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The second session of School for Social and Cultural Change (SSCC) started April 1. Sign up is still open. Faculty includes: Michael Albert, Ben Burgis, Noam Chomsky, Kathy Kelly, Jonathan Stribling-Uss, Marv Waterstone, Sean Michael Wilson

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Selected Collective 20
Selected for Activists

Kolhatkar: Shrink Police Budgets
León: Revolt Against Amazon
Huerta: Dolores Huerta 
Sawant: Fighting approach
Rebellion: Scientists Had Enough
Entralgo: Amazon Vote 
DeManuelle-Hall: BAmazon Loss 
Swanson: Brutes 
Stout: Against police evictions
Collins: Billionaire Wealth Pandemic
Orlet: Hate Lincoln Now?
Davies: Halliday: Voice of Reason
Mazzarino: Viral Military
Falk: Ramsey Clark
Stole: Landmark police reform 
Sanders: Human Infrastructure
Rovics: Sweeps Stop Here?
C20: Crazy Thing Called Work
McAlevey: Give Workers Fair Shot
Lauer: Rural Governing Power

Frank: Real Problems?
HAC: Stand with Haiti! 
Eisenstein: Asian Sisters
Flanders: Military-Grade Healthcare
Lord: Trillion-Dollar SUV
Morrison: Holds Us in Contempt?
Hyeong-jung: Rural Basic Income 
Raina: Changing Faith?
Cook: The news media 
Fraser: American Interregnum
Walicek: Defend Kshama Sawant 
Nolan: Take On Global Capitalism
Speri: “Cancel” University Professors
Freeman: Striking Alabama Miners 
Roy: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Abello: Community Development
Monbiot: Sea Change
Schuhrke: End At-Will Employment
Soley: Colectivo Coffee workers 
Chomsky: Without Regrets
McAlevey: Blowout in Bessemer
Kelly: Hunting in Yemen
Emspak: Bessemer 
Bal: Farmers’ Protests?
Prashad: Ukraine’s borders 
Law: End Mass Incarceration
O’Connell: Agreement Protects Jobs
Newman: How Workers Get Canceled
Adler: Ecuador’s election
Karatsioli: Feminism, war and racism
Piascik: White Workers
Ellsberg: “Save Humanity”
C20: The Future of State Politics
Kampmark: Australian Universities
Araiza: Fred Hampton Was Right
Short: Austin police budget
Pitt: We Need Diplomacy
Turci: Amazon Strike in Italy
Terrall: The World After COVID
Giroux: Historical Amnesia
Pizzigati: More Equal Metropolis
Dinello: War for Earth
Elbaum: People Act vs. Jim Crow
MST: character of struggle
Freeman: Alabama Coal Miners
Nolan: Fund Union Organizing.
Singh: Farmers Rise Up 
St. Clair:William Alberts
Klikauer: Management Studies
Deerinwater: Fossil Free!
Franchi: Amazon Italy strike
Lewis: 1,300 Steelworkers Strike
DSA: New priorities

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