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Recent ZNet

Sue Sturgis: New Poor People’s Campaign

Organizers will kick off a nationwide effort on Dec. 4 to carry on the work of the first Poor People’s Campaign, launched on the same date 50 years earlier by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sarah Conway: Jail-Free Justice

The court is one of the only alternative courts nationwide to depend entirely on restorative justice

Ted Glick: The True Story of Pocohontas

“’The True Story of Pocohontas’ stands out as one of the greatest true stories of family love, dedication and tragedy.” Bobbie Whitehead, in Indian Country Today, March 2, 2007 Earlier this year I came across a book, The True Story of Pocohontas, whose story has stayed with me. I knew that I wanted to write Read more…

Laura Flanders: Redefining “Sanctuary”

How do we reconcile claims of sanctuary with a crisis of over-policing that leaves us all more vulnerable — particularly those rendered invisible under the state, like transwomen and undocumented immigrants?

Steven Rosenfeld: GOP Middle Finger To Americans Who Aren’t Rich

Nobody should have any illusions about what Republicans are trying to accomplish

Serge Halimi: Religious wars

In France, wars of religion have not always stayed metaphorical. Doesn’t an already widely discredited press have better things to do than prepare for the next one?

Chip Berlet: Anti-Populism, Smug Centrism and Elitism

Both the leadership of the Democratic Party and the “moderate” wing of the Republican Party seem obsessed with challenging Trumpism by calling for a return to a mythical political “center” and by elevating “elitism” as an antidote to “populism.” This while the political “center” under Trump means scapegoating our nation’s problems to Muslims, Mexicans and Read more…

Michael Arria: Rising from the Wreckage

Over the last few years, housing activism has boomed

Nafeez Ahmed: The Collapse of Media

What You Can Do About It

Jose Olivares: Tepoztlán’s Highway to Nowhere

The town of Tepoztlán, Morelos, is at the vanguard of activism against corporate-friendly projects. Its fight against a highway expansion may be its toughest battle yet

Juan Cole: Trump Outrages all 65 Million Britons

You can’t take him anywhere

Michael Albert: 2016

This is chapter Four of the book RPS/2044: An Oral History of the next American Revolution.

Tom Engelhardt: UnFounding Father

Why We Need to Stare at You Know Who

Kristian Williams: Occupy: The Fall of the Oakland Commune

When Riot Cops Are Not Enough is an excellent addition to the growing body of literature centered on case studies of political repression and social movement responses

John W. Whitehead: Afraid of Being Pulled Over by Police?

You Should Be

Robin Andersen: ‘Fake News’ Backlash Shutting Down Real Debate

The way fake news is being defined in this battle is an attack on alternative journalism

John Feffer: When Bad Money Supports Good Foreign Policy

The anti-war movement needs money, and the Koch brothers have it. But it comes with strings attached

Traven Leyshon: Medicare for All & AFL-CIO

Single-payer health care advocates are celebrating progress getting the AFL-CIO to embrace Medicare for All

Joan Williams: Class Divide Starts With Childrearing

Wealthy parents are grooming their children for a life of work in a hyper-competitive world, and making them miserable in the process

Badri Raina: The Changing Course of Blood

There was a time, not long ago, When blood ran in the veins; Now it spouts from megaphone mouths, And runs down streets and lanes.   Bodies now are merely tools To murder in the souls; And every murderous soul now boasts Countless, zestful trolls.   An age of devouring fire is here, Words its Read more…

Jack Rasmus: A Thanksgiving Letter to Our Wealthiest 1%

As this Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end and the Xmas season approaches, let’s not forget to give thanks to our richest 1% fellow Americans and their corporations

Danny Westneat: City Hall, brought to you by Amazon

A review of some of the bids to woo Amazon’s HQ2 to other cities and states shows it’s not all about the money. In some cases democracy itself is a bargaining chip

Daniel Marans: Sanders Puerto Rico Reconstruction Bill

The Vermont senator has been an outspoken critic of U.S. policies toward the island

Robert Fisk: US Middle East policy doesn’t exist

There is precious little reason to find any optimism across the smashed and rubbleised landscape of the Middle East

Ben Norton: NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya

To acknowledge NATO’s complicity in empowering these racist extremist militants, corporate media would have to acknowledge NATO’s role in the 2011 regime change war in Libya in the first place.

