Category: Foreign Policy

Ramzy Baroud: The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel from Itself

Israel has laid out its dark vision. Palestinians must present the antithesis to that destructive vision: a road map towards justice, equality and peace for all

Conn Hallinan: Of Trump, Vipers & Foreign Policy

This is an administration that thrives on turmoil, always an easier place to rule from than order

Danny Sjursen: How We Got Here

The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos

Joe Emersberger: Trump, Like Obama and Bush, Pursues ‘Regime Change’ in Venezuela

The U.S. government’s targeting of Venezuela’s vice president is just the latest episode in ongoing attempts to subvert Venezuelan democracy

John Feffer: Will Trump Complete the Pivot to Asia?

Trump guided his business empire into bankruptcy an extraordinary six times in the past. Asians should obviously think twice about linking arms with such a volatile political ally and such an unreliable business partner

Michael T. Klare: America Third: Donald Trump Is Giving the Phrase “Multipolar World” New Meaning

For all his talk of placing America’s interests first, Donald Trump appears to be advancing the interests of China and Russia

Patrick Cockburn: Donald Trump will spark a war with Iran – which is great news for Isis

A confrontation will probably come in a year or two, when previous policies conceived under Obama have run their course. Trump may feel that he has to show how much tougher he is than his predecessor

Rajan Menon: Is President Trump Headed for a War with China?

All Options Are “On The Table”

Robert Fisk: Despite appearances, Israel is in for a rough ride under Donald Trump

They might get the US embassy moved to Jerusalem – but they might also be very worried that Steve Bannon is going to provoke a war with Iran

John Feffer: Steven Bannon’s Real Vision Isn’t America First. It’s America Alone.

How long will the wealthy of Wall Street and the well-connected of Washington continue to follow Bannon and company down this road of reactionary revolution?

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