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Mike Ferner: Love in a Dangerous Time

If we can expand our consciousness and compassion, we can begin to comprehend our government’s behavior in the world and come out of this pandemic demanding to be better members of the human family

Kevin Martin: Social distancing? Peace and social justice demand more coming together, not more distancing

Let’s get all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis

Ilhan Omar: ‘Pathway to Peace’ Would Revolutionize US Foreign Policy

The seven bills would steer US foreign policy towards international norms and remove support for human rights violators. While the chances are slim that these bills will pass, they outline a progressive foreign policy.

John Feffer: Cleaning Up Trump’s Global Mess

Democratic candidates offer a wide range of foreign policy views. These won’t decide the election, but they could have a huge post-Trump impact

Melvin A. Goodman: The Real John Bolton

It is useful to have Bolton’s testimony at the climactic moment in the current impeachment trial, but it should’t blind us to his deceit and disinformation over his thirty years of opposition to U.S. international diplomacy

Robert Fisk: Iran has been changed forever by admitting its great mistake

Now let’s remember that we in the West have grown so used to our own dishonesty – and being caught out – that we scarcely flinch at the word “lie”

Phyllis Bennis: Support for Combat Troop Withdrawal Is Not Enough

I thought that was an important advance, that there’s a recognition of where the entire base of half this country is, which is strongly against wars

Juan Cole: Iraqi PM ‘Categorically Rejects’ Trump Admin. Strikes

My guess is that the Iraqi parliament will at some point in the coming year kick US troops out of Iraq as a result of these strikes on a component of that parliament

Kristin Henderson: A Feminist Alternative to Trump’s Chest Beating on Iran

Foreign policy should prioritize the needs of ordinary civilians and civil society — and wars of choice should always be off the table

Noam Chomsky: The Foreign Policy of a Con Man

The Republican “radical insurgency,” as it was called several years ago by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, has gone far off the traditional rails under Trump

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