Category: Reimagining Society

Immanuel Wallerstein: Dilemmas of the Radical Left

The efforts of the radical left today affect the choice of the replacement system in the middle run

Kelly Hayes: A Letter to the Left

Healing and building are where the bulk of our energies belong right now, because getting our shit together is a task more important than any one action, and in this moment, I am terrified of what failure looks like

Linda Farthing: Evo’s Bolivia: the Limits of Change

Radical social change will not happen unless these movements are active and independent

Dana Brown: Ecuador’s “citizen revolution”

The Correa years present ample material for the study of the relationship between social movements and the state and underscore the question of what is gained or lost when radical change is pursued through the existing structures of the state

Steve Ellner: Social Programs in Venezuela

The Chavista government’s social programs evidence the tensions between institutional checks and radical democracy

Quim Arrufat: The struggle for Catalan independence

Born in the rural Seu d’Urgell in 1982, People’s Unity List (CUP) joint national spokesperson Quim Arrufat became a well-known and respected figure in Catalan politics during his time as one of the CUP’s first three MPs in the Catalan parliament (2012-2015). In an October 2012 interview with the Catalan web site Vilaweb, he described Read more…

Juan Cruz Ferre: How to Fight a Giant

Militant Labor Organizers Catch PepsiCo Off Guard

George Lakey: Organizing for Structural Change

A Manual for a New Era of Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns

Julian Sayarer: The power of the long march

Walking across a country provides people with a tangible and visceral experience of solidarity

Stephen R. Shalom: Looking Back at the June 1967 Middle East War

A socialist alternative to war needs to be built on other foundations: on a real resolution of the Palestinian refugee issue, on an end to occupation, and on true self-determination and social justice for all the people of the Middle East

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