Category: Reimagining Society

Ted Glick: The Purpose of Power

A review of Alicia Garza’s 2020 book, The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart,

Vincent Emanuele: Leftwing Pokémon

We’re in a life or death battle and we need all hands on deck. That means fewer cartographers of the apocalypse and more strategists for the revolution

Kshama Sawant: Why I’m Joining Democratic Socialists of America

The disasters we’ve seen in the past year could become far worse unless socialists and the working class rise to the historic tasks in front of us

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Anti-System

Defending democracy against the far right involves many strategies, some short term, others medium term

Jeff Ordower: Build New Infrastructure for a Broader Movement

There is need to invest in different structures, organizing alongside or outside of the traditional unions, base-building and nonprofit organizations for multi-year struggles, especially worker organizing and scaled disruptive direct action

Marianela D’Aprile: Desperate Times Call for Mutual Aid

But it’s not a substitute for organizing

Vicko Alvarez: How Mutual Aid Can Build Working-Class Power

Mutual aid builds the collective people power we need to take on the state

Craig Collins: Can We Exit This Road to Ruin?

The recent decades of stagnation, debt-driven bubbles, and government bailouts are reaching their limit. Capitalism’s future is becoming catabolic

Jeff Cohen: No Honeymoon for Biden

Previous Democratic administrations have not delivered on promises made, and there should be maximum pressure put on Biden right away

Iraida Morocoima: A New Subjectivity for a New Communal Society

For the Pioneros Movement, building houses is just one part of radical social transformation

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