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Recent ZNet

Phyllis Bennis: The future of the peace movement

The U.S. Is Bombing at Least Six Countries. How Can the Anti-War Movement Step Up?

Mustafa Abdullah: Over 300 Arrested in St. Louis

It’s About More Than Police Brutality

George Monbiot: The Meat of the Matter

Farming animals is as unsustainable as mining coal

Richard Falk: Nobel Peace Prize 2017

Finally, the committee in Oslo that picks a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize each year selected in 2017 an awardee that is a true embodiment of the intended legacy of Alfred Nobel

Zaid Jilani: Populists Are on the March

Insurgent Randall Woodfin Defeats Birmingham’s Incumbent Mayor

Cristina Flesher Fominaya: Spain: shall we talk?

“We need to opt for dialogue, respect and understanding. We are many, we are diverse, we are respectful, and above all we want a better country and not one infinitely worse.”

Steven Rosenfeld: Republicans Destroying Health Care

This week’s tally: Gut birth control. Don’t fund children. Curtail Medicaid and Medicare

Jennifer Castillo: What Happened to the Communes?

Is Venezuela’s government still supporting the commune movement?

Various Contributors: Climate Activists Convicted

After Judge Refused to Allow Climate Change Experts To Testify In Their Defense, Climate Activists Michael Foster and Sam Jessup Are Convicted for Shutting Off the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline

Steve Ellner: Venezuela’s Fragile Revolution

From Chávez to Maduro

Ted Glick: Dangerous, Upside-down, Trumpian Lawsuits

These lawsuits, designed to silence criticism, are textbook examples of SLAPPs: Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

Yves Engler: Refugees and economic exploitation

If you take a nation’s mineral resources do you have a moral responsibility to also accept its people?

Juan Cole: Will Trump ‘Wag the Dog’?

Trump making cryptic but dire threats and Trump’s astonishing unpopularity–creates the threat of a wag the dog scenario

John Pilger: The rising of Britain’s ‘new politics’

Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance.  The world’s third biggest arms manufacturer, BAe Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.   It seemed a perfidious symbol of Read more…

Rob Okun: A “Men Against Gun Violence” Campaign

Let’s organize legions of men to question our gender privilege and challenge men to chart a new course in the gun violence debate

Meghan Linsey: Country Singer Takes Knee

I can’t think of anything more un-American than threatening someone for an act of free speech

Neil Wollman: Science Permeating All Our Institutions

History has taught us that investments in science pay dividends both economically and in results

Dave Zirin: Breaking Baseball’s Politics Line

There is a wall in baseball between sports and politics. One player just put a crack in it

Paul Street: The NRA’s Latest Terrorist Attack

It’s long past time to start understanding the giant mass shootings that have become part of the new-normal fabric of life in the United States as terrorist attacks on the U.S. populace conducted by the nation’s plutocracy through one of its key and rightward campaign funding, lobbying, and policy organizations – the National Rifle Association Read more…

Rebecca Solnit: A Rape a Minute, 1,000 Corpses a Year

Violence against women is rampant, systemic, and all about control

Nick Turse: The Journalist and the Fixer

Who Makes the Story Possible?

Moira Birss: Criminalizing Environmental Activism

As threats to the environment increase across Latin America, new laws and police practices take aim against the front line activists defending their land and resources

Henry A. Giroux: Trump’s passion for cruelty

The American public needs a new understanding of how civic institutions collapse under the force of state violence

Rachel M. Cohen: Upending the Democratic Establishment

Voters in Columbus will choose between a group of Democratic Party-endorsed incumbents for city council and the school board and a slate of progressive challengers backed by the Working Families Party

Cari S. Babitzke: Compromise on gun control is futile

Gun ownership is part of a powerful American identity that leaves little room for compromise

Basav Sen: Brutal Racial Politics of Climate Change

Trump administration policies are systematically making natural disasters more harmful for the poor and people of color

