Category: Reimagining Society

George Lakey: What the US can learn from Scandinavia in the struggle against inequality

Interview on how social movements won and secured momentous victories over the long haul, and what lessons activists in the United States can take from their example to re-energize their efforts here

Clarence Lang: Framing a Transformative Vision for Black Lives

If the course of African American history has taught us anything, it is that even the boldest freedom dreams warrant our serious contemplation

Marta Harnecker: The best homage we can pay Fidel: look outward together in the same direction

The maximum social forces had to be united to overthrow the dictatorship. That meant uniting not only the revolutionary classes and sectors, but also the reformist sectors and even those reactionary sectors that had even the slightest contradiction with Batista

Vijay Prashad: The Arab Spring Gave Us a Tantalizing Glimpse of Political Revolution – When Will Our Dreams Come True?

An excerpt from Vijay Prashad’s new book, The Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution

Alain Savard: Keeping the Student Strike Alive

Quebec’s massive student strikes emerged from an organizing model that constantly trains new generations of activists

Walden Bello: Revisiting the lessons of the Battle of Seattle and its aftermath

Some reflections on the meaning of Seattle for change in knowledge systems, a discussion of how despite the deep crisis of neoliberalism, finance capital has managed to retain tremendous power and an appeal for a new comprehensive vision of the desirable society

Michael Albert: Support and Improve “Our Revolution”

The potential of “Our Revolution” is far too great for those who want to sustain and expand the Sanders momentum to watch from the side

Ted Glick: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Stein and Beyond

Some guiding principles for the work which must be undertaken in earnest after the November elections to build an independent, democratic, progressive mass organization

Various Contributors: Beyond Bernie: What’s next for the left?

Some thoughts on the aftermath of the Sanders campaign and the job of the left in the post-Sanders period

Brian Martin: A look at the newest additions to the nonviolence canon

Interest in nonviolent action is greater today than it ever has been. This is reflected in the number and sophistication of nonviolent campaigns, in media coverage and popular understanding — as well as a spate of new books, several of which were published last year. Decades ago, really good books in the area were uncommon. Read more…

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