Category: Reimagining Society

Yasnaya Elena Aguilar Gil: Jëën pä’äm, the illness of fire

If the propagation of the virus shows us the insides of the interrelated structures in which we live, it also shows that only collective care that can stop the pandemic

Adam Hanieh: This is a global pandemic – Let’s treat it as such

As with all so-called ‘humanitarian’ crises, it is essential to remember that the social conditions found across most of the countries of the South are the direct product of how these states are inserted into the hierarchies of the world market

Paris Marx: Nationalize the Airlines

The airline industry will not survive the coronavirus. Now is the time to nationalize it — and use this moment to chart a course to a low-carbon future

Max Elbaum: Fight for Immediate Solutions; Fight for the Future

COVID-19 is heightening the life-and-death consequences of economic, racial and other forms of inequality

Yanis Varoufakis: “Syriza Was a Bigger Blow to the Left Than Thatcher”

Interview on why the Left around Europe is struggling to overcome Syriza’s disastrous legacy

Walden Bello: Coronavirus and the Death of ‘Connectivity’

The Great Recession could have killed globalization, but China emerged as the champion of a new global “connectivity.” With the coronavirus, that phase is finished

Max Haiven: No return to normal: for a post-pandemic liberation

Today, new forms of solidarity, mutual aid, and common struggle are emerging in the pandemic. How will they shape tomorrow’s struggles for a post-capitalist world?

Sophie Lewis: The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family

What does the pandemic tell us about the nuclear family and private household?

Donatella della Porta: Social movements in times of pandemic: another world is needed

Faced with the glaring need for radical and complex transformation, social movements in times of crisis act differently from protests

Barnabé Binctin: What happens if you treat healthy school meals as a public service?

Despite what the dominant neoliberal dogmas might lead you to think, the municipal level and “good, old fashioned” public service provision can respond to the needs and challenges of today

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