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Recent ZNet

Amy Goodman: Rise for Climate

Tens of Thousands March in San Francisco Calling for Fossil-Free World

Richard Falk: Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and International Law

Violations of human rights and plain human decency continue to occur with disturbing frequency in many parts of the world, including many allegedly “democratic” countries such as the United States, Russia, and Israel

Badri Raina: Will the RSS Answer First?

It has been clear in recent days that the RSS is seeking to enhance its political footprint. To this purpose it has been staging meetings and conferences to which people from outside the sphere of the Sangh have been invited, including some who have never seen eye to eye with its ideological agenda. Although it Read more…

Howard Sherman: Trump’s Economy Is on a Path to a Bust

It is normal for every capitalist economy after an economic recession to have toward the end of its expansion a large boom in profits and production, but also an increase in inequality, which will cause a lack of buying power, leading to a new bust

Anthony Dimaggio: Full-On Fascism

Trump Makes the transition in his war on the press

Abdalrahim Alfarra: Why we continue to march in Gaza

The Great March of Return has inspired thousands of Palestinians in Gaza to protest for our rights. But it has come at a great cost

Marlowe Hood: California commits to 100% clean electricity by 2045

California Governor Jerry Brown signed landmark legislation Monday committing his state to a 100 percent clean electricity grid by 2045

Zaid Jilani: People Might Be Getting the Swedish Elections All Wrong

What if the rise of the Sweden Democrats has less to do with exposure to immigration, and more to do with rising inequality, driven by austerity and financials shocks?

Marjorie Cohn: Brett Kavanaugh is a Threat to Racial Justice and Voting Rights

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record on racial issues and his answers to questions posed by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week raise red flags about how he would rule on voting rights if confirmed to the Supreme Court. During his confirmation hearing to become a Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh bragged about hiring people of Read more…

Juan Cole: Masses around Globe Rally against Climate Crisis

Environmental activists protested Saturday in 90 countries and 800 cities across the globe and the United States against inaction on the Climate Crisis

Rebecca Gordon: Holding the Line on Torture

One Organization at a Time

Victor Grossman: Both Hate and Hope

The events in the Saxon city of Chemnitz were truly frightening. The sight of thick-skulled, Nazi-tattooed thugs growling threats as they stormed through the city center, chasing and beating up presumed “foreigners”, unfriendly journalists or any other foes; invoked memories of Charlottesville a year ago – or Germany in the 1930’s; stretched-arm Hitler salutes from Read more…

Ricardo Vaz: Production and Conflict in El Maizal Commune

A look at the El Maizal Commune and its productive and political dimensions

Lawrence Wittner: Today’s College Students Are Paying More for Less

Surely America can do a better job of providing educational opportunity for its people

Robert Fisk: Prowling the front lines in Idlib

The only massed forces I came across were vast herds of sheep and, close to Aleppo, a string of camels. Not a single soldier was carrying a gas mask. Which would surely be a sure sign of an imminent chemical attack anywhere on the front, whoever was dropping the stuff

Krishnadev Calamur: Why Sweden’s Far Right Is on the Rise

The Sweden Democrats have been growing for years, and are likely to be among the largest parties in Parliament after Sunday’s election.

Jonathan Cook: The Israel lobby’s non-stop attacks on Corbyn will backfire

Not only is the role of pro-Israel partisans in the UK now visible, but their ugly assumptions are under closer scrutiny than ever before

Mariela Jara: Equality and Territory

The Common Struggle of Indigenous Women in the Andes

Kennedy Walker: Activists Highlight the School to Prison Pipeline

The school-to-prison pipeline can lock vulnerable students into permanent poverty

Holly Else: Radical Open-Access Plan Would Democratize Science

Research funders from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and eight other European nations have unveiled a radical open-access initiative that could change the face of science publishing in two years

Gershon Baskin: Encountering Peace: The removal of the table

Trump and Netanyahu have not removed these core issues from the table of the negotiations. This they will never do. They have though completely removed the table and with it any chance of any deal of the century

Nevin Siders: Defending electricity users in Mexico

The National Assembly of Electric Energy Users (ANUEE) imploded under the carrot-and-stick pressures the Mexican government applied in its privatization drive. Among the more forceful measures are changing the Constitution in an unending chain of neoliberal reforms that open ever wider sectors of the economy to private enterprise, each wrapped in a sweetening that their Read more…

Victor Wallis: Wholesale Crimes

It’s a matter of urgency to get rid of profit-driven economic decisions and replace them with a structure in which decisions are grounded in the real interests of the natural world and of human society as a whole

Paul Street: Climate of Class Rule: Common(s)er Revolt or Common Ruin

The best bet we have, my fellow world citizens and common(s)ers, is is eco-socialist people’s revolution here on the planet itself

Vijay Prashad: Small Farmers in Argentina’s Crisis

Wildo would like to live in a world where he is not defined by the power of capital. That is the world he is fighting to build

Marcus Hill: Food & Solidarity

Leveling Up the Fight Against Hunger

Juan Cole: Why Midterm Elections Won’t End our Constitutional Crisis

So many voting districts have been gerrymandered to have a permanent Republican majority that there is no guarantee that we can produce a congressional democratic majority

Mike Elk: which states will teachers strike in next?

