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Recent ZNet

Inequality.org: Where We’re Looking in Times of Crisis

There are plenty of places you can direct your energies to support people taking an economic hit during the pandemic

Joe Emersberger: Media Struggle to Defend Washington’s Cruelty

U.S sanctions toward Venezuela and Iran continue as Coronavirus Spreads

Leonardo Flores: Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You

Venezuelans waiting to go home understand that their chances of surviving the coronavirus – both physically and economically – are much better in a country that values health over profits

Ali Abunimah: West Bank woman is first Palestinian to die from COVID-19

Israel has not eased up on its abuses of Palestinians despite the pandemic. In one shocking incident on Monday, a Palestinian laborer with flu-like symptoms and a fever was dumped at a West Bank checkpoint by Israeli police

Nick Turse: Trump Says Ventilator Shortage Was “Unforeseen”

Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth

Peter Kornbluh: “Humanitarian Solidarity”

Even Under U.S. Sanctions, Cuba Sends Doctor Brigade to Italy and More

Ben Burgis: Cuba’s Coronavirus Response Is Putting Other Countries to Shame

Cuba is caricatured by the Right as a totalitarian hellhole. But its response to the coronavirus pandemic — from sending doctors to other countries to pioneering anti-viral treatments to converting factories into mask-making machines — is putting other countries, even rich countries, to shame

Ezekiel J. Emanuel: Fourteen Days. That’s the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus.

If the United States fails to act decisively now, it will follow Italy’s course or, worse, that of Iran, and recovery may take a decade or more with extraordinary levels of death and dislocation

Max Elbaum: Fight for Immediate Solutions; Fight for the Future

COVID-19 is heightening the life-and-death consequences of economic, racial and other forms of inequality

Yanis Varoufakis: Last night Julian Assange called me. Here is what we talked about

Whether the epidemic helps deliver the good or the most evil society will depend, of course, on us – on whether progressives manage to band together

Vijay Prashad: Overlooked Region of India a Beacon to the World for Taking on Coronavirus

In a pandemic, a rational person would much rather live in a society governed by the norms of socialism than of capitalism, a society where people rally together to overcome a virus; than to live in a society where fear pervades

Yanis Varoufakis: “Syriza Was a Bigger Blow to the Left Than Thatcher”

Interview on why the Left around Europe is struggling to overcome Syriza’s disastrous legacy

Jack Rasmus: US Senate’s Final Stimulus Bill

Why It Won’t Be Enough

Walden Bello: Coronavirus and the Death of ‘Connectivity’

The Great Recession could have killed globalization, but China emerged as the champion of a new global “connectivity.” With the coronavirus, that phase is finished

Max Haiven: No return to normal: for a post-pandemic liberation

Today, new forms of solidarity, mutual aid, and common struggle are emerging in the pandemic. How will they shape tomorrow’s struggles for a post-capitalist world?

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: Defense Production Act Needs $75 Billion Infusion in Coronavirus Stimulus

“President Trump should be using the DPA to ensure we have enough ventilators and other medical equipment to deal with this crisis”

Sophie Lewis: The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family

What does the pandemic tell us about the nuclear family and private household?

Jamie Hale: The politics of Covid-19: government contempt for disabled people

The challenges facing disabled people – and their demands of the British government

Matt Smith: Inside Amazon During the COVID-19 Crisis

Putting Profits Before Workers’ Safety

Badri Raina: Corona: Universal Dictator

Corona is a dictator With global dominance; What man may speak of anything but Its universal preponderance.   The Neros, Hitlers, Stalins They were but limited ghouls; Corona’s colossal nothingness All states and nations rules.   Is there a something from whose womb This nothingness has birth? Is nothingness an idea Destined to suck in Read more…

Michael Hudson: Corona Debt Jubilee

The coronavirus outbreak is serving as a mind-expansion exercise, making hitherto unthinkable solutions thinkable. Debts that can’t be paid won’t be. A debt jubilee may be the best way out.

Nick Rabb: COVID-19 Green New Deal

The COVID-19 mitigation effort presents an unexpected blueprint for what rapid change in the face of a climate crisis might look like. In fact, the current situation should give us hope in our ability to cope with rapid change and encourage us to recognize our resilience

Jack Rasmus: The 2020 Great Recession 2.0–Or Worse

They fear economic collapse and their loss of incomes more than the virus and its destruction of American lives

George Monbiot: Prescription for Disaster

In the UK, the US and Australia, governments built on dirty money cannot be trusted to protect us from the coronavirus.

