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Roya Rahmani: Tackling climate change through Women’s rights to inheritance and property ownership

Please Help ZNet             Source: Extinction Rebellion To mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change, we urgently need to eliminate discriminatory laws and cultural practices that curtail women’s inheritance and property rights. Preventing women from owning land and other assets leaves them more vulnerable to climate shocks, and this Read more…

Alexandria Shaner: The Activist’s Antidote: A Conversation about Depression, Hopelessness, & Burnout

In the midst of darkness, your struggle brings me joy and solace – and I hope you may accept the same pride, joy, and solace from mine.

Laurence Cox: Why learning from each other’s struggles is vital to long-term movement success

Time is too short to reinvent the wheel if we want to win. Movements must take seriously how they train and strategize

Cira Pascual Marquina: A Factory without Bosses: Voices from Indorca (Part I)

Indorca workers are the stuff of legend in Venezuela, but their experience teaches us that democratic self-management is a real possibility

Dirk Holemans: Just Transition Is About Systemic Change

With leadership and a real vision for the future, we can build real support for bold policies across Europe

Helena Norberg-hodge: Supply Chain Failures Prove Growing Need for Localized Economies

Ordinary people are responding to the specter of food insecurity by boosting localized production of food and other basic needs

Max Elbaum: Democracy, Strategy, Modes of Struggle: The High-Stakes Strife in DSA

Core questions of political strategy animate the debate roiling DSA. The whole Left has a stake in the outcome

Jeremy Corbyn: It’s Not Enough to Resist, We Have to Build, Too

The billionaires and corporations claim to hate government action. In reality, they love it. The only thing they hate is governments acting in your interests

William I Robinson: Mass Protest Is Rising — Can It Confront Global Capitalism?

To effectively fight back, disjointed movements must find ways to come together into a larger emancipatory project, and develop creative strategies to push such a project forward

Aric Sleeper: How Collectives Are Empowering People to Understand Financial Side of Life

Demystifying the world of budgets, expenditures and surpluses for all cooperative worker-owners and justice-oriented organizations

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