It seems editorial standards are non-existent at Reuters when it comes to Venezuela

An article by Julia Symmes Cobb and Anggy Polanco ran with the headline

‘Migrate or die’: Venezuelans flood into Colombia despite crackdown

This article says 

Some 3 million Venezuelans – or a tenth of the population – have left Venezuelan since late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez started his Socialist revolution in 1999.  

UN population division numbers put Venezuela’s total expat population abroad at 657,439 in 2017

That’s an increase of about 340,000 from what the UN says it was in 1999 – probably much too low an estimate given the depression Venezuela has been going through the past 3 years, but still only about a tenth of the estimate Reuters uncritically reported.

The latest ENCOVI survey by ant-government Venezuelan academics doesn’t even come close to substantiating the figure Reuters reported. It claims just over 800,000 leaving since 2012 and about 90% of those in the 2015-2017 period.

Nobody with any common sense should take the ENCOVI number at face value considering the source, but it speaks volumes that Reuters reports as fact a figure three times higher than what an ENCOVI survey could claim.

“Bullshit or get fired” seems to be the motto at Reuters and pretty much everywhere else in the corporate media when it comes to Venezuela. 

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