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Recent ZNet

Dahr Jamail: Coral Reefs Could All Die Off by 2050

The Great Barrier Reef has been dying off at an unprecedented rate due primarily to warming ocean waters

Vijay Prashad: Trump Expanding War

While the media continues its frenzy over Comey’s firing and the “Russia connection”, Trump is readying his “global war against Islamic Fascism” to be fought “without restraint”

Sarah Clements: Fighting gun violence

Ending gun violence is a feminist issue and women can and must continue to lead this struggle

Tom Engelhardt: Mosul on My Mind

What It Really Means to Be on a “Flattening” Planet

Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez: The Oppressive History of the Birth Industry

Acknowledging the whiteness of the birth industry means coming to terms with this fact and finding a way to transform an anti-Black institution

Juan Cole: Clapper Lied & Spied

Now charges Trump with assault on government Institutions

Tamara Pearson: Chocolate as Resistance

Mexico’s Rich Chocolate Traditions Defy Corporate Globalization

Sharon Lerner: Mother’s Day in an ICE Detention Center

The woman arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border with her daughter in late April. “From what I had heard about the U.S., it was supposed to be a country that practices showing love to their fellow man. But what I have experienced with my daughter was horrible,” she wrote a few days later, after she was Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Trump & Saudi Arabia

Trump and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the most dangerous men in the world – and they’re meeting next week

Pervez Hoodbhoy: End of enlightenment?

I WAS invited to lecture on ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Age of Global Terrorism’ at Missouri State University. Missouri is Trump country — he had a 70 per cent majority there. Some essential points are excerpted below. The first seven words of the title belong to the 1776 Declaration of Read more…

Bridget Burns: A feminist revolution demands climate justice

Feminist leaders, particularly indigenous women and grassroots organisers, have to be at the frontlines of climate change decision-making

Alexander Kolokotronis: Why we are not eating

The Yale graduate student hunger strike

Mary Hooks: Black Mama’s Bail Out Day

“Goal is to Free Our People from These Cages”

Juan Cole: GOP Greatest Threat to Mothers

Insurance companies in the US before Obamacare considered the male body the default

Steve Ellner: Critiquing Maduro from the Left

What Chavista theorist Heinz Dieterich can tell us about the current crisis in Venezuela – and what he misses

Robert Fisk: Can Syria ever be repaired?

After its titanic civil war, can Syria remain a united state? And if it does – if Syria can be put back together again – how do you repair its people? These are not idle words when, across the border, the people of Lebanon have again been marking the mournful anniversary of the start of their Read more…

Steve Ellner: Standoff in Venezuela

Venezuela has been rocked in recent weeks by almost daily protests and counter-protests, as right-wing opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro seek to bring down his government

Dana Frank: The Pitfalls of ‘Buy American’

We need domestic economic development that fosters good jobs without playing into an anti-immigrant framework

Susan George: 40 years of Neoliberalism

Interview on on the French Presidential Elections

Adam Johnson: Copy-and-Pasting ICE Press Releases

“Copy-and-pasting press releases” is typically used as a term of art to indicate that media are mindlessly repeating a corporate or government line. But recent coverage of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “gang raids” across the country has various outlets literally copy-and-pasting ICE’s press release. Take San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT (5/11/17): KSAT: ICE press Read more…

George Lakey: Finding courage in anxious times

Courageous cultures are created by centering ourselves on our strengths, our achievements and encouraging members to take chances with the support of the group

Greg Palast: Al Capone of Vote Rigging

Kris Kobach is the GOP mastermind behind a secretive system that purged 1.1 million Americans from the voter rolls

Danica Jorden: Mother’s Day

Over half a million Argentinians came together in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires on 10 May 2017, which is Mother’s Day in much of Latin America. Wearing white kerchiefs around their necks, they held them aloft and in unison cried “Presente”, representing the 30,000 missing loved ones who could not be there. The Read more…

James Kilgore: A Mythical Crime Wave

Sessions Ramps Up War on Drugs

Greg Grandin: Venezuela’s Future

There’s no shortage of pastoral pundits worrying over the crisis in Caracas while ignoring the ongoing coup in Brazil

Kshama Sawant: This is the Moment to Revolt

Interview on Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey

Juan Cole: The Sadism of creeping Dictatorship

Everyone kept wondering what the first sign of descent into dictatorship would be. This is it. Government by sadism, government by humiliation, government by fear and caprice

David Swanson: Impeach Trump for Right Reasons

The bigger concern, of tamping down the warmongering, of lowering the risk of nuclear conflict should be made to appeal to as many as can hear it

Ramzy Baroud: New Charter: Should Hamas Rewrite the Past?

