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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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Highlighted Content for Activists

Sheets: #MeToo revolt at Google
Grim: Ocasio-Cortez Protest
Boeve: Calls for Transition
Albert: Interviewed on NAR
Albert: NAR Screenplay
Khan: Social Media
Rossanda: ‘Lost electorate’
Spencer: Surveillance capitalism
Levy: Test ‘Ranked-Choice’ 
Contributors: Midterm Meaning
Albert: A Different Take
Kelly: Yemen
Bond: Mining conflicts
Sanders: Taking on Trumpism
Swanson: Tale of Two Marines
Rasmus: Elections
Kawashima-Ginsberg: 10-point jump
Mulvaney-Stanak: Bargaining
Wing: Toward Racial Justice
Bennis: We Have Work To Do
Sarkar: Poverty in the Heartland
AFP: Florida Restores Vote
Rasmus: Election 2018
Harris: The Diploma Divide
Rushton: Beyond Authoritarianism
Chomsky: Most Dangerous Organization
Albert: To Vote, or Not To Vote
Shalom: Not Voting Green in NJ
Falk: Why Vote on Tuesday
Chomsky: Struggle and Achievement
Fuentes: Brazil: left more united 
Kellner: Antisemitism
Bacon: Cross-Border Rebellion
Hedges: Cult of Trump
Hunziker: Rebellious Scientists 
Fox: “We Will Fight”
Chomsky: Caravan Fleeing Horrors
Prashad: Another World
Stedile: Grassroots struggle
Johnson: Moving the Conversation
Daniels: “Trumpism” 
Nairn: Rightist Revolution
Fernandez: Inconvenient truth 
Torturra: New Movement Emerging
Gordon: Bezos and Bipartisanship
Fishman: Bolsonaro 
Greenwald: “Most Extremist”
Owliaei: Midterms & Inequality
Grossman: Fascism Denial 
Seale: “Light-Bulb Moments”
Richardson: Trump’s Gender “Science”
Blumenthal: Facebook Censorship
Feder: Rebooting progressivism
Escalona: the Rise of Fascism
Bello: A Letter to Brazil
Evans: Revolutionary Rojava
Raskin: 20 Outrageous Things
Kurtay and Briy:  take back gains
González: Who’s Behind ICE?
Giroux: Pedagogical Terrorism
Fitz: Debate for Auditor
Prashad: Demagogues
Gaiter: Panthers and Whites
Garriga: Confront fascism
Gilmartin: Mayors and Movements
Feffer: Assassins Without Borders
Macaray: Teamsters, Hells Angels
Weiss: A Humanitarian Exodus
Raina: Towards Gender Equality
Dobson: Devolution of State Power
Lennard: Despicable Campaign
Gies: Unions Against Deportation
Ford: Facebook Not Your Friend
Greenwald: Bolsonaro’s Brazil
Winslow: Marriott Workers Strike
Bacon: “Migration Is Fighting Back”
Prashad: Advantage Bolsonaro
Pearson: “Abandoned and Disposable”
Husseini: Strategic Race
Pinheiro-Machado: Kill More
Cohen: Battling Nurses
Gerson: No military option for Gaza
Peters: Mind of the oppressed
Vasquez: Abolish ICE
Feffer: Assassins Without Borders
Hightower: ‘Trump Country’
Greenwald: Washington Post
Jorden: Caravan Heads North
Brooks: Glasgow: thousands
Anderson: Corporate Boardrooms
Cole: World’s Worst Famine
Prashad: Alternatives
de Sousa Santos: Brazil
Greenberg: Justice Derailed
Rosenblum: Praise the Workers
Staff: “UnTrump the World”
Klein: Pampered Princelings
Kantz: The Deportation Crisis
HIll: Germany protest
Greenwald: Mental Health
Glass: Covert Ops 
Zeese: Restrictions On Protest
Feffer: Radical Right Winning?
Solomon...: Democratic Autopsy
Bello: The Extreme Right
Day: Bernie’s Internationalism
Anderson: “Marshall Plan”
Greenwald: Brazil
Prashad: Puerto Rico 
Sarkar: Virginian Poverty 
Rasmus: Elections Bombshell
Zeese: Rigged Corporate Deal
Stanley: America Fascist 
Davenport: Climate Crisis 2040 
Hermanson: Mexican Labor 
Lipsitz: AOC Responds 
Weisbrot: Fight for Democracy
Early: Dem Donor Class 
Monbiot: Personality Cult 
Many: Landless Workers Movement 
Many: Women On Court Steps 
Younge: Powerful hate ‘identity pol’ 
Nader: Online Advertising 
Cowie: Brazil’s Far-Right Candidate 
Greenwald: Brazil Dictatorship? 
Dimock: Kavanaugh’s Testimonies
Glick: Climate Denial on the Left 
Falk: Weaponized Communication
Rojas: Maduro’s Recovery Plan
Sturgis: Voter purge rates
Chomsky: The State of the Empire 
Prashad: Strangling the Planet 
Koehler: Carswell to Kavanuagh 
Uetricht: Pointing at Bezos Worked 
McKibben: Planet boil. 
Brooker: Tim Berners-Lee’s plan
Dangl: NAFTA 2.0
Wainwright: Participatory soc. econ.
Chomsky: Visiting Lula
Prashad: U.S. in Venezuela
Rasmus: NAFTA Agreement Reached
Proyect: Socialism & Barbarism
Cook: Gaza’s economy

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