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José Luis Granados Ceja: Biden’s Policies Won’t Address the Roots of the Migrant Crisis — They’ll Fuel It

Far from treating the border crisis as a humanitarian issue, the Biden administration has continued to expel the vast majority of adult migrants.

Nathan Newman: How Workers Really Get Canceled on the Job

Pre-hiring personality screening and ongoing employer monitoring explicitly weed out workers likely to agitate for a union

Thomas Klikauer: The Origins of Nazi Violence

Unwillingly or unwittingly, Germany’s institutions to fight right-wing terrorism set up during the 1920s has established a dangerous precedent

David Adler: Ecuador’s election is a test of our solidarity

The Progressive International observation delegation returns to Ecuador to observe the most important elections in a generation

Socorro Diaz: Protect Care Workers — You’ll Need Us Someday

All we’re asking is for the same rights and protections other workers enjoy

Keith Danner: Glenn Greenwald Took on the Authoritarian Right in Brazil — and Won

Review of Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil by Glenn Greenwald

Sharon Lerner: Law Students Denounce Chevron’s Law Firm Over Steven Donziger Case

Gibson Dunn’s extreme tactics against environmental attorney Steven Donziger spark a backlash

Gershon Baskin: The great festival of democracy

The Palestinians have an opportunity to demand from those who wish to represent them to lay down their positions and their visions on the future of Palestine

Jim Hightower: Forget Trickle-Down BS – Let’s Push Percolate-up Economics

Enact a $15 minimum wage and restore collective bargaining. Workers will pocket more and spend more, and the economy will rise

John Feffer: International Law Uncanceled

The Biden administration lifted sanctions against the International Criminal Court. It’s not enough

Barbara Karatsioli: Feminism, war and racism

‘Above all, we have to ask ourselves what have we achieved?’

Phyllis Bennis: If Impoverished Countries Can Host Millions of Refugees, the U.S. Can Welcome a Few Thousand

The factors that drive displacement are often complex, but welcoming refugees isn’t

Andy Piascik: White Supremacist Organizations and White Workers

With living standards in decline, the appeal of those who blame Blacks, women, gays and immigrants of color will continue unless a concerted effort is made to organize among white workers

Juan Cole: How to understand Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks

The US exaggerates the degree to which Iran is out of compliance with the JCPOA. It hasn’t militarized its civilian nuclear enrichment program in any way

Sharon Zhang: Amazon Illegally Fired Activist Employees, Labor Board Finds

The National Labor Relations Board has found that Amazon illegally fired two employees who spoke out about the company’s climate impact and labor practices during the pandemic.

Daniel Ellsberg: Daniel Ellsberg at 90 – “It’s Still Possible to Save Humanity”

It will take a miracle to avoid catastrophic climate change and nuclear war, but it’s still possible we can create such a miracle

Chris Walker: Sanders Has “No Problem” Mounting a Pressure Campaign on Manchin

“I think we need a grassroots movement that makes it clear to Joe Manchin and everybody else in the United States Senate, including Republicans, that the progressive agenda is what the American people want.”

Ramzy Baroud: From His Solitary Confinement, Marwan Barghouti Holds the Key to Fatah’s Future

As it stands, the key to the future of Fatah is now held by a Palestinian prisoner, Marwan Barghouti, who has been kept by Israel, largely in solitary confinement, since 2002

Collective 20: The Future of State Politics: Transcending the Marxist / Anarchist Divide

Please Help ZNet           Source: Collective 20 The anarchists are not so naïve as to dream that all the remnants of the State would disappear overnight, but they have the will to make them wither away as quickly as possible; while the authoritarians, on the other hand, are satisfied with the Read more…

José Luis Granados Ceja: Venezuela Rolls Out Economic Support as COVID-19 Infections Spread

The measures include a ban on evictions, a special “stay at home” benefit for two million private-sector workers, and a one-time benefit for 15 million people

Philippe Marlière: As Covid cases in France surge, Macron’s superman image is fading fast

The French president has imposed a national lockdown, but he still won’t own up to his mistakes and broken promises

Darrick Hamilton: Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is Inadequate

“The scale of the problem and the size of the bill is incongruent.”

Binoy Kampmark: The Future Of Australian Universities

The approach by the University of Melbourne is a template of savagery.  In September last year, some 200 professors who sit on the academic board issued a warning at the imminent loss of 450 jobs

Ted Glick: A Winning Climate and Political Approach

If the Biden proposal is the best that can be passed this year, then it should be supported and passed, but with a clear understanding that it is a beginning, not an end

John Bolger: NYPD “Goon Squad” Manual Teaches Officers to Violate Protesters’ Rights

Internal NYPD documents shed new light on the Strategic Response Group, or SRG, the heavily militarized police unit behind the crackdown on George Floyd protesters

Lauren Araiza: Fred Hampton Was Right: We Must Fight Racism With Cross-Racial Solidarity

“We say you don’t fight racism with racism — we’re gonna fight racism with solidarity.”

