AustinPPS Events Update 2.27.08

Quick look at the Austin Project for a Participatory Society’s upcoming events. Wish us luck!



Thursday, February 28, 8 p.m.

Austin Project for a Participatory Society, "Beyond Capitalism: Participatory Economics and the Economic Justice Movement"

In this talk, members of the Austin Project for a Participatory Society will describe Participatory Economics, an alternative to capitalism, and will look at how this vision for a new economy can help orient and connect existing economic reform campaigns in a process leading to a new society. 
Location: Monkeywrench Books, 110 E. North Loop.
Sunday, March 16, 2 p.m.
Austin Project for a Participatory Society Book Group, "Economic Justice and Democracy"
In Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation Robin Hahnel argues that progressives need to rethink how they conceive of economic justice and economic democracy. He presents a coherent set of economic institutions and procedures that can deliver economic justice and democracy through a "participatory economy." But this is a long-run goal; he also explores how to promote the economics of equitable cooperation today by emphasizing ways to broaden the base of existing economic reform movements while deepening their commitment to more far reaching change. Hahnel will be giving two talks in Austin on March 28 (see below).
Location: Monkeywrench Books, 110 E. North Loop.
Friday, March 28, 12 p.m. & 8 p.m.
"TINA Be Damned: Alternatives to Corporate Capitalism," Two talks by Robin Hahnel
Robin Hahnel will question the logic of TINA – Margaret Thatcher‘s famous statement that "there is no alternative" to capitalism. Drawing on his work on participatory economics, Hahnel will discuss other economic models and examine political strategies for moving toward a more just distribution of resources. During the last year Hahnel has worked in Venezuela for the Centro Internacional Miranda – the Planning Ministry – and the new Ministry for the Communal Economy.
Currently a professor of economics at American University in Washington, DC, Hahnel also has taught at universities in England, Peru, and Cuba. He has collaborated with Michael Albert in writing on participatory economics (Looking Forward: Participatory Economics for the Twenty First Century and The Political Economy of Participatory Economics) and is also the author of three recent books analyzing the global economy (Panic Rules! Everything You Need to Know About the Global Economy; The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach; and Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation).
12 p.m.: UT campus, LBJ Conference Room (5.160) of the CMA building, map at http://www.utexas.edu/maps/main/buildings/cma.html
8 p.m.: Monkeywrench Books, 110 E. North Loop.

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