Category: Foreign Policy

Medea Benjamin: Trump Must Choose Between a Global Ceasefire and America’s Long Lost Wars

Like his predecessors from Truman to Obama, Trump has been caught in the trap of America’s blind, deluded militarism

Morgan Palumbo: How the Saudis, the Qataris, and the Emiratis Took Washington

A Monumental Lobbying Battle Over American Foreign Policy

Prabir Purkayastha: American Exceptionalism May Be Pushing World into Most Dangerous Period Ever

The U.S. continues to pour its money into military technology and its political energy into defense strategies against what it perceives as threats to its global hegemony from China and Russia—even during a pandemic

Kathy Kelly: Our Disaster

Why the United States bears responsibility for Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

John Feffer: Trump’s ‘Uncreative Destruction’ of the U.S.-China Relationship

Trump’s economic war on China comes in the shadow of an even deadlier military escalation. And it may not stop after November, no matter who wins the election

Danny Sjursen: The Coming of a Social-Distancing Version of War

The Future of Forever War, American-Style

Richard Falk: Arms Control & Disarmament: A Failed Marriage

The linkages between contagious disease and climate change is too evident to ignore

Lucas Koerner: Trump Claims to Have Venezuela ‘Surrounded’ as Iranian Tankers Approach

Venezuela’s armed forces will escort the vessels upon reaching territorial waters.

Conn Hallinan: Plague & War

Military Spending and the Pandemic

Phyllis Bennis: Sanctions in the Era of Pandemic

From Venezuela to Iran, Washington’s illegal and inhumane economic sanctions are putting millions of lives at risk

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