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Sandy Tolan: Throwing in the Towel

What the Bankruptcy of White House Policy Means for the Israelis and Palestinians

David Swanson: Will the Gulf of Tonkin Fit into the Red Sea?

Just a geography question. Or maybe it’s a different sort of question. Do a web search for “USS Mason” and you will find countless “news” reports about how this poor innocent U.S. ship has been fired upon, and fired upon again, and how it has fired back “countermeasures” in self-defense. But you might stumble onto Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Isis

There is a bizarre discontinuity between what the Obama administration knew about the jihadis and what they would say in public

David Swanson: White Helmets More Gray

“People always think something’s all true.” —Holden Caulfield When a wonderful program like Democracy Now does a story on the White Helmets in Syria, the problem is not that the White Helmets don’t exist, or that they’re not rescuing anyone, or that they’re actually filmed in Los Angeles — all of which is ridiculously untrue. Read more…

John Feffer: Trump the Arsonist

Evangelicals, Survivalists, the Alt-Right, and Hurricane Donald

Dae-Han Song: Exposing the devil: US foreign policy towards Latin America

To properly understand the crises facing progressive parties in Latin America, we must distinguish between its own internal contradictions and those created and instigated by the United States

Phyllis Bennis: In Second Presidential Debate, Clinton Escalates Her Call for Military Solution in Syria

Interview on the foreign policy aspects of the second presidential debate

Robert Fisk: The invasion of Afghanistan 15 years ago was an arrogant, wretched adventure that caused a migrant crisis

Afghanistan will not become Islamistan or even Talibanistan. It will, when the West finally packs up and leaves, become Mafiastan. Perhaps it already is

Pepe Escobar: Why the New Silk Roads terrify Washington

US global hegemony must always be perceived as an irremovable force of nature, like death and taxes

Chris Hedges: The Empire Strikes Back

Corporate leviathans and the imperialist agencies that work on their behalf are once again reshaping Latin America into havens for corporate exploitation

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