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June ZMag
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    Chomsky: Undermining Our Survival: Daniel Falcone Interviews Noam Chomsky

    Right now, the United States is supporting Saudi Arabian military attacks and a famine policy—a starvation policy—overt policy of starvation in Yemen that is going to kill tens of thousands of people; it already is, in fact.

  • Bergstein: Trump And The Courts

    As a candidate, Trump displayed a shocking misunderstanding of settled constitutional values. On one occasion, he suggested that flag burners go to jail and lose their citizenship. He has also repeatedly threatened to change the libel laws to make it easier to sue the media over perceived falsehoods

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    Chomsky: Deportation

    Ever since he rode a Trump Tower escalator into the presidential race in June 2015 and swore to build his “great wall” and stop Mexican “rapists” from entering the country, undocumented immigrants have been the focus of Donald Trump’s ire. Now that he’s in the Oval Office, the news has been grim. A drumbeat of frightening headlines and panicked social media posts have highlighted his incendiary language, his plans and executive orders

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    Solomon: Killer Drones in the Empire State

    From January 2012 to February 2013, those drone attacks in northeast Afghanistan killed more than 200 people, but only about one-sixth of them were the intended targets

  • Dolack: Austerity Never Ends

    No, you can’t really make this stuff up: orthodox economists continue to tell us that the reason for ongoing economic stagnation is that wages and unemployment benefits are too high. Yes, that’s right. You haven’t suffered enough

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Practical Utopia

bookMichael Albert's new book from PM Press is  available at PM and via Amazon. Part one offers tools for understanding society and history, the nature of the oppressions people suffer and the potentials they harbor. Part two promotes a vision for a better way of organizing economy, polity, kinship, culture, ecology, and international relations. Part three investigates the means of seeking change using a variety of tactics and programs.

Highlighted Content

Turse: World of Winless War
Giroux: Manufactured illiteracy
Fletcher: Labour Movement
Law: ‘We are humans, not animals’
Bello: How the crisis spread
Bennis: Civilians Don’t Matter
Bello: How Empire Struck Back
Mooney: Appalachians Rising
DiMaggio: Striking Wireless Workers
Hamilton: George Jackson
Parrilla: Cuba resists
Feffer: Conflict with Iran?
Roy: Returning to Fiction|
Kim: San Francisco?
Vitale: Pittsburgh Fairy Tale
Kelly: “Drink of water?”
Benjamin: Helping Saudi Arabia
Cramer: Small Towns Resent Cities
Solomon: Media Against Bernie
Mcgreal: Leading heroin dealer: 19
Jentzen: Socialist Minneapolis
Bennis: Bomb Terrorism?
Miller: A Permanent Voice
Feffer: Undoing 2016?
Falk: Overcoming Nuclear Crises
Kelly: Feed the Hungry...
Porter: The War System
Sandstrom: Democracy vs. Markets
Mallett-Outtrim: “New Stage”
Wolfe: ‘Most radical city’
Klein: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics
Cook: UN last hurdle for Israel 
Benjamin: Start a People’s Party
Gálvez: Unafraid & Unapologetic
Sanders: Building a movement
Engelhardt: America Last
Klein: Trump Is a Symptom
Collins: Schools for Activists
Halle: Sanders and Corbyn
Zeese: Embrace Change
Klein: Worst of Trump
Weisbrot: Jeremy Corbyn
Mason: UK’s Hung Parliament
Prashad: Trump’s world order
Dangl: “For the Many, Not the Few”
Sunkara: Why Corbyn Won
Jones: Corbyn
Fisk: Qatar Real Story
Cole: Tillerson-Trump Rumble
Mallett-Outtrim: Assembly
Prins: Economic Meltdown?
Prashad: Qatar
Falk: Interrogating Qatar Rift
Cooke: Clash With Fascists
Gwisai: “Zuma Must Fall” 
Kolodny: Worst Epidemic?
Early: “Corporate Free” Candidates
Manski: Universalize Power
Stedile: Temer’s government
Yoder: Free Speech on Campus
Rozworski: Democratize This
Chomsky: Neoliberalism
Klein: Planetary Arson
Chomsky: Climate, Syria...


Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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