Uniformity in Reporting about Referendum in Ecuador: NOT a Sign of Press Freedom

FAIR posted a piece of mine the other day (very proud of that as a long time fan) providing extremely important information about a referendum Ecuador held on Sunday – information that has been ignored by the international media.

So of course, the day after the referendum, a flurry of articles appear continuing the same pattern of ignoring the same key facts (here, here, here, here, here, here and here).

George Orwell might have sarcastically quipped that “Uniformity is Press Freedom”.

In fairness, some articles are much worse than others. It’s hard to compete with Mac Margolis for overall wretchedness, but, to explain why all these articles stink, I wrote to few journalists asking them to consider the following scenario:

Imagine a left wing president in Latin America (say Rafael Correa, the late Hugo Chavez or Nicolas Maduro) publicly “demanding” that the Constitutional Court approve all referendum questions he or she proposed as Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno did.

Imagine them then bypassing the court which already had voluminous report written shooting down two of the key questions -as was the case with Moreno’s questions.

Imagine a leaked recording emerges that reveals that judges on the court were fearing for their personal safety because of the public “demand” made by the president – as just happened in Ecuador

What do you think happens in that case?

a) The international media totally ignores all of it


b) Those facts become the central focus of their articles



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