Category: Reimagining Society

Juan Lenzo: The Communard Union, Chávez’s Ideas in Action

A grassroots organization is re-politicizing and reactivating communal initiatives

Eric Toussaint: To Address Inequality and Global Poverty, We Must Cancel Debt

In the present day, the socialist project must be feminist, ecologist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, internationalist and self-governing

Federico Fuentes: ‘Commune or nothing’

New laws reignite old debates over communal power in Venezuela

Christos Giovanopoulos: Resistance and aid

Inclusive and participatory forms of self-organising rendered solidarity a gesture of personal and collective empowerment in Greece

Ramazan Mendanlioglu: Rojava’s everyday democracy

Drawing on first-hand experience in Rojava, Ramazan Mendanlioglu explores how radical decentralisation and self-administration look in practice

Cooper Sperling: My Generation

This is a call to anyone listening that we must do better than those who have come before us and we must usher in a new wave of commitment, vision, and strategy than has ever been seen before

Kate Shea Baird: What happened to the municipalists in Spain?

For four years, municipalists held power in cities across Spain. Their successes and setbacks hold important lessons for municipalist activists and organizers today

Real Utopia: Real Utopia: Foundation for a Participatory Society

We believe that Participatory Society is by far the most important formulation for radical-progressive social transformation around today

Jumanah Younis: The communal cooking pot

In Chile, community food networks and mutual aid tell us that the revolution starts close to home

Luke Ottenhof: What is a solidarity economy — and can it save us from capitalism?

“Mutual aid has to exist because our other systems are so deeply failing us.”

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