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Highlighted Content for Activists

Hynes: We Here Because You There
Tormos-Aponte: Puerto Rico Rises
Chomsky: Trump and Iran
Chomsky: “The Task Ahead”
Engelhardt: Planet of the Surreal
Levine: Groundbreaking Health Study
Mark-Viverito: Puerto Rico Protest
Cruz-Díaz: Ruminations on Revolution
Juliet Barbara: #CloseTheCamps 
Chomsky: “Worship of Markets”
Prashad: Trump Murdered Iran Deal
Feffer: Send-Them-Back Doctrine
Benjamin: What’s Happening in Iran
Solis: Amazon Workers 
Solnit: In Patriarchy 
Bacon: H-2A guest workers
Davidson: 2020 Elections 
Facundo: Higher Taxes
Editors: Socialist Internationalism
Knapp: Free Speech 
Swanson: Earth Over the Brink
Gordon: The Personal Still Political
Early: Single Payer
Horgan: Is Medicine Overrated?
Wallace: Too Horrible 
Collins: Taxing the (Very) Rich
Cooper: Europe’s creeping fascism
Kelly: Remnants of War
XR: Love & teargas
Early: XR’s Uprising
Pollin: Green New Deal 
Contributors: “Cease And Desist”
Greenwald: Exposing Corruption
Reyes: Pain meds, bathroom dashes
Monbiot: Owned
Solomon: Corporate Team of Rivals
Thorold: Democracy versus climate?
Wright: Political Correctness
Vaz: Chavista Overcoming Crisis
Friedman: Don’t Complain, Organize!
Croce: Working-Class Movements
Chomsjky: Trump Consolidating
Siskin: Red State Revolt
Day: Bernie Could Do in Power
Bello: Charismatic Politics
Gelderloos: Municipalists in Spain?
Rasmus: US vs. China
Greeman: Climate Campaigners
Athanasiou: Global Inequality
Zeese: Popular Movements 
Falk: Moving Toward War
Cagan: Queer Liberation 
Levine: Socialism: Dem. Party Style
Vargas: New Socialist Communities
Gonzalez: Refugees in Airports 
Tucker: The Stonewall Rebellion
Rasmus: Capital’s Offensive
Beckett: Bernie to Loan Sharks
Tax: Supporting dictators 
Falk: Iran War Statement
Kelly: An Honorable Course
Queally: Fund Climate Solutions
Paul: Wayfair Workers 
Anderson: Capitalist Workplaces
Day: We Are All Charlie Chaplin 
Baroud: The Day After
Chomsky: Choosing Hope
Chávez: Ban Private Prisons
Monbiot: Carmageddon
Akehurst: Against Polling
Klein: Forget Bernie vs. Warren
Lennard: #MeToo Victories
Vargas: The Urban Revolution
Smith: Citizens assembly
Shiva: Fake Food, Fake Meat
Chretien: Solidarity With Greenwald
Galant: Global Minimum Wage
Vaz: Housing Self-Management
Glick: Climate Tipping Points
Chomsky: Still Manufacturing Consent
Flanders: Barcelona’s Fearless Mayor
Jackson: Poor People’s Campaign
Falk: Acting Beyond the State
Taylor: Bernie Sanders’ Socialism 
Greenwald: Political Earthquake 
Liss: Paving the Road for a Mass Left
Athanasiou: Global Inequality
Menon: America’s Suicide Epidemic
Early: “Fearless Cities”
Keehn: Open prison
Monbiot: Toxic political system
Pilger: The Global War on Dissent
Prashad: My friend in prison
Cohn: Supreme Court on Census
Fox: Brazilian General Strike
Roose: YouTube Radical
Brooks: Loss in Chattanooga
Sanders: 21st Century Bill of Rights
Roman: Immigrant Shelter
Falk: Race to the Bottom?
Greenwald: Former President Lula
Kelly: LGBTQ Union Activists 
Featherstone: How We Won
Brooks: Rampant Workplace Injuries
Trebeck: Wellbeing economy
Hansen: “Batshit jobs”
Zeese: Protect Venezuela 
Solty: Socialism in the U.S.?
Cagan: June 30th
Weiss: Sanders and Palestine
Weisbrot: Tariffs 
Kurzweil: 2020
Olson: Cultural Capital
Feffer: ‘Tariff Man’
Nichols: Elections in Spain
Marlens: Farms of the Future
Baroud: Israel and ICC Jurisdiction
de Fato: Rallies defend education
Wolff: History and 2020 Election
Pollin: Win the Economic Debate
Mollmann: A culture of care

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