Category: Reimagining Society

Janet Biehl: The revolution in Rojava: an eyewitness account

An interview with the three authors of a new book — “Revolution in Rojava” — about their experiences and observations witnessing the birth of a new society

Steve Ellner: Steve Ellner Part II: Is the Bolivarian Revolution a Populist Failure?

Venezuela is a pioneer in attempting to construct socialism by democratic means in the context of sharp polarization and sharp conflict over such an extended period of time

Rivera Sun: Meet the Millennial Vote

Old millennials like me have been active for more than a decade, engaged in the struggle. We’re smart. We’re savvy. We’ve been working for years to protect our planet and communities

Various Contributors: Turkey’s Attack on Rojava – A Threat to Radical Democracy in Mesopotamia

Rojava demands our solidarity – not out of altruism, but out of a belief in the possibility of an emancipated future

Kate Hudson: Social democracy and the radical left: why we continue to build Left Unity

Our position is not just about stating the case for an alternative, it is about taking action, working wherever we can in our communities

Robin Hahnel: Participatory Economics and the Next System

What kind of “next system” would support the economics of sustainable and equitable cooperation?

Kate Aronoff: The Left Deserves Better Than Jill Stein

As Sanders’ campaign has helped to clarify, the Left is more popular and powerful than it has been in decades

Kamala Emanuel: Making rape unthinkable – a discussion starter

“‘It’s only a penis’ rape, feminism and difference”[1] is a fascinating piece of anthropology and provides with a useful starting point for a much needed discussion. In it, Christine Helliwell provides an account and discussion of an incident that vividly illustrates what it is to live in a society where rape is unthinkable. The incident, Read more…

George Lakey: What the US can learn from Scandinavia in the struggle against inequality

Interview on how social movements won and secured momentous victories over the long haul, and what lessons activists in the United States can take from their example to re-energize their efforts here

Clarence Lang: Framing a Transformative Vision for Black Lives

If the course of African American history has taught us anything, it is that even the boldest freedom dreams warrant our serious contemplation

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