Category: Repression

Francine Prose: When Librarians Are Silenced

Whatever the outcome, the case adds to a growing history of attacks on libraries—simply for upholding the bedrock values that have historically made them so important

Neve Gordon: Israel’s boycott hypocrisy

How Israel criminalizes BDS while boycotting Palestinian Knesset members

Gilbert Achcar: Standing Against Barbarism

Both the Syrian regime and the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen aim to bury the aspirations of the Arab Spring

Richard Falk: Richard Falk: ‘History is on the side of the Palestinians’

“Apartheid, annexation, mass displacement and collective punishment have become core policies of the state of Israel.” Such a clear and uncompromising statement may be unusual for a high-flying academic and former top UN official, but it is typical of Richard Falk. With his tall, spare frame, neatly trimmed white beard and quiet, scholarly demeanour, Falk Read more…

Badri Raina: Fatal Choice

Are you a gentle rationalist? I am a GR too; Then there is two of us, don’t tell, They would kill us, you know. Being a rationalist or nationalist Involves a fatal choice Between the perils of a reasoned life And the supremacy of noise. Soon there will be policy To incarcerate the birds For Read more…

Jim Naureckas: North Dakota’s War on 1st Amendment Goes From Bad to Worse

North Dakota State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson has dropped criminal trespassing charges against Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman—and is instead seeking to charge her with participating in a riot, Democracy Now! (10/15/16) reported today. Both sets of charges relate to Goodman’s coverage of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline project, which is opposed by a Native American–led Read more…

Greg McKelvey: Portland, Oregon Under Siege: Calling on Mayor Charlie Hales to Resign

Open Letter to Portland Mayor Charlie Hales, My name is Gregory Robert McKelvey. I am a 23-year-old law student, campaign manager and activist. I am also a born and raised Portlander. During the past few years I have been organizing with groups such as Don’t Shoot Portland, which fights for justice in this city. During Read more…

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Its’ Not Just Racism, but also Militarization at the Heart of Police Brutality

The Tulsa Police Department from 1990 to 2014 received over $700,000 in military equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 Program, and the Sherriff’s office another $817,681

Richard Falk: Why Okinawa Should Matter

When we raise questions about the future of Okinawa, we come face to face with the role and responsibility of global civil society

Ramzy Baroud: The convoluted discourse: Was the Women’s Boat to Gaza an existential threat?

It seems that the stronger Israel becomes, the larger in size and more destructive in its military capabilities, the weaker and more threatened it perceives itself

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