Mike Davis: The Coronavirus Crisis Is a Monster Fueled by Capitalism

Pandora’s Box is open, and our ruthless economic system is making everything far worse

Juan Cole: Trump, putting Profit Motive and Reelection over Public Health

How Trump is Undermining Coronavirus Social Distancing Strategy

Donatella della Porta: Social movements in times of pandemic: another world is needed

Faced with the glaring need for radical and complex transformation, social movements in times of crisis act differently from protests

Sharon Lerner: “Rare Disease” Status Potentially Limitis Affordability

“It’s absurd that this would happen in the middle of an epidemic when everything is in short supply.”

Rachel Waldholz: EU should use Green Deal as road map for coronavirus stimulus – foundations

Foundations are calling on the EU to use any economic stimulus enacted in response to the coronavirus to accelerate the transition to a green economy

Bernie Sanders: An Emergency Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We must begin thinking on a scale comparable to the threat, and make sure that we are protecting working people, low-income people, and the most vulnerable communities, not just giant corporations and Wall Street

Mike Garrity: When is a Logging Road “Not a Road”?

The Alliance for the Wild Rockies is once again challenging the Forest Service’s destruction of our national forests, the streams they feed, and the wildlife for which they provide critical habitat

Various Contributors: Joint Statement From Elected Prosecutors on COVID-19

Addressing the Rights and Needs of Those in Custody

Badri Raina: Death by Boredom

Dear Corona, I must say You are killing me with boredom. What is the point of being alive When people cannot go or come?   What a jailer you might have made, Had you been a fellow; You have no muscle and yet you turn The so muscled world yellow.   In setting us so Read more…

Fabian Scheidler: The Wrong Apocalypse

In order to maintain the way of life of the rich and predominantly white classes, the poor and predominantly non-white are being sacrificed

Michael Albert: Music for You

Listening to whatever moves, informs, and also pleases you ear may aid living better in all times and especially in our times

Michele Barry: We Need Global Cooperation to Halt Spread

The large Nipah virus epidemic had a lot to do with deforestation and movement of bats closer to other animals, and another novel virus emerged

Norman Solomon: Power in a Time of Coronavirus

To fight like hell for the living — to protect people from the ravages of the coronavirus and a harsh economic system — will require unrelenting work from progressive movements willing and able to organize effectively in every political arena

Woodbine: From mutual aid to dual power in the state of emergency

The COVID-19 public health crisis is rapidly devolving into a vast, multi-faceted crisis of social reproduction with no end in sight. How can we seize this moment to build dual power?

Manuel Bertoldi: The Cost of This Pandemic Must Not Bankrupt the People

It is easier to imagine socialism in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, than it is to continue to live under the heartless regime of capitalism

Paul Street: The Pathogenic Profits System: Beyond Begging, Praying, and Capital

If it were a rational, decent, educated, and democratic society, the United States would be spending massive sums on epidemic/pandemic readiness instead of on a Pentagon System that transfers massive wealth to the owners of high-tech “defense” corporations

Evelyn Leopold: UN Chief Warns of Coming Recession for the Planet

“This is a moment that demands coordinated, decisive, and innovative policy action from the world’s leading economies. We must recognize that the poorest and most vulnerable—especially women—will be the hardest hit”

Ralph Nader: For America’s Urgent Health and Safety, Trump Needs to Resign

Donald J. Trump is so consumed by his all-defining ego as to be occupationally insane. He is imperiling the public health of the entire country

Sara Nelson: Airline Relief Bill a Template for Rescuing Workers Instead of Execs

Nelson is working overtime to help craft a relief package for the teetering airline industry that keeps all employees on the payroll—a model she says can be “a template” for a national bill to give relief to all workers

Sam Pizzigati: How to Wage War, FDR-Style, on Our Pandemic

People fight harder, Franklin Roosevelt understood, when the rich don’t get richer

Mike Davis: Solidarity Is an Essential Vaccine

Solidarity is an essential vaccine

Tom Wetzel: The Case for Building New Unions

Worker unions are a key working class organization because of the potential power workers gain from collective resistance but also because of the potential role of unions in social transformation

Andrea Mazzarino: What Americans Don’t Know About Military Families

America’s Endless Wars Go On (and On) and the Wounds Multiply

Barbara Ehrenreich: Barbara Ehrenreich Is Not an Optimist, but She Has Hope for the Future

Interview about class, reporting, the coronavirus, and socialism

Coordinadora Feminista 8M: “Feminist emergency plan in the face of the Coronavirus crisis” released in Chile

Faced with the emergency the Coronavirus presents to our lives, a feminist emergency plan is –necessarily– one that prioritizes health, life and care above corporate profits

Sonia Shah: Think Exotic Animals Are to Blame for the Coronavirus? Think Again.

Scientists have fingered bats and pangolins as potential sources of the virus, but the real blame lies elsewhere—with human assaults on the environment

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