‘e25bio’s’ Cheap Paper strip, Covid test, can be self administered by anyone at home, materials this test requires are not in anyway limited, its mass production can be unlimited, provided Free for Daily Use by All for effective common good of humanity End the Pandemic & Allow Society to Return without Restriction and Cocooning. Spread the Word!


Scroll down this linked article to read about a company ‘e25bio‘ who have successfully made a simple paper strip test, which only identifies Covid-19’s infamous spike protein that allows it to hook onto, spread and infect others so well, its the best cheapest test which does not require doctor or a machine and is just like pregnancy test, a simple paper strip, can be mass produced for the common good and used simply by anyone. It gives result in 5-15 minutes and only gives a positive if you are actively contagious. This will go a huge way in ending the pandemic now and keeping it out of our lives daily, until its extinction and also soon end the practical need for masks, social restrictions, travel restrictions and most importantly allow elderly and vulnerable, (whom our governments are effectively abandoning) to now escape this danger and need to ‘cocoon’ for remaining years waiting for vaccine or cure that may not exist.

Natural virus fighting antibodies, are only occurring in 5% of Covid-19 virus survivors, and those antibodies are weak and only remain in body for 4 month or less. So vaccine does not look likely despite hype, state escapism and also stock profiteering. Even if one luckily has some affect, it will take decades to build up effective defence. I am in no way against vaccines as a concept, a vaccine or cure that was effective soon would be of course great, but doing nothing to actually end the virus’s root ability to ravage the population untested and unseen, while just waiting for a miracle possible vaccine to save us, will be unforgivably  irresponsible. Free daily testing for the contagious form of the virus, by mass producing these simple, cheap, self administered and non invasive, quick test strips, are a ready to go solution, that will save lives and restore society and all we can produce, by shining an inescapable light on this virus at root, in every home each day.

We’re only waiting for a governments with the ambition and care of our welfare to initiate extraordinary state production to mass produce this solution quickly and effectively for our common good, the lives and money it will save by ending the pandemic reliably will make its production for free to all obviously worth it, even if you don’t just believe and care for society and value the lives of our humanity.

Vaccines in this virus’s case, may turn out to have been more of an escapist carrot, not a solution that looks very likely. But now, with the production and establishment of Free & Simple, non invasive, Self Administered, Daily Home Testing by everyone we can shine a light each day and shut this pandemic down into perpetuity and even extinction, without masks, restrictions, cocooning and further social and economic loss. Its a lot less weird for kids to do a simple ‘pregnancy like’ paper strip test for 5 to 15 minutes a day at home with family, than live in an uncertain world where everyone wears masks and demoralisation and economic collapse is descending our common psyches.

Let a simple quick daily home test be the only ‘New Normal’ we accept with this crisis, instead of a daily gauntlet of danger, disintegration and social economic collapse.

Mass producing this paper strip test for free daily use by everyone, for the common good, compassionately and most effectively, will give us our free and open society and all it can share, discover and produce together, back again in a short period after it has been produced and in common use. It is logic and it is already invented, it just needs an extraordinary upscale in production, nationwide and globally, like war time production, to end this crises and its loss in life, society and economy. The materials this test requires are not in anyway limited, it can be upscaled in production as much as we wish to achieve.

(People, able to be together freely, at Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, March 17th 2016 – by Antonio Carty)

This is the real working answer, it doesn’t get simpler and its fully ready to mass produce now, only waiting for governments with care and ambition to act practically, with humanity logic and vision for our common good and future.

If you agree with achieving Free Daily Home Testing now, to end the pandemic, the isolation and restrictions for good, then demand it, talk of it, get it heard,

Spread the word!

-besos Antonio

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