April 2017
Volume 30
Number 4


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The GOP had a memory loss when it came to the millions of emails erased by Dick Cheney, who claimed to hide rogue operations in the vice-president’s office, and to hide what may have been his illegal activities from the public.


Bannon seems to believe in everything and nothing; one moment an economic libertarian, the next a white nationalist, then a worldwide conspiracy guy, but ultimately, perhaps, just someone who enjoys the rush of having power


Empirical historical evidence combined with little common sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.


James Hansen, the indefatigable former NASA official (he retired in 2013) who first brought the threat of climate change to our attention, believes that a carbon tax and a new kind of nuclear technology represent the last chance to thwart devastating climate change.


In an apparent attempt to rein in America’s new, erratic White House occupant, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) recently introduced federal legislation to require Congress to declare war before a U.S. president could authorize nuclear weapons strikes.


Trump proposes to increase U.S. military spending by $54 billion, and to take that $54 billion out of the other portions of the budget, including, in particular, he says, foreign aid


Fake news as a denunciation peddled by Republican and Trump apparatchiks is an old-fashioned, fascist-style Big Lie with a neat capitalist twist.


The October 19 strike was the first women’s strike in the history of Argentina and Latin America. A strike was called for one hour, in all possible spaces: workplaces, educational spaces, domestic spaces, neighborhood ones, etc. The following mobilization was truly enormous: more than 250,000 people in Buenos Aires and more marches all over the country


Public-private partnerships are one of the surest ways of shoveling money into the gaping maws of corporate wallets, used, with varying names, by neoliberal governments around the world, particularly in Europe and North America


Two days after the election of Donald Trump, 21 plaintiffs aged 9-20 won a court ruling that may be just as important as that election in determining our future.


An independent Third Force must be multifaceted with the capacity to utilize community organizing, campaigns around issues, protests, marches, demonstrations, boycotts, elections and policy advocacy to advance a vision/mission and agenda for transformative change


To talk of a supposedly apolitical science is wrongheaded to begin with. Science has been political since its modern inception with the Scientific Revolution, which began in part with Galileo’s experiments on projectile motion


Social Self-Defense is not an organization—it is a set of practices to be engaged in by myriad organizations, hopefully in close coordination with each other. It draws both on established and newly emerging organizations. The community assemblies in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Montpelier, and many other locations illustrate how new organizations can arise for Social Self-Defen

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It is sad to see the liberals carried away on the wave of hysteria about the supposed Russian information warfare menace and possible influence over or even capture of the Trump presidency. It is also very dangerous to human welfare as it helps consolidate the power of the military-industrial complex


IRAQ/FICTION - Iraq + 100 poses a question to contemporary Iraqi writers: what might your home city look like in the year 2103, exactly 100 years after the disastrous American and British-led invasion of Iraq?

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WAR/WEAPONS - The Global Network’s Annual Organizing Conference & Protest, Pivot Toward War: US Missile Defense and the Weaponization of Space, will be held April 7-9, in Huntsville, AL.

Contact: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, PO Box 652, Brunswick, ME  04011; (207) 443-9502;; 

ABORTION - The CLPP (Civil Liberties and Public Policy) annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, will take place April 7-9, 2017 at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

Contact: Civil Liberties and Public Policy, 893 West Street, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 01002; 413-559-6976;;

CANNABIS - The annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference will be held April 7-11, in Washington, DC, hosted by Americans For Safe Access and others.

Contact: 202-857-4272; info@; http://www

LEFT ECONOMICS - The Union for Radical Political Economies (UPRE) will host the conference Left-Wing Economics in a Right-Wing Climate, in Brooklyn, April 8. The Conference will bring together the theoretical perspectives of radical political economics and the organizational experiences of those engaged in struggle on the many crucial issues confronting us today.

Contact: urpe;

PLANET - Friday, April 21, in Seattle Ground Zero and allies, featuring Native Americans sisters and brothers, will paddle, walk, and speak out against nuclear weapons and the destruction of our planet and demand that the trillions of U.S. Citizen tax dollars dedicated to destroying our planet be redirected to healing it, all the beautiful beings, and to respect the sanctity of life.

