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Hopefully coming to their senses! I shall take you up on your offer, John, when I get closer, thanks. I spent many a pleasant afternoon in Donostía at a little bookstore on the square, with the owner helping me to begin the learning process of Euskara – a language all its own and quite ancient. I was there for a while, and over the 10th of April. The woman with whom I was staying cautioned me not to go down to the beach because it was solidarity day and ‘things could happen.’ So, of course I went right down. I wound up with the most beautiful, inspiring day! I sang “We Shall Overcome” in Spanish, and talked with many young folks who really have a sense of What Is (unlike so many here, unfortunately.)

I lived in a tiny place in a hostel that my friend owns – to my right on my wee balcony, the cathedral; to the left down about a block and a half, the bay – and out that bay and across the Atlantic, Wexford Town in the southeast of Eire. I’m making myself homesick! I’d like to hear more about your verb matrix.

Con amistad,