Hamas’ new Charter seems like a scrupulously cautious attempt at finding political balances within extremely tight political margins

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s decision to arm Kurdish fighters

The US is choosing to support its Kurdish ally in Syria, in defiance of Turkey, whose aim is to prevent the establishment of a quasi-independent Kurdish state there

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Horizons Needed

The world’s eight richest people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population (3.5 billion people). Countries are destroyed (from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Libya to Syria, and chances are that the next victims will be either Iran or North Korea) in the name of values that are supposed to protect Read more…

Peter Temin: A “Dual Economy”

The author of “The Vanishing Middle Class,” explains how the US is moving towards two economies, one for the lower 80% and one for the upper 20%

Brishen Rogers: Basic Income in a Just Society

A decent future of work and welfare requires a basic income—and much more. We need a revamped public sector and a new and different collective bargaining system

Juan Cole: Which Authoritarian Leader is Trump most Like?

Trump hasn’t yet done anything as egregious as al-Sisi or Erdogan. But he is clearly supporting them and perhaps learning from their tactics

Danny Sjursen: The Hazards of Military Worship

Everyone Loves the Troops and Their Generals, But History Indicates That Military Advice Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Shamus Cooke: Trump “Resistance” Slipping Through Our Fingers

Millions of people are looking for the hope that a strong political movement provides, but the window is shrinking

Glen Frieden: Hyping North Korean Threat

Between March 8 and April 27, NPR.org published 60 stories on US/North Korea relations

George Monbiot: The Destructive Party

Those who claim to be “conservatives” would shred the very fabric of the nation

Various Contributors: An Open Letter on the Situation in Venezuela

An Open Letter to the LASA Executive Committee on the Situation in Venezuela

George Azariah-Moreno: A New Constitution for Venezuela

Light at the End of the Political Labyrinth?

Serge Halimi: French President Elect

Macron takes 90% of the vote in bourgeois Paris but Le Pen got 56% of the workers across France

Patrick Cockburn: Promising Unity

Suddenly the world is full of leaders from Theresa May to President Erdogan of Turkey claiming to unite their countries while visibly deepening their divisions

Conor Friedersdorf: The Destructiveness of Call-Out Culture on Campus

Reflections from undergraduates of the social media era

Mark Weisbrot: A New Fight For France And Europe

It is primarily the economic policies of Europe, including France, over the past decade that have allowed the National Front to grow into a legitimate opposition party

Various Contributors: The first 100 days

President Trump’s top priorities include rolling back protections to workers’ wages, health, and safety

Brandon Jacobsen: Martin Luther King’s lessons on negotiation

Nonviolent direct action is perhaps the most effective way to stand up against the regressive and discriminatory plans of the Trump administration

Jean-Luc Melenchon: Don’t yield

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, spokesperson of the France Unbowed movement, who came fourth in the first round of the French presidential election, issued this statement on May 7 after the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the second round. Translated by Dick Nichols. This evening brings to a close the Fifth Republic’s most pathetic presidency, which would have Read more…

Craig Aaron: Nation’s Biggest Broadcaster

FCC Weakens Ownership Rules

Ted Rall: Trump Supporters: We Exist

Trump didn’t offer credible solutions. He hasn’t lifted a finger to help Rust Belters as president. What he did do was acknowledge their existence

Aarab Marwan Barghouti: The hunger strikers need us to speak out

A hunger strike that has involved more than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is starting its fourth week, and Israeli authorities are continuing a crackdown against it

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