Evolution of ZNet

The 20th anniversary of Z Magazine is coming up, which means I’ve been reading Z for almost 19 years. I’ve also been involved with ZNet (albeit only as a supporter and occasional contributor) since its prototype days as LBBS. It’s great to see how the website has improved over time, both technically and politically, and that a central goal has been to build in a more participatory structure. This is part of what has made ZNet feel like a meaningful “community,” not just another website for alternative information.

I like the ZSpace pages for writers, sustainers, and members — though it is taking some experimentation (and many mistakes) to see how to add content. (This is my second attempt at making a blog post appear!) Formatting articles seems difficult, as so far, it seems like one has to manually input HTML code for paragraph breaks, links, italics, and so on — rather than having the software translate them automatically when one cuts and pastes text from a word processor, or from another web page. Am I missing something?

Also, it seems like the content boxes for entering one’s articles and blogs should be slightly bigger, and have scroll bars, to aid in manipulating longer pieces. Finally, is there a way to delete articles or posts from one’s ZSpace? For example, for some reason, there are three entries in my Articles section under the heading of “Netanyahu.” One is the article in question, formatted properly but without footnotes. One contains the missing footnotes. And the third iteration is the same article without formatting or paragraph breaks. Weird. Can I delete the ones that are clearly glitches, and add the footnotes to the real article?

Anyway, I don’t remember all the points I raised in my initial blog attempt. So let’s see if I can post this, before investing further time…..All in all, I like the changes being made.

Gotta run. More later.

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