Autonomous anti-authoritarian collective “AnarchoResistance” – Introduction

Autonomous anti-authoritarian collective "AnarchoResistance" – Introduction

This is the site of the anarchist collective based in Bulgaria and known as "Anarchosaprotiva" (AnarchoResistance). We do not have strict programs, we are not part of any formal or informal organizanions, alliances, federations, coalitions or parties. We are not even part of the so called Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria. We do not have financial sponsors. We are just happy to voluntary share a minimal set of common principles. Outside these principles everyone is free to have different opinions on different topics.

We struggle for radical changes in society. Our aim is to build a revolutionary movement that will stand against capitalism and the state, against imperialism, against patriarchy and all others forms of domination.

We do not have formal or informal leaders, hierarchy, members’ fees and so on. Our relations are based on affinity, friendship and respect. We are not some kind of sect where everyone thinks the same way. We are not afraid to solve all our differences in open discussion. We do all our actions with pleasure instead by force or submission.

What is our minimum set of common principles ?

  • We respect the right of everyone to be free, to speak freely and to live and act as he or she decides but without harming the right of others to be free.
  • We reject all discrimination of people on the base of race, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious/atheistic beliefs and so on.
  • We reject the capitalism as an anti-humane system that will bring destruction to the Earth.
  • We reject representative democracy. We believe in direct democracy. We are not slaves to the myth of the Nation State. For us “nation” is an empty word. We are all citizens of planet Earth.
  • We stand against militarism and war.
  • We fight to prevent the destruction of Nature.
  • We respect the rights of all earthlings on this planet.
  • We support all tactics in the fight for freedom and justice, which DO NOT harm innocent people.
  • We believe that technology and science have reached such a level that will allow ALL people in the world to have normal life with minimal labour. Today some people are dying from hunger not because the earth can not support them but because of the system that prefers to make profit instead of saving human life.

This is our virtual place in the Net. Welcome!

You can see some pictures of our actions here

You can check the short list of our actions here

You can read some materials in english here.

You can visit a new forum that we share with some other collectives here.

There is an international section at the bottom for english speakers.

You can contact as at aresistance@riseup.net

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