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Bernie Sanders: Building a common humanity

“In my view, the United States must seek partnerships not just between governments, but between peoples.”

Paul Atwood: Korea? It’s About China

How many citizens have ever asked themselves what the United States is doing in Korea in the first place? In November of 1945, two months after the surrender of Japan, Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall spoke to President Truman and the chief figures of his cabinet about his fears of a “the tragic Read more…

Ryan Lizza: Dizzying Trump-Russia Revelations

The possible outcomes of the Russia investigation have always been wildly divergent. On one end of the spectrum, it is possible that the Russian government penetrated deep inside the Trump campaign—perhaps with the candidate’s knowledge—and the two entities knowingly colluded in a clearly illegal and perhaps treasonous manner, which could lead to a delegitimization of Read more…

Bill Berkowitz: Meddling in Venezuela, and Throughout Latin America

As early as 1998, Cedice Libertad, Atlas’s flagship think tank in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, received regular financial support from the Center for International Private Enterprise. In one grant letter, NED funds marked for Cedice are listed to help advocate ‘a change in government.’

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Dictators and Double Standards

A blatant double standard can be seen when we compare coverage of Kagame and leaders who have been defiant of the West such as the late Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

John Feffer: Time to Deal With North Korea

North Korea has demonstrated that it’s quite pragmatic. It will work with anyone — churches, multinational corporations — if it’s a win-win deal

John Wight: Trump at the UN

Nuremberg Redux

Phyllis Bennis: Trump’s Threat is Illegal

Donald Trump’s comments at the UN General Assembly violate international law, and the world should hold him to account

Gregory Elich: Trump’s War on the North Korean People

It is not diplomacy that the Trump administration seeks, but to crush North Korea

Lawrence Wilkerson: Here We Go Again

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s distortions are an attempt to prepare conditions for war against Iran

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