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Glenn Greenwald: CIA Document From WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today’s U.S. Politics and Wars

The Agency knew that their best asset for selling their wars was Barack Obama — the same reason so many in the security state were eager to get rid of Donald Trump

Shani Saxon: Florida Sheriff’s Target Schoolchildren as Future Criminals Based on Abuse History

Former deputies told the news outlet that “they were ordered to harass people on the target list by visiting their homes repeatedly and looking for reasons to write tickets and make arrests. One in 10 of the people targeted have been teenagers.” 

Jack Rasmus: US Political Crisis Just Entered More Dangerous Phase

Not only can the Electoral College thwart the popular vote for president; but there are even more nefarious ways for political elites to circumvent the Electoral College if they don’t like it

William rivers Pitt: Trump Is Sowing Chaos in His Wild Bid to Cling to an Unsalvageable Presidency

The remarkable, horrifying, astonishing silence of the Republican party in the face of this massive broad-daylight mega-scandal leaves me almost breathless with rage

Marjorie Cohn: Will Trump’s Attempted Electoral Coup Succeed?

The results of the election must be honored and the presidency awarded to Joe Biden. Hopefully, that will be accomplished with all deliberate speed and the absence of bloodshed

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Fascism 2.0: An intensive course

Polarization against the 1 percent is purely rhetorical, its sole aim being to mask the real, democracy-vs-fascism 2.0 polarization, so that fascism may prevail democratically

Elise Swain: Anti-Nuclear Pacifists Get Federal Prison Terms for Nonviolent Protest

The most dedicated peace activists you’ve never heard of are headed to federal prison amid a deadly pandemic

Ralph Nader: Trump’s Crime Wave Continues: Requires Biden Special Prosecutor

What Trump would like to do, health permitting is make tons of money from all his presidential favors, continue to control the GOP with mass rallies,  mass media coverage, and his own media company, and run for president in 2024

Naomi Klein: Now We Have to Fight Trump’s Tin-Pot Coup — and Biden’s Worst Instincts

Republicans keep finding new ways to tell us that they don’t believe in democracy, and we should believe them

Danica Jorden: Police Fire on Femicide Protest in Cancún

The details were sickening and at the same time so familiar. Another young woman missing, raped, murdered and mutilated

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