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Debate: A postcapitalism worth striving for

Intermittent 500 word contributions by Michael Albert and Yanis Varoufakis. A ZNet document includes all entries to date, as does a Meta document.

Most Recent

7. Albert: Post Capitalism’s Components

6. Varoufakis: Five Conditions for a Democratic Workplace

5. Albert: Your Freedom Is a Condition for My Freedom and Vice Versa

Recent Selected For Activists

A Selection of articles culled for activist purposes.

Wilkins: Australian Greenslide
Cromwell: State-Corporate Madness
Pitts: Covid Greatest Trick 
Bello: Philippine Elections
Vachon: Summer Lee Victory
Featherstone: This Week’s Primaries
Furman: Construction Strike
Chomsky: Supreme Court
V: Disaster patriarchy 
Meehan: Parallel pandemic
Jones: Fragility & Cancellation
Falk: Geopolitical Prudence 
Khruschchvea: Talks Collapsing
Engler: Co-governance?
Burgis: Nationalize Baby Formula
Elbaum: High-Stakes Strife
Nessen: Battle of Donbas
Bond: Rain Bomb 
Walton:  Time for Reparations
Levine: Abortion Activists 
Levinson: Ukraine
Benjamin: Summit of the Americas
Smucker: Left-Wing Populism
Oberg: NATO
Taylor: Buffalo Shooting
Mayta:People’s Movements
Pappe: Wrong Side of History
Pappas: Physicians Unionizing
Dirnbach: ‘On the Line,’ 
Corbyn: Build, Too
Capanna: Chile today
Meisner Lebanon’s Left 
Robinson: Mass Protest Rising
Chomsky: Syrian civil war
Nolan: Rip-Off Economy 
Hastings: Calling in virtue
Higdon:Answer to Fake News
Giroux: War on Youth
Martin: go big, and go broad
Corbett: EndOffshore Drilling
XR: New York, Paris, London
RG: Fallacies Feeding Cancel Culture
Cicerchia: Labor Abortion Strategy
Stancil: Fight Book-Banning 
Atkinson: People Hate Politicians
Chomsky: To Tackle Climate
Fletcher: Excusing the Invasion?
Sen: India and Pakistan Baking
Jackson: Call for Mass Revolt
Barrows: New Labor Movement 
Santos: Inconvenient complexity
Johnson: Lula Launches
Snow: Strike
Kelley: White Indifference 
Quinquella: Dare to Win
Atkinson: If A Tree Falls 
Grant: Pregnancy
Kolhatkar: Cancel Student Debt
Ottenberg: Labor Strikes Back
Stancil:  French Left Coalition
Wilkins: Student Walkouts
Santos: Europe And This War
Falk: Ukraine Wars Tribunal
Sawant: Strike
Hauter: Price Controls 
Potter: Take Back Chicago
Chomsky: Ukrainians’ Lives
Kelly: Abortion and Workers
Moore: Forced Birth Ruling
Achcar Military Aid to Ukraine
Fletcher: Far right and gender
Conley: More Than Abortion
Benjamin: Dangerous Moment
Albert: Which Side Forward?
Johnson: Take to the Streets
Atkinson: No More Placebo

Nlela: Nonalignment 
Mogensen: Stanford Nurses 
Ibrahim: Political education
Baroud: War Cost in the South
Thaxton: Texas Eco-Socialism
Ludwig: Evictions Climbing 
Burns: Class-Struggle Unionism?
Roy: Between Myth and History
Evans: Green New Deal
Kolhatkar: Unionizing Starbucks
Collins: I’m Going on Strike
White: US labor movement?
Wallace: Strike in Los Angeles
Falk: Geopolitical War
Lieven: Proxy War?
Gardner: glued to government
Early: Union Organizing In Texas
Chomsky: Propaganda Wars
Davies: Peace to Ukraine?
Robinson: Digital Revolution
Basile: Learn It, Do It, Teach It
Hill: Organizing Model
Cohen: Progressive Caucus?
Donziger: Free After 993 Days
Levin: De-Politicized Fiction
Corbyn: Let Us Talk Peace
Sleeper: PeoplesHub 
Swanson: Costa Rica Is Not Real
Wood: Matrix of War
Pitt: DeSantis’s Attack on Disney 
Mohideen: Philippine Prospects
Vuorinen: Finland and the war
Conley: Musk Buys Twitter 
Alexander: Union Alliance
Barth: Unhoused Design Homes
Nicole: Decent work for all 
PAAW: Feminists against the War 
Robinson: Global Capitalism 
Oborne: ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’ 
Early: “Veteranhood”
Johnson: Blockade Newspapers 
Stochita:  Shorter Workweeks
ITT: Worker-Owned Apps
PAAW: Strike the War
Butler: Climate Justice Anti-War
Bell: Socialist to Working Class
Policing Causes Violence
America’s Intellectual No-Fly Zone
Nationalize the Weed Industry
Atkinson: Don’t Think Republican
Shaner: Elephant in the Room 
Engler: End Ecocidal Capitalism
Kampmark: Julian Assange
Barkin: DSA Electoral Headwinds
Zhang:Support Amazon Workers
Chomsky: Saving Lives
Shalom: Support Arms for Ukraine
La Botz: DSA’ers Can Help Ukraine
Wakamo: Workers, & Climate 
Athanasiou: Fair Climate Transition
Chomsky: Prevent World War III

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