Brexit charade and the madness of a practical popular and progressive manifesto

The British Conservative leader has set their snap elections for 8th June 2017. No further information from them is forthcoming. Oh wait, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd is struggling with a solution to the problem of old people living longer. Just in time she remembered her human audience and quickly added ‘& Thats great news’ but the natives remain suspicious!

We’re letting our world be run by people with no morals. But they have absolute commitment, to protecting elite profit from the responsibility of paying a fair share to society, this creates a consequent gap in our societies funding, so they put the blame back on society implying life’s population is the burden, that our societies expectations are to great, wages are unsustainable, people want to much, we’re living to long, our multitude health needs are an unending waste, a weakness that the sensible mature wealth of this world just cant in good conscience afford!

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour party has brought out a new manifesto, to Tax Corporations to pay more of their fair share to society. Without the unity and solidarity of an international agreement to universally raise corporate taxes, it will be difficult for him to succeed in raising taxes much without the corporations leaving. But at least he understands and is willing to represent peoples common sense wish to re fund society from where its fair share is not been paid. The mega wealthy corporations.

This new manifesto has lead to a real rise in opinion polls for the Labour party. Yet the owners of England’s news media and the pro corporate minority in Labour’s self ambitious elite, continues not to support Corbyn even though he has repeatedly been elected by their parties grassroots supporters. ‘Dangerous Populism’ is an accusation that can be purely relative. Progressive popular manifestos and leaders can be scorned and called dangerous and terrible populism to! Jeremy Corbyn is the best British social leader and a true participatory democrat, who’s name the public dare not speak, for fear of been brow beaten as fools by prevailing elites.

Meanwhile in the current state of un real post ‘brexit’ flux, Teresa May, is the darling of the majority of media, though she is not actually an elected Prime Minister! Also she has called a rush election but not yet shared with the public any reality like a manifesto or time to read it if she does, instead she has proudly refused to debate publicly for the election except for last nights, just over hour long, self parody of a debate. More a TV spectacle than a chance to question and reveal anything, its title aptly echos the style of a WWF fake wrestling match,  May V’s Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10!

‘Now is not the time’ for a real series of public debates and to the Scottish parliament who’s people voted against brexit, ‘now is not the time’ so says teresa the unelected to democracy, now is not the time to look behind the mask of hype. Because behind the nationalist orgasm of Euro blame, there is no Conservative dynamic for a better Britain. Just an even worse deal from international corporate wealth, but that the British elites will better preside in profit over, unhindered by the tyranny of European employee rights legislations.

Brexit exploited the mysterious irrationalities of national ego and combined it with the real threat and losses suffered by social austerity for the benefit of corporate profit. Its a mistake to retreat from the local reality of the European Union, who’s solidarity and unity will be necessary to argue, debate and agree universal corporate tax and wage minimums that can effectively make inescapable the fair and proper rise of tax and wages that society is due and needs from the massive profits of corporations, who can at the moment just Hop nations and get us all to undercut each other in this doomed international race to the bottom.

Hopefully British people will wake up to see behind this brexit’s de-democratizing charade. Corbyn would be a far better and sincerely democratic Prime Minister for the lives of the majority of Britain’s people and a good influence, in our international community of nation’s, solidarity of common possibilities.

Corporations will not be obliged to give Britain a better deal because of brexit, they need now give it even less.

The Original Nation

What is the original nation? Is their a particular moment of influx to a landscape that became its perfect state? An imagined national Xanadu that if only it could return to then it would be returning to its true self. When we look back at the declaration of the USA nation, we see that most of the population living there then where not counted in it. Afro americans where slaves and could not vote, so to Chinese, Irish and other cheap labour where put down in divided layers of ‘less than’ all while they built the nation and the actual Original Native Tribes of the continent where been ethnically cleansed. So most of the true nation’s actual occupants even then, where not the nation.

