Pepper Trail: A new predator stalks the West

Finally, we can — we must — embark on an urgent global effort to end the burning of fossil fuels within the next few decades. If we do not, the West will face year-round fire weather, and a future at the mercy of fire

Jake Johnson: Poor People’s Campaign Readies ‘Massive, Nonviolent’ Effort to Save Democracy

“We are not in this for a moment, but for a movement,” said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. “Our deadline is victory.”

Michelle D. Holmes: The Folly of School Openings as a Zero-Sum Game

We need to address the needs of students—and parents, and teachers. One size does not fit all, and race complicates the challenge

Sam Pizzigati: Worshiping Markets, Genuflecting to Grand Fortune

Today’s ‘utopians’ have reserved heaven on Earth for the richest among us

Maria Popova: MLK’s Lost Lectures on Technology, Alienation, Activism, and the Three Ways of Resisting the System

The most interesting challenge of applying Dr. King’s taxonomy to our own time is that of seeing beyond the surface expressions that shimmer with the illusion of contrast, peering into the deeper similitudes between the attitudes of the past and those of the present

Andrea Germanos: ‘No Celebration Without Legislation’: King Family Leads Voting Rights March

“I will not accept empty promises in pursuit of my father’s dream,” said Martin Luther King III.

Peter Bergel: To nuclear-armed states: Nice talk, now walk the walk 

We will not know how much influence we can have until we build our movement and use it to demand nuclear abolition

Bernie Sanders: As We Honor Dr. King, We Must Remember What He Truly Stood For

It would be easy for us to assume that he was universally admired and respected by the Establishment during his lifetime. Nothing could be further from the truth

Julia Rock: The Bernie Left Is Taking on Machine Politics — and Each Other

Rhode Island has long been one of the most corrupt and machine-driven states in America. A new left movement is trying to change that — but they can’t agree on how

Sonali Kolhatkar: How Scholars Are Countering Well-Funded Attacks on Critical Race Theory

There is a long history of right-wing forces fighting against progressive educational curricula. Now, scholars like Robin D. G. Kelley are working to level the playing field against the moneyed political interests behind the attacks

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