Essential Reading From Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

This (linked) essay by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson is essential reading – the best short summary/critique yet from the actual Left on the foreign policy of Re-Brand Obama.

Note that it is also a devastating critique of what passes for progressive, so-called left-liberal academic foreign-relations commentary in the form of Juan Cole. 

I naively thought Cole was better than this. 

This keeps happening. I am shocked every other day it seems now at some  new example of how mind-numbingly pathetic some so-called left-liberal (ie, Michael Moore’s apologizing for saying that Obama should do something to earn the Nobel Peace Prize) or other is being in regard to Washington. 

Obamaitis is a deadly syndrome, worse than the Clinton disease is my sense.  I knew and predicted that it was going to be bad but the "progressives" have exceeded even my dire expectations on the whole.

"Rather than  representing a break with the old world of Bush-Cheney (and earlier incarnation of the U.S. presidency), " Herman and Peterson note, "Obama administration [foreign] policies…reveal a fundamental continuity…Barack Obama’s policies are disappointing to those who had taken his promises and orations at face value.  More important, they are repugnant to anyone who recognizes the urgent need for a sharp break with the past: demilitarization and an end to the permanent World War led by the United States and its closest allies, the overturning of the global system of Haves and Have-Nots that is protected by this state of permanent war, and the steering of the U.S. policy away from catastrophe or worse by reallocating its scarce moral but abundant material resources towards the real problems of our shared world."

Indeed.   For what its worth the foreign policy chapter of my next book (The Re-Branding) is titled "Empire’s New Clothes."

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