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November 2017




Mindless obedience has long been a goal of self-appointed patriots, wrapping themselves in the flag to defend indefensible domestic injustice or criminal wars (both of which we have more than our share these days). There is no meaning in the demand to “respect” any abstract symbol, much less one as drenched in horrifying contradiction as the American flag


In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, as in the wake of all the high-profile mass shootings that preceded it, the big question looms: Why?


The “dreamers,” young recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, more than anyone are the true children of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) —they have paid the price for the agreement. Yet they are the ones punished by the administration of President Trump


Since last November many of us in many places in the U.S. have heightened dreams of secession, of new nation-states, new sovereignty.


Beneath highly visible mobilizations, grassroots and municipal forms of opposition to Trump are also taking shape. Under the banner of “sanctuary cities,” community-based organizations, faith groups, legal advocates, workers’ centers and engaged citizens have been setting up crisis networks to support immigrant families


Hundreds of residents gathered in front of the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul for a rally to “Hold the Line” against a pipeline project called Line 3.


Until Trump moved into the White House, however, senior military officers in the Pentagon were speaking openly of the threats posed to American security by climate change and how that phenomenon might alter the very nature of their work.


There is enormous public support for drug pricing reform, with national polls showing that 77 percent of Americans consider drug prices to be unreasonable.


Take the very nature of corporations. They’re based on what’s called “limit liability,” meaning if you’re a partner in a corporation and the corporation carries out mass murder, the participants aren’t guilty of it. So corporate mass slaughter is a huge phenomenon


More than four decades past the end of that imperialist adventure, having a serious discussion about it remains taboo.


The facts of the case portray a misogynist environment at West Point, a Hudson Valley institution that trains future military officers


Trump has introduced his long-awaited tax cut, estimated between $2.0 to $2.4 trillion. Like so many other distortions of the...
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Events ECONOMICS – The Union For Radical Political Economics at the Eastern Economic Association will hold its annual conference January...
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FREEDOM SCHOOL - The Youth Organizing Institute of North Carolina will be holding their 5th Annual Freedom School, July 8-25. They are currently fundraising.

Contact: http://empoweryouthnc.org/.

RESTORATIVE PRACTICES - The International Institute for Restorative Practicies (IIRP) will host a participatory symposium about implementing restorative practices in a variety of settings. July 7-9 in Toronto, Ontario; and July 21-23 in Bethlehem, PA. IIRP’s 17th World Conference will be held October 27-29, in Bethlehem, PA.

Contact: 610-807-9221; registrar@iirp.edu; http://www.iirp.edu/.

NATIVE MEDIA - The Native American Journalists Association will co-host the National Native Media Conference  July 10-13, in Santa Clara, CA. Other co-hosts include Native Public Media and Vision Maker Media.

Contact: NAJA, OU-Gaylord College, 395 W. Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73019-4201; 405-325-1649; http://www.naja.com.

PEACESTOCK - On July 12, the 12th Annual Peacestock: A Gathering for Peace, will take place in Hager City, WI. The event is a mixture of music, speakers and community for peace. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace.

Contact: Bill Habedank, 1913 Grandview Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066; 651-388-7733; billhabedank@yahoo.com; http://www.peacestockvfp.org.

IWW - The North American Work People’s College will take place July 12-16 at Mesaba Co-op Park in northern Minnesota. The event will bring together Wobblies from branches across the continent to learn new skills and build One Big Union.

Contact: http://workpeoplescollege.org/.

NETROOTS - The 9th annual Netroots Nation conference will take place July 17-20, in Detroit, with writers, social justice advocates, labor and organizational leaders, grassroots organizers and online activists.

Contact: Netroots Nation, 1559B Sloat Blvd #316, San Francisco,CA 94132; http://www.netrootsnation.org.

LA RAZA - The annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July 19-22 in Los Angeles, with workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office, Raul Yzaguirre Building, 1126 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; 202-785-1670; www.nclr.org.

VETERANS - Veterans for Peace is holding the 29th annual convention July 23-27 at the University of NC at Asheville. This year’s theme is, Peace or Perish Abolish War on Planet and Poor.

Contact: http://www.vfpnationalconvention.org/.

OCCUPY - The Occupy National Gathering will be held in Sacramento, CA, July 31-August 3.

Contact: http://interoccupy.net/natgat2014/.

WOMEN/INEQUALITY - The 2014 Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute will be held July 25-August 3, in New Orleans, under the theme: The Free Southern Theater Model: Addressing inequality by claiming our places, our legacy, our stories.

Contact: 718-398-4783; sli@urbanbushwomen.org; https://www.urbanbushwomen.org.

CAPITALISM - The Center for Global Justice will host an international conference on the topic Moving Beyond Capitalism, July 29-August 5, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Presenters include Gal Alperovitz, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese.

Contact: 5802 Bob Bullock Loop, Suite C1 #84-1A, Laredo, TX 78041; 347-983-5084; admin@globaljusticecenter.org; http://www.globaljusticecenter.org.

ACTIVIST CAMP - Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp will have sessions in July and August in CA, OR, and MA. YEA Camp is designed for activists 12-17 years old who want to make a difference in the world.

Contact: info@yeacamp.org; http://yeacamp.org/.

FOLK FESTIVAL - The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival will be held August 1-3, in the Berkshires, NY.

Contact: http://www.falconridgefolk.com/; falcridge@aol.com.

INDIE PUBLISHING - The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) will be held August 2-3, at the Providence Public Library.

