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Recent ZNet

Kurt Hackbarth: Among World Leaders, Only Mexico’s AMLO Has Offered Julian Assange Asylum

While world leaders remain quiet, AMLO stands alone in speaking for freedom of speech — and has offered Assange asylum in Mexico

Ashlie D. Stevens: Mee the poet laureate who voiced our hope for a unified, better America

22-year-old Amanda Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet in American history

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: A Black Lives Matter Founder on Building Modern Movements

A look at a book by a Black Lives Matter Founder, Alicia Garza: The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart

Noam Chomsky: Coup Attempt Hit Closer to Centers of Power Than Hitler’s 1923 Putsch

Whether Trump will survive the error of judgment that turned major power centers against him is unclear. He may well do so

George Monbiot: Clueless

It is hard to imagine how the government’s handling of the pandemic could have been more catastrophic

Michael Albert: Participatory Economics, Ecology, and Anarchism

Will a participatory economy be any better for the environment than capitalism?

Badri Raina: CJI Bobde’s Remarks on Women Protesters Are Patriarchal Diktat, Not Concern

When women fly planes and go up in space shuttles our hearts swell with pride, but when they lead protests and question, we deny them agency and express solicitude

Kathy Kelly: About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen

We must not turn away. We must decry the terrible war and blockade. Doing so may help spare the lives of at least some of Yemen’s children. The opportunity to resist this massacre of the innocents rests with us.

Marcy Rein: Can We Crack the Right’s White Bloc? These Organizers Say Yes

Deep canvass conversations, storytelling, acknowledges people’s experiences while suggesting a different way to understand and respond

Robert Reich: Why Biden Can’t Govern from the Center

There is no middle ground between lies and facts. There is no halfway point between civil discourse and violence. There is no midrange between democracy and fascism

Thomas Klikauer: Global Minimum Wage

It is simply unacceptable that people should work for starvation wages

Jake Johnson: Indigenous-Led Movement Credited With ‘Huge Victory’

“Our communities have been fighting KXL for over a decade, tooth and nail, in the dirt and in the courts.”

Rebecca Gordon: The Rubble of Empire

Doctrines of Disaster and Dreams of Security as the Biden Years Begin

Sean Kline: $2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Monthly

The Democrats’ victory in Georgia was a vote for cash assistance. Prioritizing direct monthly payments isn’t just good policy—it’s good politics

Jack Z. Bratich: QAnon’s Afterlife: A Holy Civil War

QAnon has developed a national social network gearing up for a holy war, ready to become fodder for its operators

Christopher Brauchli: Cruzification

One of the joys in running for and being in the United States Senate is that you can make a complete ass of yourself repeatedly without anyone noticing

Hamilton Nolan: Let’s Not Become a Bunch of Panicky Reactionaries

The lesson of the Capitol riots is to change the power structure, not to embrace it

Marjorie Cohn: Yes, Trump Can Be Convicted by the Senate After January 20

Trump must be held accountable for inciting insurrection by whipping up a racist and dangerous mob with lies about a stolen election. He must be prevented from endangering society by ever serving in public office again

Norman Solomon: Don’t Let President Biden ‘Make Us the Dupes of Our Hopes’

The best way to win economic and social justice is to keep organizing and keep pushing. What can happen during the Biden presidency is up for grabs.

Kenny Stancil: WHO Chief Denounces Vaccine-Hoarding by Rich Nations

“The price of this failure will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world’s poorest countries.”

Ted Glick: Revolution Around the Corner: a book review

This book gives a sense of what it’s like to be part of a Left organization that has big successes for a number of years but then loses steam, members, energy and its sense of direction and ultimately disappears as an organization

Ryan Devereaux: Watchdog Report on “Zero Tolerance” Leads to Calls for Prosecutions, Reparations

The DOJ inspector general’s report, issued Thursday, was silent on the morality of the Trump administration’s family separation policy

Nikos Raptis: Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc (Part 2 of 3)

The Nazi monstrosity gave birth to a unique positive development: the Nuremberg Tribunal, the idea that all the people of the entire planet should judge and punish the Nazi-type criminals

Ali Khan: U.S. Needs to Quickly Ramp Up Vaccinations

Please Help ZNet Source: Democracy Now! As the United States breaks all records for coronavirus cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns another 92,000 could die in the next three weeks as complaints grow over the slow distribution of COVID vaccines. Across the country, hospitals are overflowing, and ICU beds are in short Read more…

Juan Cole: Respected Israeli Rights Group B’Tselem declares Israel an Apartheid State

Apartheid is one of the listed “crimes against humanity” along with enslavement, torture, war rape, and forcible deportation. A crime against humanity is the systematic and continuous commission of war crimes

