Carol Chomsky: 7/1/30-12/19/08

Full confession: I didn’t know that much about Dr. Chomsky. However, I must pay respect to the unknown (and known outside of me) contributions that her very existence has given to the common good and our (now) higher knowledge. The Chomsky family has given the world of the upper-classes a window into how to live a life of grace, solidarity and to attempt a sincere commitment to justice.

And as a gift to us in the working classes, we’ve been given (for almost nothing) a frame of reference, history and a language to help guide our liberation. Mrs. and Mr. Chomsky could have (with their intellects and positions) chosen very different lives for themselves. They stayed (and stood) with us. This is inspiringly unusual.

Others will write more detailed tributes. I want to offer this small tribute to the Chomsky family in their time of horrible pain and say thank you to the memory of Carol Chomsky and to Noam Chomsky and family. We’re all sorry for your pain and thank you all for your collective dedication.

In Solidarity

Maxwell Black

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