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February ZMag
  • Chaffee: Listings of Activist Events

    Events MEDIA – The Transformative Media conference will be held...

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    Barrington-Bush: Solidarity Ecosystems

    Over time, you notice that beneath VIO.ME’s sometimes mundane veneer, a series of radical changes are taking place. These are changes that offer alternatives to how we organize work, community and society at large.

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    Rasmus: Despite Scrapping TPP, Donald Trump is a Dedicated Free Trader

    Trump is a dedicated free trader. He just rejects multilateral, multi-country free trade deals like TPP and NAFTA. He wants even stronger, pro-U.S. business free trade deals and intends to renegotiate the existing multilateral treaties—to the benefit of U.S. multinational corporations and at the expense of the U.S. trading partners

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    Chomsky: U.S. Health System

    Article 25 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) states that the right to health care is indeed a human right. Yet, it is estimated that close to 30 million Americans remain uninsured even with the ACA in place.

  • Pope-Weidemann: Cities of Sanctuary

    Racial justice activist Marienna Pope-Weidemann speaks to Peter Pedemonti, co-founder...

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Most Recent: Global Weirding 37.7 Seconds: Feminist Reader We Own The World: Intl Reader Fanfare for the Future Occupy Theory / Vision / Strategy

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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds

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No Rollback, Fightback

Brecher: Climate Kids v Trump
Kean: US Libraries Resist
Daniels: Toward A Third Force
Feffer: Global Counter-Trump
Williams: Will science go rogue
Women’s Strike Platform
Brown: Block Deportations
Scipes: Strategic Thinking
Prashad: Resistance
Albert: Many Tendencies
Emanuele: Dem Party

Lazare: Legal Walkout
Adams: Standing Rock
Berrigan: Resisting Trump
Ortega: 50,000 in Milwaukee
Frank: Impeachment
Husseini: Flynn’s Resignation
Han: Having community
Brecher: Trump Trump
Davis: Local progressivism
Sawant: Strategy Against Trump
Lazare: Momentum Grows
Wessel: Marches for science
Epps: Intimidate Judges, Not 
Early: An Organizing Lesson
Solomon: Impeach Trump
Street: Beyond Blue Bubbles
Gordon: Through the Looking
Ahn: Korean Women & Trump
Garza: Cynicism or Collaboration
Jamieson: Six mass demos to join
Coleman-Adebayo: Imagine... 
Penny: Fightback
Nelson: Make the left sexy?
Glick: Debating Black Bloc
Marvit: Best Place to Resist?
Shor: Whither the Resistance?
Swanson: Next Step in Caring
Short: Protests Erupt
Legall: ZAD
Sunkara: Our Alternative
Leopold: Win Back Workers
Drier: March to Movement
Levy: Left can’t be dismissive
Taylor: Leftier-Than-Thou
Dinerstein: Women on the verge
Sen: Why I Marched
Duggan: Protest to movement?
Zupan: Chicago Women’s March
Yoshitani: Environmental Organizing
Desmond-Harris: Women’s March
Fink: Greensboro City Workers
Fox Piven: Sand in the Gears
Fowler: Standing With Standing Rock
Daniels: Eradicate “Trumpism”
Women: Why, Where
Bond: Tripping up Trumpism
Brecher: Social Self-Defense
Wainwright: Utopia
Rankin: Workers Protest
Panitch: Smash the State?
Albert: Mirror, Mirror…




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