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Recent ZNet

Richard D. Wolff: ‘There’s an Alternative to the Top-Down Capitalist Corporation’

Interview on questioning economic fundamentals

Lawrence Brown: Why Policing Can’t Be Reformed

The new revelations from the Gun Trace Task Force corruption trial make it clear that we must dismantle the current law enforcement system and construct new health-driven models for keeping communities safe

Reese Erlich: U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria

In reality, the United States seeks to remove President Bashar al Assad, or failing that, dismember Syria into zones controlled by outside powers

Bill Parker: Corruption and Collaboration in the UAW

It’s going to take rank-and-file organization to challenge the Administration Caucus

Conn Hallinan: A Dangerous Turn In U.S. Foreign Policy

The problem with designating “great powers” as your adversaries is that they might just take your word for it and respond accordingly

Dean Baker: The Great Fiscal Experiment

Let’s See How Low the Unemployment Rate Can Go

Tom Engelhardt: The Light at the End of the Corner

A Trip Down Memory Lane, Pentagon-Style

Stephen Wallace: The Fires in Myanmar

Horror stories are being recounted daily, straight out of the mouths of the Rohingya as they flow into Bangladesh, by the hundreds of thousands

Juan Cole: Nibbling at the Edges

There is a rash of articles about how Syria’s war is heating back up. It isn’t.

Adam Johnson: Judge’s Bail Reforms Prompt Media Attack

Local media often function as PR surrogates for police and powerful private interests

Mark Abadi: Life for teenagers today

Adults who went undercover at a high school found 7 things people don’t realize about life for teenagers today

Rosa Burç: Defending Afrin

Turkey’s war on Afrin is an attack not only on Kurdish self-determination, but on democracy and women’s liberation in the Middle East

Sue Sturgis: Citizens United continues to transform money in politics

Percent of Americans who assign a lot of blame for dysfunction in the political system to “wealthy political donors” and “money in politics”: 65

David Love: FBI Tracks & Arrests ‘Black Identity Extremist’

Anyone who posts his or her thoughts on police violence on social media — particularly someone with a high profile and influence — is susceptible to FBI surveillance

Various Contributors: Thousands of Fast-Food Workers Strike

Protest Nationwide on 50th Anniversary of Historic Memphis Sanitation Walkout

Kevin Zeese: Understanding How Media Protects The Status Quo

It is important for us to be aware of the ways the media protects the status quo and to both question what they say and not allow ourselves to be divided

Michael T. Klare: The Strategy of Maximal Extraction

How Donald Trump Plans to Enlist Fossil Fuels in the Struggle for Global Dominance

Andrew Tillett-Saks: Stamford Workers Show How to Rebuild the Labor Movement

The lesson from the Stamford hotel workers is that unions must return to their roots as worker organizations — member-run and member-powered

Jeremy Slevin: Republicans Plot How to Hurt Poor People

Congressional Republicans Met in the Second Poorest State to Plot How to Hurt Poor People

Theopia Jackson: How Trump Trauma Is Resurrecting the Jim Crow Era

I truly hope an outcome of the insanity is that people reclaim their humanity and sanity and social justice

Amy Goodman: Uber and Lyft, Driving Drivers into Poverty and Despair

“I hope with the public sacrifice I make now that some attention to the plight of the drivers and the people will be done to save them and it will have not have been in vain.”

Amber Huff: Why #DefendAfrin?

The war in Afrin starkly highlights how the dynamics of power and resource grabs by the US, Russia, and their regional alliances, have shaped contemporary struggles for life and democracy

Juan Cole: Russia warns Israel on Syria strikes

BBC Monitoring reports on a statement in Russian at the site of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reacting to the Israeli air attacks on Syria and the shoot-down by the Syrians of one Israeli fighter-jet. The Foreign ministry expressed “serious concern” over the Israeli air strikes, and called for restraint. The statement inserts Russia into Read more…

Sam Levin: California police worked with neo-Nazis

Officers expressed sympathy with white supremacists and sought their help to target counter-protesters after a violent 2016 rally, according to court documents

Emiliano Mellino: There’s something dirty about the way we clean

Outsourced cleaners are on the front lines of the battle for workers’ rights

Aziz Rana: Against National Security Citizenship

Any truly progressive social base must be built on a vision of solidarity that rejects false nationalisms and that connects arguments about U.S. power to those about political economy

Jessica Mason Pieklo: ‘Legality Means Nothing if There Is No Access’

Interview on the numerous ways that the Trump administration is a threat to women’s rights, including the right to choose abortion

Kenneth Surin: Poverty: American Style

“The American Dream is rapidly becoming the American illusion.”