Nan Levinson: The Far Right in Uniform

How Extreme Is the U.S. Military?

April M. Short: How Austin is actually responding to the call to transform its police budget

“The dollars from the police budget are going to provide the services and operate the hotels”

Timothy Braatz: Nonviolent Intervention and George Floyd

When nonviolence classes are standard in our K-12 schools—not just in specialized programs in prohibitively expensive colleges and universities—the US will become a much safer and more humane place to live

William rivers Pitt: We Need Diplomacy, Not War

Time to Ramp Up the Pressure on Biden

Prabir Purkayastha: Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Play Games With Cyberwarfare as Its Power Declines

Cybersecurity threats are emerging as one of the most serious challenges of the 21st century. The U.S. and its NATO allies have turned down every attempt within the UN framework for banning cyberweapons

Giacomo Turci: Tens of Thousands of Amazon Workers Went on Strike in Italy

Last Tuesday saw the biggest strike that Amazon has ever experienced in Europe, with thousands of workers participating

Bennett Cyphers: Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers

Please Help ZNet             Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation Photo by 360b/Shutterstock Today, Google launched an “origin trial” of Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka FLoC), its experimental new technology for targeting ads. A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of Google Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their Read more…

Ben Terrall: The World After COVID

A look at two new books, Everything Must Change: The World After COVID-19 and Rediscovering Earth: Ten Dialogues on the Future of Nature

Badri Raina: Elsewhere Is OK

When time and place be out of sorts, Go make your time and place

CJ Polychroniou: A Green New Deal Is More Affordable in the Long Term Than Fossil Fuels

It is naïve and dangerous to rely on the “invisible hand” of the market either for economic transformation or for a solution to the problem of climate change

Sonali Kolhatkar: How Police Preserve Inequality in Los Angeles—and Everywhere Else

our society would rather spend money to violently clamp down on protesters who are protecting an unhoused community than fund long-term solutions to the housing crisis

Henry A. Giroux: The Plague of Historical Amnesia in the Age of Fascist Politics

Disparaging, suppressing or forgetting the horrors of history has become a valued and legitimating form of political and symbolic capital, especially among the Republican Party and conservative media

Sam Pizzigati: A Manchester Boldly United for a More Equal Metropolis

A major UK urban center takes on the most ambitious of goals: a fairer future for all

Jake Alimahomed-Wilson: Amazonification Is the Future of Capitalism

Interview with Jake Alimahomed-Wilson, coeditor of The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy

Kenn Orphan: Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness

For too long we have allowed the narrative to be dictated by the myth of our separateness and dominance over the earth and all that lives here

Jonathan Cook: Starmer isn’t ‘too cautious’ – he is ruthlessly tearing Labour apart

A year in, the British Labour leader is giving the Tories an easy ride while investing his energy in an all-out war on the party’s left

Dan Dinello: Winning the War for Earth

Kim Stanley Robinson’s subversive new Novel Rejects Doomism and Imagines a Hopeful Solution to the Climate Emergency

Achal Prabhala: World’s Poorest Nations Face Setback over Patent Rights

We look at the urgent push to ensure equal access to COVID-19 vaccines for all nations, rich and poor, and growing calls for Big Pharma to waive their patent rights, as COVID-19 cases soar

Marjorie Cohn: Calling Chauvin a “Bad Apple” Denies Systemic Nature of Racist Police Violence

As Chauvin’s trial continues, we must remember that this is not simply the story of one “rogue cop.” It is a window into the anti-Black violence perpetrated routinely by police in this country, as part of a brutal and racist system

Max Elbaum: For the People Act vs. Jim Crow in New Clothes

A broad coalition of groups is calling for a week of action April 5-9 to press for passage of the For the People Act, S.1 – federal legislation that would counter the GOP’s push for harsh state-level voter suppression bills

Wim Laven: Big Chickens in Georgia

Georgia Republicans have now proven themselves to be the big chickens. They cannot win a fair fight so they are investing in every strategy they can to limit access to the democratic franchise of voting

MST: The character of struggle

April will be a month of struggle, memory, and resistance

Madeleine Freeman: Low Pay, Long Hours, and No Holidays: Alabama Coal Miners Strike Back

All eyes are on Alabama at this moment as it becomes the epicenter of labor struggle in the United States

Erica X Eisen: The Other Nuremberg Trials, Seventy-Five Years On

ailures in prosecuting the businessmen who profited from the Nazi war machine show just how far postwar Europe and America were willing to go in the Cold War quest to protect capitalism

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