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Robert Koehler: Altruists of the World Unite

If we want to survive, by which I mean transcend, the global crises we face today, we must grasp the planet, and each other, with compassion — the altruism in our DNA — rather than bureaucratic caution and cold concern for the ruling interests

Michael Albert: An Open Letter to DSA

Dear DSA, Your priority attention to all sides of life and not only economy, your incredible growth, and your non sectarian, non vanguardist orientation have induced me to revive my very long since dormant connection, to join anew. However, I am confused on a key point.   DSA’s Economics? Which among the many existent socialist Read more…

Gary Younge: Socialism Used to Be a Dirty Word

Is America Now Ready to Embrace It?

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Seeing horizons in the clotheslines

The political tools at this level are the following: popular education aimed at intercultural, eco-socialist democracy, personal and collective example as life testimony, and new forms of organization

John Malamatinas: First they take Exarcheia

Recent evictions of several squats, some housing refugees and migrants, mark the beginning of a new chapter of repression and dissent in Greece

John Bellamy Foster: Ecosocialism and Just Transition

Any strategy to save the planet must go beyond the strictures of capitalism

Jon Trickett: “We need a democratic revolution”

The mask of civility which surrounds the British constitution is slipping away: the shadow minister for the cabinet office’s speech to Politics for the Many conference today

Z: Black Socialists of America Is Putting Anti-Capitalism on the Map

Intervew about building alternatives to capitalism

Mike Miller: From Protest to Power

The question that has to be answered if this protest is not to be either absorbed or marginalized is this: “What are the people power vehicles we are building?”

Gary Olson: Whither the Resistance to our Capitalist Overlords?

If the truth sets us free, why do so many opt for ignorance and implicit compliance with a wretched, immoral system?

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