Francisco Toro – Self Proclaimed Prophet – Responds to Me UPDATED


Toro has now “responded” again to my piece about his work without actually responding. I guess he wasn’t joking with his claim that I was trying to hide his “winning ugly” blog post by naming its author, title and date – and linking to other posts by him on his site. Great way to hide it – for about a nanosecond.


Toro responded to a piece I wrote for Telesur showing that the both he and the NYT have endorsed “winning ugly” in Venezuela. On Twitter (here and here) Toro responded by claiming that because there was no link to a piece of his that I cited “The Post 8D Agenda: Winning Ugly” and quoted from – it must mean that both Telesur English and I were scared people would read his “prophetic” (his term for them) words.

If we were “scared” wouldn’t we have evaded all mention of Toro and his mighty works?

Is it so hard to Google a blog post of his that is quoted and called out by its title?

How many people would not be able to do that? More than zero?

Could it not be that I simply forgot to include the link?

Hopefully he was joking and I just didn’t get it.

Toro also claims his “Winning Ugly” post, in addition to being “prophetic” (some vaguely defined apocolypse was supposed to happen in Venezuela before 2015 arrived) – was misunderstood. His fellow blogger, Juan Nagel, who is generally even more reactionary than Toro, seemed to understand the reasoning well enough:

“That’s a whole lot of euphemisms for something that rhymes with glue” Nagel said in the comments under Toro’s post.

Toro responded by complaining that Nagel and others who insist Maduro’s April 2013 electoral victory was stolen (and therefore a kind of coup) should not object to his logic.

Nagel responded by asking Toro if he was “justifying a coup because one was done unto you”.

Toro dismissed the concern by saying it is like objecting to Boris Yelstin climbing on top of tank in 1991.

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