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Highlighted Content for Activists

Klein: Radical Change
Saltmarsh: Free public transport
Dikerdem: People’s manifesto
Jacobs: Support the Climate Strike
Many: Shut Down Washington 
DSA: DSA stands with UAW strikers
Street: Phonographs for the Poor
Albert: To Participate or Not 
Klein: Only a Green New Deal 
Hedges: Capitalists Are Afraid
Shankar: Resistance in Kashmir
Corbyn: Speech to TUC Congress
Grubacic: Scholars and security 
Hawkins: Workers Need Democracy
Thunberg: “Save the World”
Urie: Sanders and American Left
Eder: Global Climate Strike 
Klare: Pompeo Doctrine
Street: Constitutional Coups
Matheou: #RiseUp4Rojava
Albert: An Open Letter to DSA
Kelly: A Morning in Afghanistan
Thunberg: Striking the System
Monbiot: Grounded
Roberts: Cars Dominate Cities
Feffer: Hong Kong and China
Corbett: Sanders K-12 Plan
Cha: Jobs and environment
Whitaker: Algerian protests
Rasmus: Wages, Inflation...
Baker: Global Warming & Austerity
Glass: Kashmir
Prashad: Roots Reaching Out
Bello: Far-Right Rising?
Ouitis: Feminists & Algerian uprising
Fithian: A Guide to Resistance
Elmeligy: Community Stopped ICE
Jahanpour: Britain’s Trump
Chomsky: Reasons for Optimism
Wainwright: Real democracy
Feffer: Burning Down the House
Hunziker: Extinction Rebellion
Gowan: Affordable Housing Agenda
Hallinan: Climate Catastrophe
Aronoff: Nationalize Fuel Industry?
Kotz: U.S.-China Trade Conflict
Falk: The World Order Backdrop
Elk: Kaiser Hospital Workers 
Moss: Immigration resistance
Inouye: Courage to Strike
de Sousa Santos: Seeing horizons
Yeo: The new climate activism
Zeese: Movements And Unions
Younge: American Left’s 2020 Mission
Cameron: The economics of arrival
Aronoff: Is OK Good Enough
Cole: Failing Breitbart 
Grossman: Mixed Joy 
Olney: Beyond the Waterfront!
Malamatinas: First Exarcheia
Hill: UK needs a mass movement
Foster: Ecosocialism & Transition
Hynes: War by Another Name
Rasmus: Labor Day 2019
Johnson: End War Against Nature
Maass: Chicago educators 
Collum: Build Worker Power
Bond: Fighting fossil fuels 
Corbett: Join Global Climate Strike
Trickett: Democratic revolution
Phillips: Besiege Brazilian embassies
Z: Black Socialists of America
Svampa: Argentina’s Lessons
Hansen: Flare up like a forest fire
Podur: Imagining a Free Palestine
Morrison: Darkest Before Dawn
Steppling: The Reality Brokers
Collom: Build Worker Power
Miller: From Protest to Power
Miranda: Devouring the Amazon
Ali: Kashmir on the Edge 
Sanders: Welcoming the Hatred
Rasmus: Trump’s Other Wall
King: Community Defense
Prashad: Home for the landless
Wainwright: Labour can help 
Chomsky: Existential Threat 
Rebellion: Murder in the Amazon
Olson: Whither the Resistance?
Richman: Union in Every Workplace
Sun: Tapping into People Power
Cole: Sanders’ Manhattan Project
Aronoff: Sanders’s Climate Plan 
Paschal: Walmart employees 
Gurley: Workers Seize Shipyard 
Sullivan: Honduran Movement
Johnson: Sanders Criminal Justice
Finkelstein: Kushner’s Threat 
Early: When Soldiers Said No 
Rojas: Rebuilding Chavismo
Alexandria: 'Christian left’ reviving 
Gupta: Riotlandia
Skandler: Nationalize US fossil fuel
Baroud: Manifestos of Hate
Cole: Offshore Wind
Moore: Socialist Surge
Albert: Twenty Percent Problem
Gordon: What Happens in El Norte
Minter: The Green New Deal
Rasmus: Global Financial Crisis
Clennon: I Said No to Netflix
Prashad: Kashmir
Solomon: Sanders and WaPo
Grossman: Warnings 
Fisk: India rattles Pakistan’s cage
Dall: Organizing Railroad Workers
Day: Socialists of Color
Howden: New Agriculture
Falk: War with Iran?
Koerner: Full-Fledged Embargo
Rosen: Postmodern Sexual Identity
Street: Revolution To Save Us
Davis: Toni Morrison 
Prado: Social and Communal Unity
Monbiot: Dirtiest Industries 
Mackey: Protest in Hong Kong
Lumumba: Mass ICE Raids 
Sanders: Medicare for All

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