Contact: 16159 Clear Creek Rd. NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370; 360-930-8697;

CLIMATE MARCH - April 22 is Earth Day. Events are planned nationwide to Stop Trump’s Climate Agenda, including the March For Science in Washington, DC.


PEACE - The Building A World Beyond War: What Will It Take? conference, sponsored by Vermont Stands for a World Beyond War Coalition, will be held April 22, in Winooski, Vermont.

Contact http:// worldbeyond

CREECH - The 3rd Annual national mobilization of nonviolent resistance to shut down killer drone operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia and everywhere, April 23-29 at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada. Sponsored by CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Nevada Desert Experience , Veterans For Peace, and Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Contact: https://shutdowncreech.

CLIMATE - The People’s Climate Movement is April 29th in Washington, D.C. and across the country, for communities and climate. Throughout the first 100 days in office, the People’s Climate Movement is organizing a country-wide arc of action, culminating on April 29th in Washington DC in a powerful mobilization to unite movements.


ANARCHIST/BOOKFAIR - The 9th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair will be held April 29, in Arcata, CA.


CLIMATE/LABOR - The People’s Climate Movement will march for jobs, justice and the climate on April 29, in Washington, DC.


BLACK WOMEN - Black Women’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s One Year Anniversary will be April 29-30.

Contact: Black Women’s Blutprint, P.O. Box 24713, Brooklyn, NY 11202; 347-533-9102; info@black; womens

MAY DAY - May 1 is May Day. Workers of the world will celebrate the anniversary of International Worker’s Day. Born out of a call for an eight-hour workday in the United States, this day is an opportunity for all workers to show their solidarity  as well as to renew the call for labor rights.


WOMEN/LABOR - The Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Conference will be held May 3-7, in Grafton, IL.


WORKERS/FILM - The 6th Annual Workers Unite Film Festival will be May 5-25, in New York City.

Contact: http://www.workersunite film

MOVEMENTS/PROTEST - The First Mobilization Conference on Social Movements and Protest: Nonviolent Strategies and the State, will be held in San Diego, CA, May 5-6. The conference is planned as an informal and friendly gathering to present current work, discuss it, network.


IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS - The Immigrants’ March will be May 6, in Washington, DC. Grassroots actions are being planned nationwide.

Contact: https://actionnetwork. org/forms/the-immigrants-march-sign- up-form.

MARIJUANA - On May 6, the first Saturday in May, marijuana legalization activists will hold informational and educational events, rallies, and marches in over 300 cities around the world.


ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR - The 11th Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair will be held at Judson Memorial Church, May 13, with workshops, books, childcare, video projections, art, panels, more.


MOTHER’S DAY - The 21st Annual Mother’s Day Walk For Peace will be May 14, from Dorchester to Boston, MA.

Contact: http://mothersdaywalk

FOOD/MONSANTO - March Against Monsanto will be May 20 in New York City and elsewhere.

Contact: http://www.march-

NUCLEAR - The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s 29th Annual DC Days will take place May 21-24, in Washington, DC.


LABOR - The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Conference will be held May 26-28, in Vancouver, BC Canada, under the theme Echoes of the 1917 Russian Revolution: Decades of Radicalism and Red Scares in the Labour Movements of the Pacific Northwest.

Contact: 206-406-2604;;

FEMINISM/SCI-FI - The feminist science fiction convention, WisCon 41, is scheduled for May 26-29 in Madison, WI.

Contact: WisCon, SF3, PO Box 1624, Madison, WI 53701; concom37;

AFRICAN LIBERATION - African Liberation Day is May 27. The African People’s Socialist Party will hold events in Washington, DC.

Contact: 1245 18th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33705; 727-821-6620;;

MULTICULTURE- The 30th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) will take place May 30-June 3, in Fort Worth, TX.

Contact: SWCHRS, 3200 Marshall Avenue, Suite 290, Norman, OK 73072; 405-325-3694; www.n

CLASS - The Working Class Studies Association (WCSA) conference on Class Struggle: Race, Gender, and Revolution will be held May 31-June 3.


RESISTANCE MANUAL - The Resistance Manual has been launched online, an an open-source platform to compile information/resources to resist.

Contact: https://www.resistanc


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