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Sonali Kolhatkar: Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It?

The GOP and Trump deserve one another and have maintained a symbiotic relationship that has devastated the nation

Noam Chomsky: Coup Attempt Hit Closer to Centers of Power Than Hitler’s 1923 Putsch

Whatever the fate of the individual, Trumpism will not be so easily contained. Its roots are deep

Jonathan Cook: Immunity passports: Does social solidarity only count when it gets us back to the pub?

The ethics of immunity passports, or vaccine apartheid, depends on a wider debate about what our societies mean – and what they obscure – when they discuss issues of trust, the public good and social solidarity

Brett Wilkins: ‘Reprehensible Power Grab’

“Georgia Republicans didn’t like the results of the 2020 election so they decided they would try to dictate who they will let vote and who they won’t let vote.”

Masha Gessen: Trump’s Strategy for Returning to Power Is Already Clear

Speaking at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend, the former President positioned himself and his audience as the only true Americans

Ilyasah Shabazz: “We Want the Truth Uncovered”

Malcolm X’s Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz Backs New Probe into Assassination

Naomi Klein: India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech

Tech giants like Google and Facebook appear to be aiding and abetting a vicious government campaign against Indian climate activists

Jesse Jackson: Our Fundamental Right to Vote Is Under Attack

In state after state, Republicans want to suppress voting because they know they are a minority party. It took decades to overcome the Jim Crow laws imposed at the end of Reconstruction. We can’t wait decades this time

Alexander C. Kaufman: Four More States Propose Harsh New Penalties For Protesting Fossil Fuels

Industry-designed bills to silence climate protests are under consideration in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota and Montana. More are likely to come

Sameena Rahman: Deathbed confession shines new light on assassination of Malcolm X

FBI, NYPD exposed

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