Category: Foreign Policy

John Feffer: Trump’s Foreign Policy of One

From the G-7 dustup to the flashy photo shoot with Kim Jong-Un, U.S. foreign policy is now determined solely by the president’s pettiest personal preferences

Kevin Zeese: The Foundation For International Justice Is Anti-Imperialism

If we ground ourselves in anti-imperialism, we will not be as easily misled. We must respect the sovereignty of other nations and support popular struggles without promoting US intervention

John Feffer: How Trump’s Racism Affects Foreign Policy

The Trump movement uses racism and immigration to turn the Roseanne Barrs of the world from eco-feminists to Trump supporters

Glenn Greenwald: Trump and NSA Surveillance

Interview on Donald Trump, NSA Surveillance, Facebook Scandal, Russiagate, Syria, Israel, Gaza & Yemen

Noam Chomsky: International Solidarity in the Nuclear Age

Interview on the state of nuclear geopolitics, international solidarity and more

Lee Wengraf: The new imperial scramble for Africa

The rush for profits, economic volatility and militarization across Africa promises only instability, rising exploitation and violence

John Feffer: The Bolton Administration Has Already Begun

The hard-right national security adviser successfully tanked the Iran deal. His next target? The North Korea talks

David Swanson: Exploiting ‘American Exceptionalism’ to Justify War

Interview on how American nationalism and the myth of US superiority is used to justify hyper-militarism and capitalist oppression

Danny Sjursen: War and the Imperial Presidency

Congress Offers a Bipartisan Blank Check to Donald Trump

Juan Cole: Pompeo Talks tough against Russia, Iran

As proof that the Iran deal is Pompeo’s primary target and first priority, his itinerary now takes him to Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia

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