Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela’s New Economic Measures

The new measures can help alleviate some of Venezuela’s economic problems, but do not address the heart of the problem, an inflation-depreciation spiral

Mike Elk: Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr

Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well

Vijayan M.j.: Independent Publishing in India

Continuing our focus on independent publishing in India, we talk to Vijay Prashad, the Chief Editor of LeftWord Books. LeftWord is a New Delhi based publishing house that seeks to “reflect the views of the left in India and South Asia”.

Dean Baker: Trump’s Tax Cut Plan

Trump’s plan would mean ‘a huge increase in the budget deficit primarily to give tax cuts to the richest people in the country’

Marc Bayard: Voting Against A Union

The UAW poured huge amounts of resources into the union bid. Understanding why the vote failed so badly is key to organized labor’s future

Mark Weisbrot: New US Sanctions Against Venezuela

US sanctions against Venezuela, which VP Pence announced Wednesday, target Venezuelan debt and will make borrowing more expensive, hurting the people Trump claims to help

Matthew Hoh: Trump’s New Afghanistan Strategy

Windfall for the Military-Industrial Complex​

Vijay Prashad: US plays ‘sectarian game’

Creating disorder in the Middle East

Medea Benjamin: Opposing war and militarism

Speaking about the urgent need for grassroots movements to oppose war and militarism in the U.S. and around the world

Tariq Ali: Talk at Oxford Union

Talk on a variety of topics

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