Contact: ripepvd@gmail.com; http://ripexpo.tumblr.com/.

MEDIA - Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture (NAMAC) will host a joint conference in Philadelphia, August 6-8.

Contact: http://www.allcommunitymedia.org/annual-conference.

VETERANS - Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will host: 10 Years of IVAW: National Convention, August 8-10, in Sedalia, CO.

Contact: PO Box 3565, New York, 10008-3565; 646-723-0989; http://www.ivaw.org/.

DISSIDENT ARTS - The Dissident Arts Festival will take place August 16, in New York City. The Dissident Arts Festival is the annual showcase of radical arts and activism, where revolutionary New Music meets Topical Song and Free Jazz cavorts with Dissident Poetry, Theater and Film.

Contact: John Pietaro, 646-599-0060; leftmus@earthlink.net; http://www.dissidentarts.com/.

SEXUAL ASSAULT - The National Sexual Assault Conference, held August 20-22 in Pittsburg, PA, is an advocacy-based conference providing advanced training opportunities and information regarding sexual violence intervention and prevention.

Contact: National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 123 North Enola Drive, Enola, PA 17025; 717-909-0710; http://www.nsvrc.org.

SOCIAL FORUM - The 2014 Canadian Social Forum, a grassroots Peoples’ Social Forum, will be held in Ottawa-Gatineau, August 21-24.

Contact: http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/.

COMMUNITY CONFERENCE - The 20th annual Twin Oaks Community Conference will be held August 29-September 1. The conference is committed to equality, participatory government, ecology, and non-violence.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126; twinoaks@ic.org; http://www.twinoakscommunity.org/.

LABOR DAY - The 30th annual Bread and Roses Festival, a celebration of the ethnic diversity and labor history of Lawrence, MA, will be held September 1, in honor of the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike. There will be music, dance, poetry, drama, ethnic food, historical demonstrations, walking & trolley tours.

Contact: Bread & Roses Heritage, PO Box 1137, Lawrence, MA 01842; 978-794-1655; info@breadandrosesheritage.org; http://www.breadandrosesheritage.org/.

VEGETARIAN - The 30th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival will take place September 5-7, in Toronto.

Contact: 17 Baldwin Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1L1; http://festival.veg.ca/.

GALLERY - ArtRage Gallery will host a juried exhibition September 6-October 18, showing progressive art that inspires resistance and promotes social awareness.

Contact: ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203; 315-218-5711; http://artragegallery.org/.

OCCUPY WALL STREET - September 17 is the three-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events are planned in New York City and worldwide.

Contact: http://www.nycga.net/.

CLIMATE - The People’s Climate March will be held September 20-21, in New York City, to coincide with a UN summit on climate change.

Contact: http://peoplesclimatemarch.org/.

RAZA - El Centro de la Raza will host the Building the Beloved Community Gala, September 27, in Seattle.

Contact: 2524 16th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144; 206-957-4649; http://www.elcentrodelaraza.org/.

LGBTQ - The 27th annual Out On Film Festival will take place October 2-9, in Atlanta.

Contact: info@outonfilm.org; http://outonfilm.org/.

HOMELESSNESS - October 10 is World Homeless Day. Events are planned worldwide.

Contact: http://www.worldhomelessday.org/.

SDS - Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) will be holding its 9th National Convention, October 10-12, at University of Minnesota.

Contact: UMN SDS, 1930 Elliot Ave S #3, Minneapolis, MN 55404; http://www.newsds.org/.

COLUMBUS - October 13 is Columbus Day. Many groups around the country, including the Transform Columbus Day Alliance, work to challenge traditional ethnocentric views of Columbus the sole discoverer of America, as well as challenging the celebration of invasion, cruelty, oppression and cultural imperialism.

Contact: http://www.transformcolumbusday.org.

TEACHERS - The 14th Annual Conference, “Teaching for Social Justice: The Roots of Resistance,” will be held October 11 in San Francisco, CA. The free event features workshops, resources, and free childcare.

Contact: 415-676-7844; teachers4socialjustice @yahoo.com; http://www.t4sj.org/.

HISTORY/WWI - Georgian Court University and the Peace History Society will hold a conference on the theme: World War I: Dissent, Activism, & Transformation, October 17-18.

Contact: Georgian Court University, 900 Lakewood Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701; 800-458-8422; bennetts@georgian.edu; http://www.georgian.edu/WWIconference.htm.

ENVIRONMENT - The APIEL (Appalachian Public Interest Environmental Law) Conference 2014 will be held October 17-19, at the University of Tennessee College of Law in Knoxville. The conference brings together hundreds of eco-minded and socially conscious activists, attorneys, students, scientists and citizens in the interest of social justice.

Contact: PO Box 20363, Knoxville, TN 37920; apiel.info@gmail.com; http://www.apiel.org/.

POLICE BRUTALITY - October 22 is National Day Against Police Brutality. The Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) is currently campaigning towards the day.

Contact: http://www.october22.org/; SMIN, PO Box 941 Knickerbocker Station, New York, NY 10002-0900; 347-979-7646; stopmassincarceration@gmail.com; http://www.stopmassincarceration.net/.

WWI CENTENARY - Stop the War, No Glory, and a range of peace organizations are organizing meetings, debates, and cultural events to mark the First World War centenary, opposing attempts to use the centenary to “celebrate” a slaughter that killed 15 million people as a “just” and “noble” cause.

Contact: 020-7561-4830; office@stopwar.org.uk; http://stopwar.org.uk.

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