Category: Repression

Jakeet Singh: If Governments Believe So Much in Nonviolence, They Should Try It

Important questions are being raised about why the police seem so much less skilled in nonviolent techniques of de-escalation and conflict resolution than the average bartender, ambulance attendant and social worker

George Monbiot: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Are Trump and Johnson paving the way for fascism, or for something different, but just as bad?

Andrew Moss: The Language of Vote Suppression

The injustices in our electoral system present an enormous, continuing task:  to challenge the lies, the racism, and the specific practices of vote suppression – while still motivating voters, particularly young voters, to cast their ballots and secure full representation as citizens of their communities and of the nation

Ryan Grim: J Street Facing New Pressure to Back Conditioning Aid to Israel

More than 1,000 former and current members of J Street U are calling on the group’s leadership to get behind a legislative effort to condition funding of the state of Israel if it goes forward with illegally annexing Palestinian territory

Kenneth Surin: UK’s Labour Leader Sacks Most Left-Wing Member of His Shadow Cabinet

At these conferences Minnesota police were instructed in the brutal techniques used by Israeli forces as they coerce and terrorize Palestinians living in the occupied territories under the pretense of security operations

Robert P. Alvarez: Land of the Unfree

This July 4, let’s lay claim to the freedom and equality we’ve celebrated for centuries, but seldom practiced

Bianca Sierra Wolff: ICE is Leaving Immigrants to Die in Detention

And Retaliating When They Speak Out

Juan Cole: Sanders, AOC, Tlaib Threaten to Cut Israeli Funding

The letter is a turning point in US-Israeli relations since 1967, during which the American public and political elite has been happy to support Israeli colonization of the Palestinians

Ryan Devereaux: How the NYPD Weaponized a Curfew Against Protesters and Residents

“I can’t forget his look. His eyes. The way he was looking at everybody, like he was disgusted and hated everybody.” It seemed that no matter what you do, Blue said, “they’re going to treat you like an enemy.”

Chris Hedges: My Student Comes Home

In 1990, Lawrence Bell was 14, orphaned and living in an abandoned house when three Camden cops pressured him to sign a confession of murder. Sunday, thanks to the dogged work of his laywer, he was freed.

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