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Collective 20: What Next?

Is there a way to attain solidarity with a diversity of unity and autonomy without undercutting what exists and without submerging each current facet of the left into a weakened compromised stance?

George Lakey: What Trump’s claim of a ‘stolen election’ means for activists today

The point of claiming a stolen election is not to set the stage for a coup, but to add to the right’s list of grievances for building political power in the future

Vincent Emanuele: Yes, the Left Should Talk to Trump Supporters

Here’s what I do know: leftists must organize Trump supporters. If we don’t, someone else will. Remember, organizing people who disagree with us is quite literally the essence of organizing

Jeff Klein: Can We Build a Progressive Future If We Dismiss a Large Part of the Working Class?

It is hard to imagine a stable progressive future for our country with many millions of working-class Americans mobilized in angry opposition

Cecilia Rikap: What would a state-owned Amazon look like? Ask Argentina

Correo Compras promises to benefit workers, consumers and sellers, and could even use big data for the public good

Collective 20: From 2000 Feet

The Covid-19 global pandemic has illuminated the stark reality of whose labor it is that sustains our families, our communities, our clinics, our schools, our eldercare institutions, farms and food chains

Marjorie Cohn: Biden’s Victory Does Not Guarantee a Progressive Agenda. We Must Fight for It.

Progressives played a pivotal role in delivering the presidency to Biden and several congressional races to Democrats as well as turning Georgia and Arizona blue. Now progressives must hold Biden’s feet to the fire and demand that he govern for the 99 percent and not the 1 percent

Peter Bohmer: The 2020 Election and What We Should Do Now

We shouldn’t give Biden any breathing room and wait to see what he does before acting. We need to build campaigns and social movements and mass action in the streets for progressive policies

Luam Kidane: Provocations to rupture and the power to act

Social movements from South Africa to Brazil have built economic systems rooted in cooperation, creativity and direct action as an antidote to the neoliberal order

Rafael Uzcátegui: Standing by a Radical Chávez

A key figure from the newly-formed Popular Revolutionary Alternative talks about his expectations for the upcoming parliamentary elections

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