Policy

Jonathan Cook: Syria, ‘experts’ and George Monbiot

Avoiding being railroaded…

Michael T. Klare: The Trump Doctrine

Making Nuclear Weapons Usable Again

Sujatha Fernandes: Trump’s Cold War Towards Cuba

The State Department announced a tightening of the US economic embargo against Cuba, which hurts average Cubans and reverts to failed Cold War policies

Pete Dolack: An Honest Conversation About Vietnam

More than four decades past the end of that imperialist adventure, having a serious discussion about it remains taboo.

Medea Benjamin: Trump Cracks Down on Cuba

“Our failed embargo against Cuba has been repeatedly and publicly condemned by the international community as ineffective and harmful to the people of Cuba.”

Mark Weisbrot: Doubling Down on Sanctions for Venezuela

This is not “democracy promotion,” it is regime change, by any means necessary

William rivers Pitt: US, Africa and a New Century of War

For a military industrial complex always greedy for more “markets” to exploit, Africa represents a whole new frontier of possibilities

Danny Sjursen: Congress’s Romance with Cowardice

War Without War Powers (the Not-So-New American Way)

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s best new policy in the Middle East

We often forget that at any one time there are several governments and opposition movements trying to lure the US into a war with its enemies by demonising them as a threat to the world

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Is Killing Record Numbers of Civilians

In March alone, the Trump administration killed 1,000 civilians in Iraq and Syria

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