Can NYT reporters read Venezuelan newspapers?

The latest NYT reporter to be parachuted into Venezuela writes
“Press freedom throughout Latin America is under threat, though the Committee to Protect Journalists ranks Venezuela as a better place for reporters than Colombia or Mexico in terms of the number of journalists killed.
But deaths are not the only way to measure attacks on the news media. Venezuela has few newspapers that are not aligned with the government of President Nicolás Maduro.
My predecessor, William Neuman, wrote about the sale of a pro-opposition paper called El Universal to mysterious owners. Today the paper tows a largely pro-government line. Not long ago I had coffee with a reporter who left his job there because he said he couldn’t write freely anymore.”
The USA (and UK and Canada) literally have ZERO major newspapers whose editors would challenge this crap.
Amazing that this passage gets past the NYT editors even though they were once forced to correct what they said about the TV media shutting out critics.
They learned no lessons from that correction.
And the NYT reporter (Nicholas Casey) clearly hasn’t read El Universal – especially its op-ed pages. He could easily have done that back in the USA.
I’d be delighted if Canadians had a  major newspaper that allowed as much aggressive criticism of the government as does El Universal.

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