Well, here is some art that I drew and photoshopped; Im still getting used to coloring my own artwork, but this one turned out pretty well I think. 


I know its not ‘The Season To Be Jolly’ anymore, but I figured I’d post this anyways. Im still unsure of the message in this picture. Ageism and sexism (feminism as a caricature) are never things that I espouse, but unfortunately these themes are present in this picture if one forgets that what is occurring is symbolic.

At any rate, Im happy with the rendering of the photo. I was hesitant of posting this on ZNet; for some reason I got the feeling that it wasn’t intellectual enough. Its a feeling I get with the site, but as per the wishes of Mr.Albert, Im am reducing facebook to a means of organizing, and turning this into my online ‘home’- hell, its been my homepage for long enough!

Also, here is a short piece of writing that I wrote at the time I drew this. Enjoy.

 A time; 

Capitalism streamlines- with help of a convenient set of unimaginative symbols, slogans, and songs, and tired stories with oft-ignored lessons, 1/6th of all yearly consumption (of cheap plastic crap, fossil fuel-guzzling gadgets, status symbols, and instruments of excess) occurs (also, please ignore the seasonal tramplings-to-death at your local super store);

the emancipatory potential of an entire religion is drowned out amongst the unconscious screams of millions as they unwittingly mummify themselves in reindeer-and-elf-emblazoned paper and scotch tape;

the landfills are that much deeper, the Carbon Dioxide that much thicker, and the forests that much smaller, the rich that much richer, and the poor that much poorer;

self-absolving and guilt-appeasing band-aid solutions are applied to deep institutional problems that plague the less fortunate;

also families come together;

people share;

some see through all the bullshit;

some mark the path that Jesus left;

some remember and glance furtively out at the world

and spend a few minutes measuring

how far these fucking sheep can stray.

Most would suffer from tables overturned were he here today.


While I’m not a Christian, I was by default as a kid, and so I thought I’d sort of work the things I know into what ‘Christams’ has become; a crass mess. Hence the post title. Anyways, hope you enjoyed.

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