Tasha Moro: Disrupting Resistance Movements in the Digital Age

We must uplift the movements powered by people who refuse to back down—and understand that we can be those people, too

Jeff Abbott: Seeking Justice in Guatemala

A disturbing new proposal by members of Guatemala’ Congress could give blanket amnesty to military members for committing war crimes

Zaid Jilani: Police Ticketing People Feeding the Homeless

Atlanta police officers told charitable individuals that they can no longer feed the homeless without applying for and receiving a permit

Aditya Chakrabortty: A Lesson in Life after Capitalism

A brave group have become an example for Britain, and all of Europe, in taking back workplace control

Katrina Kozarek: Venezuela’s Communes

In the face of economic crisis and US-led international encirclement, Venezuela’s communes continue advancing in the struggle for socialism from the bottom up

Sheila Bapat: Domestic Workers Face Rampant Harassment

Organizing efforts, coupled with state and local policy, are beginning to help domestic workers speak out and remove themselves from abusive situations

Frances Moore Lappé: A Promising Movement

Citizens are not sitting idly watching our democracy go under

Rajan Menon: Twenty-First-Century American Populism

Or Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Isn’t

Andrea Ritchie: Police Broke Black Communities by Targeting Women

Police strategies like ‘zero tolerance’ implemented by purportedly liberal states have wreaked havoc on the lives of black women

Sammi-Jo Lee: How internet co-ops can protect us

Smaller internet service providers offer alternatives and could disrupt the monopolies

Jonathan Cook: ‘Cleansing’ Palestinians from Greater Jerusalem

Measures aim to annex settlements to city and turn Palestinian areas into a no man’s land, warn rights groups

Steve Appleford: ‘La Raza’ Photo Exhibition

A photographic exhibit reveals long-unseen images of the Chicano community at a time of political upheaval and demands for civil rights

Michael Albert: Getting Started

Andrej Goldman and Bill Hampton 
discuss hope, activism, and program.

Marjorie Cohn: The Duty to Disobey a Nuclear Launch Order

For those in the military, there is a legal duty to obey a lawful order, but also a legal duty to disobey an unlawful order

Danny Sjursen: What If?

An Alternative Strategy for 9/12/2001

Richard Falk: Parallel Universes: Vietnam and Palestine

A blessing of empowering and charismatic resilience is the core identity of the Vietnamese and the Palestinian people, their point of most profound convergence

Emily Johnston: I shut down an oil pipeline

Because climate change is a ticking bomb

Bill Boyarsky: Immigrant ‘Warriors for Justice’

Returning to their roots

Ewa Jasiewicz: The far right in Poland

Last month’s mass far right demonstration can be linked to a toxic mix of government tolerance of fascism and neoliberalism on steroids

Suzanne Gordon: Making Veterans Pay

A merger would siphon off funds from VHA hospitals and clinics and eventually shift costs directly to veterans, through co-pay and other possible fee increases

Emily Peck: Making It Harder To Report Sexual Harassment

The White House has been trying to shut women up this whole time

Kevin Zeese: Free Yourself From An Exploitative Culture

It is up to us to end the culture of exploitation

Necîbe Qeredaxî: Jineology: women’s struggles to social liberation

As a liberatory framework emerging from the Kurdish movement, jineology places women at the center of the struggle against patriarchy, capitalism and the state

Benjamin H. Bradlow: Somerville’s turn to ‘sewer socialism’

City election dominated by a left-leaning wave

Ilan Pappe: The biggest prison on earth

A history of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and what military formulas are being used to control Palestinian lives

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