Category: Reimagining Society

Rivera Sun: Blockade the Gangplanks of the Titanic!

An Essay of the Man From the North

Anders Sandstrom: Ways Forward for the Left

The Left has lost much of its influence since the 1980s. Neoliberalism has taken over both theory and practice, and achieved many of its goals. Services that were previously public, such as health care, education and social services, have been privatized or market exposed, finance and labour markets have been deregulated, taxes have been cut, Read more…

George Lakey: How Maine climate activists found their power potential

Moving past one-off protests

Hamza Hamouchene: Tunisia: protesting austerity, demanding sovereignty

The recent protests show that Tunisia is still a cauldron of popular resistance against neoliberal and neo-colonial attacks on the country’s sovereignty

Jim Hightower: The South Is Rising Again

From Alabama to Mississippi, young progressives are turning the tide

George Monbiot: Revolt of the Robots

It’s untenable to let salaried work define us. In the future, what we do for society unpaid should be at least as important

James L. VanHise: The Lonely Struggle: A Tribute To Gene Sharp

“If we take wise and responsible steps in the coming years, the future will reveal achievements beyond what we can now imagine”

Anthony Dimaggio: The Limits of #MeToo

Sectionalism, Economism, and “Identity Politics” on the Left

Pete Dolack: Future Societies in Fiction

It is nice to have stimulating fiction that works not only as a fine read, but allows us to think about the possibilities along the way

Arundhati Roy: The NGO-ization of resistance

The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job. With a few perks thrown in

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