Often a nation’s unexamined perception of its ‘great time’ was when it was able to bully others more easily. Its not surprising nations with colonial exploitation legacies often have more robust national fascistic parties. Republicans & trump. Conservatives and brexit. French and le pen. But the French also have a pride in been one of the first to overthrow aristocracy and try for a popular enlightenment. Their recent vote against the xenophobic nationalism of le pen was perhaps more confident and assured because of the prouder awakening they had once in their national legacy. In fact, it is moments of unity that create the proud belief in a nation, moments when a nations different diverse strands find themselves come together in a historical common purpose

There is no original nation, a nation is not dead at birth, it lives! Each new life becomes the nation, a land full of the character and beliefs of the people who are born and come there, all trying to live out our short lives as best we can among each other.

Furthermore, our world is no longer an archipelago of Galapagos islands evolving in their unique isolated national species. Nationalism has often been a bluntly irrational  form of mass identity that can so easily be wielded to divide and exploit us like frightened herds of sheep? Today we live in a multi cultural and exciting world of cheaper faster travel, fresh and hopeful new migrants and refugees join nations and with more internationally connected relationships and perspectives also revealed thru’ better personal tools of communication and information media. The bursting of national information bubbles makes us harder to control, isolate and exploit.

Stories of national history are vital traces of our human experiences, truths to learn and reflect on, especially when more of the nation’s actual voices can now be heard and added into the echos of histories’ great hall of mirrors. We can visit and re visit our history to try understand ourselves today and the individual multitude of truly diverse stories that make up our nations and our whole world.

Social Tensions

There is naturally tension between all individual living creatures. In a society the confusions of different cultural traditions between the ages of our born generations, between our genders, sexuality, ethnicity and other less obvious differences can be exploited and our fears wrongly scapegoated into them, away for what are more truly economic tensions we should all unite to change.

We are in fact all related to each other and connected by our tensions, personal but common to all in the passage of our lives, such as our health and fears of life and death. We all influence the level of tensions between us and we can encourage them in each other for good or bad. A lot of the tensions in a growing nation could be easily evaporated if all people could feel tolerated to make mistakes as they learn others perspectives and stories. But not to be pretending ignorance of others as a sly form of bullying and mocking minorities especially, by continuously making them feel distant and apart. But if we all can ‘chill out’ and allow our draw bridges, to come down when possible and begin to enjoy a sort of open curious and loving nationalism. A social river that embraces and grows with the stories and heartbeats of its actual populations. Where we clash and are tense is also where we can meet and learn to understand each other, our problems are places where solutions ask and wait to be found!

But for all our personal efforts, this can only be truly possible in a nation of equal opportunities, and justice thru’ equal law and its accountable police.

When a nation’s justice is not blindfolded as it should be, but instead sees and judges its citizens according to profiles set by the stereotypes and satisfaction of the ruling group. But then justice remains blind to the crime of poverty, mass incarcerating its struggling victims and throwing away the key, instead of justice rehabilitating hope and opening eyes to its nation’s social and economic failure, as a crime that causes crime.


Here to accompany my words, being an artist, is a picture I just made about the great encounter between europe & refugee people that is occurring, as a consequence of the industry and interests of war.

The refugee people I have portrayed in this moment are Syrian’s, who having crossed the Mediterranean sea in their tiny rubber dingy and are just about to land their hopes and set foot on the shores of Europe. I created the picture from an actual photos sacred trace caught in time.

I title this picture ‘Shoes     

Why shoes? Because we all need them and we understand each other when we try to walk in each others! The picture portrays great multitudes of individual people all gathered together in a moment of expectant spectation, the stadium becomes a vast beach shore where every grain of sand is counted. Making this effort thru’ art to render every individual in the vast crowd together all at once, I hope to awaken and fulfill a respect, for the simultaneous magnitude of all the lives and stories that makes a society. By looking at the real mystery of our gathered multitude as individuals, this social art hopefully asks us to see ourselves and helps us to believe in the true responsibility of how we each treat the other. Are we just spectators or the actors in our lives, is it to be, or not to be!

