Throughout this blog I will make reference to the popular culture of the time.


I will quote from popular movies, music, books of my time as though in casual conversation with a friend who knows them as intimately as I.  It is to those who know and appreciate this language and these references that I primarily address this blog.


There are many great writers here at Znet.  My desire here is to provide something slightly different, something a bit more accessible without dumbing down the important topics.  I hope some will find it of interest.

There are plenty of serious books, articles, blogs which deal with the themes and issues which I will attempt to address.  Necessarily so, they use technical language that can be hard work for the average reader.  My concern is thereby a large number of people (especially young people) are denied a dialogue with the important issues and themes of our age.

My hope here is that I can encourage some younger minds to explore some of the critically important issues and information that Znet here addresses.


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