David Macaray: In Search of the First Amendment

Over the years we’ve all heard every manner of reference to the Bill of Rights, notably the First (the right to free speech) and Second (the right to bear arms) Amendments. Indeed, I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people—professionals and amateurs—remind us that we can’t shout “Fire!” in crowded theater. Not that Read more…

Ben Norton: ‘We need to kill Arabs’

In a new Empire Files documentary, Israelis call for ending the conflict by carpet bombing, ethnic cleansing, mass extermination

Jack Rasmus: Tax Cut for the Rich

Nothing will change so long as the Corporate Party of America is allowed to continue its neoliberal tax giveaways

Robert Koehler: The violence comes home again

The country funds — and benefits from — endless war and violence of all sorts. Occasionally the violence comes back to haunt us

Ignasi Bernat: ‘This building will be a library!’

From referendum to general strike in Catalonia

John Feffer: On the Verge of Unraveling

From Catalonia to Kurdistan, long simmering regions are clamoring for their own states. But what good is being a state anymore?

Kate Aronoff: Historic Debt Forgiveness

Unless Wall Street Gets Its Way

Vijay Prashad: After the Death of Jalal Talabani

His death may open the door to succession and stability

Mark Weisbrot: Cancel Its Debt

Once the island has recovered from the hurricane, it needs to wipe away its debt and end its broken political status within the US.

Brandon Jordan: Hold the Line

Minnesotans rally against Enbridge pipeline project

Baher Kamal: Running Out of Antibiotics

The world is running out of new antibiotics to combat the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance, a new specialised report warns ahead of this year’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week, adding that most of the drugs currently in the clinical pipeline are modifications of existing classes of antibiotics and are only short-term solutions. The latest World Health Read more…

Dario Farcy: Where is Santiago Maldonado?

Disappearance of Argentine Activist Sparks Movement for Political Justice

Stanley Greenberg: How Clinton Lost

Malpractice cost Clinton the election, but her ambivalence on big issues was produced by big structural factors that affect all Democrats

Patrick Bond: Corporate-state degeneracy

In South Africa’s fight between hostile brothers – the “Zuptas” and “White Monopoly Capital” – a new consensus appears

Pepe Escobar: Future of EU at stake in Catalonia

All across the EU, the centralized Eurocrat dream is splintering. It’s Catalonia that may be pointing toward a not so brave, but more realistic, new world

Ramzy Baroud: The Fight Ahead

13 Questions about the Origins, Objectives and War on BDS

Jonathan Cook: Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan

Oded Yinon proposed the implosion of the Middle East, breaking apart the region’s key states – and Israel’s main opponents – by fuelling sectarian and ethnic discord

Alex Nunns: The Unreported Labour Conference

Many important things happened on conference floor, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the newspapers

Hakim Young: Damn, I don’t want Rahman killed

Sultan, Ali’s brother, was killed in August 2016. Hussein, Bismillah’s uncle, was killed in April 2017. I don’t want Rahman, Inaam’s brother, to end up being killed. Rahman is now training to be a soldier. Both Sultan and Hussein were Afghan soldiers in their twenties. They joined the army because there were no other viable Read more…

Dave Zirin: National Support for Protesting Players

Most Americans say the protests by NFL players during the National Anthem are appropriate and that President Trump’s heated criticism of them are not

Sharon Lerner: Trump’s Pick for EPA Safety Chief

Dourson will be in a position to set safety levels for many of the same chemicals his company was paid to defend

George Monbiot: Common Wealth

It’s time for communities to seize back control of resources upon which their prosperity depends

Victor Lasa: Catalonia and Conservative Spain

Far from closure, the events of October 1 will cause more consternation in Catalonia than ever before

Jim Naureckas: WaPo Defends Boss

It almost sounds like the newspaper owned by the second-wealthiest person in the world doesn’t want people talking about how much the extremely rich own compared to the rest of us

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