Come the Snap Election

Hopefully on June 8th, the people of the now divided kingdom of Britain, will wake up to the inhuman social austerity of the Conservative’s empty charade and to its arrogant refusal to truly debate and share a manifesto of what voters will be electing. Now is the time for them to stop being led by the pigs of animal farm. Now is the time to shock all that rich invested media’s propaganda and bravely dare to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s practical and progressive Labour, and its manifesto for funding and fulfilling their best society and a future for all.

I hope they proudly surprise the pigs!


Validating a Better Europe for People

I agree with the outspoken progressive Greek social economist Yaniis Varoufakis on our best future being in a European Union, but that we must urgently protest and turn its ideology around, to change it from the protection of profit into the protection of people and environment as its central purpose.

Europe has made many practical improvements to worker’s rights, but it has failed to gain rises in wages and social taxes from the gigantic international corporations. It has failed to protect and balance the gravity’s of its small and large nation’s economies resulting in the terrible destruction and unfair share of burden and blame put mainly onto the smaller nations to pay as sovereign debt. People protest this rotten lie in small nations, while the larger nations people are busy enough with their lesser but still criticly underfunded social squeeze anyway. The establishment centrists and business media, in these larger more insulated national economies, shamefully distract their citizens to enjoy a false ego trip that blames the smaller nations as foolish spendthrift children, lazy wastrel problems with not enough character and resolve to endure the pain and wisdom of their Centrist and Right wing social austerity medicine!

I agree with Varoufakis and others around Europe and the World, in the importance of campaigning for and wining a Universal Living Wage for all people. This would give people a financial security that many welfare systems already do, but it would give it unconditionally as a fundamental right of human provision. This would have a great success incentivizing business employers to offer better jobs to gain the participation of a people who are no longer so desperate they must take whatever is on offer. Better jobs with a more committed participation of people by choice, the basic living wage would encourage a wider Race to the Top.

BUT, I believe that if we don’t effectively end the core financial underfunding problem, all such good ideas are impossible. We are more and more underfunded, because all our nations must compete against each other in an International Race to the Bottom, lowering our corporate wage and tax rates so corporate business will chose one of our divided nations over another. The growing power of corporate wealth boasts of their astronomical profits, while the world is a desert of angry wasted lives, due to the corporates and shareholders keeping of all that profit, that causes our consequent social austerity. The left must lead campaigns with a clear idea to gain an international global agreement to set Universal Corporate Wage and Tax Minimums, so that business has no big advantage to cut and run from their host nations in order to follow and compete with others that do. Business can settle into stable reliable growth thru’ the work of people who are well paid in a society fully funded. The emperors of corporate profit have no clothes, their massive profits are the missing money, from our societies and wages. Each nation has people, people work and spend, business can profit everywhere, with these international minimums the extreme international race of competition to the bottom, corporates have played against society to maximize their profits will no longer be a practical dynamic for them.

Through a practical change to the ‘Rat Race’ of peoples lives the Left becomes valid. Left wing groups need to work together and form capable governments. The perception of the Left as owning rigid ideal bubbles, to perfect and good for people’s compromised lives, will not embrace popular support but repel it. But also false promises, that compromise and betray practical and necessary ideas for change, because its easier once elected not to challenge the powers that be, will also lose peoples faith. Without convincing popular support through a big practical international success for people’s lives we lose the future.

If all social progressive on the broad Left can help gain popular support to achieve a Global Minimum Corporate Tax and Wage agreement, it would end social austerity and validate the left as a practical and successful champion of the people. Gaining their trust, that its ideas can change our lives and belong to us through our support, it would give great confidence in people further, for a world with life’s dignity and welfare at its centre. Whenever the Left has effectively won real change for people’s daily lives in history it has grown. We can grow and prosper, not working to produce and consume a meaningless nightmare all for an elite’s profit, but by living out opportunities for our own brighter more hopeful ideas and dreams, participating in our society together, with a pride in our life and the work we chose to create now and for our future!

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