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    Moyers: The GOP in Sickness and Ill Health

    Two days later, Trump was at it again, beating his chest and tweeting like a vengeful god who bruises easily, this time directing his tirades at the real villains—his fellow Republicans, right-wing think tanks and especially the roughly three dozen members of the so-called “Freedom Caucus,” the most extreme conservatives in the House.

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    Chomsky: U.S. Health System

    Article 25 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) states that the right to health care is indeed a human right. Yet, it is estimated that close to 30 million Americans remain uninsured even with the ACA in place.

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    Cole: Trump’s Plan for Women

    The Hill reports that the Trump budget may well slash Federal funding for the 25 programs that grew out of the Violence against Women Act.

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    Jones: The War at Home

    To force the VA to use its drugs, Big Pharma set up dummy foundations and turned to existing veterans’ organizations for support

  • Winship: Big Business, Congress, and the EpiPen

    Cash and carry has become nothing more than standard operating procedure in politics and government, and it’s wrecking the republic. The whole system is rotten to the core

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