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Mark Evans: The Classist Dynamic of Democratic Centralism

My Contribution to the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Meredith Tax: The Women’s Movement, the Left, and United Fronts

Clearly what we need now is a very big and powerful women’s movement, a united front of women, with room for different interests and organizations and politics

Randall Woodfin: Political Revolution Down South

Interview on his victory, how he plans to redefine progress in Alabama’s biggest city, and how other progressive challengers can win

Laura Flanders: Next System Media: An Urgent Necessity

Public interest journalism needs a new system, a new life

Michael Albert: RPS Backdrop

What I find myself troubled by – indeed, even more than troubled by – is that we who went through the last fifty years have been so bad at communicating useful lessons to today’s young folks

Steve Ellner: Venezuela’s Fragile Revolution

From Chávez to Maduro

Ted Glick: Religion and Revolution, Part Two

There is no hope, zero, for transformative change without effective organizations that are deeply rooted among our peoples, it is essential that we identify this problem as fundamental if we are to win

Harriet Lennon: An Organizer’s Take On RPS/2044

The following essay is about the new book RPS/2044 by one of its interviewees. It is offered in hopes of inspiring you to visit the book’s web site at or get a copy at Amazon, if you haven’t already. Here, then, is Lennon’s essay… Before offering my take on RPS/2044, I should acknowledge that I was one Read more…

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Left and Catalonia

The day after the referendum, with no juridical effect and whatever the result, the Left would be in a privileged position to play a unique role in the ensuing political discussion

Naomi Klein: A global phenomenon

Guest speech at the Labour Party conference

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