Harvey Wasserman: Say No to Nuclear Power

Our energy future should consist of modern solar, wind, battery and LED/efficiency technologies, not nuclear reactors

Yves Engler: Canada’s Foreign Military Training Operations Are Unscrupulous Power Plays

Canada’s pretense of being a champion of peace and mediation conceals the aim of its foreign military training operations

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Don’t Hate The Player. Call Out The Game.
Then Show Love

The following are excerpts from a new book Don’t Think Of A Republican – How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

Nina Turner: Democrats Must Decide If They Are “Party of the Corporatists or Party of the People”

The corporate wing of the Democratic Party seeks to consolidate the existing leadership’s power while shutting down champions of progressive policies like Medicare for All

Matthew Cebul: Lessons for nonviolent activism in an era of digital authoritarianism

As autocrats become savvier in using technology to repress dissent, activists are striving to preserve the benefits of digital activism and mitigate the risks

Chris Dite: Australian Voters Have Demanded Action on Climate Change

Thanks to its stubborn inaction on climate change, the conservative coalition was trounced in this weekend’s election in Australia

Meredith Conroy: The Real Dividing Line on Abortion

“Abortion is becoming personal for people who see it as a proxy for men, largely white men, taking away power from women. It’s not about a procedure. It’s about women’s place in the world.”

M.K. Bhadrakumar: Why Ukraine war has no winners

Russia is practising a warfare that the West is not used to — where wars aren’t won anymore

Dirk Holemans: Just Transition Is About Systemic Change

With leadership and a real vision for the future, we can build real support for bold policies across Europe

Shailly Gupta Barnes: During the Pandemic, Poor Areas Have Had Twice the Death Rates of Rich Ones

A new report shows the U.S. response to the Covid pandemic has been defined by inequity—and poor and low-income communities are bearing the fatal cost

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