As a new school year begins, teachers in California, Colorado and Illinois, among other states, are determined to continue the fight for better pay and school funding

Raj Patel: Food sovereignty is key to a just future

Peasants, small-scale farmers and landless workers organised themselves and developed the idea that communities should have direct control over ending hunger where they live

Jonathan Feldman: How Woke is the Left?

Is the left today “woke,” i.e. is it self-consciously learning from the limits of the path it has been on to design a new systemic architecture based on alternative, networked institutions to challenge the status quo?

Darrin Hoop: How far will the strike wave go in Washington?

AS THE new school year began this fall, last spring’s revolt of the educators has erupted in Washington state

Arundhati Roy: The U.S. Is Growing Closer to India Militarily

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are in New Delhi for talks aimed at deepening military and trade ties between India and the United States

Jack Rasmus: Amazon the Job Killer: Yesterday, Today & (AI)Tomorrow

Over the 2020 to 2030 decade, Amazon the tech company will be at the leading edge of AI development and its devastating negative impact on the majority of jobs and wages

Shaun King: Black Police Group Supports Nike Deal with Kaepernick

Some police do stand up for Kaepernick — just not the ones that Donald Trump mentions when he sneers about the national anthem protests

Tom Engelhardt: What Will Donald Trump Be Remembered For?

The World According to The Don(ald)

Juan Cole: Adults in the room

Trump’s Enablers boast of Saving Nation but Reveal they’re Looting the Nation

Dean Baker: Unions in the 21st Century

A Potent Weapon Against Inequality

Michael Kwet: Google and Apple’s Systems to Track you in Person

What the Media Isn’t Telling You

Pete Tucker: Washington Post’s Campaign to Keep a Republican in Office

The Washington Post – which dominates D.C.’s media landscape – has set its sights on defeating Ben Jealous

Tamara Nassar: Israeli judges give final approval for war crime in Khan al-Ahmar

Israel’s high court gave the final approval for the forced displacement of the Palestinian community of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank. The decision will make the judges complicit in a war crime if the demolition – which could happen within days – takes place, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said. The court Read more…

Richard Greeman: French Labor’s Historical Defeat; U.S. Teachers’ Surprising Victories

The French business class is getting ready to Thatcherize France with a vengeance and take its revenge, unless the French rank-and-file workers take a hint from the W. Va. teachers and figure out a way to organize themselves autonomously

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Encourage Dangerous Vigilantism

Some Americans call the cops on black people for frivolous reasons. Others appoint themselves judge, jury, and — sometimes — executioner

Ramzy Baroud: The Victimization of Gaza Women

They endure and persist, despite the massive price they pay and continue the struggle of generations of courageous Palestinian women who came before them

Rich Whitney: Why I Choose to Take a Stand, by Taking a Knee

Until we as a people rise up and address the evils it perpetrates, I am not going to be standing and singing its praises

Harold Meyerson: The Labor Question is Back, Big-Time

Like frogs in a slowly boiling pot, Americans are finally realizing how dire their labor situation is

Amy Goodman: Amazon Workers Denounce “Slavery” Conditions

Amazon made headlines Tuesday when it became the second American company, after Apple, to reach $1 trillion in value. Amazon’s founder and chief executive, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world, with a net worth of more than $167 billion. But what’s behind that wealth? What about its workers? The working conditions in Read more…

Adam Sanchez: Black Power During Reconstruction

In 1868, what had seemed impossible only a decade before — four million enslaved people wielding political power in the South — became a reality

Samantha Winslow: How Milwaukee Teachers Beat Back Cuts and Busywork

Collective bargaining is all but illegal for public sector workers in Wisconsin. So how did Milwaukee teachers not only block major cuts to public schools but also make gains on workload and health care?

Badri Raina: Do Not Say ‘Dalit’, For It Is Too Real

It is no less than a pyrrhic historical atrocity to want to eliminate the reality of a whole section of living people by refusing them the right to call themselves what they wish

Ramzy Baroud: What Lies Beneath: The US-Israeli Plot to ‘Save’ Gaza

With unconditional support from the Trump Administration, Tel Aviv sees a golden opportunity to redefine what has, for decades, constituted the legal and political foundation for the so-called ‘Palestinian-Israeli conflict’

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