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Sam Gindin: Beyond Social Movement Unionism

Bringing together weak unions and weak social movements isn’t enough. We need a new kind of socialist party

Michael Albert: Dear Us and Dear Bernie

Albert and Bohmer on Our Revolution: Shouldn’t consistent Sanders supporters, progressives, and leftists of all kinds forego destructive recriminations and instead constructively pursue the political revolution Sanders has proposed all along?

Peter Olney: Our Revolution is just getting started

Now that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has ended with Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee, Bernie Sanders’ campaign for “political revolution” moves to its next phase. Everyone who supported Labor for Bernie is very proud of the of the unprecedented grassroots effort to rally rank-and-file members on his behalf. A network of tens Read more…

Levi Gahman: Food Sovereignty in Rebellion: Decolonization, Autonomy, Gender Equity, and the Zapatista Solution

The Zapatista insurgency has opened up space for a wide range of alternative ways of re-organizing societies, economies, and food systems

Janet Biehl: Review: A Road Unforeseen — Women Fight the Islamic State

“Any movement for real transformation must make the demands of women central,” argues Meredith Tax in her book on the Kurdish women’s struggle.

Michael Albert: Our Revolution!?

Ideally “Our Revolution” would emerge from well organized neighborhoods and workplaces proposing wonderful structure and program

Alfredo Serrano: Venezuela’s Future

Maduro’s closest economic advisor interviewed at length by Michael Albert

Hilary Wainwright: A question of leadership

The ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn proclaims must be an explicit agenda of institutional change, not simply a change of style

Kim Scipes: For Those Who Know Little or Nothing about Labor: Building Global Labor Solidarity Today

Earlier this year, a collection of papers was published under the title of Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization (Scipes, ed., 2016).  It was a strong effort by seven labor activists and scholars from different parts of the world to think out how workers today can support each other globally; initially Read more…

Kate Shea Baird: Spanish elections: ceiling or turning point for the ‘new politics’?

Creating a real democracy is about more than winning elections. It’s about changing how politics is done from below, starting with our daily lives, in our homes, neighbourhoods and cities

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