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That is what I mean by being saddled by prior expectations and views. I am quite sure the hardest thing about thinking about, in particular, what we want – vision – for a new society, is being able to do it without succumbing to taking as given features of the old society that need to change. So, one starts thinking, say, about new relations – and then evaluates them or worries about them, in context of old ones, instead of realizing that they need other new ones, too.

The way that exchange, prices, budgets, allocations, remuneration all are tied virtually inextricably, for most people, to the capitalist ways of doing each – as if it was a kind of law of nature that one can’t alter these, is obviously a major problem for social change, but highly serviceable to capital. This is why the word market, say, means to most people, a place to get stuff. And of course it is why schooling and media do nothing to upset this particular element of system preservation.