Category: Reimagining Society

Walden Bello: The Far Right: Formidable but not Unbeatable

What steps can be taken by left in both the global South and the global North to challenge, compete with, and, in the end, vanquish the right?

David Adler: Exit Closed

With popular support for the EU on the rise, a left-wing exit no longer looks feasible. So where do we go from here?

Michael Albert: Beyond Depravity, Another World

How ironic it is to write an ode to participation and collectivity while hunkering down behind voluntarily closed doors enduring voluntarily welcomed isolation. Stupid hypocrisy? Marvelous victory? Maybe both. So it goes.

Max Elbaum: Socialist Strategy and the Biden Debate

Should anti-capitalists urge a vote for Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020 or not?

Steve Ellner: David Harvey’s New Thesis “Capitalism is too Big to Fail”: Is it?

It is surprising that at this moment, when dire circumstances have generated a degree of hope, with the Black Lives Matter protests and such widespread disillusionment with the system, that Harvey comes up with this line of thinking

Gord Doctorow: Next Steps in the Anti-Racist Struggle?

We need to make important and unifying decisions toward a just transition. And then we need to act

Kali Akuno: The Floyd rebellion: pathway to a revolution?

The Floyd rebellion, if followed by a general strike and People’s Assemblies, can blossom into an instrument of dual power that could radically transform society

Collective 20: Tomorrow’s World, Today

COVID-19, and before Covid everything else, has raised a question that is now percolating, and even reverberating. And then came a white knee crushing a Black neck. A dream so long deferred suddenly exploded in city after city. What’s next? From the social distancing, what? From the fumes and flames, what? From the bodies in Read more…

Jon Schwarz: Black Lives Matter Wants to End Police Brutality

History Suggests It Will Go Much Further

Kate Shea Baird: Lessons from the pandemic for the municipalists in Spain

The pandemic has damaged municipalism in Barcelona, but it has strengthened the municipalist hypothesis itself: our strength must be rooted in togetherness

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