Category: Repression

Ramzy Baroud: 70 Years of Broken Promises

The Untold Story of the Partition Plan

Jonathan Cook: Trump’s ‘ultimate deal’

The long wait appears to be coming to an end on Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal”, one supposedly capable of unlocking the impasse between Israel and the Palestinians

Kevin Zeese: Dissent Under Attack

Every attack must be turned into an opportunity for us to build the strength of people power

Chris Slee: Understanding Abdullah Ocalan

Abdullah Ocalan has been held in a Turkish prison on Imrali Island since 1998

Yael Bromberg: Punishing Dissent

Defendants are facing over 60 years in prison

Roberto Rodriguez: Police Violence Persists

Though Most Media Have Stopped Paying Attention

Common Dreams Staff: ‘Freedom for the Political Prisoners’

Hundreds of Thousands March in Barcelona

Andre Damon: US brands RT a “foreign agent”

A chilling move against free speech

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard: Expanding Crackdown on the Left

The reality of how things play out in the United States is that he right-wing can walk proudly around with guns, and the left, which is really, really peaceful in the United States, is met with extreme repression

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Creeping Annexation’

Why Israel Shelved the ‘Greater Jerusalem Law’

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