Category: Foreign Policy

Gary Olson: The Empire, Trump and Intra-Ruling Class Conflict

Today, we see promising political fissures developing, especially within the rising generation, and it’s our responsibility to help deepen and widen these openings through whatever means at our disposal

Andrew J. Bacevich: False Security

Donald Trump and the Ten Commandments (Plus One) of the National Security State

Allegra Harpootlian: Why I Weep While I Work

Or What It Means to Experience America’s Wars From a Computer Screen Away

Harry Targ: U.S. Foreign Policy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

How does the peace movement participate in the construction of a progressive majority that justifiably seeks to overturn the Trump era and all that it stands for: climate disaster, growing economic inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, and hybrid war?

John Feffer: Trump’s Endless Wars

Trump’s not bringing the troops home. He’s been haphazardly deploying more troops, drones, and dollars abroad, while waging a shadow foreign policy for his own benefit

John Feffer: The Collapse of the East Asian Order

With Japan and South Korea in the middle of a feud, East Asia is on the verge of a serious unraveling

Andrew J. Bacevich: “Trump Specializes In Showmanship Not Statecraft”

Understand that the very notion of principles is alien to Trump’s make-up. He is, therefore, incapable acting in a consistent fashion pursuant to some larger sense of purpose. So he makes things up as he goes along

Juan Cole: Trump Has been Waging a Brutal War on Iran for over a Year

The economic war Trump launched on Iran acts as a blockade

Robert Mackey: Trump Calls His Own Offer of Iran Talks “Fake News”

Trump’s rage at the news media for accurately reporting his prior comments came just minutes after he informed Americans that he had put the United States military at the disposal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Michael Hudson: U.S. Economic Warfare and Likely Foreign Defenses

The rules of international law and order put in place toward the end of World War II are being broken by U.S. foreign policy escalating its confrontation with countries that refrain from giving its companies control of their economic surpluses

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