Category: Reimagining Society

Arun Gupta: Occupy Wall Street Trained a Generation in Class War

How OWS shaped a decade of dramatic protests and why it has run its course

Red Pepper: #TWT21: Building power from the ground up

The World Transformed is back in Brighton this month, with a packed agenda for progressive social change: here’s what to expect

Nelini Stamp: How Occupy Wall Street Reshaped Politics & Kicked Off New Era of Protest

Occupy Wall Street “broke the spell” protecting the economic status quo and marked a major shift in protests against capitalism

Rebecca Nathanson: Life can be different: 10 years ago, Occupy Wall Street changed the world

The movement launched a generation of leftist activists –and gave them a vision of real change

Luis Britto García: Participative Democracy under Siege

Chávez used to say: Commune or nothing! We should add that communes without means of production are almost nothing

Jordan Flaherty: After Hurricane Ida, mutual aid provides safety and survival in New Orleans

Based on the principle that no one should be left behind, mutual aid networks are supporting those most in need in New Orleans following Hurricane Ida

Thom Hartmann: Is There a Sense of Impending Doom In the Air?

Times of great crisis are also moments of great opportunity, and, while some will give up and walk away from political activism, others realize the importance of doubling down on our activism

Ben Morgan: A Decade Later: Reflections on the Occupy Movement

As the nation witnesses the lasting vestiges of this movement, namely the impact it has had on young Americans, it is important to explore the legacy of Occupy a decade after it started

Lawrence Wittner: Building social solidarity across national boundaries

Is it possible to build social solidarity beyond the state?

Nigel Lisbon: Indianapolis Public Library CEO resigns after workers, community charge racism

Only by seizing the means of production in their entirety will workers be free from the many petty dictatorships established to entrench capitalist control over society

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