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Z Commentaries are sent every night to all Z Sustainers, and have been for many years. They are a kind of thank you mailing, you might say, for those who are supporting our overall operations. 

Commentators are diverse and many. A few of the more prominent ones are listed in the top menu, to show just their work. In time we will add a left menu, up above this text area, and below the generic menu that now appears, with the same purpose, but for more people. 

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Z Communications operates largely - indeed mostly - in fact, overwhelmingly - based on periodic donations from Z Sustainers. Everything you see in the site is here because Sustainers pay they bills. It really is that simple. 

And what does being a Sustianer have to do with Commentaries? Well, becoming a Sustainer entitles you to receive commentaries every night, by email.

So we need users to become Sustainers. It is also possible to help, however, if you are already a Sustainer, by raising your periodic donation. Or, if you don't want to become a regular donor, you can donate one time. That doesn't get you the Commentaries by email, however - nor the ability to comment throughout the site, or write blogs, which are also Sustainer benefits. Here are links for all three ways of helping...

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