March for the Alternative – Peoples Assemblies

Mark Barrett shares his assessment of the massive anti-cuts “March for the Alternative,” a demonstration that took place on Saturday March 26, and which brought out a high-end estimate of 500,000 people onto the street of London. Harpreet K Paul of Project for a Participatory Society UK (PPS UK) interviewed him for ZNet. Mark is with Peoples Assemblies.


This interview is part of a broader "March for the Alternative" series produced by Harpreet K Paul of PPS UK and Chris Spannos of ZNet, reflecting on the anti-cuts movement in the UK by interviewing diverse participants. All interviews can be heard from a page where the series is collected and includes discussions with those below:  

Alex Callinicos, a political theorist, member Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and its International Secretary. Alex is also Director of the Centre for European Studies at King's College London.


Bill Bowring is Professor of Law at the University of London. He serves as the International Secretary of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, is President of the European Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights and founded the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre.


Andrew Burgin, Secretary Coalition of Resistance.


Jonny Jones is deputy editor of International Socialism, the SWP's theoretical journal.


Liam Davies, UK Uncut Press contact.

Jason Chrysostomou, Project for a Participatory Society UK (PPS UK)

Joe Henson, Project for a Participatory Society UK (PPS UK)

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