Category: Repression

Shane Burley: As the far-right descends, police target counter-protesters

As anger around the continuing far-right street action and police overreach grows, it is likely that this groundswell in Portland — and across the country, in what has been given the hashtag #AllOutAugust — will only escalate

Sam Levin: Berkeley police publish activists’ names and photos

Unusual release of arrested demonstrators’ identities could fuel harassment and abuse

Michael Wilson Becerril: How Gold Mining Companies Stifle Opposition in Peru

Multinational mining corporations in northern Peru have devised a number of strategies for suppressing environmental activism and protest, from strategic investment to media relations to outright intimidation and repression

Richard Frankel: Comparing Trump to Hitler: “My resistance … is being overcome”

New research suggests that Trump’s supporters are so motivated by racism and bigotry that they may willing to overturn American democracy so that white Christians like themselves can maintain continued power

Juan Cole: Top 5 Things Ahed Tamimi Learned in Colonial Israeli Prison

Amazingly, Tamimi used the experience of being jailed, as many colonial subjects in imperial detention cells have–including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi–to her advantage

Charles Glass: Oil, Spies and Audiotape in East Timor

If the trial proceeds in camera and the court finds Collaery and Witness K guilty, they will join the legion of civil servants whose commitment to better government got them imprisoned

Sajjad Hussain: Pashtun Lives Matter

In Pakistan, the police killing of a Pashtun social media star stirred a popular uprising for democracy and demilitarization

Noam Chomsky: The Resurgence of Political Authoritarianism

Honest, dedicated, courageous and persistent engagement, ranging from education and organization to direct activism, carefully honed for effectiveness under prevailing circumstances

Charlotte Mitchell: 2017 was deadliest year for environmental activism

At least 207 activists were killed, with Brazil, the Philippines and Colombia named as the most dangerous countries

Ramzy Baroud: Jewish Nation-state Law: Why Israel Was Never a Democracy

There is no escaping the moral imperative now. Those who insist on supporting Israel must know that they are supporting an unabashed Apartheid regime

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