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Being Left

Vincent Emanuele interviews Michael Albert Activism and vision

Spanish activist David Marty interviews Albert on : Being Left

Belgian activist Paulo Rodriquez interviews Albert on: Thoughts and Deeds


ZBooks are a great way to learn, share information, and help ZCommunications!

Most Recent: Global Weirding 37.7 Seconds: Feminist Reader We Own The World: Intl Reader Fanfare for the Future Occupy Theory / Vision / Strategy

Highlighted Content for Activists

Livingstone: I Resign
Giroux: Striking Teachers 
Feffer: Disrupters in Chief
Hightower: Democracy Is Dying
Dangl: Occupy, Resist, Produce
Turi: #AlertaFeminista rallies
Wengraf: Imperial scramble
Kelly: Scourging Yemen

Polychroniou: ‘Be realistic...’
Finkelsteen: Concentration Camp
Abunimah: Lieberman escalates
Owliaei: Class in North Carolina
Avnery: The Day of Shame
Wilpert: Venezuela’s election
Main: Undermining Venezuela
Contributors: MST Letter
Bennis: Forcing the World
Kinnucan: Working Families Party
Falk: Gaza: Grief, Horror...
Finkelstein: Palestinian Resistance
Baroud: Our Lingering Nakba
Scipes: No Shortcuts
Rosenberg: Pharma Paid 
Falk: Gaza: Grief, Horror, Outrage
Brophy: Puerto Rico Teacher Uprising
Makdisi: Kill and Kill and Kill
Murphy: Israeli violence
Barber: Moral Confrontation
Various: Google worker rebellion
Cook: Massacre in Gaza
Englehardt: Empire of Nothing?
Brecher: New Poor People’s Campaign
Klare: Third Gulf War
Scipes: Taking Power 
Draut: Today’s working class
Vaun: Armenia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’
Chomsky: A different society
Koeppel: Sex Crimes and Justice
Rachidi: Morocco’s Movements
Early: Flush With Cash
Hartung: Trump Trashes Diplomacy
Anti-Trump Isn’t Enough
Feffer: Banality of Haspel
Rasmus: Trade War?
Boesten: Feminists Rising
Engelhardt: Caliphate of Trump
McNamara: New Labor Movement
Roy: Impunity for Rape in India
Piascik: Teachers’ Strikes
Lanier: Internet Gone Wrong
Odintz: Activist Crime Novels
Arria: Prisoners Organizing
Russell: UC to strike
Cohen: Organizing Charter Schools
Kaba: Jailbreak the Imagination
Shiva: Victory for ‘seed freedom’
Schools: Defending Immigrants
Roy: Abuses in Kashmir
Meronek: Queer anti-war
Rasmus: Phony Trade War
Slee: Kurdish movement 
Frank: Why I’m on McStrike
Wainwright: 68...
Baroud: Gazan Gandhis
Jordan : ZAD
de Sousa Santos: Time of chaos
Giddings: Educators Rise Up
Akuno: Jackson Rising
Heyman: Organizing Workers
Zeese: May Day Militancy
Raymond: Try a Worker Cooperative
Williams: Georgia drivers 
Falk: Indonesian Impressions
Weeks: Teachers’ Mobilization
Giroux: Unfashionable Fascism
Azzellini: Communes in Venezuela
Sarkar: Bring Back May Day
Solomon: DNC Fighting WikiLeaks
Feffer: Geopolitics of the Impossible
Simien: Lynching memorial 
Palmeri: Voter Suppression
Chomsky: “A Complete Disaster”
Wainwright: Creating an economy
Rall: Stop Distraction
Fustich: Grad Workers Strike
Zeese: Earth Day
Avnery: The Great Day
Greenwald: Silencing Assange
Rhoades: Alternatives to mining
Barrows: Barnard divestment
Finnie: Young Joining Unions
White: Arizona teachers vote to strike
Facet: Feminist outpouring 
Zeese: Protest Increases
Falk: Attacking Syria
Prashad: Brazil Crisis
Hallinan: New Alliance
Bacon: Farm workers oppose raids
Parfitt: Strikes Gone Global
Huerta: I Am Not Your “Wetback”
Fraser: Class Dismissed
Aronoff: Denial By A Different Name
Chomsky: Social Media... The Left 
Roy: I Need to Know Where I Stand
Smith: We are proud to be ‘rednecks’
Shiva: Indigenous seeds
Early: Greening of Vermont
Aronoff: Cuomo Sees What’s Coming
Morrissey: No Endgame
Albert: Elections
Dika: Syria and International Law
Moore: A public reckoning 
Wainwright: Believing in ourselves
Robin: “Real Resistance”
Solomon: Missile Attack
Speri: Black Student Demands
Steel: Poor People’s Campaign
Albert: Reforms, Revolution, Violence
Podur: Attaining a Future Society

Feffer: Trump’s Trade War
Bernd: Red-State Teachers
Tufekci: Facebook Sells You
Dayen: Facebook Worm Turn
Greenwald: Revving War Machine
Barrows-friedman: Solidarity
Albert: Leadership, 
Pace, Solidarity
Lula: Historic Speech
Flanders: Self-Governance in the USA
Albert: How We Failed

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