Azeezah Kanji: Homeless Encampment Evictions Highlight the Cruelty of Capitalism Amid COVID

The stifling inequality engendered by capitalism takes lives, sometimes quickly and often slowly. With encampment evictions, the state punishes those being suffocated for gasping to breathe

Extinction Rebellion: The law of the land

We’ve seen young people all around the world, from Mexico to South Korea, sue their governments for negligent climate policy

Will Solomon: Don’t Trivialize J6

It is persistently frustrating that there remains a cohort who, in the name of sober analysis, continues to downplay the obvious and escalating severity of the situation

Martin Luther King Jr.: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in His Own Words

“Beyond Vietnam” was the speech he delivered at New York’s Riverside Church on April 4th, 1967, a year to the day before he was assassinated

Jack Rasmus: Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ & Its Opponents

Biden and the Democrats are thus confronted with making the same error that the Obama administration did in early 2009—not providing a sufficient fiscal stimulus to generate a sustained recovery

Bruno Marcetic: We Should Cause Trouble, Not Make Nice With Biden

History suggests that it’s not making friends, but making the administration’s life difficult, that gets results for the Left

Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s True Legacy

The Earth Does Not Belong to Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk

Ramzy Baroud: By ‘Force and Fraud’: Is This the End of the US Democracy Doctrine?

Unquestionably, the storming of US Congress will have global repercussions, not least among them the weakening of US hegemonic and self-serving definition of what constitutes a democracy

Collective 20: Overcoming Our Suicidal Tendencies

From Defensive Traits to Participatory Ego States

Leanna First-Arai: Republicans Are Using Capitol Breach as Excuse to Promote Anti-Protest Bills

Legal advocates say the proposed laws will do nothing to curb white supremacist violence, and will instead grant law enforcement increasing discretion and pressure to crack down on and harshly sentence progressive activists

Lawrence Wittner: The Great Evasion

The new nuclear weapons are designed to not only win the arms race, but to intimidate other nations and even “win” a nuclear war

Saskia Hostetler Lippy: Honoring Dr. King

I know we can finish the work of Dr. King, together.  We must if we are to survive this terrible hate. The choice lies within each of our hearts.

Rod Driver: Toxic Sludge is Good for You – Corporate Propaganda and Public Relations

Most people are simply unaware of the scale of the manipulation, and the extent to which businesses influence governments and their citizens

Joel Lexchin: Big Pharma Is Fighting to Deny Canadians Access to Treatment

It’s time to stand up big pharma bullying and implement universal pharmacare so everyone can get the treatment they need

Jon Queally: ‘A Jim Crow Relic That Must Be Abolished’: Demand to End Filibuster Grows

“Do Senate Democrats want to keep the filibuster or do they want to pass comprehensive democracy, anti-corruption, and voting rights legislation to realize the promise of a multi-racial democracy?”

Laura Flanders: Learn From Georgia

Over slow generations, they built a broad enough “we” and an effective bottom up force that formed not just a victorious voting block this year, but a caring community dedicated explicitly to dismantling white supremacy

Henry A. Giroux: Downplaying Trumpism Is Dangerous

Trumpism is a worldview that defines culture as a battleground of losers and winners, a world in which everything is rigged against whites

John Feffer: America and the Mob

The far right has come out in support of Trump. After the failed coup attempt of January 6, what’s next?

Rand Wilson: Swarming Solidarity

How Contract Negotiations in 2021 Could Be Flashpoints in the U.S. Class Struggle

Jeremy Nichols: Last Trump sale of public lands for fracking prompts outrage and hope

President-elect Biden must follow through with commitment to ban sale of public lands for fracking, put climate, justice, public lands first

Douglas Todd: ‘Deaths of despair’ point to working-class calamity

Many working-class Americans, and Canadians, are falling rapidly to ‘deaths of despair,’ characterized by suicide and chronic drug and alcohol use

Peter Salk: Would You Patent the Sun?

Polio Vaccine Inventor Jonas Salk’s Son Urges More Access to COVID Vaccine

Juan Cole: Pompeo passed ‘Death Sentence’ for Millions in Yemen

Also poisoned Biden’s well in Cuba, China, Iran

Isaac Scher: Illinois Will End Cash Bail — and Limit Use of High-Tech Incarceration

Reformers typically propose predictive algorithms and electronic monitoring as alternatives to money bail. Illinois is different

Michael Sainato: Billionaires add $1tn to net worth during pandemic as their workers struggle

Companies’ attempts at hazard pay have been paltry and fleeting as employees are threatened for protesting working conditions

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