Juan Cole: A Crisis of Democracy

Trump’s block of Dem Response to Nunes

Steven Sherman: How Fight for $15 Took Off

A new book explores faith, immigration and worker power

Mehreen Kasana: Reforming Oppressive and Inhumane Bail System

“The city jails are filled with people charged with misdemeanors only because they cannot pay.”

Christine Ahn: Trump, Pence Rain on Koreas’ Olympic Unity Parade

In a show of unity, athletes from North and South Korea marched at the Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony under the same flag. But the Trump administration is doing its best to thwart hopes for peace on the peninsula

Jeff Bryant: Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico would be used as an opportunity to transfer management of the island’s schools to private operators of charter schools

Jeremy Brecher: A New Way to Remember Rosa Parks

Transit equity isn’t just about where you sit on the bus. It’s about whether you can get on a bus at all

Cinzia Arruzza: Women’s Strikes a Reminder Women Produce Most Wealth in Society

Today we bring you a conversation with Cinzia Arruzza and Tithi Bhattacharya, two national organizers for the International Women’s Strike. They discuss how the labor movement is inherently connected to the #MeToo movement and how women globally are preparing for another women’s strike on March 8. Let’s talk about the history of women’s strikes, because Read more…

Angélica Almazán: An Election and a Movement

Can Marichuy, an Indigenous activist, collect enough signatures to appear on ballots in Mexico’s 2018 presidential election?

George Monbiot: Revolt of the Robots

It’s untenable to let salaried work define us. In the future, what we do for society unpaid should be at least as important

James L. VanHise: The Lonely Struggle: A Tribute To Gene Sharp

“If we take wise and responsible steps in the coming years, the future will reveal achievements beyond what we can now imagine”

Kevon Paynter: First U.S. City to Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion

Portland, Ore., climate activists celebrate a win against Big Oil as city- and state-level initiatives gain momentum across the country

Alison Stine: America Dumps Its Fracking Waste in My Ohio Town

My county is poor and remote. Fracking companies think they can abuse it

Reed Richardson: Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover

Nearly five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, more than a hundred thousand US citizens there still lack clean drinking water, and almost one-third of the island has no reliable electric power

Mehdi Hasan: Trump Wants to Make It Easier to Start a Nuclear War

This Should Petrify Us

Eric Levitz: We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt

For the economy’s sake

Jack Rasmus: US Stocks’ ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ and Second 1,000 point Drop

Margin buyers will prove desperate stock sellers, driving stock prices even lower in coming weeks, entering yet another new phase

Steven Gorelick: Technology and its Discontents

Tucked within the pages of the January issue of the ‘Agriview’, a monthly farm publication published by the State of Vermont, was a short survey from the Department of Public Service (DPS). Described as an aid to the Department in drafting their “Ten Year Telecom Plan”, the survey contains eight questions, the first seven of Read more…

David Palumbo-Liu: McCarthyism is back

I’m a Stanford professor accused of being a terrorist

Shaun King: NFL Boycott Was Historic Moment in Struggle for Justice

We should never support a corporation that has done to a person what the NFL has done to Colin Kaepernick. Because if a company can do it to him and we accept it, they can do it to any of us

Juan Cole: US won’t give Iraq a Dime for Reconstruction

In an exclusive, Reuters reports today that the Trump administration is going into the Iraq reconstruction conference in Kuwait next week with no plans to contribute a dime to the effort. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will attend. Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi estimates that Iraq needs $100 billion to rebuild. The country is still Read more…

Various Contributors: 350.org’s Climate State of the Union

In response to Trump’s State of the Union, advocates push for a a fossil fuel free future that is “owned by the people, and for the people”

Christine Ahn: While the Two Koreas Talk, Trump Is Throwing Shade

The White House seems hell bent on hijacking an Olympic moment of inter-Korean unity

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