Changes to Australia’s Mandatory Detention of Refugees

For my inaugural post on these fair shores it is my pleasure to share the following important news with fellow "Znet’ers".

After many years, Australia’s harsh mandatory detention programme for asylum seekers has been thrown out by the new(ish) Labor government led by Kevin Rudd.

It will surely be looked back upon (along with several other policies) as one of the most inhumane and regressive "features" of the previous conservative government led by John Howard.

I can’t describe the feeling of relief for me personally as we (speaking as an Australian) put this most shameful period behind us. 

The Rudd government certainly deserves some credit for tackling this and some other basic human rights issues, most notably the apology to the Australian Aborigines for the equally shameful "stolen generation".  Some kudos also to the Australian people for giving the mandate to tackle these critical issues.

We shall look forward to future instalments of continuing progressive reform!!

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